MD #186: Bonds that Bind
Bonds that Bind
Summary: Nothing like a little shared violence to bind men and women of the Orion together. Ben, Lleufer and Diaz spar and some of the results are unexpected all the way around.
Date: 11/10/2017 (OOC Date)
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Ben Lleufer Diaz 
Fitness Center, Deck Three, Battlestar Orion
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stairclimbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
Sat Apr 28 16:18:02 2049

Today, there is a rumor going around the ship that Lleufer Ynyr punched one of their Prisoner's of War in the face while the man was handcuffed to a medical bed in the Recovery Ward. Needless to say, scuttlebutt is running rampid. That is, until the Gunnery Sergent himself shows up in the Fitness Center in his off duty tanks, tags, and fatigues. The Master-at-Arms glances at those few who suddenly stopped talking to look his direction as he steps over the hatch and walks towards a bench to drop his sports bag. With his Arpay ears, Lleu doesn't miss much, but he ignores them.

The sports back is opened up. Ynyr takes a seat to remove his combat boots and socks, then proceeds to taping his hands up for practice he intends for the heavy bag.

Ben comes out of the pool area in wet trunks and a towel over his shoulder. He doesn't look like he's relaxed enough, if that was why he took a swim. Rumor's have been whispered around the ship that he pilotted a Raptor into deep space with others on a rescue mission, but was ordered to turn around and go back. Ben has not been the same since he got back. He looks around the fitness area and spots the MP he knows. He straitens up and walks right up to the guy. "You strapping up to spar or vent something? I'd take you on. I've some venting I need to get out real bad." He doesn't seem like he's kidding, he doesn't look scared or playful like on the planet. "You game?"

The MP glances up at Ben, "I'm always game anytime I can get in here. I was about to warm up a while on the heavy bag. You'll do." Lleufer finishes taping his hands, "You want gloves or no?" He digs out his mouth guard and pops it in, then pulls out his required head guard that's a pad that protects his Arpay ears. Something about direct nueral connections to his brain that could actually do some harm to both the person hit, and the person who hit /him/ if Ben should skin contact with Lleu's ears. When they are sorted out, he ducks through the ropes and out onto the sparring matt. "You want to talk about it? I can listen." The Gunny starts to swing his arms around and loosen up in prep.

Ben sits on the bench and says, "Gloves are fine, not in the mood to talk." He sets out to get suited up, wraps on the hands with the sparring gloves. The head gear for the ears and forehead. No shirt, no shoes. Standing up, he bounces a few times and walks to the ring. "Ready."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lleufer=Melee Vs Ben=Melee

< Lleufer: Good Success Ben: Failure

< Net Result: Lleufer wins - Solid Victory

Ynyr's put on gloves as requested and waits for the officer to join him. When ready, Lleu gives a curt nod and steps right in, agressive and direct with a double jab! The first for Ben's face - but it's only a feint to cover for his left which comes in right below it for his gut! BAM! That's a solid first strike. The Gunny keeps moving, for the moment doing it boxing style while they get warmed up. "Did you take part on lifting Raptors off of Aerilon at Pliss, or was that before you joined us?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ben=Melee Vs Lleufer=melee

< Ben: Failure Lleufer: Good Success

< Net Result: Lleufer wins - Solid Victory

Ben bends over at the belly strike, he backs up a few steps and pulls a catching breath. Straitening up, he says, "My last mission was that rescue attempt in unidentified space. Some alien craft took one of our Raptors." He steps forward to swing, missing completely and almost loosing his balance. "Frak." Is muttered, trying to set himself again. His expression is hard to read, but he looks mad.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lleufer=Melee Vs Ben=Melee

< Lleufer: Good Success Ben: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Lleufer is keeping his cool, and why not? The Gunny is an old Cylon war vet, even if he only looks to be in his 30's. With the Arpay genetic mods, he may well easily be twice that age for all Ben knows. Ynyr evades the swing, seeing it coming, and tries for the Lieutenant's jaw! "Aliens?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ben=melee Vs Lleufer=melee

< Ben: Success Lleufer: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Ben bobs and weaves at the on coming swings, taking a step to the side and swinging his own reply only to have it blocked. He backs up, the same angry look on his face. "Yeah, they spoke a lanugage I didn't understand and had the crew of the captured Raptor prisoner. Did something to the crew that made them pass out … " His angry look becomes a look of horror. Tears wash over his eye's as he catches his breath, "…and scream." He keeps the pace, determand to get this out in this fight.

<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Ben with Unarmed - Light Stun wound to Right Arm.

"Scream?" Ynyr blocks and frowns both, not at the sparring but at what Ben's telling him about his recent mission, "What were the aliens like?" Instead of taking a swing or jab, the Gunnery Sergeant suddenly snaps out a kick that jinks his body to twist out and straighten his leg up higher than the initial snap would have done with only a lifted knee. And yet, it was quick, striking Ben's upper arm like a flick of a serpent's strike, without it being a slower telegraphed round house!

Ben tries to block the punch, his aim distracted with the memories of the screams coming through the coms on that last mission. He oofs, a solid hit brings him out of it and he steps back, bouncing a bit as if trying to let the pain go through him. "I scanned the huge craft. Didn't get a look at the occupents, but I did find a weak spot on the their ship. Right under the nose of the ship. Two or three missles would of openned up that tin can and we could of charged em. I reported it to Rook, who quickly had us turn tail and run." He steps up to take a swing.

<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Ben with Unarmed - Serious Stun wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Ben attacks Lleufer with Unarmed but Lleufer DODGES!

<COMBAT> Ben has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Ben spends a luck point to keep fighting!

A quick nod, "Hope they'll let us view that footage, later." Probably not though, since he's not Intel or Airwing, and it's not precisely need to know data for the Master-at-Arms for Orion's internal ship's security. Unless it should come up in a mission briefing for the Marines, later. The conversation is /supposed/ to be a distraction, but it also might be good for Ben to talk about it. Without hesitation, Ynyr follows up with another feint, this time with his /left/ arm to make a swing for Ben's face but it's another coverup for his real intent, a solid thrust with his right up from below for Ben's diaphram! OOF! That ought to knock the pilot's breath out of him but good!

Ben is lifted into the air and falls backwards onto his back. He is hurt, but he fights to keep from passing out. Instead, tears roll from his eye's and he looses his grasp on his emotions. "The screams coming through the comes. We could of done something." He takes a little time to breathe and cry. "We should of … done … something." Hands come up to his face, gloves covering his outburst. He rolls to his side and tries to sit up, but he really is hurt and just lays there a moment longer.

Soon as his blow throws the officer back and Ben hits the matts, Ynyr stops at once. The man has tears in his eyes? But though his punch has to have hurt, surely not that bad. Then Lleu relaxes his guard as he listens. The Gunny squats down, close. Lleufer pulls off his gloves and tosses them towards the bench outside of the matt, then puts a bare hand on Ben's shoulder. "God damn. No, take a minute and get your breath. I'll help you up, when you are ready." The Marine will offer Ben a hand up, but only when he's ready, "Are you all right, Sir?" His baritone is real low so not to carry and embarass Cross to the other people working out in the Fitness Center.

Ben shutters a few breathes and gains his composure, "Call me Ben." He rolls to his back and wipes his face with his gloved hands. "Sorry, it's just all hit me at once. You got a strong punch there." He is emotionaly distraught, as laughter comes from him now. A few more breathes and he sits up showing a touch of pain in his face as he holds himself. "My first mission into the fray and I felt useless. Even with my find with the scanners. The voice over the com demanded our surrender, and that's when Rook ordered an about face." He looks to Lleufer with hurt eye's, "We could of tried, couldn't we?"

Diaz arrives from the Recreation Hall.

Lleufer helps Ben back up to his feet and notes how the pilot is still emotionally shaken. Not from Ynyr about knocking his ass out, but from talking about his recent mission. The Gunny puts an arm around the Lieutenant's shoulders in comradly fashion, "You could have tried and died, L-T. I think Rook was smart to get your asses out of there, if you ask me. Sure, you could have taken the shot. But if I'd just lost a Raptor crew screaming like that, might be better to run now and be cautious until we learn more. We just have to be … really careful right now. Not very many of us left who aren't under the domination of the Skath. We can't afford to loose /more/ pilots against yet another new enemy. Better I think to avoid them for now. We aren't doing so great even one this /one/ war front. We can't survive at all against two."

Ben nods, having calmed himself. He says, "You're right. The data I pulled might help for our next encounter, and I have a feeling the scanned our jump out of there. I just felt …" He pulls another breath, the pain under control from the fight, "Well, maybe next time." He says with a brighter tone and a slight smile on his face. "Took a beating to get that in my head, so…" He looks the MP over and his smile widens, "…thanks. I needed that."

That Marine smiles and drops his arm from the other fella he hardly knows. But Lleufer is always trying to look out for crew even if they aren't Marines, "Anytime, man. Glad to have you join us, Lieutenant. And I always prefer a live partner to beat on in preference to the heavy bag so feel free to hit me up. But not while we are on duty. Even I don't really want to see the inside of the Brig /that/ much." The Master-at-Arms grins, then steps out of the sparring ring to pick up his gloves and go pull his water bottle. Lleu checks the time on his chrono.

Ben laughs and says, "Will do Ynyr. I need a good beat down once in a while. Keeps me humble." He makes sure he can walk, and his legs do hold him upright. "Just don't tell anyone about my outburst. It really got to me, all that screaming. I've had nightmares from it lately." He pulls a breath and nods, "But I'm sure even that will pass with time."

Mouth guard spat out, Lleufer pulls off his head gear that was protecting his Arpay ears. He takes a drink from his water bottle. Mouth guards always make you talk like you have marbles in your mouth. Who loves that? What Ben says makes Ynyr about laugh, "Apparently I do too. Just ask that Tauron, Shackleton. He's beat my ass a few times." Not ashamed to say it. Somebody also put a bullet into Lleu's head at some point, judging by the scar in his brow that lines up with an exit wound scar in the back of his skull. /That/ must have been fun. And upnod, "You got it. If it bothers you for long though, go talk to the shrinks. They helped me out once, when .. things went real bad for me, years ago."

With a towel draped over her shoulder, Diaz moves through the fitness center after spending some time on the treadmill and then the stair climber. She's been watching the match between Ben and the marine Master at Arms and she walks over once it looks like they might be done, trying not to eavesdrop and waiting out of immediate intrusion reach until now. "Sir," with a smile to Cross followed by another equally polite nod to Ynyr, "Gunnery Sergeant."

Ben is in damp swim trunks, no shoes, and gloves and head gear for sparring. He lost his mouth piece with that last hit. He looks to Diaz and says, "Call me Ben." He smile, slight pained look in his eye's.

Ben nods to Lleu, "Shrink, got it. Will do if the nightmares continue."

The Model Ten he doesn't know, does he? Though Lleufer has seen that hair before. It's distinctive, "I think we have met? Forgive me, but you'll need to jog my memory on name and rank. Sir?" Better to make the mistake of assuming she is probably an officer, since he knows she's not a Marine and he can't remember precisely where he's seen her. "Ben here and I were just gett'n to know each other with a little sparring. I'm thorough with him if you want at him yourself. Or me." The Gunnery Sergeant smiles and shows teeth in a playful dare.

Ben point to Lleu, "Him, I'm done." He chuckles.

The ensign gives a brief pause, Viper pilot sharing a nod with the Raptor pilot, "Yes Sir," she says after that half moment and smiles, "call me Adura if you'd like," she offers in return before she shares the same smile with the marine and offers one hand forward, "Adura Diaz, viper pilot," she says by way of introduction. A startled laugh bursts from her, "I think Ben is volunteering you, Gunny."

Lleufer twists his mouth, "He's allowed to do that. He outranks me." Nevermind Ben's not in his CoC and they aren't on a mission together. Diaz's hand is accepted and given a firm, welcome shake with direct eye contact. "Pleased to meet you, Sir." She didn't give a rank but he knows she's an officer now. "Lemme grab my mouth guard and ear protection. Gloves or no gloves?" The mouth guard is popped back in and the headpiece settled so his sensetive Arpay ears won't get hit. Then Lleufer ducks back into the ring and waits for her on the mat.

Ben crawls over the bottem rung and out of the ring, starting to remove his gloves so he can get to his head gear. All the while looking for his mouth piece that got blown out with that last hit. "Good luck." He says, removing a glove and starting on the other.

"You don't have to call me, Sir, Gunny ,I'm the absolute lowest possible rank that's allowed to still be in the air, er, Space too that is," Diaz replies as she walks over and helps Ben take off the other glove. "May I borrow these?" she asks as she glances into the ring then back out and up at Ben then.. back around once more. "You two were sparring for not all that long and you want me to go into the ring with him next?" wondered in a low voice before she snags the other glove and tugs them both on. "This feels like a bad idea," as she turns and studies Ynyr - not just a nameless marine now.

"All right. At least while we are all off duty, I'll call you Adura if you like, or Diaz. But when I'm on duty, I'm the Master-at-Arms for the Orion and I'll have to call you 'Sir' then, Ensign." Lleufer gives her a wink, "You can call me Lleu, until then and hopefully I won't be brigging you for some reason or another. Pilots though, they usually aren't too rowdy, compared to my Marines, or some of those Deckies. We have more piss 'n vinegar." Yep, he's full of piss. And he's careul when he speaks with his mouthguard in, as if he's had lots of practice with speaking carefully when he needs to. He motions her to come ahead, "Ready when you are."

Ben does offer the gloves and the head gear wasn't worn long enough to break a sweat. He sits on a bench near the ring to watch, not saying anything so as not to be distracting.

"I'm sort of getting used to hearing a distinctive tone used when people say my last name," Diaz says as she climbs into the ring. "Usually it's accompanied by a 'what did you break this time' or 'how badly wrecked is' but mostly it's 'what did you do now'," she admits as she flexes both hands in the gloves. "I'd.. rather not end up in the brig again any time soon. Or ever. Ever again, actually, would be a better idea. Master at Arms or Lleu, depending on duty status, got it."

Diaz gets a nod out of him and Lleufer's ready for her, watchful and not wasting energy bobbing around yet. He's already warmed up, "Now, remember this is a /spar/ and don't try to kill me, all right? I've fought more than a few model lines and I know you are faster and stronger than I am. Cooper Knox is my best buddy, so trust me, I know." Still, he grins and then moves in to start this party. It may hurt.

<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Diaz with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Right Arm.

<COMBAT> Diaz attacks Lleufer with Unarmed - Light Stun wound to Right Hand.

It happens -fast-, almost like lightning! There's a crack of flesh on flesh as Ynyr /actually/ hits Diaz a fraction of a second faster than she can hit him! The combat veteran Marine jabs her right arm even as she hits his right hand, knocking his hand aside - but not /quite/ fast enough to keep him from having tagged her a solid hit first. But it wasn't a serious, hard, bruising hit. Ynyr is taking this sparring more seriously by -not- talking this time. His Arpay eyes are intensely focused on the Model Ten as they move around each other, looking quick for openings, watching how each other moves. She may not be as an experienced hand to hand fighter as he is, but it gives the impression that Lleufer has practice killing more than a few people with his bare hands over the years. The APF probably didn't want to have him sneaking up on their asses in the dark.

Gloves up, Diaz nods as she grimaces slightly, "The sixes are extremely capable fighters, in practically any element," she says as she remembers to keep her gloves up and to move her feet. The moving of the feet is essential, she remembers that part, too, but the viper pilot hasn't actually done any sparring in months. Or longer. Probably longer, in fact, instinct has her flinching and jabbing one glove toward the marine at the same time.

<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Diaz with Unarmed but Diaz DODGES!

<COMBAT> Diaz attacks Lleufer with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Lleufer has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Lleufer spends a luck point to keep fighting!

That flinch doesn't actually cover the fact that the pilot closes her eyes when she slugs that single glove toward the marine. Eyes closed is NOT a tried or true way of surviving any fist fight of any kind, and its that kid of idiocy that has her hitting the marine a lot harder than intended AND lot harder than expected. She feels the impact of the glove radiating all the way up her arm until her shoulder sings and takes a hasty step backward.

Ben's jaw drops.

Ben Cross is about to see why the Gunnery Sergeant said that to Diaz about being careful, that skinjobs were faster and stronger and she might hurt him without meaning to! Not knowing what she's really doing actually makes her movements harder to predict, even if she's less likely to land a hit. But she manages to pop out out faster than a toaster and nails Ynyr right in the chest. There is the audible sound of air suddenly knocked out of his chest and the very solid 6'3, 220 lb Marine is tossed back like a rag doll! Lleu hits the mat with a surprised look on his face and while he doesn't black out, he's cleared stunned and unable to suck in breath for a second. He automatically puts up a hand to ask for a second. Wow. Just imagine what she could have done to a man if she had really hit him a better placed, more solid blow and knew what she was doing!

After a couple of seconds, Lleufer grits his teeth and gets his ass up. He rubs his chest, "This is a great reminder why we don't like to piss off our skinjob models, not to mention the Skath Clerics. We prefer to use big guns." Ynyr takes a deep breath to make sure the ache isn't bad, then he puts his hands back up in a guarded stance, "I'm good, let's roll."

<COMBAT> Lleufer attacks Diaz with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Chest.

<COMBAT> Diaz attacks Lleufer with Unarmed - Moderate Stun wound to Right Hand.

<COMBAT> Diaz has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Lleufer has been KO'd!

The horrified look on Diaz's face really says it all. "I didn't mean.. I'm really sorry," she says as she starts to step forward and offer a hand to the marine but rocks to a halt after half a step and remembers to give the marine room to get to his feet again. She starts to scrub one hand over face, almost whomps herself in the face with the boxing glove, then puffs out a breath and squares her shoulders again. "OK. Eyes open. Moderation not blind instinct," she mutters to herself and tries to keep from wincing when she steps toward the marine again and this time manages to keep her eyes open this time. Mostly. Sort of.

This time, THIS time the Gunnery Sergeant is ready for payback. Soon as Diaz comes at him, Lleufer actually leaps up and snaps a full length kick right into her CHEST with a good resounding THUMP! But without trying to put his entire full strength into it. Good thing he's not wearing his combat boots because he could have broken her sternum, even if she is a model Ten! As for himself, Lleufer isn't even sure what Diaz hits - his hand? Somehow his guard that was up to protect his face doesn't stop Diaz's hand from busting his own fist back into his own nose! It snaps Ynyr's head back, throws his balance off mid air and he lands flat on his ass over tea kettle!

Diaz's breath explodes from her in a squeak of sound paired with a sort of 'whoosh' as she is kicked back hard enough that she sort of rebounds off of the ropes that wrap around the sparring ring. Rebounds, stumbles forward a couple of steps, then sits down, abruptly. Without meaning to. And tries to remember how to breathe. The ten does a bit of wheezing at first and only then realizes that the marine is on the mat again as well. "Did we both loose?" she wheezes the question out.

Ben's eye's widen and nothing comes out of his gapping mouth. He's never seen that before and is sure he wont forget it soon.

Lleufer tries to laugh where he's seated. Blood is pouring from his nose, "Shit, we should spar more often, Diaz. Your form totally sucks but you can pack a wallup!" Nope, she didn't hit him in the nads and he's cheerful about it! The Gunny wipes his face and looks at the blood, "But my wife might not be so amused if you break me too much, not to mention my CO or yours. We'd better stop there for now." She has enough breath to have asked her question, so obviously he didn't cause her any real damage. Ynyr looks back to the Lieutenant, "You probably better not spar with her yet."

Ben slowly shakes his head, that stunned look still on his face. "Not a chance."

"I broke your nose? Did I break your nose? You're bleeding. Oh gods," Diaz shoves to her feet and trips her way over to crouch beside the Marine, the horrified look is back on her face. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hit your.. how did i hit you in the face in the first place? I didn't even.." the perplexed look on her face is paired with one of regret as she glances toward Ben and winces at the look on Ben's face.

A nice bloody mouthguard is spat out into Ynyr's hand, blood from his nose and not his teeth thankfully. Lleu's going to need to be able to breath through his mouth now as he makes himself get up. Then he feels his face carefully, "Not sure if you broke it or not. You'll make me prettier if you did." The Gunny doesn't look worried about it. Now he motions her to get up, "I'm fine. I've got a hard head. I'm going to wander over to medical though." He pats her shoulder and goes out of the ring to collect his stuff. Man, his face hurts but if you looked like Lleu, your face would probably hurt too.

Ben saw the whole thing, putting his hand in front of his face, balling a fist with the other and hitting his hand before his face. "It's a punch line to a joke. I've never seen it in action before this." He fights to keep from laughing. "You'll have to ask me about it after we get the blood stopped." He takes a fresh towel and tosses it at the two.

"Humans.. are so confusing," Diaz says as she frowns at the marine and rises to her feet. "How are the aesthetics of appearance improved by a broken nose?" she asks and climbs out of the ring and starts to peel off one glove then works on the other. "What joke?" the Ten wonders next, only sounding more perplexed by the moment.

The towel is caught and Lleu uses it to pour some water from his bottle to wet one corner of it, then uses that to clean up his face and hold it against his nose, head tipped back for a minute to try and stop the bleeding. "I was being sarcastic." The Gunny gives her a wink though to make sure Diaz should know, he's really all right. Or at least his sense of humor isn't impared.

Ben chuckles slighlty and tells his joke, "Two men at the bottom of a hole digging the hole deeper. A long ladder upwards to the openning where a man stands yelling at the two below. "Deeper, dig it deeper." The two below stop as one askes, "Why is it we are down here doing all the work and he is up there yelling at us." The second man says, "I'll find out." and climbs the ladder to the top. "Why is it we are down there digging and you are up here yelling at us?" The man at the top says, "Because I'm smarter." He hole digger guy looks confused and says, "How do you know that?" The man at the top holds his hand out to the side and says, "Hit my hand." The hole digger tries and the man at the top moves it way before it is struck. THe hole digger nods his understanding and climbs back into the hole. The other hole digger askes, "What'd did he say?" THe other one says, "He is smarter than us." He second hole digger looks confused and says, "How does he know that?" The first hole digger holds his hand in front of his face and says. "Hit my hand."" Ben looks to see if anyone got the joke, holding his hand in front of his face.

"Oooh," Diaz still looks a little perplexed but she nods slowly anyway. Whether the Ten gets the joke or not she at least knows how to give the impression that she does, mostly. She hangs the gloves up with the rest of the gear that's waiting to be used by other crew and now she can rub one hand over her face before using the heel of the same hand to rub at her chest as she listens to Ben's joke. Parable. Story. She blinks, slowly, the perplexed look on her face again before she blinks and exhales, "ahh," as she actually gets the joke.

Lleufer just snickers like a Marine - so clearly /he/ gets it, right away. "Nice. I'll pass that around the berthings when we're board. I'll catch you two later." Ynyr's nose is still leaking blood but it's not so bad now. He picks up his sports bag and heads on out but keeps the bloody towel so he doesn't drip blood o the decking. Besides, Ben probably doesn't want the wet and bloody towel back, does he?

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