MD #007: Bominaire Stronghold Recon


31/10/2028 (MD #007)

FR: LT Randolph Kae Flynn
TO: RADM Robin Carter Io, CDR Marcus Petra
CC: MJR John Penta
RE: Bominaire Stronghold Recon


At the LZ, Lieutenant Flynn detected two Skath Raiders patrolling to the West, heading North. Ensign Zahav also detected two men on horseback approximately a quarter of a mile Northwest. The team proceeded to OP Titan. The team discovered a patrol of nine Skath Walkers on the main road. It took about nine hours to reach OP Titan.

The castle structure was rebuilt, the walls reinforced and expansions according to Colonel Stone. There's a perimeter fence around a Manor House and stables. A low rock wall surrounds outlying structures, family homes.

Skath patrol outside the castle walls in groups, covering the markets by the primary gate. Markets have approximately 400-500 civilians when active. Four patrols of nine Skath each on the outside wall.

The castle itself is approximately 826 meters from OP Titan. Castle walls themselves are 21 feet thick, solid granite, with parapets and strongpoints about every hundred meters. G4 or artillery could penetrate if necessary. Every other strongpoint is armed with twin cannons, 20mm gun mounts, and 4 men in metal plate armor with rifles that appear to be second war, CMC issue.

During observation, OP Titan was made. The team evaded towards Madras, but the Skath caught up around 8 miles, with 4 still to go. Gunnery Sergeant Knox called in orbital bombardment to create an LZ beyond the ridgeline where the team took up defensive positions. Lieutenant Flynn successfully placed and detonated charges along the other face of the ridgeline to create a rock fall on incoming Skath. The team held off the Skath while waiting for transports to land.




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