Major Cyrus Beckett
Beckett.jpg Beckett, Cyrus
Major Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position AUX XO
Age Sex
42 M
Hair Eyes
Peppered Green


Major Cyrus Beckett hails from Aerilon, and serves as an adjutant to the Marine Executive Officer. He is widowed, and two of his three children lived on Sagitarron before War day. He has been with the Orion since the first tour of duty. He is known to have grandchildren and to love both College and Professional Pyramid. Those with pyramid knowledge and sports trivia knowledge might know him as a one time big player for Northgate Military Institute. But, those days are long since gone.

Service Jacket

Year Rank Station Notes
1979-1983 ENS Northgate Military Institute College and Officer's School
1983-1989 ENS TAU Group, 12th Marines staff to S3: Pacification of Tauron
1989 LTJG Tau Garrison S3 staff. 12 Marines. Occupation posting
1995 LT 5th Marines Fort McHenry S3 staff
1996-1998 LT 5th Marines, Aerilon The Bloody Hills (Aerilon Civil War)
2000-2002 CPT BS Tecumseh Staff to S3
2001 CPT Valos Task Force S3
2002-2003 CPT CMF Alastor, Caprica Staff to S3
2004-Present MAJ BS-114 Orion AUX XO

Known Associates

File Image Name Notes
Dell_icon.png SSGT Adelphi Kalivas A marine engineer. Solid with a gun. She's a good NCO we have, but the Orion lucked out. We've got a ton of good NCO's.

Recent Logs


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