AWD #379: Better Prepared
Better Prepared
Summary: Corporal Kapali heads to Office Country to speak with Captain Salazar to speak about Lt. Evans and to paint a broader image of the conditions on the ground. Coffee is had, specs are discussed, a bulkhead is insulted, an idea is formed.
Date: Tue Jul 05 2016 (OOC Date)
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Alejandro Kapali 
CAG's Office - Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
This nine by nine space is largely dominated by filing cabinets and a desk. A coffee maker is perched atop one cabinet, but the others are rather barren of decor or personal items. There are a pair of uncomfortable, molded plastic chairs facing the desk. The last vestige of open space is occupied by a lounge chair. It's one of those old, well-loved beasts that was likely pulled off of somewhere on Piraeus.
Fri Jan 20 2006

As things are pretty busy up in officer country right after the heat up at Caprica, the hatch to the CAG's office is at this moment open to invite anyone in who needs to have a word with the acting CAG. The Captain has just come back into the office himself, put on a fresh pot of coffee to make, and taken his seat behind his desk. Alejandro is still pretty bruised and banged up himself so he moves a bit stiffly, sore. He's dressed in his officer's blues and has no marks upon his face and his hair has even seen a comb at some point once this morning. His dark eyes are intent upon his computer screen as his fingers tap away to add some notations to personnel files for Airwing pilots, updating their kills and other status. The smell of freshly made coffee might be the first thing Kapali will notice upon her arrival.

Navigating her way through officer country takes rather a longer time than Kapali had calculated, what with the extra time added to explain where she's head and why, and repeat at least twice along the way. The muted greens of her fatigues make her stand out among those air wing officers and the rest that ramble around in this part of the world, but she finally reaches the office of the CAG and almost sighs a sound of relief at the smell of freshly made coffee. Almost. She squares her shoulders subtly, pulling off the ballcap she'd worn and folds it, tucks it into her back pocket, smooths her off duty uniform with a tug and a swipe of one hand over her hair, she raps the knuckles of the same hand on the door frame before speaking. "Sir?"

Alejandro glances up from his typing. His hands stop and rest on the edge of his desk a moment, "Come in. Corporal… Kapali, isn't it?" If he hadn't just read Amos's AAR to write up his own report and send the copies out, he wouldn't have a clue aside from knowing he'd seen her face yesterday. Hobo gets up to stand from his desk, "What can I do for you?" He goes over to refill his cup with fresh coffee.

A far cry from the day she was referring to the Captain as 'captain tightpants' while jesting with her friend Randy, Kapali glances down briefly before she does that subtle squaring of her shoulders again and steps over the hatch into the captain's office. She clears her throat, which for her is about as delicate of a sound as she ever makes, "Sir, I wanted to apologize for handing you the LT's, that is, LT Evans tags and patches without having the ah.." there's a brief pause as the marine searches for words. "I should have passed them to my captain and he would have passed them to you from there. I'm sorry."

When she steps fully in through the hatch and Alejandro gets a better look at her, he suddenly remembers her and frowns, coffee cup in hand, "Damn it, I'm sorry. Of course I remember you from Saturnalia and sickbay. My apology that I have a lot on my mind. Want a cup of coffee?" Ale had defaulted to officer to Marine enlisted, as he had last night on the deck. He draws a slow breath and resettles into his chair, "True, you probably should have done that. However, your Captain is in sickbay so … if you owe anyone an apology for unintentional misconduct, go apologize to him. I have not been offended." After a second he adds, "You're welcome to be at ease and have a seat, too. I don't bite too much."

"Thank you, but no," Kapali replies as she briefly fidgets her hands together before stifling the fidget and takes the offered seat. His last words draw a quick gleam of a smile before she smooths the expression away and glances down at her hands. "Right, to it then," she says, more to herself than to Alejandro as she looks up again. "I wanted you to know, that the Lieutenant knew that we were about to be over run and that I couldn't get him free from the weight of the console that had pinned most of his lower body in place. He knew that we'd run out of time, and that if we'd stayed another minute, maybe less, that we'd have either been killed along with him or worse. And he did the only thing that he could do to keep the knowledge of the battle group safe and that was to do what he did. I wanted to say, I needed to say, Sir, that it was," and she stops, hauling her words up short with a slow exhale of breath. "That it was one of the bravest things I've ever seen, sir. And I know the Captain has a report that he's written up, but I needed to make sure that you heard it from me as well. And to say that I'm sorry, sir, deeply sorry, that I could not get him free from the console in time."

Now his seat is resumed, Ale sips his coffee and sets it aside to listen. He frowns once more, "So neither of you excecuted him in the line of duty. He took care of it himself?" Hobo tries to remember Amos's report and it seemed to indicate that, "I don't need grisley details, but … I was rather fond of Evans. He had a great sense of humor. I /do/ appreciate your telling me so I can pass that up to Command's attention in a reccomendation. Obviously, if you and the Captain wish to write him reccomendations, Command might care to award him something post humously. If Evans has any family still living who can be contacted at some point later, they might appreciate such a gesture." He sighs, "Wish I had a lot more like Evans."

Kapali looks down at her hands, but only briefly, squaring a look at the captain along with her reply, "No sir, the Lieutenant expressed, on several occasions, that there was no practical way to extract him and advised the captain that it was wiser to make our escape than to remain and attempt to free him. It was his idea to use the bits and pieces of the Raptor's exterior armor and hull to attempt to shore up the weight of the console and lever it enough off that we might affect to extract him from beneath it." She stops, lips pressing to a fine line before she continues, "I will speak with my Captain, I can put something in writing as well, to that end. But no, sir, the Lieutenant took matters into his own hands to … to ensure that neither myself nor the Captain were obligated to .." Again her words arrest and she stops. "If he has family, they should be made aware that he was brave, that he was being damned funny too, sir, pinned and in pain he was making jokes. Cracking wise."

That last makes Alejandro's frown ease into a smile, "He was a good man. I'm sorry we had him for so short a time. He was only sent up to us a few weeks ago. I know little about him except that I liked him instantly." He idly plucks at his stylus on his desk, "I'm glad he spared you both that much. I've never considered myself much of a brave man, Kapali. I have no wish to die in this war anymore than anyone else. But all of us I suppose can keep what Evans did in mind, should we find ourselves in a similar position. If it might save the lives of our own." Ale glances over the office and out the hatch, then back to Kapali, "This ship, our crew, this is the only family a lot of us have. I've got my sister on board, but most do not have that luxury."

"I have family on Caprica, Sir," Kapali says quietly, "if they survived the attack." Her lips twist slightly into a bitter attempt at a smile, "I have no way of knowing. It's why I was so keen to volunteer for the mission on Caprica. That," and she works up a decent attempt at a smile, "and I never could resist volunteering. It just goes against the grain." She rubs both hands against the slightly wrinkled material of her greens and glances down then up again, "Would you happen to have a copy of the specs manual for a Raptor that I could borrow, sir? I'm not a mechanic, but I've monkeyed around in enough heavy construction equipment to know my way around some things. I just.. wanted to look through it, if you've a copy I could nip for a bit."

Kapali gets a nod from him, "I /had/ family back on Canceron." But the cylons destroyed that world. "I probably still do have cousins and what not on Scorpia." He shrugs, "But I haven't lived there since I was a kid." Alejandro picks up his coffee and sips it before he gives a negative movement of his head, "No. I have no use for such myself. Worked in the shipyards a little before I went to OCS but I'm not allowed to dabble on our craft. If you go down to Deck, you can make your appeal to them. But you better be very convincing. That sort of information isn't to be let into just any hands without good reason for security issues, naturally."

Kapali nods in return this time, "I've tried that already. Deck says to ask the chief, which will be my next stop then," she says as she scrubs her palms against her cargos once more and rises to her feet. "I can be pretty damn convincing when the need arises, sir," and for the second time in a short span of time there's a stubborn gleam in her eyes. "It would be good know how to affect some repairs on the ground, Sir. The more we know the more use we can be when the need arises. I'm EOD, I'm a combat engineer, and I know my way around damn near any tool in any kit," she pauses and affects a quick glimpse of a smile. "So I'll keep asking. So that if there's a next time, then I'll be better prepared."

"You're an engineer…" that sparks an idea in his dark eyes, "Then maybe I should toss an idea I had at you. Evans has been on my mind a fair bit. What about something that could be installed in our SAR Raptors, like those Jaws they use with wrecks in the Colonies? If we had one of those on board yesterday, we might have been able to get Evans out. Are you familiar with what I'm talking about? I think they are hydralic, but you would know better than I would how feasiable such a thing might be. I don't recall they are very large or heavy, either. Anybody could use it." Alejandro grabs his clipboard and digs up a scrap sheet of paper. Using his pen, he roughly sketches out a brief drawing of the sort of thing he's pitchering in his mind, "I saw one once years ago. Could cut through the frame of a vehicle like butter."

<FS3> Alejandro rolls Visual Arts: Failure.
<FS3> Alejandro rolls Visual Arts: Good Success.

His first attempt doesn't please him. The Captain frowns, scratches it out, thinks about it a moment longer then makes a better sketch before he turns it around to let Kapali see what he's talking about.

Kapali steps forward and eyes the sketch that the captain affects and nods, slowly, angling her head as she quells a sudden flare of temper that she'd thought long since tempered, or a least battened down to the point that it doesn't escape so very well at this stage in her life. "Aye," she manages in a rough voice, "that would have done the trick, sir. I'd have had him out in a matter of minutes and we'd have been able to carry him away from the wreckage and signal for a safer evac instead of seeing him - -" she stops, turns, paces the length of the office. Eyes the nearest expanse of empty wall and cocks back one elbow and slams a fist against the open patch of wall, hard enough to make her knuckles sing and the impact to reverberate up her arm into into her shoulder. NOT hard enough, on purpose, to break her knuckles, but hard enough to make sure it hurt, just hard enough to drive the image of the Lieutenant's head exploding out of the front of her thoughts and back to where it's temporarily housed. "Aye," she says in a very clearly calm voice as she turns back, "it would have done the trick."

The Captain lifts a brow at her display of tempter but he's not feeling like chastizing the Marine under the circumstances. Instead he leans back in his chair and thinks about it. "Maybe. But what is done we can't undo. What we /can/ do is try to make the most of loosing Evans and learn from it. That his death isn't in vain, a waste. I am no engineer. Talk to the Deck Chief, work on some sketches - real ones." Not like his scribble, "Work out the mechanics and see if you can't get Command to approve it. It's not an idea that hasn't been thought of before, it's just something we don't have and need. Even if it were only on one Raptor, it would be one we could send on SAR's that involve crashed personnel. It could make a difference. Could be me, or you, pinned in the next one."

"I'll do that," Kapali grasps this particular thread with both hands, metaphorically speaking, shaking her left hand, having been smart enough to have slammed her non dominant hand against the wall instead of the one already mottled with scars. "I'll work up some sketches, do some research into what models are most effective, see if we have anything on hand that would do the trick or if there's a place that we can loot, lift or acquire one. The weight of most models can't be prohibitive to the lift of the average SAR bird to be a detriment to the mission itself, so it can't be bulky or impossible to use in a short span of time." She scrubs both hands against her cargos once more and nods, "One raptor, sir, would be all the difference in the world."

"No, if a single fire and rescue man can pick up and carry one, they obviously aren't very heavy and don't take up a lot space. At least, not the business end." Alejandro makes a vague gesture, "I'll speak with Captain St. Clair about it. Raptors and SAR are /her/ territory and she knows them best. But I do not think it would be a hard sell. The difficult parts are going to be on you and Deck." Hobo picks up his coffee and glances at his computer terminal, then back to her, "Anything else you need of me?" He has reports to finish.

"No sir," Kapali replies as she angles a deep nod in his direction, "and thank you sir," she adds before gesturing at the bit of paper. "That's the starting point I needed," she admits before angling for the door back out of his office, "anything worth doing, sir, is worth the fight that it takes to get the job done, and get it done right." She aims a brief smile back at the captain before ducking through the hatch again and back out into the corridor.

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