AWD #466: Bountiful Bacchus
Bountiful Bacchus
Summary: A group of Marines head to the Bacchus Bounty to recover a lost Raptor and learn that utopia comes at a price.
Date: 2/10/2016 (OOC Date)
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Bacchus Bounty - Deminis Nebula
A large Agro ship in space.
17 Apr 2006 AWD #466

The pilot's briefing was simple. Determine what happened to the Recon Raptor. If it's a trap, get the frak out of there ASAP. If it's not, try to secure the Bacchus Bounty. Either way, the ECO is to stay with the Raptor, in case the Cylons show up, he is to wait thirty seconds for the FTL to spool and then jump away to prevent capture, leaving all the poor Marines to themselves. After waiting for the Raptor to get loaded, Alastair 'Trap' Piers gives the thumbs up to the pilot, and the Raptor leaves Orion to head into the unknown.

The Orion SAR Raptor jumps onto the edge of the Diminis Nebula, and immediately a few alarms go off to warn of the concentration of Helium and other trace inert gasses in the area. The nebula itself is a small one, obviously an aborted attempt as a star system that never would have amounted to much, a collection of dust, gas, and not enough debris to make the whole thing work. Everyone has been given a pitcure of the ship and roster for Bacchus Bounty, consisting of a crew of 10, including Captain, First Officer, botanists, and passengers of a family of six, that were moving from Leonis to Troy to live at the new vineyard that was being created.

DRADIS contacts are already pinging with two hits, off into the depths of the nebula, on the edge of the contact screen. The IFF is already confirming that one of ships is the missing Raptor that 'Oiler' and 'Maggot' were using on patrol when they got the signal they reported to Orion. The second is much larger, the size of a ship, too small to be a basestar. It's pinging as a civilian ship, but the design is military, which fits into what the Bounty was before it entered civilian service.

There's a confused look from Alastair before he switches the radio over to play over the speakers of the Raptor as it moves closer to the two ships. The missing Raptor is attached to one of the loading bays of the agro ship - which looks like it was once a member of the Gunstar class, with it's wedged front and large engines. However, where the massive gun ports were are massive domes, interlocking chambers of material that collect light from the nearby stars in order to focus it inward on the plants that it is harvesting - giving the ship the impression of being covered in large green mushrooms.

"Unknown ship.." the radio sounds out, "…we welcome the travellers and those that seek our wisdom. Come, join us in the feast and enjoy our hospitality." the female voice says, calm and assured, "We of the Pantheon welcome the worshipers of the Hunter God and his offspring."

"Sergeant," Alastair says, turning to Knox and company. "We have an open lock dock on dome four, thats where they seem to want us to land." he comments, glancing to the pilot. "We're going to link up, but if this is a trap.." he says, as he watches the Raptor close in, and automatic seals kick in, marrying the Raptor to the agro ship for now as Alastair moves to stand by the door. "Ready when you are."

Coop listens to the radio without much enthusiasm for what he hears. "I will take this any day over more abandoned ships. If I ever have to see something like the Roland Reese or the ships at Hera ever again, its too soon." He readies his gear and begins inspections before tipping his head to Randy, the NCO for finding traps and stuff - a technical term. "Guide on Sergeant Flynn, everyone. I will take command if the brown goo his the impellor. Check your corners, take it easy. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. If we find Cylons, shoot to kill the ECO. If we do not, hold fire and await orders. …Go."

Clara wasn't sure what to expect with this mission, and being a lowly specialist, wasn't informed of much beyond the fact that people might get hurt. It seems to be good enough for her. She checks her P90 and her rifle, medkit last and most importantly, and gets ready to move when Randy does.

Angelis is quiet, geared up and ready to go. She checks over her gear, looks around at familiar faces. She nods at Coop's order and looks to Randy, ready to go when she says.

Zahav is ready to go. The new medic shifts, quintuple-checking her gear and medkit. Eyes are on Randy, weird transmission is pushed to the back of her head.

Keeping silent as he once more checks his gear, Fischer looks ready to go as well. Looking between the others, he offers them all a nod, as he waits for the order to go.

Checking the fit of her helmet, the rest of her gear all snugged and cinched down, everything angled so that every ounce of her gear is precisely where she wants it to be at all times, Kapali taps one hand against her helmet before she speaks into the com. " 'We of the Panthenon' ?" she shakes her head, inside the helmet, then shrugs her shoulders, settling her gear again.

"Well hopefully they won't have some kind of ultimatum or blood sacrifice they want us to perform," Randy says darkly, perhaps remembering back to a certain band of cultists. She nods to Knox who is sitting across the way, herself strapped in at the end. She's actually in one of those extra bulky EVA rated bomb suits with the helmet at her feet and it's big enough to be incredibly annoying to everyone on board since it makes them squish in. Once Randy hears that they are docking, she sighs and rolls her eyes. Once they've docked and the hatch opens, she piles out like a walking marshmallow bouncing to the floor and then stripping down. Undoing the straps, etc. She's probably as fast as one can get breaking the suit down and stuffing it into a duffel that looks way bigger than anything she should carry.

As the seals are broken and the airlocks open, it's not the stale recycled air of a ship that greets them - it's the fragrant softness of botanicals. The smell of the dirt, of plants growing, of woodfires. It's almost as if once they step out from the hallway and deploy, they have returned to Leonis itself. Indeed, the vineyards stretch out beyond the Marine's boots, the grapes are near ripeness. There's even the occassional chirp of a bird from a stowaway that managed to sneak aboard from the loading of the ship. The oddest thing is that the humidity is rather high, even if the temparture is still mostly pleasant, a mild 75 degrees to help the plants along.

Just as Cooper Knox steps out onto the grass, he's horribly ambushed. A child, no more than seven, runs out in front of him with his toy dart gun and fires on him, hitting the poor Marine with a pair of darts. "I killed you, you dirty Cylon!" the boy calls out cheerfully and takes off running with a laugh. "Ulysses!" a woman's voice calls out. "Those are our honored guests, the ones that the others said would come to join us. Treat the children of the Hunter as such."

The woman, in her late thirties is dressed in a loose gown, exposing one shoulder, a sash wrapped around her waist. A com unit is worn on her head, decorated with flowers and jewels. "Forgive my son, he is a rabble rouser at times. I am Angelia, and as messenger to the son of Zeus, I welcome you to the 'Pantheon'. We have expected your arrival and have prepared a banquet for your arrival. Will you please join us?" she asks, turning to lead the way.

It's a short walk to the middle of the dome, where it looks like some of the furniture of the ship has been taken out. A long wooden dining table has been set up, and there's a small feast upon it - cheese, wine in goblets, grape leaves made into a salad, and blessed of all, a large roast that has been carved and waiting for servings.

"You may choose where to sit, the food is not poisioned." she promises. "The others will be joining us shortly."

Miri's eyes go wide at the spread, but she does not break formation. But godsdamn, that roast looks good. And she knows food, too. She looks over the woman and the child with a critical eye for any telltale signs of trauma or other trouble.

Knox flinches at being shot. It looks like an abortive move, too, like he might have suddenly tumbled backwards to try and escape more incoming rounds. Wide eyes watch the kid running off, white knuckles gripping the rifle. The repeated use of The Hunter has him look back to the woman, then to the others. He isn't saying anything just yet. The guy looks stoich and puts twi fingers to his eyes, then cuts around the pie to each clock position - indicating for everyoen ot watch all directions. "Flynn." That's the only word. …And when he finds the large feast, he stops and stares at all that food. That's- that looks like a lot of food.

Angelis fumbles with the whole bouncing out and forward thing. But she manages it, and even manages to get out of her spacesuit without /too/ much trouble. Once she's out of it and stashed it away as best she can, she returns to attention. Tabi starts at the sudden appearance of the kid and she blinks, fingers twitching on her rifle, but she's holding herself in check, as per orders. Her eyes glance around, fixing on the woman, and then the vineyards beyond, and back to the woman. Suspicious. She narrows her eyes, looking to Knox and then Randy, but doesn't break formation, she just watches. Everything.

Clara clambers out of the raptor behind Knox, and instead of hitting solid deck plating, she steps onto grass. Plants mean oxygen, and oxygen means her helmet isn't necessary; she taps a button on her helmet near her jaw, and after a soft bleep indicating the seal has been broken, slides it off her head. She takes a deep breath of chlorophyll, shakes the fog out of her thoughts, and tries to refocus on the mission.

Randy looks back at Knox and shakes her head. "We're not hungry. We just ate. But thank you. Everyone, change out of your suits. We need to look proper if we're going to be good guests," she starts putting on her other gear as planned. "Put our best foot forward for The Pantheon." Randy knows how to speak crazy apparently. "It's very kind of you Angelia. The feast looks very delicious and we are grateful for all of the work that has gone into it. But we are here to speak to our kin, if you could take us to them."

Fischer raises an eyebrow as he looks around, watching their surroundings rather carefully. Glancing to some of the others, he doesn't say anything, as he lets out a brief breath at Randy's words. Nodding as he hears her words, a bit slowly.

With her EVA gear secured in a duffel snugged over her shoulders, helmet crammed into the top of the duffel itself, Kapali is one of the last ones out of the raptor and into the new ship, boots moving carefully across the floor. She takes a slow, careful, breath of the new environment, then - with so many eyes facing forward - she turns resolutely and looks back the way that they've come, keeping watch on their collective asses.

As the group is talking to Angelia, there are others arriving. Men and women, a teenaged girl. The oldest appears to be in his early fourties, the yongest is the aforementioned 'Ulysses'. They look as if they stepped out of the very paintings of the Gods and Goddesses, silken curtains turned to tunics and robes. Braided hair, beards. Angelia turns to smile warmly at Randy, "Then you are sided with the Hunter, Sister Enyo?" she asks, and gestures to Fischer and Gray, "And you have bought Pain and Panic with you?" she asks. Which probably makes Knox Mayhem.

"You are travelling with them then as well, Aceso?" she addresses Clara with the name of an obscure Goddess of Healing, befores the woman turns to greet the others coming to join her and the Marines. "Kairos, the children of the Hunter seek their comrades."

'Kairos', formerly the first officer of the Bacchus Bounty, steps forth. "Ah, my apologies. They have gone to assist with restoring us to our former glory." he offers, as he takes a seat at the head of the table to start to fix himself a plate. The others are joining them soon after, twelve bodies in total, but no pilot or ECO im sight as the group starts to pass around the salad and cheese before doling out the meat for the meal and pouring the wine, expecting the Marines to join them.

Knox unshoulders the bag and slowly takes off the helmet. He isn't in any hurry to let the gun out of his hands. But changing is quick. It's getting his radio equipment on that sucks because its cumbersome. It doesn't take long, though. Finally dressed, he looks back at all of the people and how they are dressed, what they are wearing.. this- this is not what he expected to be walking in on when he woke up this morning. But he has eyes out for a pilot and ECO. They're here for a reason. He queues the radio and speaks into the boom mic, eyes moving around, "Oiler. Maggot. This is Mike-Six-Four, in the clear on button one. How copy, over."

Gray clambers out of the Raptor behind Clara and Coop. As he sees the others take their helmets and does the same (and not immediately fall down convulsing) and that it's both the humans and skinjobs doing so, he takes his off as well. He doesn't break formation, but he does start stripping off his flight suit and opens up his bag…both to put the suit and helmet /in/ and to retrieve his BDUs (and to transfer his armor and spare mags over to his 'not getting spaced today' outfit). Yes, the folks onboard seem nice enough…but he was also briefed on this as a combat mission…and besides, even if they're /totally/ harmless? One thing he's learned all too well is that he can doze off while sitting up /much/ more easily in his armor than out of it.

Angelis does as a good little soldier does, and follows orders. Even if she was a bit late getting to the Raptor, initially. She changes into her regular battle gear, triple checks the fastenings, makes sure it's all squared away. Packs up the other gear as best she chan. All the while, her eyes are busy. They move in a near-constant arc, hitting all hours of the clock without turning a full circle. There's the slightest tension, an air of readiness. Letting Randy do her crazy-person-talk, Tabi shifts, a touch uncomfortable with the way her comrades are referred to by different names.

Fischer starts changing into his own battle gear, raising an eyebrow again as he listens to the people. As soon as he's got his gear on, he lets out a little breath, while looking between the other Marines, rather carefully. If there was a reaction to what he was called, it doesn't show on his face.

The smell of food is enough to make Kapali's stomach rumble a distant complaint, sort of akin to a memo being fired up the pipeline that has a few bullet points discussing food, fresh food, and food right immediately in the area, things along those lines. Despite the memo, however, internal memo in fact, Kapali only gives a mild twitch at the words being exchanged and resolutely continues to study their surroundings.

"Yes, I am," Randy returns to Angelia after putting her chest rig on and situating her EOD field kit to the back of her right hip as per usual. "Indeed. Those are their given names by the mortals, but I know them more intimately as Fischer and Gray," she explains in crazyspeak as if it were as second nature to breathing. She keeps an eye on things while the rest of team changes. Knox is at the rear, but she can hear him making a call on the radio, picking out the callsigns faintly. When 'Kairos' steps forward, Randy stays where she is, uneager to move the group from their current position. She quickly counts the number of the crew that have come for dinner and is doing calculations in her head about how many people it might take to keep this thing running, even a ballpark estimate. "I'm sorry, but we do not have time for a meal. War waits for no one as I'm sure you're well aware." For now, they can all stand there watching the crew eat their food.

Clara is a little slower to strip out of her EVA gear and into battle gear, if only due to some of the extra load she carries as a medic. Her helmet is left off, hair scraped out of her eyes, and up into a ponytail. The strange woman speaking to them is watched carefully, though there's no reaction to being referred to as 'Aceso', if even she recognises the name. Her fingertips brush the grip of her P90, cautious.

'Knox?' the radio chimes softly, 'It's Oiler.. Maggot.. they.. they… oh my Gods, you have to get me out of here!' she begs over the radio.

The group of crew and family continue to eat, chowing away of meat and cheese and the oh so delicious wine. The teenage girl finally comes over, carrying one of the large canisters filled with wine. "Please, drink with us."

After changing out of her suit, Zahav goes back to eyeing the roast, but this time with a more critical eye. "I wasn't aware you had livestock on this ship," she pipes up, trying to stay polite. She looks at the group of diners, her dark eyes scanning the room.

Coop doesn't react at hearing the voice. His eyes look at the meat on the table, though, then back towards a hatch. Back to the meat. Then the hatch. "Copy that. We're aboard the ship. No sign of Oiler or Maggot. Things look good here, just going to check a few corners. Mike-Six-Four, out." Cleary this so the current crew didn't get suspicious. He just turns and starts walking away towrds the hatch, his face going into a mighty frown.

As he finishes changing, Gray glances over to Knox and Randy. "You seeing what I am on the meat?" Beat. "Something smells here. Don't know what the frak it is, but something is /wrong/ about this."

Clara is no battle hardened soldier; she's looking a little wide-eyed at all of this, and curves her fingers now around the grip of her sidearm, flicking off the safety with a soft sound that doesn't carry. Her gaze goes to Randy, brows raising in question. What should she do?

The new medic might be polite, but Tabi… rather less so. She eyes that roast, her eyes darkening with suspicion. She mumbles something under her breath about there being no livestock on the ship. She tries really hard to keep her face impassive, but it's not so easy. Angelis hear's Coop's comment and she moves to fall into formation alongside Gray, index finger tapping idly alongside the trigger of her weapon, more out of habit, though there are likely incredibly murderous thoughts going on inside her head.

"Shut up Panic," Randy shoots her gaze to Gray real quick like, staying in character obviously while her eyes acknowledge what he's saying /hard/…like she's staring /through/ him. "So, Angelis, K," she shortens the first officer's new name down, "It's been a long trip. Some of my party needs to relieve themselves if that wouldn't be too much trouble. We would submit to an escort." Behind her back, to her troops, she holds two fingers free as if to indicate how many should go.

Fischer listens in quiet for now, focusing on that meat rather carefully. Turning towards the others, he looks over at Randy, Knox and Gray, before he looks to the girl with the wine, then back to the others. As Randy speaks, he looks to the first officer, then back to the sergeant.

Randy continues to signal behind her back as she keeps her hands there as if touring the place officially. It means she won't have her rifle ready, but the cost of communication is high, and the payoff is worth it. At least she seems to think so right now. Time will only tell. "At ease," she says to the remainder of the team behind her as if there was always that number of people, but her fingers are crossed as if to secretly belay that order. Clara and Kapali can figure that one out as she mosies over towards the couch. "Lovely setup you have here." She places the couch between her and the dinner table.

The teenage girl frowns as everyone seems to be wandering away from her. She even wore her pretty toga for the event. She holds the decanter, and follows Randy, hoping to convince the woman to at least have one drink, after all, the poor girl isn't much younger than her.

The mess of EVA suits that are on deck start to chime in gentle alarm, and it's Alastair's radio call, 'Rescue, Trap. O2 levels in the dome are tolerable, but low. The helium mix in there seems.. ridiculous.' he calls out, the frown heard over the radio.

For those that know, too much helium in the mix.. not only makes you sound like a chipmunk after a while, but makes you loopy and confused.

As Knox starts to head off, Kaitos frowns. "I insist that you join us for dinner." he says, as he reaches under the table and pulls out a pistol. Other at the table do so as well. The teenager with Randy does /not/ pull a weapon, but she's right next to Randy.

The family members do not have weapons, except for the little boy, who is running to get the two darts that he shot at Cooper earlier so that he can reload them and help protect the ship!

<COMBAT> Kapali attacks Teenage Girl with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Miri attacks Armed Human1 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Knox attacks Armed Human3 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Head.
<COMBAT> Clara attacks Armed Human1 with Rifle AP - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Human Man2 attacks Clara with Pistol - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Human Woman with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Human Woman with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Human Woman with Rifle AP - Light wound to Left Hand.
<COMBAT> Armed Human1 attacks Miri with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Teenage Girl attacks Randy with Unarmed and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Randy subdues Teenage Girl!
<COMBAT> Human Man1 attacks Fischer with Pistol - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gray fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Gray attacks Armed Human3 with Rifle - Critical wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Gray attacks Armed Human3 with Rifle - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Gray attacks Armed Human3 with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Armed Human3 attacks Knox with Pistol AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Angelis attacks Armed Human2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> Human Woman attacks Gray with Pistol AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Armed Human2 attacks Angelis with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Alastair has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Armed Human3 has been KO'd!

As soon as the guns come out, Knox doesn't hesitate. He already looks pissed. He just swings the rifle up for a snapshot with a single round and fires. The round hits Zeus-face in the head and rips his ear off. Then Gray's rounds take him down completely? "Puny God." He glances to gRay and then walks the rest of the way to the hatch, even as gunfire erupts. There's just the sound of him grunting and thennnn there's metal twisting. Grabbing the decompression handles on the hatch door, he plants his feet and then suddenly rips the door off the hinges. He pants heavily and looks through the clear peek-hole glass on the door and holds it up like a shield, drawing his pistol and firing around the other side, aiming through the glass.

Drawing the weapon from her side, aiming and firing all in the same practiced move, Kapali sights on the teenager standing entirely to close to Flynn, holding the pitcher of wine, as soon as weapons are brought out by the toga wearing hosts. She fires on the teenager, a quick burst of bullets tearing through the over-Heliumed environment before she shifts target to sweep the room, dropping to one knee as she does so, reducing her profile in the same instant. She almost points the rifle at Knox as the sound of metal twisting and the great screech of metal complaining makes her jump but she gets ahold of herself at the last moment and stays on target.. targets, hands steady.

As he sees the pistols coming out, and hears the shot from Knox, Fischer doesn't hesitate. Bringing the rifle up, he fires at one of them, rather instinctively. But he doesn't manage to avoid getting hit, staggering backwards a little bit, although he doesn't fall down. Hearing that sound of metal complaining, he grimaces, but keeps his focus on the front for now. Ready to fire again.

Gray's hands were already moving towards his rifle when the guns came out. The glance from Knox, the details…he basically flips into combat mode: While he had an idea as to what was happening, that's out of his mind. For all intents and purposes, he mentally goes blank and goes into a zone. He picks a target and drops to a knee as he brings his rifle around. He flips the selector on his gun. And he pulls the trigger. Bang. Bang. Bang. Through that, his first thought? 'Frak, it's loud in here.'

Randy all but ignores the toga wearing teenager until the fight breaks out and she almost ends up pushing the teenager out of the way, unaware of the incoming bullet. However, instead, she slips round back of the teenager and pulls her pistol up to the girl's head. The teenager's chest saves her life and makes it easier for randy to grab the girl by her arm. "STOP OR I'LL KILL HER! NO ONE ELSE HAS TO DIE AND SHE DOESN'T HAVE MUCH TIME." It comes way too naturally as she twists the girl's arm back with a violent wrench. Perhaps the helium isn't leading to the best decisions.

As the boss-man draws his weapon, Angelis swings her rifle up, a single shot firing off at one of the crazies. The sound of metal ripping has her swinging around, eyes widening as she sees Knox ripping that door off. There's a split second of awestruck /adoration/ for the Six, before she gets her head back in the game, changing her position a little as she seeks out another target.

Then the guns come out. It's never a peaceful crazy cannibal cult, is it? Zahav's hands have never left her rifle and when she sees one of the crewmen aiming for her, she fires, moving back around behind the couch. She keeps her aim steady on the crewman, ready to fire again, but hoping Randy's threat works.

Clara seems to interpret the signal from Randy to mean, fire at will. Adrenaline surging as the shit begins to hit the fan, she backs up a couple of steps for a line of sight, and draws her P90 on the unfriendly firing on Miri. A single shot to his gun-wielding arm, doubtful that it's enough to stop him. Her pistol is stowed then, and her rifle unslung from her shoulder as things look like they're about to escalate; she hisses and recoils as a bullet slices across the back of her hand and sprays her cheek and throat with blood.

<COMBAT> Knox passes.
<COMBAT> Clara attacks Armed Human1 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Human Man2 attacks Clara with Pistol - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Fischer fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Human Woman with Rifle AP - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Human Woman with Rifle AP - Serious wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Fischer attacks Human Woman with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Kapali tries to attack but has no target!
<COMBAT> Human Man1 attacks Fischer with Pistol - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Angelis fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Angelis attacks Armed Human2 with Rifle AP and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Angelis attacks Armed Human2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Angelis attacks Armed Human2 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Randy tries to subdue but fails.
<COMBAT> Gray fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Gray attacks Human Woman with Rifle - Moderate wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Gray attacks Human Woman with Rifle - Moderate wound to Left Arm.
<COMBAT> Gray attacks Human Woman with Rifle - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Armed Human2 fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Armed Human2 attacks Knox with Rifle - Light wound to Right Arm (Reduced by Cover).
<COMBAT> Armed Human2 attacks Knox with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Armed Human2 attacks Knox with Rifle and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Armed Human1 fires a 3 round burst!
<COMBAT> Armed Human1 attacks Miri with Rifle - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Armed Human1 attacks Miri with Rifle - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Armed Human1 attacks Miri with Rifle - ARMOR on Neck stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Miri attacks Armed Human1 with Rifle AP - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Human Woman attacks Gray with Pistol AP - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Alastair has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Armed Human2 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Clara has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Human Woman has been KO'd!

Cooper keeps walking towards the table. Despite the round grazing his arm with a bloody scratch, he walks right over to the guy with the rifle, hauls back the door, lifts his leg, and steps right into the baseball swing. The impact is probably going ot break at least an arm, but he's aiming for the rifle in the guy's hand. It probably either shatters into a dozen pieces or at least goes flying. Coop, eyes burning with anger, lets the hatch rest in front of him and he aims to finger at the two still resisting. "CEASE FIRE," he barks at them. His other hand is already gamely hauling out his sidearm and aiming it right at a head. "I SWEAR TO THE GODS, WE WILL ORPHAN THESE KIDS."

Gray succeeds in taking out the ship's first officer with his first burst, two shots finding their center-of-mass target. Noticing a shot which whizzes by his head, he turns to the woman who fired at him and returns the favor threefold, with the whole volley finding the target (along with several more bullets that he only knows weren't his). "Drop…" he growls at her…and then he feels a punch in his chest which knocks him back slightly. Armor or not, being shot stucks and he grunts in reaction as he hears Knox's orders.

Firing again, and also not managing to avoid being hit again, Fischer's gaze goes to the boy kicking at Randy. Lowering his rifle, he hurries over to reach out and pull the kid away, placing himself between the boy and the crewmembers with the pistols. "You'll be safe…" he mutters to the boy, words kept rather quiet. "I promise."

Angelis doesn't /think/ the cease fire order applies to the Marines, so she keeps her gun up, eyes scanning the remaining hostiles. She murmers something under her breath about the kids being better off without parents like these. But instead she moves forward, putting herself a bit behind Knox - not that /he/ needs backup, clearly, but he's holding a big ass door that does decent double duty as partial cover.

"FRAK!" Randy yells into the poor teen toga-wearing girl's ear when the little boy connects with her shin. She kicks out back blindly, more as a warning than thinking she'd connect. Most of her attention though is on the teenage girl. She pulls the girl down behind the couch and lays her down on her back so at least gravity isn't causing her to bleed out faster. "This is going to hurt." She puts her knee on the girl's chest to exert some pressure to stop the bleeding while taking aim with her pistol over the back of the couch.

There's frak all Miri can do about the wound under her armor right now, but she grabs a sheet bandage from her kit, rips it open with her teeth, and slaps it onto her arm. That'll do for now. The skinjob wielding a door is met with a quirk of her eyebrow in dull surprise. She's in combat mode. She'll process that shit later.

Angelia, the mother of the children, sees her daughter shot and her son held by an armed Marine. Knox's command causes her to scream. "Stop shooting, please! You idiots, you're not gods, we're not your worshipers, you're going to get us all killed!" It seems she has a moment of clarity as she runs towards her wounded daughter.

Crushed against the table, the man growls. "I'm not their damn father!" he cries out, his weapon falling from his hand as he's held down effectively by the door.

"That's because you ate him first, you bastards!" the mother screams back, her voice enraged, "We played with this charade to stay alive.. and and.. they want to help us, but you just /couldn't/ let them!" she grips the front of Randy's shirt, vengance in her eyes. "Kill them. Kill them, please." the mother begs, looking down at her daughter. One can just imagine what the two of them have been through in the last year.

Clara doesn't entirely know what's going on any longer, but shooting people has never been her priority. She drops her rifle into its sling, drops down behind cover of an upturned table and tears her pack open to get at a roll of bandaging as she's hit again. With the blood flow staunched as best she can, she scurries over to where Randy is aiming over the back of a couch, and places a hand on the downed girl's shoulder. "Let me help her," she implores.

Poised, one knee on the floor, the other boot braced, Kapali is ready to sprint across the intervening space to tackle the one curtain draped male who hasn't shot anyone (yet) when Knox's Door-Wielding skillz suddenly come into play. She leaps without warning, coming up off the floor, the grip on her rifle changing as she does so, and launches herself full out, trying to tackle and subdue at the same time.

The crewwoman, too heavily wounded to fire, slumps into the chair, weapon dropping from her hands as she just limply lies there, most likely too wounded to survive. The last man standing just stares around, and lowers his weapon and drops it to the ground when he realizes just how outnumbered he is.

"Medics, see to the non-combatants and Mariens first. Do not treat the rest until everyone else is seen to." Cooper stares at the guy he hit with the door. "All unwounded devil dogs, sound off. We've got an aircrew member somewhere on this ship that needs fetching." He then aims the pistol between heads. "In five seconds I'm going to shoot one of you if I don't hear the location of the missing Raptor crewmember. One. Two." The pistol hovers. "Three. Four."

Miri hurries over to assist Clara with treating the girl. She holds the girl's head in her hands. "Hey, don't worry, we've got you. Look up. Focus on me, okay? Breathe nice and slow. One… two…"

When the woman gets in her face, Randy tries to shrug her off. "Stay down Mam!" she grabs the woman and pulls her down, clearing off of the teenager when Knox gives the okay to treat the wounded, but not until then. "Randy, unarmed."

After the cease-fire order, Gray hears Randy howl in pain and spins around, finger on the trigger. He acquires the target of…whomever it was that did something to Randy…and pulls the trigger once. /Then/ he processes that his target is technically not a combatant, but only /after/ the bullet has left the barrel. "Oh, holy frak…"

Angelis shifts away and to the side of the door-weilding Knox. "Angelis…" She sounds off her name through the comms, since she's uninjured and still good to go. She keeps her weapon ready, but pointing toward the floor, her finger off the trigger, tapping idly alongside as her gaze scans the scene, noting injuries and crazies.

When Knox hits four, the man beneath the door calls out a muffled, "Galley! She's in the galley!" you don't want to know what they had planned for her, do you? The other man is already surrendered so it's easy for Kapali to subdue him.

"They will make sure your sister will be fine," Fischer offers to the boy. Pausing a bit as he hears the mother's words, he turns slightly in her direction, still keeping himself between the kid and those that seem to be surrendering now, before he looks back to the boy. "I'm Fischer, what's your name?" he asks, smiling to the boy. Which is when he hears the shot go off, and turns to shield the boy again, just as his vest stops the bullet. "What the frak?" he calls out, turning around again to see who shot. After a few moments, he looks to the boy. "You okay?"

Knox listens to the muffled location being called out. He seem satisfied. "Good. Flynn, Angelis, please clear the galley and bring us back our Raptor crew member on the double." Knox lets go of the door and if it happens to crush more of the guy under him, well that's a shame. The pistol stays aimed at the others, but he still looks pretty pissed. "I want everyone triaged and ready to move in three minutes. No exceptions. We're not staying here."

Randy gets up to her feet and crouches slightly to hold a hand to the poor mother's arm. "Do as she says. She's saved my life many times. She'll save your daughter," she says with absolute sureness. Then she hops over the couch and trots to join Angelis at the hatch that leads off presumably to the galley. "Angelis, behind me. Don't touch, eyes open." She keeps her sidearm handy and then leads the way, checking for traps and stuff along the way of course. She's seen the schematics and knows where to go.

Clara is on her knees in the grass, head down, doing her best to stop the bleeding of the girl who was being used as a hostage. She'll leave the bedside manner to Miri, and focus on what she does well: patch people up. Her hands are wiped off on her pants, and she's just shoving gear back into her medpack when another shot rings out - and her eyes cut first to Fischer, and then to Gray. And remain there for a long, long moment. "Roger that," she mumbles to Knox, clambering to her feet. "Request to go along with, in case she's injured."

Gray's eyes go wide with what he just did…what he nearly just did. Yes, he's been in combat for over a year. Yes, he's been involved in nasty guerilla fighting for parts of that. But at least /then/ the enemies were all clearly adults. He mentally checks around…nobody seems to be firing and the dent in Fischer's armor /isn't/ bleeding… "You ok?" He asks, both to Fischer and the kid, as it becomes clear that the shooting has, in fact, stopped.

Angelis does as she's told, moving to the now doorless hatch, waiting there for Randy to join her. Her eyes scan the room, lingering on the angry Knox for a few moments, before snapping away, finding somewhere else to focus on instead. As soon as Randy steps up, Tabi nods to the orders and falls in sharply, her hands stay fixed to her weapon, eyes peeled as the Sergeant leads them down the hall.

"Copy that, Mercier. I want a full accounting for the officer's health by the time we touch skids on the Orion. Nobody else touches her until she gets to Medical." Knox's eyes stay locked on the group. "Kids will be returning with us," he tells Miri. "You are in charge of them. Get them out of here and in the Raptor now." There's the impression he might actually kill these folks. Maybe. The Raptor can't take everyone.

Flynn and Angelis will find Oiler in the galley. She's being held in the refrigerated area, with some of the remaining food, and several 'hams' and 'ribs' that may not be best thought about at the moment. She's easily brought back up to the area. "…the FTLs went out after we ran from the Cylons.." the mother is saying, cradling her daughters face and when she hears the shot, she blanches. "Adam!" The little boy runs to his mother and the two of them huddle near their sister/daughter. "…we were stuck here.. and they.. after a couple of months.. they said we couldn't live on ship stores.. we offered them the wine and cheese.. they wanted more.." she says, tears in her eyes as she clings to her kids. "They're not going without me!" she begs.

Miri helps the teenager girl up. Slowly, slowly… that's a girl. One careful step at a time, she guides the scared, injured girl toward the Raptor. At the mother's plea, she glances to Knox for his call on the matter.

"Mercier, way was clear when we left it. Flynn out." Randy waits for Clara to get there. "Yeah, it's okay, just hold on our medic is coming." When Clara arrives, Randy simply says, "I'll take point on the way back, Clara you and our lovely refrigerated pilot next, then Angelis you watch our six." If Clara needs it, Randy will assist, but otherwise, she'll stick to the plan.

Angelis will murmer loud enough over the comms. "Those men need to die." As she moves with Randy, then helps escort the pilot back to the starting area. Taking the six as ordered. "It's like the Captain said…" Randy might get the reference.

Gray nods to the orders and pulls a pair of zipties from his vest and turns to the ex-hostiles and starts cuffing them. He looks up at Knox and nods. "If you…if you need someone to hang that on…" He jerks the ties tight on one of them and moves to another, shoving their wrists through the cuffs. "…I…I'll take that." He looks like he'd like to throw up right now.

As the boy runs off to join his mother, Fischer watches the two of them with a thoughtful expression as he takes a few deep breaths. There's some blood coming through his vest from earlier hits, but nothing from where Gray's shot hit him. Turning to the other marine, he makes his way the rest of the way over, holding a hand right in front of him. "I'm this close to knocking you out…" he mutters, through clenched teeth, before he turns away again. Looking between the others once more, he lets out another breath, before he moves over to the body of that first that was killed, aiming a few very hard kicks at the corpse. Better than knocking out his fellow marine, right?

Clara may not be able to pry off a hatch door and use it as a shield, but she's more than strong enough to shoulder the weight of the pilot - who has a good thirty pounds on her - and make it look like nothing, injuries and all. "She's fine," she assures Randy and Angelis, pulling a thin wool blanket out of her medpack to wrap around the woman's shoulders for the trip back to the raptor.

"We are not judge and jury. We do not know what happened here," Randy barks back at Angelis suddenly, even pausing their progress to do so. There's a dark fire in her eyes that flashes. "They are clearly out of their minds," she growls. Clara is hardly acknowledged, a brief look and nod before she turns back to leading them the way they came.

Cooper is hearing everything but mostly staring at the three surrendered bodies. The ones still breathing. With Gray's oice sounding like that, Knox's eyes flick to him. "Gray, leave them here. Tell the ECO to plug in the jump coords for home into Oiler's Raptor. Fisch, tell Mercier to take Oiler ot her own Raptor. Everyone clear out. Mom-" He points a finger at the mother. "Go with your children. Now." Cooper then looks back to the others left there, subdued. Once everyone is apparently out of the room, he turns off his throat mic, then, "None of your are leaving this ship alive. You know why. No amount of regret or pleading is going to save you. You best make piece with your god. If you want a bullet, lean forward. If you want the airlock, lean backward. There are no third options lest I beat you to death with my bare hands for what you've done here."

"They /ate/ one of our own. /And/ one of their own." Tabi replies to Randy, keeping her gaze steady and her voice fairly calm. "It doesn't matter what happened, /that/ is unforgivable." At least, in her books it is. But, she's just a lowly rifleman, so that said, she shuts up and continues to carry out her orders. Quite prepared to take whatever punishment comes for her backtalk.

The female crew member at this point has bled out. Without medical treatment, she has slumped into the seat and passed away. So Knox will only have to waste two rounds. "We're the children of the Gods.." one of the men says, and lowers his head. "Even if you do this, we will find you in the next life." he says with a determination in his throat that speaks volumes of what he still believes of himself.

The other man is not so sure. "Don't shoot us.. we have food.. drinks.. we'll give it to you.. just don't kill us.." The second, the one beneath the door, that is, is apparently begging for his life after seeing the godlike abilities of the Sergeant. "Ares spare us."

"Stop saying things everyone already knows Angelis." Angeli's words only seems to prove Randy's own point to her more. What the stubborn little Sergeant /can't/ ignore is what the four women walk into, that is Knox giving his own version of last rites. Her jaw clenches as she walks right out of formation to stand between Knox and the prisoners. "Sergeant. We have accomplished our mission. Their sanity is compromised so any justice you mete on them would be wholly unhonorable. It would be no different than me shooting my own father for his imprisonment." His mental imprisonment that is. "This is a decision for Command. Not us."

At Knox's order, Miri shepherds along the mother and the boy, guiding them to the Raptor. As they go, she tries to distract them from what might be going on behind them. "I know things have been rough for you out here, but things are going to be okay now. We'll take you back and get our doctors to take a look at you, then they'll get you all set up with somewhere to live, yeah?" She turns to the mother. "What did you do before the war?" She tries to move faster, getting the civilians away.

"Feel free…" Gray mumbles to Fischer before nodding to Coop. "Done." With that, he leaves the room and steps towards the Raptor quickly enough. He has enough of a lead that he doesn't hear the drama and manages to pass along the codes…and then he notices the distinct lack of several people making their way along and a sense goes off in his mind.

Angelis grinds her teeth, eyes flashing angrily. She doesn't say anything though. She positions herself slightly on Knox' side though, since she clearly feels his idea is the best one to go with. The begging is what snaps her out of her silence enough to mutter, "I doubt Ares could be bothered with a gutless wretch like you." She can't help it. Ares is her God, she feels a bit defensive.

Alastair gets the orders to go with Oiler to prep her Raptor, and leaves with her and those she's assigned to take to code up to spool her ship.

"…I was a botanist before I got married.. my husband.. he owned the vineyards. He wanted to do this on my home, to give me a little place we could vacation at." she says quietly, sorrowfully as the mother squeezes her son close. "They made us start using those names.. be subservent.. I tried to warn them, the oxygen scrubbers were overwhelmed.. it was too much. I was using oxygen from medical to filter my children and myself.."

Knox snerks at the sound from the first guy. "You're not even close, shitbird. My people are a thousand years older than the colonies. You've been on this ship a year. The only thing you're going to find out is how it feels to stand on the banks of the Styx for eternity." Cooper steps closer, putting a gun to the resistant man's head before looking to the other, pleading. "If you have food and drink, then you chose to eat people. Chose. Actively. You're both done." He's about to pull the trigger when Randy comes in. That fire returns and he looks down into her eyes, anger and hate there. "Honor does not exist without dishonor. It is our job to set the example and ensure dishonor does not go unpunished, Flynn." He just stares at her. "They chose to eat people. They ate an officer and actively shot Marines. Command will execute them. They-" Knox's jaw suddenly clamps shut. "Fine. You want to frakking defend this trash and stand in their corner? You deal with them. Keep them out of the Raptor with the wounded and the one the with Oiler. We'll send one for you in a few days. Good with that?" Yeah, Coop looks pissed and a little betrayed. But the gun drops and he takes a step off.

A few more kicks are delivered to the corpse, before Fischer realizes Knox spoke to him. Another look is given to the corpse, before he turns to move to follow the instructions. He pauses as he sees the exchange between Knox and Randy, just watching the two of them for a few moments. Not moving, just watching the two, rather carefully.

Clara guides the raptor pilot toward the second airlock, where her own bus is still docked, but pauses at what's transpiring in the dome as she passes through. "She needs to warm up," she tells Alastair as the ECO meets up with them, "But not too quickly. Okay?" What, she's not going along with? But her orders were to.. no. Her orders definitely were not to draw her sidearm, make sure it's loaded with a full magazine, and level the barrel first at the coward begging the crew to spare them. She makes sure there's nobody else in her line of fire, and she pulls the trigger.

<FS3> Clara rolls Firearms: Great Success.

"Don't worry, we'll get some whisky in her when we get home." Alastair is starting to say when he sees Clara walking away. "Specialist, where are you.." He doesn't have time to react to her shot, which splatters blood, bone, and brain all over the back of Randy's uniform, but for a moment, Alastair thinks that Clara, a three, has gone rampant, and draws his own weapon to aim at the medic. "What the frak?!"

Gray hears the gun go off and winces. And then he starts running back towards where the shot went off. "Ah, what the frak just happened?" he mutters while running.

"A botanist? Good onya. Don't you worry about that filth back there." Miri's own breathing is starting to get a bit labored, but she manages to get them to the Raptor. She straps the girl in first, making sure she's secure and stable. At the sound of gunfire, she starts talking again, trying to keep them calm. "You must have a lot of current events to catch up on. What colony are you from? May I ask your name?" She helps the mother strap in the little boy, before offering her help to the adult.

Well, Knox knows it wasn't him. The gun in his hand hasn't fired. He wathes Randy turn and wheel on someone, anyone, and then his Sister has a gun at her head. "Uh, ensign, just a heads up: If you kill Mercier then we lose a major atrategic advantage in the war. Just putting that out there. Clara, holster the gun." He's still mad, but not with her. There is some disgust in his eyes as he steps away.

"Elyse.. Elyse Lecroix.." the mother says, glancing up at Miri. "You're hurt." she says to the medic, concern filling her face as she hears the gunshot go off in the dome. "…they're excuting them, aren't they?" she asks, looking up at Miri, then turns away, curling around her children. "Good. They.. they were waiting for my daughter to turn seventeen, then.."

Fischer pauses as he sees Clara raise the gun. Seeing who she's aiming on, he doesn't move to try stopping her, just stands still watching the shot be taken. Letting out another breath, he looks to Clara again. "Knox wanted me to tell you to…" A brief pause, before he adds, "But you already know that, right?" Looking between the others, he sighs. "Let's just go home, shall we?"

Angelis really, really wants to shoot the last cannibal standing. She really does. Her gun's still on red, her finger flicking idly alongside the trigger as she stares at the man. She doesn't even flinch when the shot is fired, taking out the begging one. In fact, a small, satisfied smile touches her lips briefly. The Coporal is coiled tight as a spring and she's definitely looking murderous.

<FS3> Clara rolls Presence+mind: Good Success.

"Oh, right, of course, Elyse. I knew that." The helium must have been messing with Zahav's head. "Naw, it's just a few mozzie bites," she says to the woman, waving off her concern. "Whatever's going on back there and what they were planning to do aren't your problem anymore, right? Just… let me see if the pilot's got magazines." Magazines. That'll get their mind off of the summary execution going on back in the dome and their year of horror.

Clara makes sure her first target is down and not moving, then turns and aims at the remaining crew member. Her face is still that impassive mask, dark eyes cold and distant beneath her blood-spattered bangs. Her jaw works left and right, and she hesitates, clearly having trouble rectifying her prime directive with the orders from her 'handler'. She eventually drops her hand and safeties the weapon, shoving it back into its holster. Her hands dutifully go up in a gesture of surrender; she knows the drill.

"Doesn't mean she can go around doing…" Not sure what else to call the murder he just saw, Alastair adds, "/that!/" With Marines turning on Marines, and civilians getting shot, the ECO makes his decision. He knows they're stuck without him, but in a few days, they'll send another team out after them, and no telling if this mess is going to hell all over again, he blows out a breath. "Sergeant Flynn.." he says, glancing over to Randy. "I'll go with whatever you decide, but the mess of them are nuttier than a Sagittarian candy bar at the moment, so I'm gonna go help Oiler, and get us ready to go."

The pilot in the Raptor has a few magazines, mainly half-completed Sodoku puzzles, a few crosswords, and a sports mag from before the war started. It's not much of a selection for Miri, but by the time she comes back, the small family are asleep on each other, anyway, so it doesn't matter too much.

Alastair lowers his pistol and holsters it, leaving the Marines to fix their own mess. It's not his place to interfere, after all.

"Hey Ensign, what exactly was it that you saw? Because there's a lot of dead people in here. Could you come back here- maybe- and point out exactly which one it was that you think you saw her discharge her weapon at?" Cooper hands his hands from the straps on his gear. "Just curious, sir. Tell the room what exactly it was that you saw?" Knox calls the Ensign out on it. A room full of dead bodies, spent rounds, blood, wine, and a lot of armed Marines. "Cuz I know I heard Flynn ask who it was that fired, so she didn't see anything."

Gray re-enters the room Knox and Clara are in and sees the bloody, smoking mess. He stops and…he /almost/ asks what happens, but he doesn't want to know. He doesn't care what happened to those pieces of human refuse; part of him wants to applaud. But there's been a lot that's happened, he was already on the verge of it…and so he promptly gets a little bit dizzy…and then he gets to enjoy lunch a second time as he vomits on the floor.

Brain matter…all down Randy's back now on fresh display to Knox as she faces Clara. She doesn't step in front of the gun or in front of the Ensign's gun. "Sir, the fight is over and the prisoners are subdued. The mission, should we return with the ECO, is a success." By most standards. "We should not bring the prisoners back to the Orion but take them to Commander Spree on Crandall on Picon." She continues staring at Clara, her own look of anger about to boil over but not reaching her tone. "I believe that the medics should travel with the non-combatants who should be screened by MPs and our medical staff, and us jar heads should keep the remaining prisoner under guard."

"My recommendation, Sergeant.." Alastair finally offers after a moment. "Is that the medics and Knox along with the family go with Oiler and I on the recovered Raptor. The rest of the Marines, with you, I'll program the jump for Picon to, and you can take the prisoner there." By taking Knox and Clara out of the equation, he's hoping Randy can keep a handle on the remaining Marines to not kill the Prisoner. "They'll get you an ECO there to bring you back to Orion."

To Knox, Alastair lifts his chin a little. He's not a young one to be talked down to, and it shows for a moment before he finishes. "Sergeant, this is your clusterfrak to untangle, and I.. frankly.. am too old for this shit." he says as he turns to Oiler. "Sound good to you?" The female pilot nods her head in agreement.

Clara just waits, motionless, for someone to either shoot her, detain her, or tell her where to go. She doesn't look like she has it in her to directly contravene any more orders - not after the dark look she's getting from Randy - though who the hell knows with those skinjobs.

Angelis is /so/ pissed. She backs off from the remaining hostile and with massive reluctance, brings her weapon to amber with a click. She then turns and walks away, shoulders stiff, practically trembling with the way she's feeling. Deep, deep breaths. Clara gets a tight, approving nod as she walks past the woman.

A five letter word for 'At a quick pace, poetically'. Miri wrinkles her brow. When she raises her hand to write the answer, 'apace', she winces. Gonna have to spend a couple of days in sickbay. Ten across. 'Some precipitation', four letters. Obviously, the answer is 'rain'. She glances at the clue for ten down. 'Plays banjo, in a way'. She thuds her head back against the seat, wishing she could ask what the frak a banjo is. Or was. Are there even banjos anymore? The medic's wounded chest throbs.

"Yes Sir. I think that sounds like an excellent idea." Randy seems to have no remorse for her stance on the issue…even more disgusting! She takes a step back to stand behind the remaining prisoner. She then reaches down to get him up to his feet, not being particularly careful about how rough she is with him and grabbing him by the arm. She's not trying to outright do harm to him though. "Let's go." Clara is now ignored, cut out of Randy's radar.

Coop watches the ECO go, knowing that's going to be it. He looks back to Randy, then the other Marines. "Police this shit up, Marines. Get Flynn's prisoner and follow her orders delivering it back to Anvil. Mercier, get your hands down. Nobody saw you do shit except hold a gun in a room full of people who got shot." He reaches out to put an arm around her shoulders and hug her, shaking her a bit in a brotherly way. "Everyone move out. This ship is a graveyard. Let's be ghosts elsewhere."

Ignored, Clara can handle. She might not be happy about it, but it's difficult to discern either way, beneath her slightly sullen facade. "Yes, sir," she murmurs obediently enough, easily jostled by the bigger Six when he goes to hug her. She does get her hands down though, and after briefly catching Angelis's eye, files off to her assigned raptor.

Letting out a bit of a breath, Fischer looks to that remaining prisoner. "Didn't mean that home…" he mutters, mostly to himself, as he hears what's spoken. He shakes his head a little, moving one hand to wipe at the blood on his armor, before he looks around again, a bit slowly. Giving the prisoner a look that seems to suggest he should try to run away, or something, but he keeps quiet for now. Nodding a bit at Knox's words. "The sooner we get him delivered, the sooner I can go see my kid again…"

From the Raptor, Miri sings out over her radio. "Uh, guys…" she pauses wheezing. "What's a five-letter word for 'an evergreen-forested landscape'?" It's not the best way of asking what the frak is going on out there, but she's not necessarily known for her way with words.

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