AWD #100: Big Mouth Causes Things
Big Mouth Causes Things
Summary: Someone's big mouth causes things to happen.
Date: 17/04/2013(OOC Date)
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Jason Luc Maia Chase 
Mess Hall – Deck 3
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #100

Seated at one of the tables, Jason seems to have been there for a while. The evidence would be the half-eaten tray of food that is slightly to the side of his head as he's leaning over the tables, looking to be very much asleep at the moment.

Luc is just about to take a seat as well. Stepping out from the line and towards Jason. Setting down his tray with a thud in front of Jason. "Rise and shine, Jase." He offers with a grin. Setting himself down onto the seat. The usual food and juice on his tray.

Lunch time! Gods look at that line. Maia looks around, not really wanting to go through a long line at all. Ah but then she notices Jason and he has a half-eaten tray of food. Half would be good and how convenient was it that he was asleep? Stealthily she creeps over and just like that, her intentions are moot, when Luc drops his tray and wakes Jason up. Giving him a teasingly mean look she sits beside Jason anyway and drags his tray to her and begins eating his remaining half of the meal. "Hey Jase," she says perfectly cheerfully. "Thanks for saving me some." Wrinkling her nose, she looks back at Luc. "So, what's up?

"Go 'way…" Jason grumbles a bit at the sound of the tray being dropped. "Sleeping…" Pausing a bit as he hears Maia as well, he sits up a bit more now, blinking a few times. "My food…"

Luc grins over at Maia as well. Giving her a one shoulder shrug. Mouthing 'Sorry'. Starting to chuckle as she steals Jason's food. "Not much. In need of some food." He says and starts on his own. "Rough night?" He asks Jason with a grin.

"Sorry," Maia says in a perfectly unsympathetic voice, but her eyes are dancing with impish delight. "Finders keepers and possession is nine tenths of the law. My food. Would you like a bite?" Her lips quirk in what promise to be a very bright smile if it follows through in the blossoming. His mouthed sorry brings it out and she laughs as well. "No need, I still got the food. All's fair in love and war, yeah?"

Jason growls a little. "Mine!" It only lasts for a few moments as he reaches for the tray again, to take away some more of the food, at least. "You'll get the next one," he says too Maia, before he shrugs at Luc. "I wish."

Luc chuckles at them both. Continuing eating his own but he does shove the tray to Maia when he has gotten enough. Taking his juice. "What has happened then?" He asks Jason. Looking between both.

Giving it up, Maia grins and slides it back over to Jason, sitting there with her forearms on the table for now, watching the two of them. When Luc offers his food, she grins. "The line is getting smaller now, I'll go get some, really I don't mind." Rising from her seat there. "Be right back." Walking towards the line now, waiting at the end of it for her turn.

"Just tired," Jason replies a bit darkly, before he goes back to eating his now recovered food. "Nothing's wrong, aside from that." He shakes his head a little now, looking over at Maia as she makes her way to the food. "Bring back some water?" he calls out, before he looks to Luc again, although he keeps silent.

"Oh, okay. I don't mind though." Luc assures Maia. Although if she insists on not taking his food he will continue to eat it slowly. Nodding to Jason as well. "Well, do get some rest." He offers with a smile. Looking between them both.

Waiting in line, Maia has a moment to think about things as she watches the two pilots, then looks around the mess hall. After getting through the line finally, she just grabs a sandwich, no tray or drink except Jason's water and she walks it over to him. "You know, I just remembered I have a mission today, so I've got to get going. I have a sandwich so I'm good to go. Thanks for the talk guys. See ya later."

Jason takes the offered bottle, offering a bit of a grin. "Sure. Good luck. Don't do anything I would have done…" Spoken a bit lightly, before he looks over at Luc. "What do you think I was doing?" he asks, shaking his head a bit.

"Ah, okay. See you Cara." He offers with a smile. Luc then shifts towards Jason with a shrug. "Not sure. Being lazy?"

"Frak you," Jason remarks a bit lightly as he hears that. Shaking his head a little as he takes another long sip from his water. "Any idea about who's running the betting pool?" he asks after a few moments of pause.

Luc chuckles and finishes his food. Along with his juice. Raising a brow at the last question. "Betting pool?" He asks. Putting things on the tray. "Shall we leave?"

"On how long this CAG is going to last," Jason offers after a few moments of pause, shrugging a little bit now. "I mean, they seldom seem to last long," he adds.

Luc hmms and shrugs. "I am sure that he will last. We'll see though." He offers and shrugs. Rising to his feet. "We will see. Perhaps I'll be the next CAG otherwise. IF people keep going down."

Jason shrugs a little as he gets to his feet as well. "You know, we're frakked…" It's offered with a bit of a grin, as he shakes his head a little bit.

Luc chuckles, "Hey! I would do a good job." He tells Jason with a grin. Leading them along to get rid of the trays and head on out. "Gotten any sim time lately?"

"Some, yes," Jason replies, with a bit of a shrug, before he shakes his head a little bit. "It's your ego telling you that, isn't it?"

"That is good. I could do some more with predators. Though I have gotten a good wrap on the viper sims." Comes Luc's own words. Chuckling about his ego. "Do you doubt that I could do a good job?" He asks with a smirk as he walks towards the door.

Jason shrugs, but doesn't say anything at the moment, just walking out as well now. Shaking his head a little bit.

"So. Where to?" Luc asks with a grin over towards Jason. Wandering slowly along with him.

Jason shrugs a little bit, "Anywhere but the chapel sounds good," he replies, looking over towards the chapel door for a few moments now. Shrugging a little to himself, he looks a bit thoughtful for the moment.

Luc grins, "Oh?" He offers with a tilt of his head. "Why not the chapel?" He asks with a raise of his brow. Though bringing them along towards the main corridor.

"Because it's a place to worship the most sadistic bitches and bastards in the universe," Jason replies, with a bit of a shrug. "Otherwise, why would they have let something like this happen?"

"A trial." Luc finally offers as they move onwards to the main corridor. "But I see your point."

"A trial? As if they'd need that, if they're like they say they are…" Jason doesn't quite sound like he believes it, shaking his head a bit now. "Anyway. We're probably far better off without them."

"Well some do say that they are like parents. It is their job to offer guidelines but not interfere with what the children do. And we created children that started to ruin it for us." Luc offers and shrugs a bit. "I am sure it is what it is though." Giving a pat to the man's back. "So. Where to?"

"Hmmm… Shooting range or something?" Jason suggests, before he adds. "After all, I would want to be able to shoot better if I have to land somewhere."

"Sounds good." Luc offers in return as he leads him over towards the firing range.

Firing Range – Deck 3
With ten different bays, the firing range can accommodate quite a few shooters with about two dozen spectators or trainees behind them. At 25 yards, the targets can be brought forward or pushed back up to the stops before the inclined plating designed to deflect rounds up. The lighting can be dimmed down to nothing for use with night vision or flashlights, also. A large sign overhead denotes the requirement of both eye and ear protection, as well as the prohibition of all ammunition except rubber or frangible. However, there are no firearms stored here. All firearms and ammunition must be checked out from the Marine Armory in the Security Hub.
AWD #100

Jason steps in from the outside, looking around for a few moments. "You know, we spend too much time thinking our birds will keep us from needing to be able to shoot better. But then suddenly, we get shot down or something, and we'd need the skills with the guns after all…" Looking a bit thoughtful now.

Luc chuckles and shrugs. "I don't do getting blown down." He offers with a wink and amusement. Moving to get a gun. Sidearm. Along with rubber bullets and his own sidearm get secured, since only rubber is allowed in here. "I think knowing how to shoot can be good. Want to make a competition about this shooting?" He asks with a grin to Jason.

"I bet I can name a few more people who said that," Jason replies, before he adds, "Janitor and Storm, for example." A brief pause as he moves to get hold of a sidearm as well, and the bullets for it. "What kind of a competition?" he asks, lightly.

Luc grinning about Cole and Holtz. "I am better pilot than them both, I think. I do give it that both might be better shots than me though." Smiling and moving along. "How about best aim wins. On the targets. Out of a couple of shots. Three shots?" He suggests and looks over.

Jason shakes his head with a bit of a grin now. "You know what your problem is, my friend?" he asks a bit lightly. "You think too much." That said, he grins a little now, nodding a bit. "Sure, sounds like a good competition."

Luc laughs and shrugs. "Here I thought most didn't know I was thinking at all." He offers lightly with a wink. Nodding and lifts his gun to start shooting.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Luc=Firearms Vs Jason=firearms
< Luc: Good Success Jason: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Luc=Firearms Vs Jason=firearms
< Luc: Great Success Jason: Good Success
< Net Result: Luc wins - Solid Victory
> <FS3> Opposed Roll — Luc=Firearms Vs Jason=firearms
< Luc: Good Success Jason: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

"Well, if you don't want them to know, you'll have to learn to keep your mouth shut every now and then," he remarks, a bit lightly now. Getting ready and firing off his own shots now.

Luc fires his shots and brings it in to review, waiting for Jason to do the same. Shrugging about his words. "I'll just challenge them in the sims and we will see." He says and winks.

Getting his targets back in, Jason can see they're a bit worse than Luc's. "You know, a part of me thinks you'd need to learn some humility, but now I'm starting to fear when we get to that point," he remarks.

Luc laughs and shrugs. "I think if I do it will be even worse, almost scary." He offers with a wink. "So. I think loser should… Run naked from here to the head? Or perhaps skinny dip in the pool?" He suggests with a wink to Jason.

"Hey, if so, it should be best of three total rounds, not just three shots," Jason replies, before he adds, "Skinny dip in the pool sounds good, if so."

Oh whoa the pilots have gone off the deep end. Literally. And naked at that. Chase walks in and looks around, hearing the bets placing. "I'll take that bet." Uninvited or not, her lips quirk in an amused smile.

Luc grins and nods. "Fine. I won one round." Moving to set up his target again to give another three shots. "Ready?" Though as he hears another voice he grins and looks over towards Chase. "Well now. I think I could skinny dip with you either way." He offers and winks.

Pausing for a few moments as he hears Chase, Jason offers her a bit of a grin. "Such a nice talk to walk in on, isn't it?" he offers to her now, before he readies his own target, and his pistol now.

"What are pilots learning to shoot for? Thought you shot the big guns." Chase counters, hearing the flirt from Luc she smirks. "You'd have to outshoot me first."

Luc chuckles and nods, "Then I would say that loser runs from locker room naked and skinny dips. The second spot only needs to strip and skinny dip from poolside. Sound good? I already beat Jason once. I'll let you do three shots and we will see if you beat mine. Then we all start the second round. Sounds good?"

"Figured it would be good to be better to shoot in case we'd get shot down, after all," Jason replies to Chase, before he listens to Luc's suggested bet. "Sounds good to me," he offers.

"Good pilots don't get shot down." Chase teases and nods to Luc as she walks over and selects the weapon of choice. A rifle. "Here goes catching up."

<FS3> Chase rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Chase rolls Firearms: Great Success.
<FS3> Chase rolls Firearms: Amazing Success.

Luc grins and nods. "I told Stand-up the same thing." He says and grins. As for her shooting he smirks. "Cheater. WE were just using these." He tells her and waves the sidearm issued, along with rubber bullets. "Not that it would matter but anyhow." He chuckles a bit at that. "Well first round goes to Chase. Let us see about second and third rounds."

"Well, accidents do happen," Jason replies, before he adds, "And for me, I figure it's also good to improve the skill if we have to ferry you guys somewhere, and then run into trouble while you're doing your thing, right?" A brief pause as he looks to the target after Chase's shots. "Nice shooting," he offers.

Even Chase looks a little amazed at her shots. "In the zone." She's lined up for more though and doesn't break her concentration as she waits for the go ahead. "Ready on your go." One side of her lips lift at the compliment. "Thanks, pilot."

<FS3> Chase rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Jason rolls Firearms: Good Success.
<FS3> Chase rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Chase rolls Firearms: Great Success.
<FS3> Jason rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Jason rolls Firearms: Failure.
<FS3> Luc rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Luc rolls Firearms: Success.
<FS3> Luc rolls Firearms: Good Success.

As the shooting goes Luc sighs at his. "Well at least I beat Jason." He offers and winks. Turning to Chase. "I am guessing you are quite satisfied with the results as well." Moving to settle the firearm back to be take care off. "Shall we?"

"Lucky shots," Jason comments, shaking his head a little bit now, although he seems slightly amused. Switching the safety on for the sidearm, before he moves to put it back as well. "Might as well get this done as soon as possible, right?"

"I think that would be a good idea, definitely, to get it over with because shift ends soon and then the corridors will be busy." Chase looks at Luc and smirks. "Yes, I am. So, yes, we shall."

Pool – Deck 3
The floors of the whole room — including the bottom of the pool — are made of poured concrete, and the pool itself is designed to accommodate barriers and other obstacles used to simulate operations in high-pressure environments. A large sign on the aft bulkhead warns visitors that no lifeguards are available, and that swimming is done at each person's own risk.
AWD #100

As they arrive at the pool it seems Luc decided to go on ahead. Waiting at the poolside dressed in swimming trunks. Waiting with amusement for Jason to come running by. Glancing to see if Chase is following or not.

And coming running, Jason does. As he's supposed to, he wears nothing, although he keeps some of his clothing held in one hand, dropping it off when he's a bit closer to the pool now. Before diving into the water, as quickly as he can. Sending the water splashing in all directions now.

Following along and laughing despite her usually stoic demeanor, Chase watches the ass cheeks and once they are there, she definitely doesn't look away. Instead, she looks between them. "Well that was quite a show. We'll have to do that again sometime. So, you're up." Looking at Luc now, since Jason already dove in.

"Oh, there he is with his lovely bunch of coconuts." Luc offers with a grin as Jason dives into the water. Himself stripping out of the swim trunks and joining. Diving in right away. Coming up and looking over to Chase. "Join us?"

Jason dives a bit under the water now, going along under the surface for a little while, before he gets up to watch Luc jump in as well. "Nice of you to drop in," he remarks, a bit absently.

Chase smirks, pulling out her music player that happens to have a camera on it. She holds it up and grins. "Say cheese?" Oh yes, the lovely clean water of the pool. Almost see through except it demagnifies everything. Snap. Snap. Snap. "Looks like I got a couple of pilots with their pants down."

Luc grins at Jason. "Of course. Can't let you have all the fun." Looking over to Chase and grins. Moving to the edge of the pool and tries to reach her. "I do think you should jump in as well. It's quite nice in the water." Chuckling a bit though.

"Ah, those paparazzi…" Jason mutters a bit lightly, shaking his head at the pictures are taken. "But no, our pants are not down. They're up there…" After all, it's higher up than the water, right? Smiling a bit as he starts floating stomach-down so his rear end is on display now. Shaking his head a little bit at the moment.

Chase remains out of his reach. "No no, I won, I get to watch while you guys get your strip on." Arching a brow as she looks at Luc, then Jason, snapping more pictures when he floats. "Now the back?"

Luc laughs and nods to Jason. "Stand-up got a point." Resting his feet against the wall of the pool before kicking off. Staying underwater and as he comes up it is only a brief view of rear and feet before swimming back to the edge and his head comes up. "I think you should be doing something other than take pictures." Winking before starting to swim a bit.

Jason shrugs a little at Chase's words. Coming to a stop and just standing in the water for a few moments longer he seems to be considering something. "Ah, well." Pushing himself backwards he starts swimming on his back for a few moments now, shaking his head a little bit. "It's almost as if one could believe that you're enjoying it," he comments, with a shake of his head now.

"Who wouldn't enjoy a fine male specimen on display?" Chase asks with a shrug. "If I were equally naked would you enjoy it too?" Her honey colored eyes rest on Luc now. "What would you suggest? I won the bet, why would I have to get naked? No no.. You guys are handling that just fine. Next time if you want my clothes off, beat me."

Luc chuckles and nods. "Well you can join us with the clothing on." He says as he starts to swim backwards and laying on his back. "Or we can go a spar right now?" He suggests with a grin. "And of course we would enjoy it. OR well, I would at least."

Shaking his head a little as he listens now, Jason just keeps on floating around. Whistling a little to himself, he shakes his head a little bit now.

"I'll think about it," Chase lies. No way is she getting into the pool with naked pilots, she knows the reps of the pilots. "A spar? With you naked?" Snapping a few pictures, she grins. "You guys are hot."

"Of course we are." Luc offers about being hot. As for the spar, he nods. "Well. I could take my trunks on if it helps you to focus." He tells her with a smirk. Glancing over towards Jason. "Jase over there seems to be doing quite fine."

"Thank you, thank you. We'll be here the whole… Well, until we disappear in fireballs," Jason replies, shaking his head a little lightly, before turning around and dropping under the water again, swimming for a bit down there now.

"Sure sounds good, pilot, the swimming trunks." Of course Chase had met him once, the time he had mentioned being married. Looking back at Jason now, she chuckles. "Hopefully no fireballs for a long time then. The show is too nice."

There is a grin on Luc's face about fireballs. "Yeah. A long time still." Moving up from the water in the nude and walks to get his swim trunks. Winking to Chase as he has put it on. "Shall we then. Want to watch, Stand-up?"

"All good shows end at some point, though. Better to end it on a high note, isn't it?" Jason replies with a bit of a shrug. Getting out of the pool now, he takes a few moments before putting on his clothing again, with a bit of a shrug.

Chase makes no secret of watching them get out and dressed, admiring both hot bodies. "Damn, how you pilots stay in shape sitting on your asses, I'll never know."

"True enough." Luc offers to Jason before grinning at Chase. Moving closer to her. "Glad that you admire it." Shirt still off after all and just standing close to her. A wide grin showing.

"Top secret," Jason remarks to Chase, a bit lightly as he manages to get back into his clothing now. "Now, if you could please beat up my big-mouthed friend here, that would be good."

Fitness Center – Deck 3
Smelling of sweat and grease, the Fitness Center is a place where individuals can come to work out or just work off stress. The area closest to the entrance is taken up by two very large sparring pads with a pathway down the center, each pad removable to reveal a Pyramid court beneath. The walls beside the pads hold lockers for everything from pugilist sticks to boxing gloves to rubber guns, though deadly weapons are strictly prohibited in here except by authorized personnel such as on-duty Military Police. Standing goalposts for Pyramid are also kept against the wall. Past the pads are a vast number of nautilus machines as well as free weights to lift. At the back of the room are workout bikes, rowing machines, treadmills, and stair climbers. There is an entrance to the pool at the rear as well as a locker room to the side.
AWD #100

From the pool to the Fitness Center, Chase has been challenged in a spar and she's not one to back down from a challenge, but she's not all together good at it. Walking over to a locker she puts on some gear. "So, make it a three way spar? But only attack one at a time, either or?"

Jason steps out as well, offering a bit of a smile now. "A three way spar? You mean all of us against each other?" he asks, before he adds, "Sounds quite good to me." Moving for some of the gear as well now.

Luc nods, "Sure. Why not." Comes the agreeing words of the viper pilot before moving towards the gear as well. "Let's see what you both got." Grinning wide at them. "Bets?" He asks with a wide smirk.

"Bets. Does it involve losing my clothes?" Chase counters, getting her gear on and stepping towards the mat. Once on the mat, she begins stretching her arms, loosening up.

"You mean your abnormally big mouth hasn't gotten us into enough problems?" Jason remarks to Luc, with a bit of a grin as he puts on the rest of his gear and heads over to the mat now. Moving around a little, as if to test the weight of the gear now. "You don't happen to know anyone that fences around here, do you?"

Luc laughs and shrugs. "Well. Losing clothes or something else." He offers and looks between them both. "Nope. Don't know any fencers." HE offers and studies Jason for a moment before shrugging. Getting himself ready and loosening up a bit as well. "One of you start."

"Oh hells yeah, I know plenty of fences." Deliberately taking it wrong. "Ohhh. You mean the en garde sort of fencers?" Chase shakes her head. "Nope. Sure, anything you want to bet, the winner calls what the losers do. Anything goes. Got it?"

Jason shrugs, "Let me know if you find out about anyone. I've missed practicing that. Brought my epees out here, in the hope of finding someone to practice with." Nodding a little as he hears the rest of it, he takes a few steps back now, readying himself. "Ready whenever the two of you are."

"Sounds good." He says and looks between them. Chuckling at Chase misunderstanding it. "Ready." Looking to Chase. "Ladies first."

"Sure, I will let you know if I hear of someone." So now that everyone is ready, Chase looks between them and suddenly goes for the attack. Using her foot to sweep Lucs feet out from under him.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Chase=Melee Vs Luc=Melee
< Chase: Good Success Luc: Good Success
< Net Result: Chase wins - Marginal Victory

Ready for any incoming attacks now, Jason waits for a few moments longer, before he attempts a similar foot sweep against Chase now. Going for speed instead of strength for this one.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jason=melee Vs Chase=melee
< Jason: Good Success Chase: Good Success
< Net Result: DRAW

Luc falls as Chase does a sweep. Then up to his feet as Jason tries the same against Chase. Himself going for the knee to Jason's chest. Trying to get him to fall back.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Luc=melee Vs Jason=melee
< Luc: Good Success Jason: Good Success
< Net Result: Jason wins - Marginal Victory

When Chase manages to get Luc down, she immediately turns as Jason goes for a similar and manages to jump and avoid it so as Luc rises and attacks Jason, she goes immediately for Luc again, going for a hard push on his shoulders to get him down.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Chase=Melee Vs Luc=Melee
< Chase: Good Success Luc: Success
< Net Result: Chase wins - Marginal Victory

Managing to dodge out of the way of that knee going for his chest, Jason takes a few steps back before moving forward again. Pretending to be going for Luc, he changes direction at the last moment, trying a quick jab for Chase's gut. Then preparing to step back as quickly as he can as well.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Jason=melee Vs Chase=melee
< Jason: Failure Chase: Failure
< Net Result: Both Fail.

Luc gets pushed down. Rolling on the floor and only wearing his swim trunks still. Seeing the other two failing he goes for an attack on Jason. Trying to get a sleeper hold from behind.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Luc=melee Vs Jason=melee
< Luc: Good Success Jason: Success
< Net Result: Luc wins - Marginal Victory

When Luc falls down, Chase looks towards Jason, expecting the attack but when it comes, she takes the hit to the gut and she falls over, but she reaches for Jason at the same time to catch her balance.

Jason was hoping to get something done a bit better than this, and tries to get free as Chase grabs him. And then Luc comes in from behind, causing Jason to lose his balance. Quite possibly dragging the other two down with him.

Thud. Thud. Thud. Three identical sounds as all three land on the mat in a tangle of arms and legs, her face right directly in the crotch of Jason while her hand is dangerously touching Lucs inner upper thigh. "Holy hell!" Chase can't help it. She laughs. And laughs.

Luc starts to laugh as well. "Hey there Chase." Feeling her hand on his leg perhaps. Or the fact that his head is on the side of her hip. With him more or less hugging Jason with an arm around his neck and the other around his stomach.

"Hey, if you wanted to get this close to us, you should have jumped into the pool," Jason comments, shaking his head a little while being all tangled up with the other two as well, one hand against the upper part of Chase's arm. Unable to hold back laughter as the others start to laugh, he ends up leaning against Luc a bit more, shaking his head a little bit.

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