AWD #142: Blame It On The Morpha
Blame It On The Morpha
Summary: After their respective post Saber mission surgeries, Ygraine and Kelsey receive visitors.
Date: 28/05/2013
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Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
AWD #142

Ygraine is post surgery, and technically in recovery. She's hooked up to IV and looks fatigued, but the news is that she's going to come through just fine. It's still touch and go for Kelsey, but her prognosis looks good. Her eyelids are half open and she looks a little blissed out. Must be the morpha.

Phin took the trip to Picon to play Saber tag as well - along with Agrippa - though it did not put either Viper pilot in surgery. Both of them returned unscathed (if the same can't quite be said for their ships, both planes are at least repairable). He's hanging around Sickbay anyway, though, sitting by Ygraine's bed while she blisses. He's got a little maenad bobble-head doll in one hand, that he's idly playing with. Flick with a finger. Wobble, wobble, wobble.

At a dead run, Maia had come to the sickbay, ignoring the disapproving looks from those she had passed. Pushing the hatch, allowing it to slam opened, her head is swiveling this way and that, seeking out the rumored pilot and ECO who had come back almost in pieces, if the rumors were true. Seeing Ygraine first, she approaches the bed with large steps, her expression turning to one of concern. Tears sheen over her eyes and she looks down at her ECO. "Dammit Ygraine…"

Having made his way to sickbay as well now, stepping in not too long after Maia. Looking a bit tired, Jason heads over towards the bed as well, letting out a bit of a breath as he sees how things are looking here.

"…mmmmwhaddayacryin'bout?" Yggy's a little wheezy toned, like breathing is a bit difficult. Her hand shifts a little bit, moves to the side, palm up, angled toward Phin, fingers curling expectantly. She sounds a little amused by Maia.

"Hey, darlin'," Phin drawls at Ygraine with a slight, tired smile when her and curls up. He stops playing with his doll, to reach out to clasp her fingers. Not too hard. His head tilts at Maia. "Hey, Toybox. Doc said she'll be OK. They got her pretty doped but…probably not a bad idea. Squire's more…touch and go, I guess. They think she'll make it, though." He doesn't sound /un/confident about it, at least.

Course Ygraine is amused and Maia is glad of it, proves she's the same Yggy as always. Lifting the backs of her hands, she wipes her eyes at the same time she laughs. "Don't scare me like that, Shake. You know how bad I fail without you out there with me. Of course I was just worried about having to work without you, yeah?" Lifting her gaze to meet that of Phin, she smiles in relief. "I'm really glad.. thank you. I heard about them both." A frown mars her brow again at the mention of Kelsey. "Maybe someone should bring her baby up soon to see her, once she's aware. Bet that'd be incentive for her to get better."

"What she means is that the others are scared of the crazy flying," Jason remarks a bit lightly as he reaches the others, offering a grin in Ygraine's direction now. "Good to see you awake and all that," he offers to her now.

"She was amazing." Ygraine breathes. "She planned it, she executed, she flew like a champ. She deserves a medal…" Her eyes close, but then open again, so she's still with them. "Had t'be done, Maia. The intel we got - we got it, on the SABER." Her fingers curl around Phin's, and she offers a sleepy smile to Jason as well.

"Gods, right. Her kid…" Phin murmurs, when Maia mentions Kelsey's baby. "Yeah. Didn't even think of that. Somebody should tell her family." He idly squeezes Ygraine's fingers, raising his little maenad bobble-head to wobble at her with his other hand. Looking to Maia and Jason, "Yeah. Right. Had to be done." He has to work himself up to sound like he actually means it, but he mostly manages it when he continues, "Maybe we can keep that frakker from blasting us if we get above the treeline on Picon now. And yeah. She did good. You both did real good."

Luc arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Maia gently nudges Jason. "Yeah something like that. Crazy flying, takes one to recognize one." Offering him a teasing grin, she looks back at Ygraine. Hearing that, she breathes another sigh of relief. "I hope she gets a promotion. You too.. the saber, to be able to take it out would be incredible." Looking towards Phin, she nods solemnly.

"Sounds like you both were amazing," Jason offers to Ygraine, before he adds, "Let's hope we can knock it out very soon, so we're done with that trouble." A wide grin is offered in return to Maia. "Hey, unlike some people, I've never claimed not to be crazy," he remarks, a bit lightly.

After his own preparations done and dealt with Luc heard about what happened and moves to the sickbay. Wandering in and taking a look around the room before looking to those at the bed. "There you all are. How are you?" The question directed to Ygraine. Studying her for a moment before glancing around the room as well, perhaps looking for someone.

Ygraine shakes her head. "Don't need the promotion, but I'm supporting a medal for Kelsey." She's lying in bed, and her tone is wheezy. One of her hands is in Phin's, and she offers a breathy chuckle that makes her wince. "We'll see what intel says after they'vew reviewed the'data. I'd hate t'haveta go through all that for nothin'."

"I'll sign on for it, too, after I get a chance to look more at how things went on the Raptor side of stuff," Phin says to Ygraine, about Kelsey's medal. "Punchie might, too. Took serious balls - I mean, like, figurative - to get as close to that thing as you guys did. I didn't even like knowing I was in range of it." He offers a, "Hey, Bigmouth. They're still working on Squire, but sounds like she's going to pull through." He manages not to sound un-confident about it, at least.

Bennett arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Looking at Ygraine pains her and Maia shifts uneasily. "I'd sign for it too, but I'm not really sure that it'd have any weight to it. I wasn't there. Wish I'd gone now.." crossing her arms over her chest, she glances towards where she thinks Squire is, then back to 'Shake. "Think I should contact her family then? So they can bring Mels up to visit her mother?"

"Sounds like she really deserves that, yes." Jason offers after a few moments of pause, before he lets out a bit of a sigh. "I should get going. Good to see you guys made it back…" Offering a quiet nod to them all, he heads for the exit now, steps a bit slow.

Bennett slips into sickbay just as Jason's taking his leave. She smiles slightly in passing, but the curve of her lips seems subconscious and distracted. Smoothing a crease in her duty blues absently, the pilot pauses near the hatch to get her bearings— and determine where her injured squadmates are hiding.

"I'm not entirely sure she'd want her daughter to see her like this." Ygraine breathes. "Wait until she gets out of surgery and ask her. "Tell me what happened with the vipers? I think we heard you guys trigger the SABER earlier than expected."

Luc ahs and nods to Phin with a small smile. Nodding to the words of the medal as well, "Indeed. Seems so." Looking to Ygraine again. "It is good to see that you both at least managed." Letting Phin answer about the SABER. "Night, Jason." He offers as the man makes to leave.

Nodding to Ygraine and Phin after bidding Jason farewell, Maia smiles at the arrival of Bennett. "Take care of her yeah? I've got a CAP coming up and a mission this evening, so I've got to get out of here and get some work done." Looking at Luc she offers a smile. "See you tomorrow too."

It isn't difficult to spot Ygraine, at least, and after a moment's pause, Bennett pivots and heads her way. "You're a popular girl tonight," she mentions once she's drawn within earshot of the pilots lollygagging about. "Yes ma'am," along with two fingers tapped to her temple, and a quick grin, are offered to Maia as she heads out.

"Later, dude," Phin murmurs to Jason. To Maia, he shrugs. "Might want to look in on her first. Make sure she's…yeah. Up for it." As for the Vipers. He thinks on that. "We ran out to a convoy - lots of trucks carrying Centurions and other Cylon stuff - strafed them to get attention turned that way. Still need to look over the footage to see exactly what all they were hauling, though they're pulling less of it now. Ran into some Raiders. We tried to stay below the Saber's line of sight to tangle with them. We mostly did, I think. At least, they didn't get a lock on us until the Raiders were dusted. From there, ran into the canyons to play tag with missiles. Punchie was on the ball. It was his idea to use the terrain for cover. A couple got a lock on us. Didn't hit, though. Thank gods. How'd it go with y'all? There wasn't much I could piece together on the way back from Picon."

"We got there and it was just…I had the roughest time getting a video lock on the drones." Ygraine admits. "And th'longer we were there, th'higher th'risk, ya know? Took us like, th'fourth try. And Kelsey just flew amazin'. I thought we'd need a more experienced pilot…I was wrong."

Bennett glances at her watch briefly, then back at Ygraine— completely absorbed in conversation with Phin. She hesitates a moment like she might approach and interject herself into the shop talk, but seems to change her mind. Instead, a couple of well-thumbed magazines and a gen-u-ine packet of tea are left at the woman's bedside, and she turns and slips back out again.

Bennett leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

Luc nods as he listens. Nodding and offering goodbye to those leaving. Then turning to those still there, with a nod to Bennett as well. Listening to both offered stories. "I need to head on out as well, for some duties. Or at least soon. Thought I would give a swing by Kelsey first. I'll see you both later. Get back to full force soon, Shakes." He offers and nods to them both before heading off.

"We should've found a way to take more heat off you guys," Phin says, note of apology in his tone. "I figured…I don't know. And yeah. I wasn't sure what to make of her volunteering for something like that. Sounds like she did a hell of a job, though." Another "Later" is offered to Luc, before he turns back to Ygraine. "There anything you want me to bring by? Like, a magazine or…I don't know. Stuff."

"Just stay here with me as long as y'can, okay?" Ygraine requests. "I know ya got duties, but I feel better if you're around."

Kelsey arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Luc leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

Phin smiles some at that. "If you don't mind the company. Sure. Got nowhere else I'd rather be. Since Alex and I came back in one piece, they want us part of the escort running for this salvage mission, but that's not until way later tonight. I can hang." And he will hang for as long as he can. Or until Ygraine drifts off, whichever comes first.

Ygraine is in her bed, her surgery having been done. There was a whole fleet of visitors, and now it's just down to Phin. Ygraine's got a hand linked with one of his, and in his other he's holding one of the maenad bobble heads. "So why ya bring her, huh? Your patron now, or mine?" she teases.

Kelsey, being wheeled out of surgery, is groggy but awake. Apparently someone saw fit to wake her up before bringing her back out. Something about making sure she wasn't concussed. The pilot is slid in next to Ygraine and she blinks a few times, still trying to figure out what's going on.

Elias arrives from the Fore Corridor.

Phin looks over at the bobble in his hand, chuckling. Maybe a little sheepishly. "I took it with me when I was flying down there. Fly with it more often than not now. Kind of…I don't know. Good luck charm, I guess. Which, I know, sounds dumb. But. Do what you can. Plus…" His grin crooks. "…gets lonely for a dude in a Viper sometimes. And I was kinda wondering if your eyes'd go all buggy, trying to follow the head on all that morpha." He's sitting by Ygraine's bed, fingers clasped in hers. He looks up as Kelsey is wheeled out of surgery. "Squire?" He keeps his voice low, like he's afraid of jarring her.

Ygraine lets out a wheezy laugh that ends in a small, "…ow, jerkface." to Phin. She's still holding his hand though, as she lifts her head and calls out woozily, "Hey, Kelz Bellz. See what we did? Ya missed th'crowd. Maia was all sobbin' an' cryin' and Jason was tellin' bad jokes…Crater asked after ya. It was great." She's in bed of course, the shrapnel that had lodged in her ribs and near to piercing her lung having since been extracted. She's been provided with a morpha drip, so that's fun for her, anyway.

The Ensign hears a name she recognizes and tries to blink through the fog and focus on Phin. Her left arm is immobilized with bandages around her underarm area and her left thigh is wrapped well. "Hi, sir," she says quietly. But her eyes drift towards Ygraine as she's speaking up. Once the ECO finishes, Kelsey seems to recognize Ygraine and her eyes get bigger. "Don't frakking.. I mean, don't scare me like that again. Why were people crying? ..Luc was here?" She looks down at her bandages. "Oh wow. That's new." Nothing she says is very loud. She's probably in a lot of pain, but like Shakes, she probably does not care one iota.

Elias reaches the door to sickbay moving at a steady clip, then he slows to slip inside a bit less obtrusively. There's a pause as he stands just inside, surveying the busy scene before he approaches the duty nurse and asks a few pointed questions. The conversation is short and hushed, and the nurse seems less than pleased to be dealing with another potential visitor, but Elias offers an apologetic smile and crashes Sickbay anyway. He makes his way over towards the Air Wing personnel near Ygriane's bed, looking over each person in turn. Phin he has met, Ygraine is an unknown, and Kelsey gets a double take, as Elias fails to recognize her at first glance. He pauses, a bit awkwardly, before he ventures to interrupt. Best to make it short and sweet, he decides. "Sorry, but I just wanted to check on you and your ECO, Ensign," He says towards Kelsey. "And tell you both … well done."

Phin sticks his tongue out at Ygraine. To complete the picture of a proper jerkface. His expression sobers some as he looks up and across the beds at Kelsey, though. "You can call me Phin if you want. Or Dolly. Or…whatever, is fine. I heard you did some pretty righteous flying against that Saber. Sorry we couldn't take more heat off you guys." He gives Elias an inclination of his head and polite, "Sir."

"Scared ya? You were the one who ended up in a way longer surgery than me." Ygraine's voice is a bit wheezy; breathing is a challenge, though less so with the handy help of morpha. Her eyes than flick to Elias, and there's a brief squeeze of Phin's hand. "Lieutenant Junior Grade Ygraine Milkshake Vashti, sir. ECO. That there's Ensign Kelsey Squire Wescott, raptor pilot. At your service. You one-ah Petra's spooks?"

Kelsey looks up at Elias and barely seems to recognize the guy. "Hey. You're that guy from Tactical. I think. But she's not my ECO. She's just crazy. Her name is Ygraine, like she said." Nodnodnod. "I don't know if I have one. She volunteered. …Done what?" Kelsey is high as a friggin kite. Drifting back to Phin, she tries to steady her gaze for a moment. "Flying? Oh. I- you know. Sir. Hey sir, you think the CAG is going to be mad? I broke another Raptor." She looks up and away. "I think. I'm pretty sure its broken. But thanks for helping! Did you guys have fun?" No pain. No cares. Life is good, though a touch confusing at the moment.

Elias returns Phin's greeting with a nod of his own. "Lieutenant. Good to see you." If he's interrupting rudely, Elias seems oblivious. Or maybe just too damn pleased to care at the moment. He listens through Ygraine's introduction, his eyes shifting to Kelsey briefly, then back to Ygraine. "Yes. I'm low spook on the totem pole. Elias Gray." Kelsey's somewhat rambling contribution causes Elias to pause and listen patiently. "Don't worry about the Raptor. I'm not sure how you did get it back, given what's left of it, but I'm glad you did. And the data is excellent." Excellent data. That's what it's all about.

Phin shrugs at Kelsey, on the subject of whatever fun he might or might not've had. "I think the CAG'll be cool with it, under the circumstances." He squeezes Ygraine's fingers back, muttering "Easy, Yggs" low, at her wheezing. He's very curious about Elias' word on the data from the Raptor, though, so he says nothing else and just sits and listens to the spook.

"Knew it. I can always tell a spook." Ygraine sounds dreamily smug about that. "We gonna be able to counter th'damn things now?" To Kelsey, "Maia was cryin' because she was worrieda and freaked out 'cuz we got hurt, is all." Then dopily, "Ya ain't my daddy, Phin." But she still hasn't let go of his hand, either.

"Oh." Kelsey nods to Elias a few times, but she's not quite understanding what she's nodding about. "OH! Right. Data. So that stuff is okay? Good. I'm hungry." When she actually hears the results and they sink in she'll probably be ecstatic. She looks over to watch the two JG's for a moment, looking at their hands too. Nothing unusual. Out of nowhere, "Wait, what? How long have I burn in surgery?"

While Elias looks a bit amused at being pegged for a 'spook' by Ygraine, his enthusiasm ebbs a little when it comes to actually countering the Saber. "I've only had a quick look while the recordings were being downloaded from your Raptor," he tells Ygraine. "But it looks like we have everything we need to figure out exactly how it works." He shifts to include Phin and Kelsey as well as he continues. "If there's a way to counter them, we should be able to find it. And even if there isn't, we'll know how to minimize the threat." And finally he summarizes for Kelsey, answering her question. "The stuff is okay," he assures her. The more personal exchanges between the Phin and Ygraine, as well as Kelsey's question about surgery, remind Elias that he might actually be intruding here, and he takes a half-step back, falling into a thoughtful silence.

"Ya let us know what we can do for ya, El Tee. As soon as we get out of here. I - " Ygraine's sentence is aborted by a yawn. "Oh. Don't worry Phinny, I think I'm gonna fall asleep soon and then ya won't be trapped by my death-grip anymore." Even as she speaks, her lashes are starting to lower.

Phin flicks one finger up from clasping Ygraine's hand at the 'daddy' comment. The middle one. It's a fond sort of obscene gesture, though. "Since they brought you guys back from Picon," is his reply to Kelsey. "Hasn't been that long. They got us back that night. Morning now." The news about the data from the Saber makes him grin broad. "Sweet." To Elias, on a more professional note, "Ensign Agrippa and I haven't gone through the Viper gun cam footage from the trip yet, sir, but we'll send it up once it's been pulled. Not sure how useful it'll be. We were never closer to the Saber. Got some shots of a Cylon convoy that might be useful. Maybe. We'll see." To Ygraine, he grins. "I think I'll survive it somehow, Yggs. Get some rest, though. Can't have you guys goldbricking in here too long."

Kelsey bites her lower lip, staring hard at Elias as she tries to focus. Its taking awhile to sink in, but very slowly it is. "So. We got data, it might tell us how to de-" It dawn on her. "Oh that mission. Right. Gosh, I guess that's how I got all frakked up, huh?" she asks to nobody, looking down at her bandages. "Mels is going to freak out," she sighs. Eyes drift over towards Phin as she lays back in the pillows, listening. Squire looks like she's going to tumble backwards into sleep any moment now, too.

Elias takes another step back, giving Phin a quiet nod of farewell as he turns to go, sparing the wounded further interruption as they start to drift off towards unconsciousness. The medics will no doubt be closing in shoo them off soon, and he has a hot date with some signal analysis equipment now.

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