AWD #031: Behold Piraeus
Behold Piraeus
Summary: Ygraine introduces Agrippa to a fellow viper flying ensign, and gives him his first view of Piraeus.
Date: 07/02/2013
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Observation Deck
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the Orion where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with of the rest of duty on the ship. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and seal tight.
AWD #31

So, first off: Phin told Ygraine to meet her and Agrippa in obs so she could introduce them. They're both Ensigns and viper jocks, and both could use a guy-friend, right? Right. So that's that. But Ygraine has another agenda. When she and Agrippa arrive, she has somehow managed to convince him to let her hold her hands over his eyes and guide him onto the obs deck blind. There's a reason of course; the ship is in the perfect position to reveal the stunning blue-greens of Piraus, the planet lush and beckoning, and perhaps a sight to foster some hope. She hasn't taken her hands away yet. "Just trust me, will ya?" she's saying to him as they enter.

The planet is something that Agrippa has not scene yet, as when he arrived on the Raptor, he was not exactly conscious and most of the time he spent on the Orion, he was stuck in the Recovery Bay. Only recently was he released and today, it appears that Ygraine has a hold of the Orion's newest pilot, just lacking the official transfer. The new Ensign had given Ygraine an odd look when she made her request but it appears harmless enough so he allowed it. "My birthday already past so I don't see the point of this but all right." He allows her to guide him into the Observation Deck, trusting that she won't push him over an elevated railing or something to that manner.

Phin arrived early. He's overly punctual like that. He's picked out a couch with a good view of the planet, though he's sort of half-perched, half-leaned on the armrest rather than properly sitting on the thing. He's in his off-duties, earbuds around his neck and music player in his pocket, even if he's not actually listening to the thing at the moment. His head turns when Ygraine and Agrippa enter, and he half-opens his mouth to call out a greeting. But, seeing the whole blind-leader thing, he doesn't. He just tilts his head to watch it, looking not quite sure if he should intervene or laugh. He decides to just watch.

Yggy casts a broad grin and wink in Phin's direction, but she actually is quite careful with Agrippa. "Okay," she says, "Okay." She's got him situated with a view of the great wide expanse, and then takes away her hands. "Ta daaaaa!" Behold Piraeus.

More blind steps forward, steps taken very tentatively as Agrippa still doesn't know Ygraine that well yet or anyone else on the ship so complete trust with blind walking is one of those things that have to be worked on. But he braves on, nonetheless, until the dark blindness is replaced by the image of the large planet that floats below them. "Capr…" No, this is not Caprica, or Caprica pre-War Day, not home. For a moment, the young pilot remains silent as he continues to stare down at the planet until he finally asks, "Where are we?"

"Not quite. Take it you haven't been briefed yet?" Phin remarks wry. Raising an arm and opening a palm to offer a lazy sort of wave to the pair of them. "The place is called Piraeus and it's kind of…off the map. And, like, technically a super-classified military secret so…don't tell anybody." He shrugs. "That's why the toasters didn't take us out when they did so much of the rest of the Fleet. Nobody knew we were out here, I guess."

"What he said." Ygraine chimes in. "We all thought we were signing up for a deep space mining facility tour, and we got this instead. And now this is gonna be the place where we'll become stronger. Build ourselves back up."

When the new voice speaks up, Agrippa turns his gaze from Piraeus to Phin, nodding to the man that he recognizes, "I actually just spoke to Doctor Gades last night and she finally cleared me for flight status. Now I need to speak with Major Sheperd to report in… So no briefing yet." Even if he wanted to tell someone, there si most likely no one alive left to tell, except the Cylons, and the last thing he would tell them is to die in a fire. Looking back to the planet, Agrippa repeats the name quietly, "Piraeus." Then a glance is given towards Ygraine, "What's it like down there?"

"Agrippa, this is my friend Phin. He's an ensign and a viper jock too, so I thought ya might might get along. Phin, this is Agrippa. I think he's not usually as glum he has been lately, but ya can't really blame him." She then flashes that smile at Agrippa. "Beautiful. Dangerous. Exciting."

"'Deep space mining.'" Phin actually holds up his index fingers to mime the little quotes. He propels himself away from the couch to go and stand with them closer to the window. "Stronger. Right." He sounds like he agrees. But he doesn't offer anymore than that. "It's…a little weird, actually. I mean, it's not what you'd expect. There are mountains and beaches and trees and…freaky squirrels and stuff. It's a whole other world. Not just some ice ball or a gas giant you can't walk around on without a space suit. Anyway. Hey." He half-turns to offer Agrippa a nod. "We met real brief in the gym the other day. I was kind of focused on other stuff just then, though. Glad things went good with the doc, man."

When Ygraine offers introductions, Agrippa manages a smile, a rarity these days from him, nodding his head towards Phin as if to say 'What he said' on them already meeting. He is also smart enough to dig around for details about that deep space mining op, looking back out the large viewport. "Sounds… peaceful. Though I guess the native creatures aren't /that/ peaceful if it's dangerous and exciting at the same time." And right when he says that, he sort of added two plus two in his head and looks back to Ygraine, mainly at her arms, "Sorry, didn't mean to bring that up." He wasn't sure how she felt about talking about the creatures that had given her those wounds, not realizing that she was probably on the planet they are looking at right now until the words were already out of his mouth.

Ygraine shrugs. "Well, aside from the shrieking chipmunks and the direwolves and bear-wolf things that I still have yet to see, unless people are mistaking the direwolves for bear-wolf things, it's ya know, about as dangerous as any planet that has its own natural collection of wildlife." She smirks at them both. "Believe me, ya gonna have to dig a bit deep to try and get me t'not talk about stuff. Just ask Phinny. I'll talk ya damn ear off. But seein' as I'm Survival Officer for the Wing ya can both expect some trips in the future. Forest survival, arctic, tropical, we'll get it all down there."

Phin winces at mention of the local wildlife, saying no more about that. Ygraine's remark about how much she can talk gets a smirk from him. "This is a basic truth. You get used to it, though. Mostly." He winks at the ECO. Said entirely fondly. "I wouldn't say it's peaceful it's just…it's totally new. I wasn't even sure places like this existed. I mean, there are millions of planets apart from the colonies, but most of them are just hunks of rock. Still kind of blows my mind. When we first got out here, the pilots who'd been on the first half of the tour said it'd be totally quiet. Nothing to do but train and fly peaceful CAPs and go down to look at the trees now and then." Shrug. Not so much. Though it's still quiet out there.

Through all of Ygraine's talking and explanation, Agrippa remains silent and just listens, about the native wildlife ranging from native chipmunks to giant bear-wolves, perhaps it's better if he doesn't pay the surface a visit. As for talking his ear off, he shoots the other Viper pilot a look as if to say, 'She's right, she can talk your ear off' before looking back to Ygraine as she talks about being the Survival Officer. "Er… is it mandatory? I've had some survival training back at the Academy and Flight School." Which he did decently in.

"Everybody has. But it's important to keep yourself up to date, and expand your training for a variety of environments. D'ya know what to do if you're in a tropical zone? How 'bout a desert? An arctic climate? Can ya name six different ways ya can use your parachute?" she asks, but it seems rhetorical. "Heck yeah, it's mandatory, and with the CAG's blessing, too. Don't be a wimp." She pffts, and notes to Phin, "You'd think I'd asked him to milk a cow." She grins impishly at her friend.

Phin chuckles. "For the record, way harder than figuring out than six ways to use a parachute. Anyway. Makes sense to me. Who the frak knows where you're going to end up if you have to bail. The Lucky Strikes lead Viper went down over Aerilon about a week ago. They're still looking for him." Which does a good job of dampening any other chuckles from him. Shrug. Takes him a minute to come up with anything else to say.

than figuring out…

The old Agrippa would've probably fired off smart-ass answers like, 'Enjoy the weather, drink water, wear a jacket,' but those answers is kept inside now as he is pelted by the rhetorical from Ygraine who is acting like a proper instructor who's subject she teaches was not taken seriously. When the threat of learning how to milk a cow is placed on the table, he quickly holds up a hand, "All right, all right, I'll participate in the survival training… no cow milking lessons." An amused smile does slowly appear on the Ensign's face though, as cow milking seems more normal than what he has been through recently.

Agrippa's attention then shifts to Phin, nodding his head as what the other Viper pilot says makes sense, can never hurt to know more. As for the lead Viper going down, he tucks that piece of information away, realizing that Orion has been hit with losses too. "Aerilon… I guess they really did hit each colony then…"

"Doesn't matter, you'd never beat my record for fastest full pail." Yggy's kidding, right? Then, "We've got the full status on all twelve colonies…when you feel ready." Ygraine says, and it's about as serious as she'll manage until noting, so we gotta get you t'Pie and soon, huh? We might need you stick jocks when we go to pick up Janitor in the Big Boy ship."

"Damn well better take us along for the ride," Phin says, managing to sound kind of optimistic. To Agrippa, he just nods. "Yeah. Some worse than others. Aerilon's still got a decent number of friendlies alive down there, so I figure Captain Cole didn't land in the worst place he could've. But…yeah. It's kind of heavy to take in all at once. Might want to block out some time to look at the stats in private before you've got to go back on duty."

For now, Agrippa can only nod his head at the status update of the twelve planets as he will find out eventually. It's just a matter of time and he plans on getting the more important stuff squared away first. Knowing now and knowing later won't change the facts. "Thanks, Ygraine, Phin." He says in an appreciative manner, as he still has no idea on the status of his parents, both full military officers as was the bloodline he came from. "I'll have to find the Major soon, and after the official stuff is done, I'll definitely volunteer to help with the search."

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