AWD #271: Body Doubles, Tripwires, and Coffee
AWD #271: Body Doubles, Tripwires, and Coffee
Summary: Marines make plans
Date: 04/Oct/2013
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Brina Amos Kostas 
Battlestar Orion - Deck 3 - Recovery Ward
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library. A couple stacks of old magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
Wed 05/Oct/2005 (IC Date)

Brina was going to go back to work but something isn't right. Her hand hurt more than it should so she returned to see one of the doctors. Come to find out they missed a bit of fragmented bullet when they operated on it the first time. Thankfully they didn't need to knock her out this time, opting to use a nerve block instead of putting her under a general, but they still decided to tuck her back into the recovery ward until the numbness subsides. Reclined in a bed, now, she is relaxing and reading a book, not happy with having to be back in here.

Amos has spent most of his time since arriving last night asleep, or dozing at least. There's been periods when he's been awake and he's even been with it enough to converse with some of the med staff, mostly though it's been sleep. He slept through Brina's redmittance for example, but now he's starting to wake once more and finds himself blinking in surprise at the marine in the bed opposite who he's sure wasn't there when he dozed off. "O'Connell?" he greets, still a little sleepily, "please don't tell me you got yourself shot again."

"Nah. They missed a bit of shrapnel is all, Cap. They got it out and am fine, now. They will be keeping me here, though." A shoulder lifts and Brina can't help but to grin, looking a little sheepish. "I had gotten permission to go back to work during the day, to. And damnit if it didn't wind up being for nothing. They're not going to let me out until my hand is better." There's no swearing from her this time but damnit if her expression isn't screaming 'frak it' for her.

Amos nods slowly, moving hismelf slowly and carefully into a more upright position to make the whole conversation thing easier. Eyeing her hand a moment he offers a quick, "swop you," before he figures he's sat up enough and stops. "You make it down to Crandall before they realised?" he asks, not yet having had any news from there today and being all ears if she can supply any, "any idea how things are down there?"

Brina chuckles a bit. "Nah. I got caught when I tried to leave before they knew it. I had to eventually promise I'd be back tonight." Looks like she made good on that promise sooner than she meant to. Watching Amos, she listens as he asks his questions before shaking her head. "I wasn't down there long enough to get any information, sir. But if I manage to get back before you get released I'll ask what's going on and get all the poop for you."

Amos leans back into his pillows now he's settled at a reasonable angle. "Thanks O'Connell," he replies, sounding more awake now at least, "do you know at least if they caught the sniper or not?" He figures it's unlikely, as someone would probably have told him if they had, but it doesn't hurt to check. "When you do get back there though, tell Ensign Kostas that I'm still here if she needs a hand with anything. I'm going to be off my feet for a bit but there's other things I can be doing if she needs it."

"I don't think they did, sir." Brina's hand starts to throb and she lifts it up, trying to keep some of the blood flow from the appendage in effort to make it stop without requiring more meds. "It seems like they are continuing to put a bigger pressence during perimeter watches…. I'll definitely let her know, sir. But hopefully you'll be back before we can miss you too much."

Amos nods at the news, it's to be expected but that doesn't mean he isn't faintly disapointed. Noting her move her hand he asks cautiously, "you need me to yell for someone?" Not that he thinks she can't do it herself, but it's the thought that counts right? "I hope I'll be back there soon enough too," he states, a wry smile forming, "I'm just not sure if they're ever going to let me out of the control centre again or not though."

Shaking her head, Brina smiles… well, grimaces, really. But she hopes it comes across as a smile. "It's alright, Captain. It's just the nerve block starting to wear off. I'm trying not to take any meds this time, despite their saying it's better for someone in pain to take them." With how much she winds up in here, she is kind of worried that she'll wind up addicted to something if they're not careful. At the last she laughs. "Hey, can you blame us if that happens? We need to keep you safe, after all."

There's a snort and then a laugh, the sound aborted when Brie tries to act serious. Or at least she tries not to laugh but she fails miserably and her words get tangled up in that welling of sound. "Hell. If you want to go out and get hurt you can be my body double the next time a Six comes looking for a body shield." She can joke about that now but yesterday? No, not so much.

Amos looks amused back in return, "I think you and I have done our share of getting hit for now O'Connell, but that doesn't mean we should stop going out and laying the hurt down on the canners. Besides, I don't think anyone could mistake the pair of us somehow."

"True. You'd need to shave your legs and lose some height before you could be passes off for me," Brie teases. "And I'm sorry, sir, but no matter how many times you might bleach your hair and all that, you just could never be as pretty as I am." Oh yeah. Now she's being cheeky. But hey. It's very rare the two of them get to talk and just relax (even if it does necessitate in their getting injured before it can happen) so she's allowing herself to just… not worry about silly things like military bearing and all that for now.

"Bleach my hair?" Amos replies, distinctly amused, "forgive me Lance Corporal but I think I'm going to be requiring that you take an eyetest before you go back on duty again. Just what hair are you talking about?" He lifts the hand not currently plugged into the IVs and rubs it across the growth ontop of his skull that might pass for hair if you were feeling particularly kind. Dropping the hand again he shakes his head slowly, "besides, if you look this good when you get to my age, then we can talk."

Squinting as if not able to see, Brina takes in Amos' short hair. "Well," she eventually says with a shrug, "I am sure someone has got to have a wig, sir. We can work with that." The smile fades then, the memory of the Six and what happened getting to her. "How did that fraker get on base," she asks after a moment's worth of silence. "I mean… you know."

Amos just eyes Brina briefly when she mentions wigs, then shakes his head slowly, not gracing that with a reply it seems. "It's a big perimeter O'Connell," he replies, knowing that she'll have walk at least some of it herself, "and that fence isn't exactly in best of nick. Unfortunately we can't have eyes everywhere. Someone should have spotted it sooner though," he continues, "that needs dealing with sharpish, but I trust Ensign Kostas to have that in hand. She wasn't best pleased about it when she gave me her report."

That really does nothing to make her feel better but at least she can be sure it wasn't anything they did. Or didn't do. "We'll figure it out and get it dealt with in pretty quick fashion." That's what Marines are good at, after all. "Hopefully we will be through with this shit, soon."

Amos isn't really one for sugar coating the truth, not to marines and certainly not to marines under his command, but he nods at Brina's comment. "I'm sure Ensign Kostas has it in hand, she doesn't seem one to sit back on her heal while there's work to be done." As for being through this soon, he doubts that very much, but he is happy to add his own, "hopefully," to the mix.

Brina is not one who asks for things to be glossed over so she's more than fine with Captain Ommanney's lack of desire to do so. "Yeah. Hey, you know, it just dawned on me, sir. I totally should get a shirt made. Have it say something like 'I Was Held Hostage By A Six And All I Got Was This Lousy Shirt' or something upon it." Yeah, she's back to making the bad jokes, it seems.

From where he's sat part propped up by pillows, Amos looks faintly amused at Brina who's ensconced opposit. "You could yeah, there's plenty of marker pens around that'd do it, just don't let me catch you defacing colonial property to do so understood?" So not her issued t-shirts or vests, "or be wearing it on duty." He's fairly certain he doesn't have to state that, but he adds it just in case.

There's some booted footsteps from the direction of sickbay proper, and then Kostas appears in the doorway. She's in her greens, which makes her look pretty scrawny compared to the buff battle armor that she's been wearing almost 24/7. She's even showered up! Though alas there's still the faint crease of a helmet line across her forehead. The Ensign has a piece of paper in her hands as she pokes her head in and looks around before her gaze catches Amos and Brina and she moves off in their direction.

Amos gets stared at before she shakes her head, Brina amused by his response to something said just moments before. "You really know how to take the fun out of making a joke, sir," the Captain gets teased with. She almost says more but then she catches sight of the other officer who gets a wave of a hand. "Hey, sir." Holy cow. She's up to her eyebrows in officers, suddenly!

Amos glances across to the hatchway as someone else enters. It's not a rare occurance, with medics and indeed patients stepping in and out semi-regularly, but still, there's little else to do on the ward so he looks anyway. "Ensign," he offers with a nod of greeting, eyeing first her and then the paper, "checking up on me again is it?" There's a hint of amusement as he asks that, then adds, "fear not, I promise I'm behaving myself and doing as the medics say." Then to Brina, "I'm an officer, it's what I get paid for."

"Sir. O'Connell. Y'all ain't ripped this place apart yet?" Kostas shakes her head slightly, perhaps in disappointment, even tsking a time or two. "As it happens, maybe I am, a little," she replies to Amos, "But I got somethin' ta ask ya too, that I didn't wanna put in th' report, so I thought I'd follow it up here," she explains. "We still couldn't track th' motherfrakker far, but Ynyr had an idea when we was talkin' 'bout riggin some detection shit up to try to alert us to the next one - and I think it's a good one. You know how much explosives we got sittin' in storage down there?" She offers Amos the report, with one curiously arched brow.

"Explosives?" Amos repeats as he reaches for the report, "not off the top of my head no. Ensign Huws was in charge of sorting an inventory of the base's mutitions supplies though, so I'd suggest finding her is a good starting place for you to find out." Letting Brina talk he takes the time to read the report carefully, nodding slowly as he does so, then he sets it down on his chest. "It looks workable I think, give it a go and see what we can catch." There's a pause, then a glance round, then he asks quietly, obviously wishing for more private surroundings. "Ynyr, how is he doing?"

"If we have enough, 'd like ta rig th' perimeter. Ynyr's got demo training, and ya know my background in it. But what's in mind ain't just a sniper catchin' device - it'd be ta help in th' first wave of canner offensive they might throw against th' base - either ta take it back before we move - or if they get behind us when we in th' city. For th' snipers, we can put out some tripwires, little shit like that." Kostas pauses for a moment. "And if we got enough, with your permission, like t' take him and some of th' most experienced personnell outside of the perimeter, between her an' the city, and lay a field. Not a complete one. But something ta at least even th' numbers an' advantage a bit. We c'n map it and remove it once we secure th' city. Not sure we have enough for all that, so assumin' you like all of it, what'd be your priority, Cap'n?" She looks thoughtful at his question about Ynyr. "Seems all right. Holdin' it together. Little pissed I think…but that's a good thing. It's when they don't show nothin' that ya worry, yeah?"

The MP looks at her lap when Lleufer's mentioned, her face held carefully in a nearly-blank mask. When she does speak it is quietly. "He seemed to be okay to me, too," she adds to the subject despite not having been asked for her opinion. "I think he'll be back to the man we all know and love soon."

"It's a bloody big perimeter Ensign," Amos replies, deep in thought for a few moments, "trip wires and motion sensors aren't abad idea though, especially in the more troublesome parts." At the mention of city he thinks again then nods once. "Do it. Pull down the buildings closest to create some dead ground too if you need." One suburb does butt right up against the base's fence after all. Both responses about Lleufer are noted and as such he grants Kostas' request, "all right, you can take him out to rig that field. If he manages that alright then we'll talk again and see about getting him back into full operational duties again."

"Protocol's protocol, Sir, but where we at right now…" Kostas trails off for a moment, pursing her lips, as she holds up the wall with one shoulder. "Seems a damn shame ta shitcan someone who's real officer material an' could get a jumpstart over a mistake that didn't get nobody killed, when we also slappin' rank on folks who only get it because everyone else in front of 'em took a bullet to th' brain, when they've done shit that did." She's talking of herself, of course, but there's no resentment or self-pity there, just the facts. Brina's comment draws an open look of concern for a moment, surprising that it makes it through the gruff armor that the ensign habitually wears, but she says nothing in response to it. "We'll get workin' on it right away. Hope ya make it down ta see some 'f it in progress, Cap'n. And uh…if ya don't mind stuffin' your pockets with a little 'f that instant coffee packet stuff - been a morale boost ta have that coming down from folks who're going back and forth. Hopefully ya didn't hear me say that either, O'Connell, neh?"

If the Ensign's reaction to her answer is caught Brina is smart enough not to call attention to it. What she does comment upon is the last that's said, that by Kostas. "Hear what, sir?" There's a shit-eating grin on her face at that so she could have very well heard everything that had been said by her and the Captain, both, but is at least smart enough to play like she hasn't.

"He's not shitcanned because of what he did Ensign," Amos explains, tone light but serious at the same time, "he's shitcanned because I need to know it was a one off and that he's not about to crack. If he looses it while in a firefight he could get a whole squad killed. He shows he's got a grip he's back in. I mean frak it, I've known Marines try and pull that shit regularly but it's so out of character for him that I'd rather give him time to get his shit together then watch him rip himself apart." He hopes that makes sense, yeah, he's pissed about the incident, but he's also looking at the bigger picture. He welcomes the lighter topic though and nods once, "get my kitbag sent up when you get back, say I need my razor or something, I'll fill it as wfull as I can when they let me go." A glance to Brina makes it clear that she's got the hint too and so he adds, "O'Connell's too, she's going to need her.. I dunno, whatever it is women need.. soon I'm sure."

The marine from Canceron nods in understanding, looking a little relieved. "Guess everyone could use some out-time now and then," she admits. "Better ta get it while you can now, before we're balls deep again and can't." The idea of an empty kitbag though brings such an open and unguarded grin to her face she almost looks her age, and it extends to Brina as well as she's mentioned. "Unmentionables, Sir," she informs him. "Even better ta sneak shit in somewhere. With a bit of luck we'll have a pretty happy crew, I think. Thanks."

One of the nurses comes in and asks for Brina to come with her. They want to do one more x-ray but wanted to wait for the swelling to go down. "See you guys if you don't see me first!" She winks to her fellow Marines before heading off.

"Unmentionables," Amos repeats with a short, decisive nod. He's not going to ask, nope, he's quite content to leave it at that. Brina gets a nod as she departs and then he turns back to Kostas. "If I end up being stuck up here a while then use your best judgement with regards to him. He's got a good head on him when he has it focused but what little I managed to garner from Captain Gray indicates it might be a while until whatever it is he's mixed up with is closed out."

"Yeah," Kostas agrees. "But we all got that. Now that he don't have his face smashed in whatever 't was that hit him by surprise, it's how he do now that matters. I think he's showin' that he can. If somethin's that bad, he probably ain't gonna be the same, y'know but I doubt he'd make that mistake again." She shrugs. "Just my eyes tellin' me from what I seen, and it ain't been long. Sometimes gettin' through something's better if you have stuff that requires a lot 'f attention ta *do*." She frowns suddenly, as if something just occurs to her, but then shakes it off. "Shit, you ain't gonna be stuck up here long, Cap'n. I'll - try not ta paint a target on yer back next time," she adds, quietly.

"As I said," Amos notes, "use your best judgement. You're the voice of the 3/8th down there until they decide to send someone else or I make it back." No pressure then. "I hope I'm not Ensign, but you can never tell with medics, they're a tricky sort to pin down and get definitive answers from." A pause and then, "bit like Intel Officers actually, and don't worry about it, likelihood was he had me in his sights long before that. I wasn't wxactly being subtle. That, or he was aiming for Captain St Clair and missed, what with her being a pilot and all."

Kostas looks thoughtful. "True. Pilot's even more identifiable, if you're lookin'." Still, there's a look of displeasure on her face, especially seeing the results of the sniper hit. "Hopefully countermeasures will make it harder for 'em ta get through, or at least damage one enough we see what's comin' after us." She offers him a half-grin. "Docs 'an nurses 'f either persuasion tend ta be a little more cute than Intelligence though. Grim fuckers." Her grin broadens. "Gonna see about visitin' the mess before I catch the next shuttle, sir. I'll keep ya updated about the new project's status as it goes."

Amos looks amused at that comparison but says nothing, nodding instead to the comment about counter measures, "I hope so Ensign, they certainly can't hurt." As she mentions leaving he adds, "thank you. It'll be good to keep up to speed with things, but if you see that skinny corpsman, Leightner or somesuch, remind him he owes me would you?"

Kostas offers Amos a salute, though she's grinning. And at least the worst hit she could attract to him here would be…like a hypodermic in the ass or maybe a little worse. "Will do, Sir. Sure I will. He seems ta be raring to get goin' down there. Rest up, hope ta see ya soon back where ya belong, Cap'n," she tells him, and with that she'll be back on her merry way.

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