AWD #078: Beliefs
Summary: Holtz and Ygraine discuss the massacre in the Mess Hall. They're soon joined by other pilots, who have much the same on their minds.
Date: 25/03/2013
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Viper Squadron
The berthings for the Orion's Air Wing are the same as what one would find on any other Mercury-class Battlestar, though they are distinctly different from the rest of the bunks on the ship. These bunks are separated not into sections of sixty, but by squadron. That means that there is a little more room to move around with only twenty to twenty-five pilots in one bunkhouse. Some officers have brought a small rug to sit in front of their bunks, but the tables and chairs are standard military issue. At the rear is a small couch that was probably new when the ship left anchorage and seems to have been kept carefully clean. The crest of the Lucky Strikes has been painted onto the wall behind the couch, as well.
March 25, 2005

By whatever grace the Lord of Kobol responsible for schedules gives, Ygraine has managed to sneak in a little bit of mid-day rack time. She hasn't asked, but since the shooting, she's been crashing in Kurt's bunk, even when he's on duty and elsewhere. She's finagled people bringing her food rather than going to the mess thus far, because she can't bear to go in there just yet, though she knows there's no avoiding it. She's wedged into Holtz's bunk, smushed up against the wall as if mindful, even in her sleep, of just how much bulk Holtz has and trying not to deprive him of too much room.

This time, however, Holtz is neither on-duty or elsewhere. Squadron leaders are sometimes forced to keep odd hours, which is why Holtz is still sleeping in his rack in the middle of the day. The big Tauron doesn't snore, thankfully; the only sound coming from him is a quiet, shallow breathing, although there's a grunt and a muffled mumble as he turns in his sleep. Something next to him stops him from moving, though, and it's enough to pull him into consciousness. Bleary eyes open, and he blinks as he sees the form of Ygraine pressed in next to his.

Is it clingy? Well. She hasn't hounded him during waking hours. She also hasn't had her typical frak-away-the-trauma reaction that's her usual MO since the shooting. She's just gone about, doing her job, usual smiles and laughter a bit subdued in the past 24 hours. Still there, but ghostly. She must be sleeping lightly, or poorly, because even stirring a little bit is enough to flick her eyes open, peering at him through wheat colored lashes.

"Mrng." It's a sleep-muddled Holtz' best attempt at a "Good morning". He blinks a few more times then yawns loudly before looking over at Ygraine. "When'd you get here?" It takes him a few moments to wake up enough to form a coherent sentence, but finally he manages. It's not as though her presence is an undesirable thing, he just doesn't remember her being there when he fell asleep. "Ya okay?"

"Had way early CAP, went straight to sims, wasn't hungry so decided to get racktime instead. Ya were already here. Ya don't mind?" she asks, and then, "Ya believe me, right?" It seems important to her that Holtz believe her, but not about when she crawled into his rack.

"'s fine." The bleary-eyed Viper jock's voice is gravelly as he shakes his head. If she wants to crawl into his rack, he's certainly not going to deprive himself of the opportunity to wake up next to a cute blonde. He stifles another yawn before looking at her askance. "Believe you?" he asks, momentarily confused. Then, suddenly, it clicks in his sleep-fogged mind. "About t… Ceres?" The name is like ash in his mouth.

"Yeah." is all she says. She's trying hard to keep from revealing how important it is that he believe her. She knows there's going to be doubters in the wing. She doesn't try to persuade him, or pitch a whinge about what she saw, she just waits for his answer.

Holtz shrugs, as best he can while laying flat on his back. "I ain't seen or heard a godsdamn thing to make me b'lieve otherwise, so my money's on you." Which is his roundabout way of saying, yes, he does believe her. "Ain't like we didn't already know about skinjobs. Anyone who wants to ignore the frak-all obvious…" He trails off with a shake of the head as he absently scratches himself for a moment.

She can't hide her relief. That's embarrassing. "The best I can come up with is 'it sucks'." she says, shifting now so she's on her side and turned toward him. "How's your squadron? The wing's morale has gotta be in th'basement right now. My morale's in the basement." She is her own litmus test.

"If this is your idea of pillow talk, Ygraine, I'm sorely disappointed," Holtz deadpans, but with a distinct lack of humor in his voice. He pushes himself up to a sitting position and then out of his rack on the top row; his feet hit the deck with a dull metallic thud. "Sure's frak ain't great, I know that," he replies, more seriously this time. "Could be worse, though. Ain't heard about any brawls or suicides yet. That's somethin', anyway." He sighs.

She sits up too, and puts her chin on his shoulder. "Hey baby, wanna frak?" she asks just as tonelessly as he. She lifts her chin off his shoulder, a smile creeping its way to her mouth. Hey, at least it's there. "Not much else to do but get on with things. And keep the paranoia at a minimum."

Holtz grunts. "Better," he says, with a thin, wintry smile of his own. It fades quickly, though, as he ambles in the direction of his locker. "Best thing for it, really," he says after a second or two. "Ain't gonna argue with you one damn bit there." He opens the locker and begins to rummage around for a set of fresh clothes.

Ygraine dangers her legs over the side of his bunk, content to watch him in silence for a few minutes. "I'm surprised the Wing hasn't been called together yet." she says, then admits, "Maybe it's too soon." She pushes off the rack and onto her feet. "Thanks for letting me stay. I feel kinda weird sleepin' alone right now."

Holtz shrugs again. "That's Shepard's worry, not mine," he says woodenly as he pulls out a set of fresh clothes. "We'll hear somethin' from him when he's ready to say somethin'." With that he begins to strip out of his old clothes and change into the new. Modesty, thy name is not Holtz. He looks over at Ygraine as he pulls a pair of shorts up to his waist. "Ain't gonna kick you out of bed for eatin' crackers, hon." It's not quite an any time, but the invitation is implicit.

Ygraine is seated on Holtz's bed, hair in braids that have now lost their tightness and have flyaways everwhere. She yawns hugely, hiding her mouth with the back of her hand. "D'ya know when your next opening for an overnight shore leave might be? I think campin' on Piraeus sometime in the next month might not be a bad idea."

Storm is standing next to his locker changing his clothes, having just been woken up a few minutes before by the blonde woman perched on said bed. The tattoos covering his torso and upper arms are on full display for the moment. "Not offhand, no," he muses to Ygraine, a far off expression on his face as he thinks. "Sure I can arrange somethin' soonish, though. One of the job's few perks," he deadpans.

It's not too often that Maia makes her way into the Viper berthings, but when she does, it's usually for a reason. Stepping inside, she looks around towards a distinct bunk area. In her hand is a wrapped package as she heads a bit further in. Hearing voices, she looks over and stops short. "Oooh. Am I interrupting?" Giving the two of them a silly lopsided little grin.

Ygraine purrs, "Oh, I love a man in authority. I'm a total rank-frakker, didn't you know?" She chuckles, and then brightens a good bit when she sees Maia. "Hey. Naw, we'd have barred the hatch wheel." Shameless, she is. "Ya come lookin' for Grippy?"

Kingsbury steps in, looking around. Unlike Centerfold, Royal has no qualms about dropping in. He nods to Milkshake and Storm, smiling at Centerfold. "Good night, you two?" he asks of the pair, eyes twinkling. "Yggy, I'd like to, ah, talk… sometime." He offers a wink. Not subtle, Kingsy. Ah well. He carries a couple of books. "Wanted to see if anyone was interested in trading before I went to the library to donate these couple."

Eyes widen and the grin turns into an O shape as Ygraine asks her about Agrippa. "Ah.." glancing down to the package then back to the ECO, Maia shakes her head side to side. "Uh uh. I was bringing something for Tasha." Indicating the girls bunk with the package. As Kingsbury steps in, Maia deliberately relaxes her posture some, "Hey Royal, what's up?"

"Not this time, Centerfold," Holtz replies drolly. At Ygraine he merely rolls his eyes and snorts loudly. "Bullshit." Smirk. Kingsbury gets a look and a shake of the head. "Not as good as I'd like, Royal," he says ruefully. "Late CAP," he clarifies a moment later. Maia and her package are eyed curiously for a moment, but Holtz doesn't ask.

Having been asleep over at his own bunk is none other than Luc. Laying on his belly and an eye slowly opens as he looks towards the people arriving. "Party going on over there?" He asks in a sleepy voice Mouth open and not moving any. He was told to be on light duty and get a lot of rest after all. Most likely having gone back to do just that after a brief wake up in the morning.

Ygraine beams at Holtz, and then sort of oh's at Kingsbury. She actually opens her mouth like she's not entirely sure what she wants to come out of it and settles on, "Sure, Royal. Catch me anytime in the mess or the rec if ya want t'chat." She is very deliberately misunderstanding him. Then to Luc, "It's a party in the Twelve of K." she says, quoting a pop song line.

Kingsbury shrugs, understanding a brush off. "Okay, Ygs." He smiles around the berth. "So. I've been brushing up on my classics. Anyone want to trade Moby Dick for another classic style novel?" Then the CAP comment filters into his brain and he looks at Holtz. "Heard there was some kinda fight in the Mess. Missed it all. Someone fill me in, if y'were there?" A bit slow, Kingsbury.

Right.. so. Walking towards Tasha's bunk, Maia doesn't have to pass too many. Placing the package on her bed, she turns back to the others, watching the interaction, chuckling at the 'not this time' part from Holtz. With a look back to Royal, she lifts her shoulders. "The only book I had was some romance one I ended up with somehow and I left it with some civilian down in the recovery ward."

"If you were, you'd've done better than a no-account overaged lieutenant." That's to Ygraine again, that thin smirk still plastered on his face for a heartbeat or two before fading away. "Wasn't there either myself, mind, but fight ain't quite the word I'd use," Holtz says slowly to Kingsbury. Not having been there himself, though, he doesn't try to tell the story; he'll leave that for one of those who were. Instead, he turns back to Maia. "Romance novels… never touch the stuff, myself," he says to her dryly.

"Frak ya, I scored a no-account over-aged captain." Ygraine retorts merrily to Holtz, though her expression falls. "A Cylon agent, a skinjob, somehow got on board the ship. Tracked down another skinjob, which turned out to be Redux, and open fired in the middle of the mess. Shit went downhill from there." She looks over at Maia, noting and trying to recover some of her good mood, "Y'know, I've got a stack of fashion mags I picked up while we were at anchorage on Virgon. If ya wanna borrow 'em or Tasha does, just lemme know."

Kingsbury stares. Just—stares, jaw dropped, eyes wide. "What the /frakking frak/," he swears. "Are you kidding me?"

Luc chuckles and nods to Ygraine, "That's a good song." He admits with a broad grin showing at the song. Glancing to Maia as she moves to Tasha's bunk. "Is it something red?" He teases Maia with a knowing smirk. Thinking that she most likely picks up on it. Just grinning he looks between them until they speak about more serious issues. Nodding a bit but keeping quiet about that. He's too tired for that. "Oh, I do have some movie mags and some game ones. I mean… If anyone but me is interested in such." Finally starting to rise from his flattened position.

"Yeah me either. Romance novels are old lady porn." Maia smirks, but she looks back to Ygraine then, hearing what happened, but she'd been there so she shows little reaction to that. "Sure, I'd like that, thanks." A beat. "What made you think I came here looking for Grippa?" When Luc addresses her, she rolls her eyes. "Don't go making me have to go through your laundry again Raynor. No more raids on my locker." She'd heard the rumors too.

"You scored the lieutenant," Holtz corrects, grinning. "The captain's pins came later." That smile, though, disappears as quickly as it had appeared when Ygraine starts describing what happened in the messhall. His expression is grim as he finally gets around to pulling a shirt out of his locker and over his bare chest. It's a brown, non-regulation shirt, with the sleeves cut off and the words PICON A&M splashed across the chest. It's not a perfect fit, being a little snug, but it serves its purpose well enough. After the somber moment passes, he looks at Maia with a mildly amused snort of agreement.

Ygraine looks at Maia with a who do you think you're fooling? expression briefly before saying, "Ain't nothin' wrong with a bit of romance novel porn if you're gonna flick the bean." Hello, Shameless Ygraine party of one. Or two, in the right conditions. She looks over at Kingsbury. "I'd be shocked and outraged, but I just spent th'last 24 hours shocked and outraged and I'm all outta shock and outrage so don't think I'm undereactin', kay?" Seriously, she's actually emotionally tired from it all. Casually, to Luc, "Buttons would probably love ya for the game mags." She then leers at Holtz, "Yeah well, Ensign-frakker, look who's talkin'." Ha ha. Who do they think they're fooling?

Kingsbury shakes his head. "I ain't judgin', Ygs. I'm just in shock here m'self." He sighs, but then looks at Luc. "I might be interested in those movie mags. Trade you MD for 'em."

There is a laugh as Luc hears Maia's counter, "Hey, I am the one with a pink tanktop now." He offers with his amusement showing. He does listen a bit about Agrippa though. Whatever brief comment there was. As for hearing that Buttons might appreciate it, he nods. "Well that is nice. Someone shares my taste." He says with a grin. Nodding to Kingsbury as well. "Heck, why not. Been awhile since I read any good novels."

Maia knows that she hadn't been that obvious had she? Spending very little time in his presence first of all. Giving Ygraine a dubious expression, she nods her acceptance. For now. Leaning against whatever solid structure she can find, she crosses her arms almost protectively over her chest as she regards Luc. "Hey I'd trade you a white one for it, pink is one of my favorite colors." All girly like beneath her uniforms, even to the painted toenails, she rarely conforms to military regulated underwear. Nope.

At this very moment, Holtz and Ygraine are likely fooling… exactly no one. Not that it was exactly a well-kept secret to begin with. He points a finger at her, mock-fiercely. "I was seduced," he maintains, even doing an admirable job of keeping a straight face as he says it. "May want to keep lookin' then, Crater," he says to Luc with a wry grimace at the book in Kingsbury's hand.

What confessions Ygraine may or may not have extracted from one Alexander Agrippa while boozing shall remain unmentioned. She does note to Luc though, "Buttons is aka Zander Sava. Y'know, Savant Industries?" Then to Holtz, she nods in the affirmative. "I'm a young black widow, out suck th'life right outta ya." There's a pause, and suddenly she starts laughing. "That came out wrong…" She's holding her sides, it's the first real laugh she's had since the shooting.

Kingsbury watches Ygraine, tilting his head. He offers the tattered paperback toward Luc, hoping for a trade now. He's silent, still mulling over the information of the shooting.

Luc smirks at Holtz, "Well I can always try. I have had stashes of different mags and so on. There are only so many times one can read them." He offers and still grins. Looking over to Maia and nods as well, "I think you just want my shirt." He teases her before nodding. Gesturing to his locker. "IT's in there. IF you really want it. I am fine either way. Pink can be nice." He admits. Then his grin and eyes widen at Ygraine's words. "Seriously?" He asks and does seem to find that to be pleasant news. "Damn this ship is full of fun people." He offers and just seems amused. Starting to chickle as Ygraine goes on about widows and sucking, or something. His own mind still on Zander. Then seeing the offered paperback and offering his movie mags in trade. "That should be a fair trade, I believe."

"Anything in particular you'd like to know, Royal? I was there too." Her voice is rather quiet as she speaks almost in an aside to him. "Pretty rough stuff." Her good humor is somewhat returned, but there's another suspicious glance given to Ygraine that quickly turns into a laugh. "Black widow sucking the.. life out of him huh?" At the mention of stashes of mags, she inputs one. "I've got a few May issues left if anyone wants one."

Kingsbury shakes his head. "Nah," he says, woodenly, taking the magazines and trading the novel. "I'm just… kinda in shock I think." He holds the magazines in one beefy hand, to his side. "I'm… thinking I should go punch some stuff. I'm kinda worked up now. Mad I wasn't there." He turns to go.

Holtz actually colors a bit at Ygraine's response, but he laughs along with the blonde woman, giving a rueful shake of the head. He does seem glad to see her laughing like that, though. "And if ya were there, Royal?" he asks Kingsbury rhetorically as the other ECO makes to leave. "Don't beat yourself up about it, yeah? Nothin' to be done about it now." He shrugs, then turns back to the conversation floating around the room.

"Ain't nothin' ya coulda done, Royal." Ygraine calls out. "Th'shooter took at least two bullets, maybe three, and at least one was center mass, plus one of th'deckies got him square in th'face with his tray, and the motherfrakker kept running. You're just one less person t'wind up shot, and I'm grateful for it, personally." Holtz is blushing? Ygranie sits up a little straighter. Damn, that's an accomplishment.

Kingsbury gives a shrug. "It ain't rational," he says. "I know it ain't. But I got anger management problems. I'd rather funnel that into not punching walls." He nods to Ygraine. "I know, Ygs. But… like I said. Anger management issues." He grits his teeth and cracks his jaw, half out of the berth already.

Luc nods about there being little Kingsbury could had done, would he had been there. "I think we got off fair enough. All things considered. Have the MPs found the thing yet or are they just rolling their thumbs until we all run into him?" Hearing about the mags he does look over towards Maia as well with a tilt of his head, "What kind?" He asks with a grin. Watching Kingsbury as he moves to exit, "Would spar if I wasn't told to take it easy."

Kingsbury grins to Luc. "Naw, man, y'deserve your rest. But when you're better, I demand one." A chuckle, with an edge of anger, floats from the man as he heads into the hall.

Maia manages an understanding smile for Kingsbury, "It's hard to believe, I know." Nodding about the anger issues. Par for the course in the Military. Involuntarily her gaze goes back to Ceres' old bunk, just a flicker over there before she uncrosses her arms, letting them hang down at her side now, less defensive, perhaps. Looking back at Luc at his question, she gives him a quelling look. "You know very well which one." Rolling her eyes then.

Holtz is still slowly finishing the process of getting dressed; a pair of green fatigue pants come out of the locker, and he hunches over awkwardly as he puts them on. A curious glance is shot in the direction of Luc and Maia when the latter unleashes a Look at her ex, but for the moment he doesn't interrupt.

After a few more moments, Maia glances around then mentions one more thing. "If any of you see Tasha could you let her know there's a package there for her? The one she's been expecting.. Thanks, I better get going. Got to find something to do." Always restless. "See you guys around." Tipping an invisible hat, she grins then heads out.

"Yeah, think I'd better head that way," Holtz responds after a moment's thought, shooting off a wave to the departing Maia. "Ain't eaten since last night." He closes his locker with a soft kick. "Wanna go with?"

"Yeah." Milkshake says. May as well face those demons, as she gathers herself up.

Maia glances back at the mention of the mess hall, then shudders. "I've not been back there since.. well.. Yeah. Mind if I head off with you guys? Someone got a gun?"

Luc smirks and winks to Maia with a roll of his good shoulder, "True enough." As Kingsbury heads on out he will nod once more. "Of course. Just give me a day or so and I will be ready." Still seeming unbothere by Maia and just smiles at her. Starting to slide off to get dressed as well. Taking out a pair of fatigues of his own and looks at the others. Being a bit quiet as he get dressed.

Storm nods at the Raptor pilot. "Sure." He raises an eyebrow. "I ain't stuffin' a gun down my skivvies just to go eat, though. Besides, you know what they say about lightning strikin' twice." With that, he stands and starts moving for the door after Maia, though he'll wait for Ygraine to follow before leaving entirely.

"We've all got guns, Maia. You're free to carry yours." Ygraine reminds the other blonde gently, as she goes to join Holtz and head out.

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