ALT #340: Bouncing Things Up The Chain
Bouncing Things Up The Chain
Summary: Toby attempts to skip several layersof beurocracy and paperwork by enlisting Holtz's aid
Date: 12/Dec/2013
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Fitness Center - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #340

It's morning, not crazy am though, oh no, a far more civilised hour of half past breakfast. There's a few people about the rec hall, although most seem ot be off watching vids or reading one of the dog eared magazines again before their shift. One or two though seem to have decided that it's workout time and amongst that number is Toby. In what is likely no surprise to anyone he's currently stood infront of one of the heavy punch bags, hands and knuckles wrapped, and working through a standard set of warm up stretches.

This isn't normally an hour Holtz would find himself in the fitness center. However, not much has been normal the past few months in particular. With the latest rotation of the CAP schedule, this is when Holtz has managed to find himself some free time, so here he is. Wearing his off duty uniform with a bottle of water in one hand, he too is headed in the general direction of the punching bags. Seeing Toby already there, he nods in the deckhand's direction. "Hey, Shackleton," he greets the other man.

Toby hasn't been around a huge amount himself either, what with having spent the majority of the last month or so either in medical, the brig, or down on P. It doesn't look like he's overly suffering for it though as most of the work down there, bar playing translater, has been on the physical side. Noting the arrival of another he glances across to Holtz and gives a quick upnod in greeting, "Major." As it becomes apparent they're about to be working out alongside he adds, conversationally, "heard you showed 'em all how it was done at the fight night. Sorry I missed it."

Holtz nods, cracking a slight smile as he puts the bottle down and begins wrapping his own hands in workout tape. "Was a good fight," he replies with another nod. "Punchie's tougher'n I mighta guessed." He shrugs. "I'm betting there'll be another one at some point, so it's not like you missed your only chance, yeah?" He peers over at the other man for a moment before turning to the bag next to Toby's. "Heard you been spending some time with the refugees down on the planet. How're they settling in?"

"Only pilot I ever cam e up against went down like a sack of spuds," Toby replies with a faint smile as he finishes his warm up and steps up to the bag itself. "I'll keep my ears open," he nods, at the prospect of another, "can't say it's a hardship to keep putting marines on the floor every time they come asking, but a change is as good as a rest as they say." Okay, so it's only been two marines, but both were so very satisfying. Starting slow and light with his punches he keeps his eye on the bag for a few moments to make sure it isn't going to start swinging oddly then glances back to Holtz. "About as you'd expect I guess. Some are doing okay, some taking it harder. The kids seem to be taking it best though, having the space to run around and not worry about domes and such." A pause as he considers if there's anything else he needsto add, then "there's a geologist down there, trying to figure out the best locations for them to settle, been spending a lot of time translating for her if I'm honest."

Holtz's smile spreads a bit at that. "No arguments here. Between you and me… with all due respect to my colleagues, I know more'n a few pilots who could stand to be taken down a peg or three, yeah?" He shakes his head with a quiet chuckle as he finishes taping his hands; the roll of tape is tossed aside, and he extends his tattooed arms as he begins his own stretching routine. "Was surprised not to see that many marines there, especially since they all seem to get a hard-on from proclaiming they're the baddest asses to roam the spaceways, yeah?" A snort. "They make for a good scrap, though. Especially when you put one down and see the look on their face when they realize they just got their face smashed by a stick jockey."

His expression sobers a bit as the conversation moves back to the subject of the refugees, and he grunts. "I'd've figured as much. They're a resilient people; couldn't've survived for months in a Minoan cavern otherwise, yeah?" He pauses as he continues his stretching. "Glad we got them out of there, though. Whatever happens to 'em here, sure's hell got to be better than what they had." His head tilts slightly to the side at his last, but finally, he nods. "Well, good. Gonna need a permanent settlement for 'em, sooner or later. Sheridan was never meant to hold that many people."

"I could name you a couple I wouldn't mind the chance of a pop at," Toby replies, smiling faintly at the brief mental images that arrive in associate with those thoughts. "Not sure how much of a challenge they'd be mind, but still worth it I reckon, once at least." He's now at what might be considered full workout pace, and keeps glancing between the pilot and bag as he talks, just in case. "You think they look hurt when a pilot beat 'em eh? Try a mere 'crewman', they don't like that, 'specially when there's an audience. Made one tap out right infront of his squeeze, she didn't look impressed either I can tell you." A brief, but wry smile there before he switches back to the situation on planet. "Yeah, the Lieutenant was gone on about finding the best places for groundwater and stuff, but I'm not sure ho much we'll be able to get done before winter sets in. Grounds hard enough now that digging ditches is hard. If it's going to be tents until spring though we could do with more blankets and crap though. Maybe see if there's a hospital or somesuch on Picon with it's linen stores still full, that or a frakking bed factory or something. Going to get damn cold for sleeping on the ground."

"Oh, I'm sure you could," Holtz deadpans in response. "My profession don't exactly attract the humble types. 'Course, you almost have to be a bit of an arrogant snot to make it through flight training. But, I'll grant you, some abuse the privilege." That's likely the former enlisted man in him talking, moreso than the Viper pilot. Not that he can't be guilty of a certain arrogance at times himself. When Toby mentions the marines again, he can't help but snort and nod in agreement. "Gods, you'd never guess their egos were so fragile," he notes wryly. Finishing his stretches, he steps up the the bag and starts landing blows on it; slowly at first, but very gradually increasing his pace. The story about the marine and his girlfriend gets a short, barking laugh, but when he continues a moment later, it's back on the subject of the refugees, and he grimaces slightly. "Piraean winter ain't a picnic, from what I've been told," he replies. "Tents until spring might not cut it. If they can't finish building in time, oughta just put up some prefab structures until it gets warm again. Water, at least, we can bring in if we have to."

"No arguements there," Toby replies, that faint smile still in evidence for a few moments before he pushes it away to concentrate on the more serious matters. While it's true, he could likely talk about punching pilots and marines for hours there's the whole 'business before pleasure' thing, and the Minoan's situation is definitely business that needs dealing with. "Never seen a winter here," he states simply, having arrived a couple of months after the attacks, "but it's getting cold down there even now. Not sure what we've got in the way of pre-fabs but yeah, sounds like a better plan. Not like we're lacking the manpower either, was even one of your lot offering his time if needed. Reckoned if everyone could ship in to build a temple then they'd likey do the same for a load of huses and such." He leaves it there for a moment, concentrating on his punches, then takes gratuitous advantage of being in a conversation with a high ranking offer to add, "not sure how to bounce that one up the chain to get the brass to sign off on it though."

"Neither've I," Holtz replies in regards to seeing a local winter, "but the air wing gets regular weather reports in case we ever have to operate in atmo. Forecast for the next few months… well, it ain't exactly balmy, to say the least. Exposure's gonna a be a real danger, and those folks're gonna want something solid over their heads." He's throwing punches at full speed now, or at least he was a moment ago. As he considers the matter, the tempo of his blows slackens, as if that part of his body is on autopilot while he concentrates his thoughts on the Minoan situation. "I don't know what we've got in inventory, but if the fleet don't have some prefabs to put down, there's gotta be something we can get from Picon at least," he muses thoughtfully. "Yeah, at least manpower won't be a problem," he says in agreement with Toby. "Not like they're gonna turn away strong backs and fresh hands, though. Was thinking about heading down myself next time I had a day pass." At Toby's last, there's a sly smile, and he nods. "I've got a decent line to the brass. If me saying something'll help, I'll do what I can. Lords know they need the shelter more'n we needed that temple."

Toby winces slightly at the mention of exposure, nodding along to the rest as he continues to work his own bag. His blows might lack somewhat in finese but they're certainly not lacking in power. "All help greatfully received," he offers with the nearest he can manage to a faint shrug, "we'll get more done though, rather than dribs and drabs of people when they have a day, if we put out word that say 'right, on tuesday we're making this, anyoneethats free or can be free, come along'. Set a specific goal and do it, know what I mean?" He then has the decenecy to atleast pretend that the thought of Holtz having a line to the brass hadn't occured to him, although the slight smile the creeps onto his features may give the game away somewhat. "It's Lieutenat West that's tryin got organise things down there," he answers with a glance to the Major, "getting her free rein to rope in whoever or whatever she needs as a priority would likely get things moving. Maybe get a few shipwides out too, remind people that not everyone gets a warm bunk."

And Holtz likewise has the decency to seem not to notice what Toby's doing. After all, this is how the game is played, right? Not like he hasn't done the same a time or two in his own career. "Well, sure," he agrees, his words punctuated by the heavy blows he's still raining on the leather surface of the bag. "Until we can arrange that sort of coordination, though, any help's better than no help, yeah?" He frowns slightly at the name Toby mentions. "Lieutenant West. Don't believe I've met that one," he murmurs, trying to place the name. "She ain't an engineer, is she?" A shrug. "My official involvement with the refugees ended after I brought 'em back from Minos, but still, I'll see what I can do."

Alexandra walks quietly into the gym ,a nd glances around. She doesn't look particularly happy seeing toby, but moves over to the free weights, and starts exercising.

Any help," Toby agrees with a couple of faint nods, then more specifically, "especially help that speaks Tauran. I think I said, I've ended up doing translation as much as heavy lifting. Although even just someone to organise something to keep the kids out from under foot for a few hours wouldn't go amiss." As for West he shakes his head once, "Engineering Geologist she says, not entirely sure, but I reckon the Captain West in engineering is her other half though." He doesn't seem to linger on said captain though, moving on instead. "I think she's mostly been down there these past months, don't recall seeing her up here much anyway." Turning back to the bag infront of him he catches sight of Alexandra's arrival out of the corner of his eye and glances her way long enough to offer a faint upnod in greeting, or atleast acknowledgement of her arrival.

"Yeah, you mentioned that," Holtz affirms. He pauses to catch his breath, having worked up a decent sweat since he started his workout; picking up his water bottle, he takes a quick swig. "With three thousand of 'em down there, I'm almost surprised you had time for anything but translation." From his experiences on Minos, even the ones that spoke Standard seemed more comfortable in their mother tongue. Seeing the brief, silent interplay between him and Alexandra, he directs a sidelong look between the two of them for a moment, but doesn't comment other than to offer a brief nod of his own at the deck chief before continuing with a faint grimace. "Yeah, I know how kids can be." He ahhs in acknowledgement of Toby's clarification regarding the Wests. "Mm. Don't think I've seen her about much either, but that would explain it."

Alexandra continues with the free wights, watching Toby and his friend. "How's it hanging" she asks, non-specifically.

"More use for geologists down there I reckon," Toby replies, stating the obvious for the sake of the conversation. At the comment about translation he gives a faint grin then offers, "oh I dunno, they managed a fair amount with gestures and pointing at things before I got roped in, and I'm still not sure exactly how some of the engineering terms should actually be translated." A slight shrug as he slows his own pace a little, although not to the point of stopping. "It's good to be using it again though, forgot to switch back when I got onboard a couple of days ago, was wondering why I was getting funny looks for a bit." Catching the major's glance across to Alexandra a moment he looks faintly uncomfortable for a moment, then picks up the pace once more, answering in as casual a manner as he can, "not bad Chief. Yourself?"

Alexandra says, "Short handed, really. Some idiot got himself busted and left a big hole in my roster. And now I;ve got Entineering bugging me for ordnance analysis and mountings. Like I have time for that when my rosters come up short.""

"Problem, Chief?" the major asks Alexandra, a brow lifting slightly as a guarded look again passes between the two of them. Holtz moves back in front of the bag and again starts hammering the thing with his meaty fists, albeit at a leisurely pace. "Well," he says, turning back to Toby, "even a rough translation's still better'n pointing and waving, yeah?"

"Reckon so," Toby confirms to Holtz with regards to the translations, "and until we find someone who knows both engineering gology and Tauran then who's to argue with what we use. I figure if it gets the message across then it'll do." And for the Chief's words? He doesn't say anything for a moment, then turns to Holtz and explains, "she means me. Main reason I've been able to spend time downbelow is because I'm in the shit up here. Had a disagreement with an officer regarding suitable items to be waving around on deck." That bit he doesn't sound overly apologetic about, if at all, but then as he continues there's a slight change of tone, "then it became a disagreement with the Chief here about how to deal with officers who insist on waving unsuitable items around the deck."

Alexandra says, "No, it became an issue of not obeying ordes. I was going to take care of the officer in the PROPER manner, instead of having him berated by deck crew. But that's no longer important. I'm just here for a workout, a little."
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"Hm," Holtz grunts flatly, again pausing from his workout to glance at the pair of deckhands, his arms folded over his chest. "Look, I wasn't there, and I don't know what happened. But I'd suggest that if the matter's been dealt with, there's no point in airing it out any further, yeah, Chief?" He turns back to his bag and resumes his workout.

Toby can, at times it seems, keep his mouth shut, and for most of the exchange between Alexandra and Holtz he focuses instead on his work out. What words he does add though, at the end, are nothing more than another brief explaination for the pilot's benefit, "waiting on the disciplinary. Then it'll be dealt with." He's fairly sure on that because if it isn't then that's Court Martial and frak that shit.

Alexandra says, "I was answering Toby's question, there was no airing of anything, Sir:"

Holtz frowns again disapprovingly. "Could've fooled me," is all he says to Alexandra before he focuses back on the bag, pausing quick enough to take another drink of water before starting a fresh sequence of punches. From the crease of his brow, there may be something more on his mind, but he's staying silent; the deck, after all, isn't his bailiwick.

Toby lets the silence linger until it becomes uncomfortable, or even more uncomfortable, an dslows his punches again. He's not far off done by the look of him, but knows better than to just stop cold. Not sure what to say to Alexandra, he takes the easy option and address Holtz again, "want em to get the Lieutenant to have a word with you about what she needs when you make it down? She'll have a better idea than my guesswork."

Holtz shrugs. "No need to trouble her," he says to Toby. "Not like I'm planning a long stay. I'm sure they'll find somethin' for me to do quick enough down there, and if not, I'll just play interpreter until something else comes up."

Alexandra sighs, and finishes up, walking away.

Toby seems faintly amused by that as he continues to wind down his punches. "That'd work. See if you can come up with anything better than I managed for some of those technical terms." He watches the Chief depart then glances back to Holtz, "I guess I'llsee you down there then. Unless of course, you get bored of putting marines on the floor."

Holtz's face is a mask of neutrality as the chief leaves, though it's not a perfect one; his lips are drawn and his brows are furrowed in the telltale signs of irritation. There's a snorting grunt before he turns back to the other deckhand, and he shrugs. "We'll see. I'll give it a shot, though." At Toby's last, his features twist into a sidelong smirk. "Bored? Of that? Not in a million years."

Toby steps back from the bag and starts to run through a fairly standard set of warmdown stretches. If he spots Holtz's expression then he makes no response, keeping instead to the actual words that were said. "Point," he conceedes with a grin, then rephraises to, "alright then, if you ever fancy more of a challenge."

Holtz, too, seems to be winding down. He gives the bag a few more hits, but they're not as strong or focused as the ones he'd been dishing out at the peak of his workout. Finally, they taper off to nothing, and he again grabs for the water bottle. "I think I'll have to take you up on that sometime," he replies, before going on to add in a deadpan, "For some reason it seems to be a little tougher to find sparring partners these days."

Apparently satisfied that he's not about to incure the wrath of the god of muscle cramps, Toby nods solemly. "Yeah, I think it was around the time I heard someone say, 'sure I'll spar, but you're not Tauran though are you' that I realised it might start to get tough." That said though he seems to have no more particular business and so offers a "good day Major," before starting towards the door and from there the showers, working on unwrapping the tape from his hands as he goes.

Holtz nods, grabbing a towel from a hook on the wall and running it over his face. As Toby moves to depart, Holtz offers a slight wave. "Take it easy, Shackleton," he calls out after the deckie before pulling off his own tape and going into a cooldown routine.

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