MD #191: Better Things To Do
Better Things To Do
Summary: Atticus wants to talk to Lleu, Lleu has vastly more important things to worry about
Date: 16/10/2017
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Atticus Lleufer 
Brig - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
The battlestar's brig is comprised of a line of four individual cells organized in separate walled-off bays. Each cell is six feet wide by eight feet long and possesses a bed and toilet. Whenever even one cell is occupied, so too is the metal desk and chair at the entrance hatch — and backup for the guard is never far away. Each cell has had their bars specifically reinforced to prevent a Line member from being able to gain access or escape. Brig rules are posted behind the desk on a white panel with blocked black lettering.

Since his move down from medical Atticus has been largely a trouble free prisoner. He's spent most of his time either reading from the tablet, or doing the physio exercises he's been given, and only really become agitated in the presence of Emily. Since last night though he's been on edge, not able to settle as he had been before, although if it's a result of the attack, or a visit by Emily shortly after which lead him to refuse to see her again it is unclear. He's asked the guard to pass on that he wants to talk to Lleufer again, but for now he's just trying to concentrate on the tablet enough to read, and failing. Miserably.

Lleufer arrives after a while but it's hours after Atticus's request, at best. He's cleaned up now and has on a fairly fresh Marine MP uniform but the elf eared flesh eating deamon looks damned tired. The right side of Ynyr's face has been burned, as well as his ear, though it's mostly first and second degree burns. Medical gel has been smeared over the burns after they were cleaned but still are likely painful. Hair on that side of his head is also singed off so Lleufer is looking particularly lovely just now, but so are a lot of the crew who weren't killed.
When he reaches Atticus's cell, Lleu leans against the bulkhead in the corridor outside of the cell and watches his prisoner for a long moment before he speaks, "What do you want, Atticus?"

Atticus seems to have come through the attack remarkably unscathed, but then it's not like he could go running towards the danger being all heroic like so many of the crew. Or possibly that he would have, what with them being his enemies and all that, but that's by the by. When Lleu arrives he scrambles to his feet, then slows down as he takes a look at the marine and his injuries. Stopping just an inch or two shy of the bars he mentally reorders the conversation he had planned and asks first, "what happened last night?" His tone is both curious and serious as he tilts his head slightly, looking at the extent of the damage.

The Gunnery Sergeant eyes Atticus and stays put, leaning against the bulkhead a number of feet back from the cell bars. Lleu studies Atticus and takes his time to reply. "Why do you care? If you are set to remain our enemy, there's no reason I should tell you anything. Is there?"

Atticus had clearly not expected that answer, and it throws him off kilter for a moment. He opens his mouth to say 'because', but there's nothing to follow it, so he shuts it again and considers for a moment. "Fair enough." Switching back to the actual reason he asked to see the Sergeant he says. "A couple of days ago you came here, and asked me what I thought you should do with me," he starts, setting the scene. "Since you're now not the only person who has said I might not be going home I wanted to ask you what the current plans are. Will you keep me here indefinitely?" The way he fidgets as he asks makes it clear that the answer is important to him, and that he's anxious about it. More so than about anything else since he was brought onboard. "Also, since you at least appear to have been straight with me until this point, I wanted to ask about one of your men. Someone by the name Romo?"

The Master-at-Arms skims his tongue around over his teeth underneath his lip as he considers Atticus. "Before I answer any of your questions, because at this point I'm really seeing no reason why I should, how about you tell me about Emily's visit. I can and I will pull the video log to view it for myself, but humor me and tell me in your own words why she came, what she said to you, and what you think about it?"

Nope, this is not how Atticus had pictured this going in his head. There's another brief moment of confusion before he weighs up the options presented and opts for cooperation. For now at least. "She came to yell at me for not helping during whatever it is that happened," he explains, then reaches out to the cell door and gives it a quick rattle to prove it's still locked, "so I pointed out I wasn't exactly in a position to." That seems to have been the main part, so he lets it settle for a moment before covering the other bits. "She also said you weren't going to send me home, that I'd never make it back.." It's clearly hard to say the words, physically hard, as if he's fighting to get them out. "That instead you'd dump me somewhere, to die alone." Oddly, the last bit is easier than the bit before it, like dying isn't the bit that's causing him the issue. He has to take a breather once he's got through it though, and leans one side up against the bars as it seems Lleu isn't going to come closer. "She also said she was the granddaughter of one of your men. The aforementioned Romo. But also that she was the Queen's blood daughter, which makes no sense, because she was adopted. Why would anyone adopt their own daughter?"

Well, Atticus is being more reasonable than usual, trying to answer Ynyr's questions. So, though he checks his chrono and really has no time for this, Lleu abides patience for at least a few minutes longer. "I've been rather busy of late. I haven't had a chance to speak with Emily to know what memories of hers were recovered. I personally don't know anybody by the name of Romo. But there have been a lot of people who have served on board this ship and I haven't been here /all/ the years since it was built."
A shrug, "Honestly, I don't know what Command is going to decide to do with you but it needs to be decided soon. I have no more time for you. Perhaps we'll wipe your mind of any memories of us and dump you back on Picon. Let the Skath put you to death or whatever they would do with you. But that's extremely distasteful to us so it's very unlikely. Or we'll execute you as an enemy. That's probably the most likely at this point. -We- really don't have anywhere else to put you. And you sure as hell aren't staying on board my ship. We've tried to salvage a damn good man's son, but we aren't getting anywhere and now you're a waste of time and remain a security risk."
Lleufer pushes off of the wall, "Now, I have a hell of a lot more important things to be doing than standing here talking with you, Atticus."

"Kelly Romo," Atticus says quickly, as it Lleu looks to be taking his leave, "that's what she said her mother was called before she took the throne." He doesn't want Lleu to go, that much is clear, but equally he's not sure what else to say other than, "damn it! I'm trying to understand." As the potential options regarding his future are listed he breathes a heavy breath, but at least it's an answer. "Do I at least get a chance to talk to your command?" he asks, steadily, "or is this to be a summary decision." His tone is subdued compared to before, but he is twitching a bit less.

The Gunnery Sergeant stops and half turns, "Don't know her. But I'll look up what I can on her - eventually." Definitely not a high priority with him at the moment. "Then -try- harder, Atticus. What will they do? What will they decide? I don't know. Maybe something I didn't think of yet. They'll let you know when they get around to it. Right now, you are about our lowest priority at the moment so sit back and wait however long it takes." Yes, Lleufer is not in a good humor. He's exhausted, seen a lot of good people die in the past day, and still has a shit ton more important things upon his mind than Atticus. The Master-at-Arms goes down to the hatch and lets himself out.

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