AAR: Blue Axe, Phase 3



FR: MAJ Gray, Acting TACCO
TO: RADM Jameson, LT COL Io, MAJ Ommanney
CC: LT Kaxiras
RE: Blue Axe, Phase 3 — the first 48 hours.


Approximately 48 hours ago, a general uprising by The Lines and Resistance Command was begun in concert with our landings on LEONIS. Current situation reported as follows:

  • AERILON: Heavy fighting. Three primary APF bases under control Six & Seven. Cylons defending logistical sites. Estimated 75% loss of supplies. Active combat continues at most sites.
  • CAPRICA: Coordinated, all-out effort by Lines and Resistance Command. Martial law in Caprica City with continued street fighting. Delphi under friendly control. Cylons reported to be killing indiscriminately. Enemy air superiority limiting movement.
  • SCORPIA: All major urban areas secured by The Lines. Cylons regrouping in the countryside and targeting humans. Contact established with Resistance Command, relief supplies being provided.
  • LEONIS: Four APF bases secured by The Lines with minimal losses. Aircraft, supplies captured intact, APF largely eliminated. Cylons continue to hold logistical sites and are destroying supplies.
  • AQUARIA: No contact.
  • LIBRAN: No contact.
  • CYLON SPACE: Friendly force of 5 basestars, 2 fuel tankers, 4 resurrection ships, 4 landing ships, 1900 heavy raider arrived LEONIS space 1952 JUN 29 2006. Reports from this force indicate the Lines carried out a successful sabotage operation at Twin Rocks, seizing vessels listed above plus essential war material, destroying 9 enemy basestars and an estimated 50% of Centurion production sites in the system. Partial recovery of tactical and navigation data from above basestars confirms third Cylon homeworld (as previously reported) as well as fourth 'garden' world populated by human subjects of the Cylons, reportedly settled for several decades. Further recon required to locate these worlds. Database indicates 28 known basestars still operational and under Cylon control. The Lines suspect there is also a Cylon reserve fleet of unknown strength and location.
  • THE LINES: Fives reported in active support our operations on AERILON, CAPRICA, LEONIS. No information on Ten. Friendly force of 3 basestars seized in Colonial space now operating under command of Twelve.


  • AERILON: Air and ground support.
  • CAPRICA: Air support.
  • SCORPIA: Short term re-supply operations. Consider evacuation of Colony.
  • LEONIS: Continue current operations.
  • AQUARIA: Recon / Contract.
  • LIBRAN: Recon.
  • CYLON SPACE: Continue current effort to locate remaining Cylon worlds.
  • THE LINES: Recommend captured Basestars operate as a separate task force under Colonial command.
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