AWD #417: Boys on the Side
Boys on the Side
Summary: A ghostly Captain gets a cold greeting from a group of fleet gals looking for a way to wind down. The CAG joins. Enlistees and Officers join monetary forces to lift spirits with spirits and a wild night ensues.
Date: 12/08/2016
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Checkpoint Charlie's
The first structure completed on Piraeus was a 'recreation center' that was thinly veiled as such. Checkpoint Charlie's is in every other way a blue collar bar with an unsurprising bent towards the military establishment. Camouflage netting hangs from the ceiling with some kind of dried vine tangled throughout. On the walls are pictures and mementos of times past on the planet they currently reside on. There are a few billiards tables smuggled out to Piraeus specifically for this location, along with card tables and an fully functional line of taps and kegs mounted to, perhaps unsurprisingly, a beat-up but taken-care-of oak bar. The matching stools and wood tables seem to indicate that the construction workers may have disassembled someone else's bar back on the Colonies. The story even goes that the name is taken from a former bar on Aerilon that happened to resemble, very closely, this particular establishment.

A fine mist of rain hovers over the settlement on Piraeus, not enough to actually be called rain, not quite enough to be considered a fog, but just enough that some might call it a 'mizzle' of weather. A loudly competitive pyramid game had occupied the attention of many of those off, and some on, duty and the players along with spectators and everyone else have found their way into the bar, raising the atmosphere from mildly congenial to noisily boisterous fueled by booze, good spirits, a hard fought game and the lingering aftermath of competition in which no one was shot. Those who were injured were able to walk it off, and those that weren't able to walk it off were plied with enough booze to make it work the effort anyway. Into this mix is Kapali, just another of the spectators, but one who'd practically shouted herself hoarse during the game. Never one to actually sit down quietly to watch a game she'd spent most of the game screaming at the top of her lungs like everyone else, being a somewhat rabid fan of the spot, such things are required. Holding a bottle of beer in one hand and a basket of fried chips in the other, she's angling away from the bar to find a place to sit.

Kelsey opens the door, holding it open for Elena. The young JG has shucked off anything approaching rank and is wearing a set of fitted shorts and a blue crop top with the words 'Sock Rocker' across the chest. She seems in high spirits while she lets the Ensign in after her. Stepping inside, she grins and inhales the air. "You're probably not old enough to be in here, but neither was I about five months ago. Drink up and play it cool, Ensign." She winks over to Elena and moves for the bar, waving a couple drink chits over her head. "Two beers. Two shots of rum," she requests as she sidles up to the bar beside Kapali.

Play it cool. Right. Elena follows Kelsey in, dressed in a borrowed t-shirt and jeans. They fit well enough, even if the jeans are a little long. She's let her hair down, and it hangs around her shoulders in gentle waves. She walks up to the bar next to her intrepid guide, craning her neck to look around.

It's one of those nights where the enlisted are just /fun to be around/ as long as one can find a group not annoying enough to deal with. Randy rolls in after the lady officers with a little bit of a lopsided grin forming. Her eyes are downturned, focused on something that isn't easily apparent. She reaches up to rake her chilled fingers through her wavy, drizzled hair. She frowns when her fingers get stuck for a moment while in mid-transport. Her hair is no longer short enough for such things. She's wrapped up in a black hoodie and a pair of black jeans. When she looks up, she spots Kapali and her grin broadens. She lifts a hand to cup the side of her mouth, "Oi! Kapa!" and moves to intercept one of the woman's chips straight from her basket.

Holding the basket of chips aloft with one hand, Kapali aims a smile at Kelsey and the redhead accompanying her, tipping a nod at both actually as she tucks the beer bottle against her chest to avoid having it spill, "Hey," offered as a general hello to Kelsey and the redhead with her. She turns slightly and pitches her voice in a decibel designed to carry over the sound of artillery fire, "Yo, Tiny! Find us a table!" before she turns slightly back. "Grab your drinks and join us," inviting both Kelsey and the as-yet-unnamed redhead with a grin and a tipped angle of her head in invitation before she starts threading her way toward Randy.

Kels grins at Kapali. "Hey girl." But her drinks are delivered and chits are handed over. One beer, one shot. She offers Elena's end to the new Ensign with a smile. "Take two of these as needed. Possibly more. You'll get more chits once you're in the cockpit." She winks, then moves to introduce. "Kapali? This is our newest Raptor nugget. She's going to be flying combat soon. Heron, this is Kapali. She's a Marine. Ignore the scent of death, destruction, and booze. She's nice enough. Toooo the table." Both drinks in hand, she starts moving.

Elena picks up her drinks, upnodding at Kapali as she's introduced. "Hi!" she says chirpily, following them to the table. She weaves deftly through the throng of humanity, hopping over a fallen chair and ducking under some wild gesticulation. "That's me. I'm the nugget," she confirms.

"Table? But-You have chips!" Randy teases as she stuffs something into her back pocket and then looks around, realizing how preposterous it is for someone who is five foot to find an open spot…as if it were the first time this had happened. She swims through a group or two, sliding through the open spaces people reserve for their own security and then hops up on a chair briefly to wave a hand. "Well if she saw it, she saw it," she says before settling into one of the seats, propping her feet up to save Kapali's spot. She reaches up to snag a home-rolled something or other from behind her ear and rolls it between her fingers idly. There are other chairs too, but she doesn't have enough feet for those. With her legs crossed casually at her ankles, she keeps a narrowed eye out for anyone who might mistake her for the chair and sit down.

"Hi there," Kapali offers in return, pausing as the flygirls get their drinks, hooting out a laugh at Kelsey's words. "Scent of death, destruction and booze. Kels, that delicious fragrance is the scent that we girls in EOD refer to as 'perfume'," she wobbles her eyebrows in a comical arch before tipping a more serious nod at elena. "My friends call me Penny, or Pen, when they're not shouting out orders or demanding that we lay down covering fire," she adds then angles her head again in a nod before laughing at Randy's brief appearance above the crowd. "She must be standing on a chair," she notes with a grin cast back toward Kelsey and Elena before charting a course through the room. Like any marine, she clears a path by sheer dint of invasion (of personal space), advancement (always in the right direction) and the unerring ability to stay on target (a marine is NEVER lost, it's always 1 of 360 variables for direction!) and arrives at the table, with the flygirls in tow. "Chips!" she slides the basket toward Randy and grins as she waves one hand behind her toward Kelsey and Elena. "I found these two adrift in the crowd and reeled them in. Tiny, aka Randy Flynn, this here is elena Heron, newest Raptor wrangler aka Nugget. Elena, this is Randy, aka Tiny."

Kelsey keeps Elena in tow as she moves to the table. Once down, she flops into the chair and relaxes. The shot goes to the table and she sips her beer mightily. Meanwhile? Eyes wander. Many bodies to feast the eyes upon. She looks over the guys and the acuity that only a 21 year old can have. Discerning taste and a penchant for target allocation goes a long way. "This is definitely a good place to fly into," she laughs before looking over to Elena. "Relax, drink you beer, and feel free to be yourself. You're a long way from home, eh. But that doesn't mean you can't have a vacation night before it gets real again." She grins over, offering the beer to cheers, before looking to the Marines. "Nice to meet you, Tiny. So! How's the night going and can we start doing shots?" Officer-schmoffiser.

Word of a Pete's Run has made its way through the grapevine to probably one of the unlikeliest of recipients: Clara Mercier, formerly of the 3rd Battalion 8th Marines. Or, more precisely, one of their coveted corpsmen. Given that her status on the ship is still in question, it's surprising she's been allowed down to Piraeus at all. If it counts as 'allowed' when your date for the evening is a pair of burly MPs armed with Five-seveNs and tranquilizer guns, who never stray more than ten feet from your person.

The girl is dressed in civvies: an ankle-length skirt and lacy, midriff baring halter top. Her long hair has tiny braids woven into it here and there, and is worn down to her waist instead of up in its usual ponytail. She pauses just inside the entryway and gazes about wide-eyed, drinking it all in for a few moments.

Black boots vacate the chair across from Randy before she rises, but only when she sees that Kapali's brought people. She squints slightly at Kelsey and then a little telling grin forms before her eyes fall on the the fresh face. "Hi. Welcome to the fleet," she offers Elena, trying to give the woman at least some of her attention as Kelsey and Kapali move on so quickly, already rearing to go. "Kelsey. We've met before. I wouldn't forget it…" She chuckles softly to herself, but everything but the gesture is washed out by the crowd . Her accent is melodic, and Aquarian to those who perchance know it, but it also has touches of Virgon to it. "Please, let's do." Only she doesn't have a drink. She got the table. She straightens up a little to slowly reach-sneak from Kapali's basket now that it's finally within her sights.

"Hey," Elena says with a grin. "Most people call me Ellie," she admits, grabbing a chair and sliding it over, putting her drinks on the table and sitting down, nodding at Randy with a grin. She dips her finger into the shot, then raises the finger to her lips to try and stealthily taste what she's going to get herself into. This totally isn't her first time out drinking. Totally not. Nope. She notices the girl with the heavily-armed escort and raises an eyebrow curiously. "What's that about?" she asks, indicating Clara with a tilt of her head.

"Yeah, I recall. No worries, Tiny. Nobody is wearing rank. I'd rather just spend the night shopping a bit and enjoy the view. Good ot see you again, though." Kelsey grins at Randy and drinks heavily from the beer. She seems o be enjoying herself. But the prompt from Elena has her turn and look. "Oh, hey. It's a Cylon. That's… what's her name. Isn't she a medic?" She looks back to the other Marines. "Gonna invite her over?"

Kapali snickers out a laugh, drops a salt packet and several ketchup packets on the table in front of Randy, having concealed those and… slides the beer toward Randy as well with a grin. "Feeding and boozing, check," as she leans back in the chair. And promptly smacks the back of the chair against the person seated right behind her, prompting her to twist, apologize with a grin, straighten and turn back and points to Kelsey, "You're buying the first round," this time the grin is rather cheeky as she tips a nod toward Elena, Ellie. "Ellie it is, then. Randy usually goes by Randy but the two of us are holy terror when paired up in a fire time, so she's Tiny and I'm Terror," she explains before following Ellie's glance toward the door. Kapali has to pivot slightly, having angled so that she's facing another set of doors, seeing as how there's only so many ways to sit at a table and all face the same door without it being awkward. "Huh, yeah.. that'll definitely.." she trails off and flicks a glance toward Randy, one auburn eyebrow arching upward and wonders in a sidelong, "Shots of what, Kels?"

Randy's mouth just drops into an open-mouthed smile at the supplies slyly appearing in front of her. "You're an angel," she odes to Kapali before offering Kelsey a little bit of a chuckle. "Good hunting." She lifts the beer to steal a sip and sighs blissfully. "Eh, we're both EODs," Randy waves to the two officers as if that would explain everything Kapali just said. Mention of the Cylon doesn't have Randy looking over immediately. She takes another swig of her beer and then sets it down to push herself up. "I got this. Oh, let's really get this going too." She reaches into her back pocket and drops down some cred, "For our second round…because who wants to wait." She slips away in the direction of the obvious MPs. They are Randy's signpost for the woman at this point. Before appearing near Clara, she takes deeper breath, and then slips out of the crowd as if from nowhere, as full bars allow the vertically challenged to do. "You want to come join us?" She tries to ask over the general chatter and rowdiness. "We got a table back there." She throws a thumb up in the direction of the table. "Want a drink?…Oh, I like your hair." Yep, still weird.

"A cylon?" Elena's whole body tenses up and she sits forward in her chair. Her eyes dart between the cylon-woman and the women at her table. "INVITE her OVER?" she asks with wide-eyed incredulity. When Randy actually invites her over, she freezes, not sure what to do about this.

"She's a damned good corpsman though," Kapali mentions as she leans forward so that Ellie can hear her across the table. "Not just for a cylon, I mean. She went into combat with us, got shot to shit and back as well, with us. And saved Randy's legs, literally. If she hadn't been with us, Tiny might not be walking around with us at this point." Moving one shoulder in a somewhat gallic if uncomfortable shrug, "The… lines get blurry," leaving it at that as she eyes the MP's with Clara with more marked curiosity than Clara herself, though she does wave, but Randy's doing the talking thing.

Kelsey watches Randy get up and move. She grins with it and keeps her settled end in the chair. Legs cross while she watches a few Marines walk past. "Well, she is a Medic. Can't hurt, right?" She winks over to Kapali. "Honestly, I hear things. I may not like them, but maybe it helps to drink with one. Right?" It's an easy shrug that rolls off her shoulders, but then she looks over to Elena. "Sure. We've got a couple of them. Depends on who you ask, but they supposedly aren't terrible people. Besides, she's got like half a dozen burly escorts. What's she going to do? Drink you under the table and draw a dick on your face?" Kels keeps her grin. "Just be cool. She's not going to hurt anyone. She's alone. Who knows… maybe you'll make a friend."

Clara looks, to her credit, like she might be having second thoughts about this whole Charlie's idea. She sort of edges closer to the door - and the MPs whose job it is to put a tranquilizer dart in her if she makes any funny moves. Then Randy pops up out of nowhere, and there's a flicker of a smile on the normally stoic medic's face, before she can quite help herself. "Hey, Flynn." A drink? "Uh.." She's not sure she's allowed, but one of her MPs shrugs. "You sure the others want me sitting with them?"

Randy shifts her weight to the side and actually smiles back to Clara, unbridled, happy even. "Well, you're going to get a drink whether you drink it or not," Randy insists with a gesture of her beer., but then her eyes soften slightly as she says, "I wouldn't be asking if you weren't welcome. Come." She reaches to grab the woman's wrist, hand, whatever her height naturally causes her to reach for. "What's your poison? You need something to nurse."

Elena looks between Kelsey and the Marines, then at the cylon, then down at her shot. She throws it back, and, to her credit, most of it ends up inside of her before she starts sputtering. "Oh," she says eloquently, coughing a bit into her fist. "Liquor before beer, you're in the clear?" she recites hoarsely.

Kapali absently pats her pockets down then extracts, from said pockets, one indelible marker and slides it across the table toward Ellie with a grin. "Now you're armed. Should you find yourself in an advantageous position of being the last sober or not entirely sloshed person at the table, feel free to doodle away."

Clara only has a handful of inches on Randy, and a fine boned, dancer's physique that makes her seem even smaller. She allows her wrist to be taken, and follows Randy to the table at the back that's housing a group of marines and at least a couple of pilots. Neither of whom she recognises, and so they get owlish stares as she passes by. "I haven't actually been down here before," she confides to Randy. "Beer, I guess? So long as it doesn't taste like piss." Kapali is spotted, and she lifts her hand in an awkward hello. The MPs, of course, follow along dutifully behind, with a couple of backslaps for their buddies in the gaggle of marines.

Randy leads Clara through the hive of units gathered here and there, her grip neither weak, nor overbearing. Just before they get to the group, she turns her gaze back to offer a warm grin. She releases her grip and then reaches to pull out what was once her chair. "I'll be back with your beer," she says a little lower than the room volume to Clara, tilting her head to the bar. "Hey guys? Meet Clara. Clara this is Kelsey, um," Randy's fingers come to her forehead. "Ellie right?" She waits a moment before moving on. "I'll be right back." She reaches to grab what she left on the table before and moves off to expedite their round, as well as order a beer for Clara.

Kapali aims a smile at Clara and nudges the basket of fried chips back toward Randy, "Hey Clara," she calls before waving one hand around the table in a casual round robin, picking up where Randy left off. "This is Elena Heron, though we get to call her Ellie at the moment, she's the newest Raptor pilot," she adds before continuing with, "Ellie, this is our corpsman, Clara Mercier, aka 'YO, MEDIC'," she exaggerates the yell with a grin before she turns that same cheeky smile at the MP's accompanying their corpsman. "And who might these fine gents be?" and there it is, that look of frank assessment, one part flirtatious and mostly parts of Hello-handsome.

The shot seems to have helped the ensign find her cool and she nods in greeting. "Hi, Clara," she says, somewhat incredulously. "If my legs need saving, I guess you're the one I'll be calling," she says, leaning back in her chair. She looks over, eyeing the MPs appreciatively. She fiddles with her pen, clicking the cap on and off.

Clara murmurs her thanks at the chivalrous offer of the chair, and watches after Randy for a few moments before easing into it. Her legs tuck underneath, crossing at the ankles, and her dark eyes rove from face to face as introductions are made. Kelsey and Elena are each studied boldly in turn; what she lacks in social graces, she makes up for in tenacity. Raptor pilots. To a groundpounder like her, that's about as sexy as it gets. As for the MPs, the nametags on their uniforms read 'Fossey' and 'Winch'. They look like they could benchpress Clara one handed.

There's a dark shadow in the bar. Three of the tables just lack proper lighting. That's usually where people go to talk dirty. But one of the tables has been occupied and avoided. When the shadowy figure stands and moves off, people ignore her until they see her. People step aside. After all, she's wearing a full combat kit. The plate carrier is full of loaded magazines, grenades, radio equipment, and sundry other items. That strange rifle danges at her side as she moves across the bar. Nobody is supposed to be armed in here, but the MP's who see her seem to back away. The dark-skinned woman makes her way over to the table of Marines and others, holding a half-consumed glass of what looks like beer. "Hi. Could I join?" Captain Kal'lila al Yamoha, Piraean Army, is standing at the end of their table, looking at them.

Randy points in the direction of their table, though it probably isn't visible from where the group is. Soon, she's returning, employee in tow with a tray of shots that get deposited onto the table. Randy herself has gotten Clara a white ale, pale, wintery, and most importantly, bottled. It /hasn't/ had the chance to be watered down and the bottle is chilled. She grabs taps someone on the shoulder to borrow a stool and pulls it up to the table between Clara and Kapali. As the Captain seems to materialize from the shadows, from the crowd, Randy simply freezes.

Elena starts sipping her beer. She manages not to get bitter-beer-face. That's something, right? When the strange woman walks over, she smiles. "Sure! Take a seat! I'm Ellie," she informs her with a smile. Cylons, strangers, we're apparently all friends here.

Kapali's expression of frank assessment of the two MP's, Fossey and Winch, has the same sort of acquisitive gleam that she'd aim at a a particularly nice weapon or maybe a spool of det cord that she plans to acquire. The look of potential mischief fades as she follows Randy's trek through the crowd only to have her own lien of sight cross paths with the appearance of the Captain. Kapali's face, which had been rather animated, eyes sparkling with mischief, pales noticeably before starting to turn a darker shade as those same eyes harden subtly. "Last time I came face to face with someone who looks just like you," she says in a voice that has gone hard edged, "someone with your face was pointing a gun at me, before her face exploded at the impact of a sniper round."

Captain al Yamoha lifts her beer a bit to Elena. "Cheers." She taps a lightly balled fist to her heart twice and moves to take a seat. She certainly seems real enough. Leaning forward, the rifle on her right hip dangles to the side. They can even hear the muzzle gently scrape on the raw wood floor. There's a flickered smile before she looks to Kapali. "I know. I've already seen it from you. She scared you as you opened the door. It must have been very interesting to see my face there." As usual, her words don't match her lips. But each one of them hears her perfectly in their heads. Even with a local accent where it applies. "I will not apologize for the actions of those I no longer know. Glad to see you all are well." She looks over at Elena and lofts her brows. "You are young. You father taught you well, yes?"

Well, that's one way to kill a party. Not that Clara was feeling all that festive to begin with, but the appearance of al-Yamoha causes her to frown slightly in that way she does. "Thanks," she tells Randy quietly, curving her fingers around the bottle and popping the cap with her thumb. Maybe if she sits here quietly and drinks and minds her own business, the Captain won't deem her worthy of notice. Winch is already looking at his watch, anyway; she's being kept on a short leash tonight, and an even shorter time limit. Something's murmured quietly to Randy.

Elena blinks. "My father?" she asks softly. "You knew my father?" she asks. "Or… is he… is he alive?" She sits forward, nearly at the edge of her chair. Her palms are pressed flat against the table, her muscles coiled tight, as if she were preparing to launch from her seat into orbit.

"Surprised, not scared," Randy says whether it has one ounce of truth to it or not, she sure has the presence and conviction in that moment to make it sound truthful. "Those are our memories. It's impolite to share them with others without someone's permission," she says, not with a grin that's for sure. She tips her bottle up and then leans as Clara starts to murmur. Whatever it is, it's enough to distract the Marine into a small smile before she turns to say something back. Then she reaches for one of the shot glasses. "Alright, catching up. How many do I need to do Pen?"

Kapali's eyes narrow, and this time not subtly, as the captain's words make her twitch, visibly, one hand resting on the edge of the table,coiled tension visible in that single gesture. Ellie's words draw another subtle twitch, this time a shake of her head before she shares a sidelong glance with Randy, surveys Clara for another equally silent moment then around to Ellie, without actually lifting her gaze from the captain. "The captain," the finest edge of a pause, "has the ability to somehow lift or observe memories in some fashion. Whether you've invited her to do so or not," the edge is in her voice. "And I wasn't scared of her, Captain, I was scared that I'd disobeyed Ommanney's clear instructions against doing something stupid. Making noise, drawing attention to myself and the Sergeant," a jerk of her head toward Randy, "then getting caught just before going back over the fence. There's a fine distinction between scared and almost getting your best friend killed while doing recon."

The Captain nods slowly as the words are spoken, enough said to convince her of a certain action. She dips her head. "Apologies." She slowly rises from the chair. Looking to Elena, she shakes her head. "I have no way of knowing that. If that caused a stir, I am sorry. It was a poor attempt at comraderie." She looks to the others. "It has been awhile since we have interacted with those not like us." She dips her head and moves of, leaving the beer. No hostility, just some removal of foot from mouth.

Elena looks at the Captain, somewhere between bewildered, hurt and sympathetic. "You don't have to… I mean… You can…" she pauses, jaw hanging open as she tries to process this situation.

Time? Free time? Off the ship? The CAG isn't even in her blues. She's downright in off-duties. BDUs and dual tanks. Well, and a jacket. It's still pretty damn chilly out there at times. Epiphany descends to the dimmer interior of Charlie's. She's even procured sunglasses and pushes them up to tangle in the hair that's been largely pulled back into a braid. It'll take a moment for her eyes to adjust. And spot anyone familiar.

"Some…other time," Randy hesitates, conflicted, but the strange utopian-esque upbringing in her can't help but leave the door open for someone. "Calm down. You know you can't touch her Pen. We don't even know what she can do. There's nothing in the intel that says normal ones can do what she did to us," she half whispers with an insistent gruffness to the woman sitting beside her. Her eyes follow the Captain on her retreat and grabs her beer for a gulp. "Do not touch her. Ever. That lady? She's a frakking ghost cylon. We don't even know why she's here, aside from the fact that her and her unit guard some ruins."

Randy looks to each of the women at the table, including Clara, who her eyes fall on last. She takes little breath when her body realizes she's been witholding more oxygen mix.

"Ghost. Cylon." Ellie says the words, but they don't seem to register. "Okay. Okay. What the /frak/ is going on?" she asks, rubbing her face. "Doctor beer cylons and ghost cylons and… and… and…" She reaches for her beer. She need something harder.

Not exactly shaking but more along the lines of vibrating like the tension of a bow string drawn back to release, Kapali has both hands braced on the table in front of her, weight shifted in preparation to do something precipitous. Possibly badly behaved. It's Penny, 'possibly badly behaved' is standard translation for 'Penny went berserk'. She exhales a shallow breath of a sound at Randy's words and with more visible effort than is pretty, when clearly she'd rather go OVER the table and maybe have a moment of inappropriate inter-racial diplomatic relations … she reels it slowly back in. One twitch at a time until she subsides with a harsh breath, "Sorry Sarge. I know better," and drops her head into both hands, rubbing at her temples with her fingertips.

"Drink up." Randy relinquishes her beer to the table and plunks a shot of some local plant hooch that tastes a bit like sake. One for Kapali. She rises. One for Elena. "And one for me." It doesn't make a dent in what's been served. She knocks one down before sitting, and then lifts the second one. The alochol is chilled.

Reaching for the shot glass, one hand curled round the small tumbler, Kapali lifts it with aclarity and downs the contents in one movement and lowers it to the surface of the table with a light tap. "More would be welcome," she voices in a voice slightly rough from the drink and from not doing violence. Who'd have thought; not doing violence is more difficult than doing violence.

Elena nods in silent thanks to Randy, taking the shot. She's strangely okay with the lack of answers. Maybe she can pretend none of this ever happened. Totally. Never happened.

There's a sort of drift towards the Officer's Lounge, but lo! The nugget, surrounded by dirty marines? That won't do. Or maybe Epiphany's just in a Mood. The woman drifts over, tuckings hands into her pockets. If they don't already know the CAG on sight, well. BDUs, dual-tanks, tags against chest, and a jacket… Nothing to identify her as an officer at a glance, nope. "So where's my beer?"

"Sorry, Ellie," Kapali says with a look of chagrin from across the table. "We've met the ghost captain before, and at the time it was this sort of amazing experience, like mind blowing," she says by way of explanation. "She know stuff about us that she had no way of knowing, and she'd shared this sort of vision with us that was .. well to over use the word, amazing. We thought she was just this really cool ghost or something that is one of the ones who inhabit the remains around here. Then we get to Libran, and we find out that one of the skinjobs that's up walking around has the same bloody face as that captain." She lifts one hand and waves to the nearest server to wander toward their table, "And it went from 'whoa awesome' to 'WTF' in about ten seconds."

"That one, right there Major. It's got your name all over it," Randy snaps her finger as if shooting it towards the Ghost Captain's beer that was left untouched only a minute or two before. "And you should catch up Sir. Two of Pireaus' finest liquor." She doles out the next round, two for the Major next to the beer, one for Elena, one for Kapali, for Clara, and for her. That leaves them low on shots though. Boo hoo. "Yeah, well," she says to Kapali's request for more as she rises, patting her her pocket. "Alright, I'll get more." She scoots out, hesitating between Clara and her beefcakes for a moment before smirking and shooting through with a laugh. Off to see the tender! The loveliest tender of all!

That explanation didn't actually help. "What do you mean, it was okay when you thought she was /just/ a ghost?" Ellie blinks hard. Maybe that will help. Nope. Still baffling. She rubs her eye with the heel of her hand. When the CAG approaches, she sits up ramrod straight, shifting slightly away from the drinks in front of her. Totally not hers.

Clara has been incredibly quiet, even for her. Parked between Randy and Kapali with her bottle of beer in one hand, she looks to have staved off being sent back to Orion on the grounds of good behaviour. Someone passes her a shot glass, and she's at the point of not even caring what's inside. It's grasped between her forefingers and thumb, and turned slightly, left and then right to swirl its contents as she absently observes the boss pilot approaching.

With a glance up as the CAG arrives, and Kapali recognizes the woman as easily not in formal uniform as just off duty scrugs like everyone else. "Hey, pull up a chair," she offers with a more amiable nod as the booze is settling into her system rather nicely, and something about hooch just seems to boost it along just fine. She aims a grin at Randy before Randy hustles off to the bar to grab another round and turns back to Ellie. "All things considered, and considering how big the universe is, ghosts don't seem to be all that far fetched of an idea, because, again, universe - big, right?" She moves one shoulder in a half shrug. "And, the experience was kinda cool," there's a hint of the marine she used to be in her tone of voice. "It's one thing to rub up against a skinjob, you know, it's just another. . variable. But she's not just A GHOST, she's got the face of a model Five, or the Five has her face, and that just rubs me the wrong way."

Randy's back, one of the tenders has delivered a pitcher of beer, some mugs. "And I'll be back with your shots ladies," he offers with a charming grin before he moves off into the crowd. Randy scoots behind Clara to get to her seat and offers a soft smile as she sits down which is way better than shouting boo. Clearly, alcohol has a mellowing effect on the engineer.

There's a glance towards the abandoned beer. Did Epiphany see who had just left it? Likely not. She was still adapting to the darker bar as compared to outside. Is she bothered by just being offered a beer? Nah. She'll hang out here for a bit before retreating to the Boring Room, aka Officer's Lounge. Free beer is free beer. Doesn't matter if you're a department head and in your thirties. The woman is, at least, trying to be less uptight. Or stoic. Or whatever is being bandied about this week. There's a glance to Ellie and when the others aren't looking? She smirks at the Ensign.

"So the fact that she's a ghost is cool. The fact that she's a /cylon/ ghost is…" Ellie stops trying to follow this logic train. She also stops pretending the drinks aren't hers, and throws back another shot.

Kapali wastes a perfectly good smile at the tender, having expanded her possibility pool to the MP's with Clara and the bartender too, why not, right? She waits while Randy takes her seat again, angling another nod at the CAG before she aims a look across the table at Ellie that is part wry and equal part grim. "What she is or isn't, we don't know yet, to be honest. I don't think anyone does, though if anyone would know it'd be one of those squints in Intel or maybe Dr. Thanos," another half shrug given. "Until we know what it is, my knee jerk reaction is to shoot first and let intel interrogate the survivors."

Kelsey returns from the ladies room. She does not require an escort or someone to converse at in order to take care of bidness. She stops by the bar to pick up another beer to accompany the one already in her spot at the table. Sliding back into the chair beside Elena, she waggles brow before looking to Epiphany. "Evening, sir." Does she look concerned that she is drinking? No. Or concerned about the beers in front of Elena? Negative. They're training. Right now.

Really, this evening, Epiphany is just another Viper jock. Off-duties? Check. Sunglasses pushed up in her hair? Check. Jacket? Well. It's not a proper one, but it'll do. She at least wears the part properly. The woman leans back, crosses one leg over the other, and claims a beer that was apparently last touched by a ghost. Not that she knows this. There's a glance towards Kelsey in return and the pint she holds is just sort of held up before a long drink is taken. "Shooting ghosts. Now that's a concept I can get behind. Let's consider this. Can we shoot them with conventional weapons or are we talking designing a specialty weapon just for hunting ghosts?"

"There's no better word for what she is. I just call her Ghost Captain. I mean, not to her face. Who wants a pint?" Randy asks as she stands again to man the pitcher. She just needs the extra height. She starts to pour, even tipping the mugs at an angle like a pro. "I'm not going to let a dead chick ruin my night." Spoken like a classy Marine. "You get a potato gun and some time on Aerilon to gather ammo," she quips to the Major. She starts to pass around mugs of beer. Everyone's getting one. At this point, that man who knows the end of the world just made him the sexiest bartender around comes back with a tray of shots. Again, it's that local brew, though he says, "My apologies, but not all of this batch is chilled." Yeah, best job ever. He unloads the tray with a few shots between his knuckles to get them out faster. It's a busy night. Don't want to miss the tips! Speaking of, Randy motions him over as she sits again and greases his palm a little, though it doesn't look like the payment is strictly monetary, nor anything shady either. Some cigs by the looks of it. On his retreat, he flashes a grin Kapali's way. Did he notice before or? "Oh gods, I think I lost count." She pours herself some beer precariously from her seated position because /that's/ a good idea, and then grins before taking a hearty sip.

Kapali's expression goes a bit flinty, "I'd be willing to be part of any fire team designated to deploying said weapons once they come out of R&D," said in a voice that is more terse than not before she reaches for a mug once one is available and works on the contents until half the mug is gone. She exhales before wiping the back of her hand across her mouth. "There's gotta be a way to make the bloody things hold still long enough to get some real answers out of it. Them. What ever," and her attention shifts upward toward the bartender and a hint of an answering grin forms on her face again. "Never drink anything with a higher alcohol proof than your real age in human years," she advises Randy with a wink.

Kelsey listens in on the points of discussion and raises her brow. She sips her bear, leaning back in the chair. Seeing that Elena has gone ramrod straight, she nudges the Ensign. "Hey, it's cool. Have your beer and shot." There's a smile and slow nod of encouragement. "You might not technically be old enough, but you're a combat officer. Just be cool, have a few laughs, and go home at the end of the night. I'll keep you safe from trouble." Says the girl who was banned from this location for elbow-striking a Chief in the face.

Elena turns to Kelsey to tell her what she's missed. "Cylon ghosts," she repeats, getting her drink on. "So, uh, does this happen a lot around here?" she asks, unsure if she wants to hear the answer.

"I will pretend I never saw your age in your file," Epiphany notes, easily. She's not even looking at Elena. Instead, she's watching Kapali and Randy with a measure of amusement. Carefully guarded, but it's there in her eyes. "Provided you don't show your ass, you'll be fine." The girl has Hobo for a squadron leader. Best to break her in early a bit. "Ahh. The ghost captain. Seen quite some interesting reports in that regard. She's caused more of a distraction than a fresh delivery of condoms."

"That…that's a stupid rule. I'm allowed to forget when I'm sober," Randy insists to Kapali and then smirks a little, giving Kapali a unconvincing and lightly goofy sidelong look. "I just haven't drank in awhile. Back before the war, I could have drank anyone here under the table. Gods' truth." When the Major mentions showing ass, Randy blinks in mock astonishment. "With all due respect Major but have you seen my ass?" She follows up with a grin and a raise of her mug in an odd display of deference following that commenbt.

Kelsey shrugs a little. "I keep hearing rumors about it. I've never seen anything that screams to me that this stuff even exists. If you saw something, cool. Most of my miracle moments are subjective and complicated. I've yet to see a ghost. Let alone a ghost Cylon. So I guess it happens often enough?" Squire shruuuuugs and sips her beer. The remark from Pip gets a smirk and she nudges Elena with a wink. "See? You're okay. First lesson of being a combat pilot? Be cool. Second? When your JG training officer tells you that you probably shouldn't do something because they used to do it? Don't do it. Because it took them forever to get promoted." Sagenod. To Randy: "Its a great ass, Sergeant. Don't let anyone tell you different."

"I am so cool. No one is cooler than I am. I am totally cool with everything that is going on. Completely unflustered. And the stuff in the little glasses is starting to actually taste good." Elena waggles her eyebrows at her last, untouched shot. "How you doin'?" she propositions it. "They say I gotta go home at the end of the night, but they didn't say I had to go alone…" She picks it up and downs it. "I'm so good."

Not as often as it sounds, least, I don't think so," Kapali chimes in as she finishes the mug and reaches for the topped off shotglass. "Though no one is sure if they're cylon ghosts, or just if the cylons look like them," another half shrug. "Though that doesn't explain how they talk in the native language when we hear 'em, because there's no way that they speak all of our languages at the same bloody time like some talking bobble head." She grumbles into her shot glass before grinning sidelong at Randy. "It's a good rule. Designed to keep you from yakking up your toenails in the morning," said before she hoots out a laugh at Kels. "Ignore her, Ellie. Live, and learn. If you don't have regrets then you haven't really been living. The only trick is to learn from it and don't get killed along the way."

The CAG's booted foot, balanced across her knee, bounces lightly. "Sergeant, I have no need to see your ass. I can already guess. It's lily and white." One of the secret rules of being promoted as a Viper officer is to be able to hold one's own when drinking. And that's not just the alcohol. Epiphany's demeanor hasn't changed. She's still just as cool as if she were in a standard debriefing. The woman hasn't touched the shot before her yet, but it doesn't appear as if she's avoiding it, either. Nope. She's just busy drinking the Ghost Captain's very own beer. Just slap an 'Ecto Cooler' label on it.
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"Elena, these are Marines. These are the people that jump out of the back of a Raptor at 120,000 feet voluntarily." Kelsey nods slowly, resting an arm on the back of the nugget's chair. "Then they go get into gunfights with big stompy robots. If these are the experiences you want, they are good people to listen to." how many times has Kelsey been wounded? Let's not talk about that. "No reg-erts. Check. Just remember that there is such a thing as regrets. …Like jumping out the back of a Raptor at 120,000 feet."

"Yeah, I've gotten into gunfights with big stompy robots. You ladies can have that part, thanks. I'll drive." Elena gives a thumbs up, leaning back against Kelsey's arm. "And I have a sneaking suspicion I'll see all of their asses, whether I want to or not."

"Yes you are," Randy points to Elena, completely unfazed. A layer of liquor is like a coating of teflon for a Marine in social situations. Sometimes one needs to build up the ego in concert to get ready for a bar-room brawl. "Kapali's right. If you don't learn, you won't know how to face the unknown when it smacks you in the face like a cylon ghost," or the fact that one exists, but that would take more concentration to say than she'd like to put forth. Her beer is siren calling her. Slurpy sip as she listening to the Major. Randy's mixing beer and liquor in every combinatorial fashion possible. Currently, she's eyeing her next shot and the half pint of beer she has left. Ideasss. "Okay, well, you seee, that's just sad Major," she offers as she returns her attention to the ranking officer. "You're missing out on one of the key perks of being an enlistee." She nods with a tender expression of sympathy for the poor Major. "We should raise a drink for our poor Major I think." She lifts her mug and then leans forward a little. "Are you here to drink with us or here to babysit your youngling?" Yep, the alcohol /must/ be getting to her. There's a reason most officer's /prefer/ their lounge too. She looks over to Kelsey and shoots her an incorrigible grin.

"If seeing a flat, white ass is a key perk to being a marine, I don't know how they managed to recruit so frakkin' many of you." Wasn't there some comment about Marine recruiting ads the other day? Epiphany has her days where she prefers the Lounge. Today wasn't one of them. Sometimes it's nice to shrug off the trappings of responsibility and just be one of the jocks again. The woman shifts, smoothly sliding her ass towards one corner of the chair as she angles herself and… why yes, kicks a boot up on the table as she drapes her arm over the back of the chair, fingers dangling. The pint is finished off and she sets it heavily on the table before reaching for the shot. "I've seen enough asses to last a lifetime. In the berthings and the Head. Get as old as I am and they all start to look alike." And then the liquor is down and the glass left upside down on the table's surface.

"Cept for when it's been shot at and is currently covered in bruises and purple, Tiny," Kapali notes in a not quietly enough aside so that it doesn't carry, because booze tampers with her decibel settings. "Hey, we like jumping out of the back of a raptor! At least, at that point, we're no longer so much cargo. Until we're boots on the ground or making that leap, we're cargo, and that really, really sucks," sounding grumpy and disgruntled about this. "Don't see why you lot can't figure out a way to make it so that we're doing something useful in transit 'stead of just sitting there like canned meat in a can waiting to either make it to the ground in one piece or die on impact," there's that sunny outlook rearing it's ugly head again. She grins at Ellie, "Hey, I got new boots a few months back. And they're awesome," she then hoists her glass, cuz Tiny said to. "To the perks!" she angles a look sidelong, "what are they again? OH right NO PAPERWORK!"

Kelsey looks over to Elena. "Oh? Well then you'll fit right in. Not a fan of those, either." She smiles a little and sips the beer again. Annnd while Kapali speaks to the Major it just grows into a grin. "I need no babysitting, twerp," she laughs back. "For once I get to be the adult! Annnnd I'm no longer the youngest one in the Ghosts. So neener neener, pickle juice and saltpeter." Kelsey learned that in Adulting 101. But she DOES raise her glass and offer it around in cheers. "Hey, Goose, so I gotta fly out to that Saber site tomorrow with that chick from Tactical. You want me to bring Elena? Get her some flight time with a combat crew." She then aims a finger at Kapali, waggling it. "I'll bring oloring books next time and make sure I fly really wild. See if I can make it a challenge to stay inside the lines."

Kapali snickers out a laugh, "I'll bring along some rubber elastics and build a crayon crossbow," she retorts. "And some twists to serve as wicks and make crayon candles, and use the coloring book for kindling. WHEN we lot get to the ground and have to rough it to and from the mission site, your supplies will come in handy," she tips the glass slightly at Kels in a salute.

"Life is tough for a Major," Randy teases and then Kapali's talking about what her ass is /really/ like. She abruptly hangs her head in a clownish way before perking up at the sound of action-talk. "You know, I didn't know you guys could order us to shoot things from the wing till you did," Randy's eyes flash with playfulness as she squints at Kelsey from across the table. "Yeah, tell that to my fifty cal," says the one Marine who more is along for the ride behind one and is probably the worst in her whole platoon. "Frak you Kapali and your no paperwork. You know…coloring books might actually be calming…though," she spaces a moment, "on second thought, I think Dreyer would have a conniption fit."

Elena watches the drinky marines and the CAG with quiet awe. She is so, so, so out of her league. Her eyebrows shoot up when Kelsey asks to bring her along on a mission and she has to visibly restrain herself from turning to the major and making puppydog eyes. Then came the talk of shooting things from the wing. "Wait, what? Like, you stood on the wing of the raptor and…"

"Well," Epiphany looks to Kapali, points. "I could strap you to the bomb racks of a Predator. Stream in, drop you over the target. Sound better?" Still cargo. Just cargo that amuses the shit out of the Major. At least for a moment. Kelsey's suggestion earns consideration. "Sure. But you pilot. I don't need you crash landing again. I still haven't figured out the curse breaker." Suspicious lot, some pilots. Or perhaps the CAG is joking.

"Robber elastics. The adults call them 'condoms,' dear. One day when you're old enough we'll talk more about them." Kelsey sagenod to Kapali. She then looks to the Major and tilts the beer that direction. "In my defense, sir, most of those weren't my fault. I wasn't even conscious for one of them. And you can't fault me for the shootdown on Picon. That was my first time flying an actual Raptor and the thing got blown in half." Uh huh. Stupid infrared missiles. "But cool, thanks." For the requirements stated, many things are not. She grins over at Elena. "Make sure you draw a proper flightsuit tomorrow morning. Not the orange one you flew in training. Get yourself a sidearm, too. I'll help you with your survival kit, too. But it should be a pretty easy mission. Nobody should be shooting at us. Marines took out the site months ago."

"That actually sounds fun," Randy straightens up a little in response to the Major's proposal to the Corporal. She looks to Clara and then to Kapali with a grin. "I'd do it as long as we never left atmo." Her father's daughter, frakkin' spec ops. "That would /not/ be a good way to go." She grabs her shot, the last chilled one on hand to her at her position at the table, and drops it into the beer mug with her mouth open as if hoping it won't dowse anyone.

"Proper flight suit. Got it." Ellie nods, cradling her beer in both hands. She's more than happy to listen to the war stories, leaning her elbows on the table.

"Fun. Well, sure. I'll put in a note to your CO." Dear Amos, your people are nuts. Epiphany is out of beer and shots, so she just lounges back and tilts the toe of the boot on the table to some unheard tune. There's a glance towards Ellie. "You handle it well, I might send you out on Aerilon in a couple weeks." Joy!

"I'd fly it," Kelsey chrips happily. "Fly in low speed. Just drive down a road below the treetops at like 100 knots. Speed up, head towards the drop zone, hit the bomb racks. Drop a couple Marines. It would be like cluster bombs! They open up then dozens of things explode all over the place. Fireworks!" She grins happily. But the look of Aerilon gets a lofted brow and she looks over to Elena. "That's combat flying to the extreme. SAMs, triple-A, its righteous work, love." She then leans in to whisper something to Ellie.

"I'm sure he'd love that," Randy exaggerates as she stares wondrously at the concoction in front of her. Mmmmmm, science. The two liquids do not mix and earn the Sergeant's appreciation for a moment. Then it's down the hatch. She's frakkin' serious about her booze. When she comes up for air, her grin bubbles up into a chuckles and she coughs a little. She laughs again, smiling in Kelsey's direction.

Elena nods solemnly in response to Kelsey's words, and an extra nod of understanding to the whisper. "I'll do my best," she says. She really needs to get drunker. Maaaan.

"You know. I thought we were drinking." Epiphany's tone is blithe, hands folding across her stomach. "And yet here both lie empty." Who is going to allow the CAG to go thirsty?! The horror! There's a glance from Kelsey to Elena. "Picon's familiar landscape for you, so it shouldn't be too bad. Clear skies expected, but that doesn't mean you can let your guard down."

"I'll find a way to keep it exciting, Goose. just for you. Clip a ridge, crash another, fire off a SAM, whatever it takes." Kelsey lifts her beer in cheers. "I'm on it, sir." A big gulp of her beer and she looks to Elena. "Nah, you'll be okay. Just stick with it." She then looks to the Marines. "So what's it like shooting a door gun? Always wanted to try that but I think i would go insane."

Clara has been following the conversation about as well as a non-Virgan follows a game of cricket. Which is to say, she's lost track of whose dick is bigger than whom, long ago. Instead, she's focusing on the drink in front of her. Which, currently, is a glass of water; maybe cylons don't like being inebriated. Or maybe it's just this one. Her eyes are slightly glazed as they try to focus on Kelsey, talking about.. door guns? Not her wheelhouse.

"Well, I'm not sure I have the average experience of what it's like, but you'd probably have one similiar to mine," spoken like a true buzzed engineer. Randy covers her mouth when she has a false alarm concerning a burp. "It's awesome." After a beat she says, "Seriously though. I feel like my whole body is vibrating after. I don't know if that's just adrenaline or what." She reaches into her mug to fish out the shot glass and then downs the rest with no shame and no hesitation. "Major I would, but I'm tapped out. Here, have another shot." Randy leans forward to snag one of the shots and deposits it near enough to the Major. She might have to sit up and lean a little to get it. Yep, /this/ one's a drinker. A drunky engineer with no pause for shame. Her eyes wander towards Clara and she squinty smiles as she leans back a hair as a gesture. Then she leans over to whisper something to the Specialist.

Elena glances over at Clara and… huh. It's like they're, weirdly, in the same boat of not knowing exactly what's going on. She glances across the table and gives her a weak, experimental smile, reaching for another shot. She likes those.
You whisper, "Hey, you okay?" to Clara.

There's a dry look for Kelsey. "Just don't get stranded for four days, mm? I have plans for my Wing, thank you." Epiphany looks towards Randy and arches a brow. It's appreciation. She grabs the shot and downs it easily enough. The glass is set alongside the other empty. "If I give someone the money, will they go retrieve a fresh round?" She's not going to get up. She's comfy

"No sweat, Goose. I hear Petra is afraid to fly with me. Shouldn't be a problem this time." Kelsey takes the opportunity to plop her drink on the table. After downing the whole thing. Then she quickly takes the shot to chase it. …It's a backwards approach, but it works. She slowly rises from the chair. "Okay, I barely get to use my chits. I'm getting a load of beers and shots." She aims a finger and lets it sway semi-soberly across all of them. "Ladies. It is time to revive an ancient tradition we seem to have long forgotten." A glance to Randy, and lean slightly forward, "No, we're not unconfiscating the altar." And then she addresses them all again. "My fellow bitches. It is time for Truth or Dare. Randy! Truth or dare." She moves off towards the bar, lifting drink chits from the bra. Safe storage, eh.

Clara downed her beer just fine. And the one after it, and the shots after that. But she doesn't seem to get much out of it, which is neither here nor there. Her gaze tracks back to Randy as the tipsy engineer squinty smiles at her, and leans in to murmur something. Her lips purse, and she nods a 'yes'. And catches Elena's glance across the table. The attempt at friendliness is reciprocated somewhat awkwardly; smiling doesn't appear to be something she excels at. "Raptor greenie, huh?" Her thumb toys with the rim of her glass, finding a chip, and worrying at it. She's about to say something more, when Kelsey makes the call for truth or dare, and a brow raises slightly. She's not nearly drunk enough for this.

Elena blinks. "Are you serious?" she asks Kelsey, back to being completely bewildered. When Clara talks to her, she jumps a little. "Uh, yeah. Yes. That's me. You're, um, a medic? How long have you…" been a cylon, is what she was about to ask, but she manages to realize how dumb that is before it leaves her mouth. "Nice to, um, meet you."

Randy can't help but lean forward with anticipation at Kelsey's charade, until the whole thing pins on her. Then she throws up her hands and leans back with a laugh and then looks downwards, as if processing somehting a little murkier at the same time. "Truth." Her head cocks to the side and she arches her brows, a smirk forming.

Kelsey returns, standing over the table, waiting for the beers and shots to be poured. The bar is getting busier with the hour and she glances to one particular male Marine as he walks by. She waggles her brows at him with a smile. He winks. Quickie flirting. Looking back to Randy, "Truth? Alright. Starting out tame." She takes a long breath, fixing the Sergeant with a gaze. "If you had to choose between sleeping with Commander Faulkner," the ship's XO, "or building cartoon character molds out of G4 for four hours… what would it be?"

There's an arch of brow as Kelsey goes off and Epiphany tucks her own chits back into her pocket. The woman seems pleased for the beer and lifts her glass to somewhat salute the jig. She doesn't miss the marine, either. There's a sort of roll of the eyes, but the CAG stays mum. Instead she just snorts faintly at the 'truth' demanded and drinks her beer. Oh, this should be interesting.

The Sergeant tilts her head, eyes shrowded softly by that happy beery look as she gets stung by the question. "Commander Faulkner." Is that flush on her cheeks and the tips of her ears from the alcohol or the question? To each their own opinion, but Randy's grinning and shaking her head. "Thanks for that one." Then she looks over at Clara for a moment before turning her gaze on the Major. "Truth or dare? Come on. Earn that booze," she teases.

Elena grins at the truth or dare antics, sipping her beer. She has a shot ready to go in case someone picks on her, though. She's young, not stupid. She snorts at Randy's answer, a little beer spouting from her nose. She turns red, trying to mop it up with her sleeve.

"I totally thought you'd go for the G4. But the XO isn't bad. She's a little hot." Kelsey grins and moves back to the bar doot da doo. She goes about her bidness of getting four pitchers and there's a tray of shots coming. She delivers the pitchers easily enough and moves to retake her seat. "I'd pour, but I paid. And you'd all be drinking foam for three hours." There's a two hand, flatpalm gesture to the beer. Meanwhile the tray of shots is still being poured. "That's ours. Over there. The … whoa that's a lot of rum." Back to Pip and the question!

Though there's a renewed arch of brow, Epiphany appears to have been expecting this. The woman finishes a drink of her beer and reaches out to set it down. It's long practice for such a fine-ass lean. Balanced against the edge of chair, held in place by arm, one leg askew towards the floor and the other on the table itself. "I earn my booze every damn day in the Colonial Fleet, marine." It's even provided in Instructor Voice, sotto. "Truth." She's not drunk enough for dare. Shots are good. The CAG will likely have a desperate need of them before this is over.

Clara actually looks amused when Randy shoots a glance her way. The smile's smothered in a sip of her water, dark eyes tracking slowly to the CAG when she becomes the next recipient of the Question. "I'd give her a six out of ten," she opines to Kelsey, before shifting her attention back to Epiphany.

"With all do respect Sir, I believe we all do." Some might call it guts. Others might mumble something about frakkin jarheads. Randy might be holding the key to her behavior right now. She's grabbed one of the pitchers to start doing her duty of serving the others. She starts with Kelsey's and works her way round, saving herself for last. She shoots her question off as she leans to deposit the Majors mug, now a fresh pint. "Alright then, shite. Now all I can think about is-" Damnit for thinking aloud! She rolls her eyes and then grins at Clara for her comment. "Okay, Major, have you ever knocked boots," she holds up a finger to any possible snickers, "In a raptor?"

Kelsey is thus far opinionless to the Good or Bad of the skinjobs. She has no independent knowledge of each. Trust But Verify. So she can do this. After Randy pours her beer she drinks a lot of decent portion whilst giving a smile and thumbs up to Clara. Once down, complete with mini foam mustache, "The dismount could have been better. But the approach and technicality was solid. She deserves to be here." But the question… Kelsey? Oh she looks pleased. Legs cross and brows loft as she sliiiiides a look towards the CAG.

The initial answer to Randy's question is a slow blink. The woman takes her time, but it's mostly to wait for her beer to be filled. Once she has it in hand, she takes a long drink. Really dragging out this answer. Maybe she's stalling? But when Epiphany has set her drink back down, all she asks is: "Pre- or pose- '88 frame?" She reaches for her drink, stops, and glances up to Randy. "Trick question. Either."

Clara nudges her glass of water aside, and seems almost relieved to reach for the beer that's poured for her. Maybe it'll help turn her buzz into smashed. At the very least, it goes down smoothly. She eases back in her chair, glass in hand, and gazes bemusedly at the CAG as she stalls her way to a sort-of answer. Really, a pilot who hasn't knocked boots in a raptor is probably a rarity.

"Elena," Epiphany casts a glance to wee Ensign. "Truth or dare."

Elena was picking at a hangnail, distracted. When birdbosslady says her name, her head snaps up fast enough to give her whiplash. "Me?" she asks, beer in her hand sloshing.

"Uh. Um. Truuuuth?"

Kelsey seems interested in the CAG's answer. Orly! "Good to know you're truly one of the wing, sir." Kelsey lifts her glass in cheers. But she also slides a look towards Elena. "I suppose truth might be an appropriate introduction for the nugget."

"I wasn't always a CAG, Squire," Epiphany points out, a finger unfurling from her glass to point at the young pilot. "Once upon a time, horrifying as it may seem, I got into mischief of all stripes myself." She is bemused, lifting glass for a long drink. Giving Elena precious seconds to compose herself. "How long did you keep your favorite stuffy or blanket?" Hey, there's been a bit of a mixup. It's not sexual in nature!

Elena turns beet red. "I, um…" she looks down into her glass. "I actually still have it. There wasn't much left, just, like, a square of it, but… I still have it. I keep it with me when I fly. It's a good luck charm or something. It's stupid."

Randy grabs another shot and kicks it back. "Shite we're getting smashed tonight," she realizes as she stares at the feast of alcohol before them all. What has Kelsey done? This Marine seems to keep in high spirits as the interrogation of the Nugget begins. She reaches up to pull the home-rolled whatever from behind her ear. Since tobacco is on short supply, who knows what's in that thing, but she fishes a lighter out of a pocket and lights up.

Elena clears her throat, rubbing her cheek and looking up. "Clara," she says, clearing her throat.

Kelsey looks between the two. There's an evaluation on Elena with her eyes, but she shrugs. "Don't feel bad, kiddo. I fly with a pictue of my daughter in my flightsuit." Her eyes then flick to Randy. "Hey. Got any more of that? I haven't smoked something since high school. Feels like a good night for it." Her blank expression slides to a grin.

"Everybody's got their thing." Epiphany's newer tattoo has largely healed. A stylistic, all-black-line bear. On the inside of her right forearm. Visible, now, as she removes the jacket and drapes it over the back of the chair. Also shows the tiger lilies tattooed over her left shoulder. "Says we're getting smashed and then breaks out something else." The CAG snorts, lifting her beer for a drink as she casts a look to the bar. Where are those shots?

Whatever's in that booze, it must be pretty good; Clara's actually smiling a little as she listens to the banter about the stuffies. "I have a picture my son drew, in my.." She sort of trails off there at the end. Nobody really asked her, anyway. And Elena's called her out. She finishes her gulp of warm beer, wipes her mouth with the back of her hand, and boldly goes where no-one has gone.. yet. "Dare."

"You have a…" Ellie cuts herself off. She's not asking nosy questions right now. She turns on the swagger, throwing her arms wide. "Okay. Kiss me."

A plume of funky and yet slightly familiar smoke is blown off and up behind her, twisting to do so. "I have my vices," Randy admits, following it up with a grin. She watches Clara, but reaches for her pocket and pulls out a small bundle of two with her lighter. She puts it all on the table and then sits up so she can lean to hook Kelsey up. She holds out the lighter and flicks up the flame for the officer…ever the polite one…well just as polite as any Marine that talks about their ass to a Major.

Shots! They are being delivered. Cuz Kelsey's player forgot about them. Luckily the server delivers a large tray of them and slides them down on the table. "Annnnd that's the sum total of all my drinking chits for the last 3 months. So. Have at!" She gestures to the tray before reaching for a couple. "Mine. Mineminemine." She draws the small handful closer and grins over at Clara, totally forgetting the Cylon thing. Kids. "Aw! You have a son?? My girl is six. Lemme guess… you only look at it when you're alone, right? I can't take my girl's picture out unless, well, same." Ahem. She looks around. Sorry, not sorry. But! Kiss coming! Wewt! She grins happily and takes one of the shots right away.

But Kelsey see's the proferred smoke and leaps for it, nearly spilling a beer. She takes it between the lips and leans for the light. The cherry glows before she leans back. "Than-" COUGH COUGH! "Thank you." She laughs it off, choking the smoke down before leaning back with it.

Shots. Shots are good. Epiphany can grab a few shots and pretend that her newest officer isn't about to Drunken Sloppy Kiss an enlistee. A skinjob one at that. Neeeewp. She will just grab one shot… then another. Both are downed in rather rapid succession.

Randy doesn't share what she takes on missions, though someone here has seen it. She seems to be more interested in the shots and well-wait-what? Holding one of the shots, Randy looks over at Clara. Blink. Blink. She looks like she doesn't know what to make of this new turn of events.

Elena doesn't finish her question, and Clara doesn't seem about to elaborate either way. She waits, instead, for the pilot to ante up with her end of the deal.. and blinks a couple of times when she hears the request. There's a glance to the CAG, a quick fleeting of her eyes to Randy, and then a cautious look to her 'handlers'. They look back at her dispassionately, though one of them elbows the other, taps his tranquilizer gun, and mutters something that seems to amuse them both. "..okay." She sets her glass down, climbs out of her chair and steps around both Randy and Epiphany in order to sliiiide onto Elena's lap. Unless stopped, she brushes her fingertips across the girl's cheek and leans in for a doozy of a kiss.

Elena doesn't stop her. She does, however, turn an impossible and unflattering shade of crimson-eggplant. She blinks a few times, then a few more, clearly speechless.

As Clara gets up, Randy downs two shots and slumps back in her chair to watch the dare unfold with slightly dulled eyes. She hiccups and then pulls a drag, eyes squinting slightly before she lifts her head to blow the smoke up and out of their way. "Frak." She leans forward to collect another shot and knocks it back. She rolls her eyes at whatever the MPs are murmuring. She isn't exactly on the /best/ of terms with some of them since she flipped one of them off.

Easy peasy. Mercier doesn't torment the poor pilot for too long, at least; just a big ol' smooch to give her something to put in her dear diary tonight, then she clambers off Elena's lap and reclaims her chair. "You're next," she tells Kelsey, with a Knox-like fingergun. Bam bam. Gods, she must be getting drunk.

Nope. Epiphany isn't watching. In fact, she's downing two shots in rapid succession. One, two, and then the woman is busy grabbing the last… 'cigarette' that remains on the table. The CAG just leans back and lights up, taking a long drag. See? Moms can have fun, too.

Kelsey is busy taking another shot. Yep. She downs it, then chases it with the beer. It takes a moment before she see's the fingerguns. "Did you just finger-shoot-gun-me thing? That's.." She suddenly starts laughing. "Awesome. Gimme a dare! Truth. Pah. I want a dare." She drinks more of the beer and wipes her lips on her hand. Luckily it only smears the lipstick a little. Just a smidge. Not that she notices. Pilots, right? Another drag of her smoke is taken while she waits.

"Dare you to strip down to your skivvies and serenade the CAG, on top the table," Clara informs the bus driver, without even batting an eye. She taps the table with her palm to indicate, just in case it wasn't clear. No shit eating grin, no tittering, no nothing. Just the challenge thrown down at Kelsey's feet.

Clara's Gemenese slur seems to be more pronounced when she's drunk. Oddly enough.

Elena regains some of her senses and downs a shot, shaking her head vigorously. She scoots her chair back away from the table, herding her drinks protectively. No strippy serenade is gonna hurt you, babies.

The nice soft buzz is relaxing. Everything is right in the world. "Holy frak. You're amazing," Randy actually giggles at the skinjob. "Please. Keep drinking," she straightens up, "But first, here, hold this," she gives the woman her 'cigarette' to guard while she pours Clara another pint of beer.

"What." Epiphany looks up from holding joint in one hand and beer in the other. Smoke curls away from her finegrs. "Well. It's a dare." For the moment, it's about all the CAG can manage. Actually? No, she can do one better. The cigarette goes between her lips for a long drag as she reaches for a shot to move it from the center of the table. Yup. She'll need to be more drunk for this.

Randy's giggling makes Clara laugh, and it's not a strange sound at all. She has a nice laugh. The 'cigarette' is dutifully held, though she doesn't try any fancy tricks with flipping it between her fingers like the pilots do. Her eyes are on Kelsey and Epiphany in turns, more amused than the tentative curve of her lips might suggest.

Kelsey hears that and stares at Clara. Mom to Mom. Holding the smoke between two fingers, she points at Clara. "You're on. And going to pay for this." She puts the smoke into an ashtray and glances down to make sure the table has four legs, not a central. Yep, good. She unbuttons the jeans and starts rootching out over the hips. To Elena, "Never ask someone if they are a Raptor driver. If they are, they'll let you know. If they aren't then don't embarass them." She winks, kicking off the shoes and pushing the pants off each leg. A long, laughing breath taken. Pants off is one thing at a table. There goes the top. She pulls it up and off. "Charger One, in hot, weapons free." Kelsey waggles her brow and rises from the chair.

Squire rises from the chair and legs step to the chair, then the table. Clearly the bra was a choice to go with the low cut top but the skivvie bottoms have a big Supergirl logo on the butt. Up on the table, everyone in the bar turns to look. Arms raise over her head as if to call attention. Go big or go home. "Ladies and Gentlemen!" she belts. But then her eyes fall to the CAG.

The voice calls out in true Pican style. Legs spread a bit, she points a finger at the Major. "Girl you taught me how to hurt real bad and cry myself to sleep, and showed me how this ship can shatter dreams!" Ohhh she's a crooner. "Another lesson 'bout a naive fool who came to Orion and found out that the pit don't taste so sweet!" She even sways her hips as she sings loudly. Drunkenly. "Now it's paperwork, Predators, hillbilly music! Lonely, lonely flights that I call home! Yeah, my paperwork, Predators, hillbilly music! It's the only thing that keeps me hangin' onnnnn…" She goes down to a squat with the last to plant a kiss on the CAG's lips with it. It doesn't go so well. Squire loses her balance off the left knee and tumbles her shoulder into the table and then, legs flying, she continues the roll and falls onto the floor in a tangle made up of herself and her own chair. She doesn't even move yet. "I NEED A SHOT!"


"That's one of the things I'm /not/ supposed to do, right?" Ellie asks, pointing.

Randy sets the mug down in front of Clara and then carefully turns the handle towards her. Her mirth seems to be permanently set, even into the little creases at the edges of her eyes. She reaches for the 'cigarette' while smiling at the laughing Corpsman. She murmurs something before leaning back into her own chair to watch the galactic train wreck unfold. She ends up busting a gut once Kelsey calls out through it all. "Oh that made everything worth it!…Oh-kay," she holds her side a little and says through her laughing, "Dare."

"Someone get that woman a shot!" Randy declares!

<FS3> Epiphany rolls Dexterity: Failure.

The CAG, in turn, just stares. Awkwardly. She also drinks, heavily. Yes. Very heavily. The shot is downed, the beer is downed, and she's sort of juggling the empty glass and the joint when Kelsey goes tumbling. Epiphany does try to catch the little jig, but it goes… shall we say poorly? The glass falls and she just sort of grabs at flesh and perhaps an inadvertant bra-snapping. Ahem. Turnng red herself, the Major just reaches a hand down to help Kelsey back upright.

Clara leans in to say something in return to Randy, and then one of her 'handlers' gives her a tap on the shoulder and an upnod toward the door. Time's up, punkin'. "See you later," she mumbles to the EOD, and slides her empty glass onto the table recently vacated by the pilot formerly known as Dwight. Dwight from Aerilon. "I gotta go. Thanks for the beers, uh, Wescott." The latter is said in a bit of a lean over the table as she checks to make sure the pilots are in one piece. And then she's getting her ass hauled out of here.

Kelsey takes the hand-up from the CAG and lifts her arms. Likely there are cheers. "Raptors!" she belts with a grin. Then? She gathers up her clothes and puts them into the back of her chair. Everyone in the bar has already seen her in her skivvies so who cares at this point. She reaches for a shot and her smoke. Drink one, smoke the other. "Randy. Randy Randy Randy." She puffs and blows it over her head, legs crossing. "I dare…" A slick grin crosses her face. "I dare you to…" She fixes that gaze. "Go to the head. Take off your skivvies, all of them, get dressed, and give them to someone you think is hot. When you do, shout their name." But the Clara is getting hauled off. She aims the smoke! "I'm coming for you, Specialist! One day!!" but it's said with a laugh.

Randy draws towards Clara as the skinjob leans. It's not as if they haven't been exchanging some kind of communication back and forth intermittently for awhile this evening. She looks down and grins at whatever is said and then looks back up at Clara as the skinjob backs off. "Seeya." She steals a drag from her joint and then reaches out to tap the ash off into an empty shot glass. She shakes her head at Kelsey before she looks back at the departing Clara over her shoulder. Then she props her joint up by using a coaster, bending it into a little stand. She's drunk right? She pushes up to her feet and salutes Kelsey. "Yes sir!" Thankfully she /doesn't/ march off to the restroom. "I'll be back. Maybe." She retreats off to accomplish her mission.

"I need more beer." This is spoken… well, largely to herself. Epiphany leans forward after taking a drag. Oh, she'll finish it if no one else tries to ply it from her. The pitcher is grabbed and a refill poured. Apparently, the Major, when drunk, gets quite the flush across her cheeks and down towards her cleavage. As Randy moves off, the pilot just sort of sinks back in her chair and lifts a hand to run fingers through her hair. Except? Her hair is in a braid still and all it does is make everything tangle. Oops.

Kelsey is settled back happily in the chair, smoking, sipping her beer. She just gives a chesire grin at the CAG. "Hopefully that was up to standards. Do my best to make sure the Wing looks good, Major." She cheers the cigarette up slightly. A couple guys are staring and she waves at them happily. "I'm drunk enough to think I should have shown up like this. Though panty could have been a better choice. If I'd known, I would have tried to match."

"I should… probably get some water," Ellie says, sliding her chair back. She wobbles a bit as she stands up and weaves her way over to the bar. The bartender takes one look at her and hands her a pitcher. She slooooooowly makes her way back, trying not to spill it. She mostly succeeds. Mostly.

These things take time apparently, or maybe Randy ran into someone in the bathroom? Or maybe she's just trying to create a situation in which calling out someone's name has more…context. But then, there's this lovely thing about rowdy, loud bars with lots of burly men who are all still slackjawed and wide eyed at what's been going on. There have been quiet side-bets at the billiards table in the corner. Oh yes, this lovely thing about bars. A shortstack like Randy can appear out of nowhere and put her skivvies around your neck like a garter or something…Elena. "OH ELLIE!" She straightens up, drops them there, and walks to her seat as if dusting an apple off on her pants. Booya.

Elena sets the pitcher down on the table and carefully disentangles Randy's underwear from her neck, beet red again. "These are way, way too damp for my comfort level," she blurts out, tossing them back at the teeny marine.

"I still have some nice pairs I picked up on Picon before Saturnalia," Epiphany asides to Kelsey. Another drag on the 'cigarette' and the smoke is exhaled as she watches Randy return and bestow the skivvies. "Maybe you can plan for the future." She leans back again, kicking legs up on the largely-clear table. One ankle over the other, chair tipped back on a pair of legs. The woman is watching Elena; awaiting the truth or dare choice.

"Oh! That was… that was also a…" Ellie looks around nervously. "There ain't no way I'm taking a dare from that one," she declares. "Truth."

"I know, riiight?" Kelsey says to Pip. "I packed a ton of clothes. I usually do. Anywhere I went with my parents? Two suitcases. I'm ridiculous. I actually found some supercute stuff and traded in a lot of my old stuff for it." She sips her shot, forgetting it isn't a beer. "But I gave more than I got. kinda upset, but gotta share. Right?" SIGH. Drunk Squire is Drunk. Only then does she look back to the truth.

Randy laughs at Elena's assessment, snatching the skivvies from the air, and shrugs. "What can you do?" Then she plucks up her joint and takes a drag. "Let's see. I almost feel bad about picking on you Elena but Kelsey did say to give them to someone who was hot." She fixes the younger woman with a sly look and winks before she settles back into her chair. "Hmmm. Ellie. Truth or dare?" She grabs her mug and sips on her beer a little as she watches the nugget.

"I'm not changing my mind. Truth," Ellie says, firmly.

"Unfortunately, everything I have is a bit…" Epiphany gestures to her outfit. Uniform. Save for that jacket. "Saved a bunch of those for myself, I admit." The skivvies, that is. In fact, to be nice, she shifts to pull at her shirt. Just up one side, revealing the dark red bra. There's even some black heart edging. Racy. And, well, she at least seems pleased someone has gotten to see it. Even if she's rather drunk. Back to truth and the woman just waits, going back to drinking steadily.

Kelsey watches and is about to say something before the bra is seen. She changes her mind. A drag taken from the smoke, she grins and wagles fingers. "Still hot. Very nice. That design is suuuper cute, too." Just drunk Kels on autopilot, loving other people. It's easy to see her as some sorority girl. But she's honest and happy.

"Are you attracted to anyone you now work with?" Aww, Randy goes soft on the poor girl. It's not altogether nice, but it's not cruel and unrelenting. Her tone is conversational, chill, and inquisitive. Perhaps the Marines aren't such barbarians afterall. Or…yeah they are. The EOD simply flops her skiffies onto her shoulder and leaves them there like she heaved a sack over her shoulder or something. Then she downs the last two sips of her beer as she stares at Epiphany's little sharing moment openly. Yep, she's drunk.

"I don't know," Ellie replies earnestly. "I've only known any of you for, like, five minutes… I actually have to know someone before I can be attracted to them." She shrugs a little. It's a non-answer and she's sticking to it. "I'm gonna toss it back at you, Randy."

"I'll allow it," Epiphany declares of the answer. The 'hot seat' has only been her once. So she's relegated herself to commentary. At least for now. The bra reveal was no more than one would see in the head. In fact, a lot less than one may witness there. Perhaps it's the slyness of it. She soon comes to the end of the joint- taking a long drag and dropping it in an empty shot glass.

"Auuuuuugh," Randy says. She smiles, and then rolls her eyes as she strikes out. "Whatever. Oh man?" Her Aquarian accent is starting to lay on thick now. "Dare me then." Afterall, her skivvies are on her shoulder. What worse could Elena do to her?…and as for the seeing the bra peek, perhaps it's also the fact that they're all loaded up on booze too. Randy seems to live up a little bit more to her namesake that is. She pulls from the joint and blows an oddly formed ring that quickly breaks apart with one eye open, one eye squinted closed as if trying to will the ring back into shape.

Elena crosses her arms. "Go to the bar and get as many olives as he'll give you. Then, come back, and see how many you can fit in your mouth at one time."

The dare earns a slightly quirked brow. It's a fitting one, really. A more tame, proper dare. One that Epiphany doesn't have to worry about. So she drapes her arm over the back of the chair and just lifts her beer to down it. The woman is a decent drinker, but then… Viper jock.

"You got it Junior," Randy pops up from her seat and puts her hands together to fish herself through the crowd to the bar. She puts her palms down and begins to wheel and deal her way into some olives. After about a minute, she comes back with two small dishes of olives. "I scored. He said I could have as many as I want. He's gotten more dudes tipping in here since he can't remember because of us." She smirks and sets the bowls onto the table before her, before sitting down. Then she starts to stuff the olives in, one by one, mumbling through it at first, and stopping pretty quickly. This, could take a moment.

Kelsey watches. Ohhh she's watching. Multiple olives? She starts giggling maddley as Randy gets back. Kicked back in the chair, she ignores the guys on her and waves them off with her smoke. No, her eyes are focused on the Marine. "Come, now. Give us that full cheek of balls, darling," she laughs.

In point of fact? Epiphany just sort of balancs there on the two rear legs of the chair and lifts her free hand from the back of it to pull the braid out of her hair. A couple shakes of her head and the brown mass goes tumbling about her shoulders. Then it's just a matter of disentangling her sunglasses from her hair and ah- ah… yes. The CAG manages to get them properly settled on her features. Much better. Except when Kelsey makes her comment, Epiphany does that gesture. You know the one. Fist towards mouth, tongue at just the right angle. Maybe no one was looking.

Elena leans forward, crossing her arms on the table and resting her chin on them, watching the olivening with half-lidded eyes.

The Marine starts to jam them in multiples at a time, well, using two hands at least. She maks some kind of noise at Kelsey at her remark, but it's unintelligible now as her cheeks puff out with olives. And yet, still, there's room. She's now back to putting them in one by one. Wondering what's going to happen to all these olives, her eyes begin to stray off to the side as if looking for a way out of trouble. By now, she's begun to hum a little military drinking diddy and rowses into the chorus. She tries to ask a question, but it is only identifiable by the way her tone goes up at the end. Yes, she looks like a little chipmunk, which might now be a more apt name for her.

It doesn't take long for the drunken engineer to stop trying to communicate. She sways slightly and then pushes up from the table to beeline it to the bathroom, her eyes watering slightly at whatever she's dealing with. Laughter? Sickness? Who knows. She pushes through the crowd and disappears beyond the door.

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