Sergeant Bear McBride
Bear1.jpg McBride, Bearstar D. G.
SGT Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Heavy Weapons
Age Sex
24 M
Hair Eyes
Brown Blue

OOC Note: Effective Oct. 17, 2005, SGT Bear McBride has been transferred to a Marine division in the Picon Resistance. Contact Phin if you have any questions about him (though he's now mostly just dutifully shooting stuff in the background).


Sergeant Bear McBride is a native of Scorpia's Argentum Bay, and did his formative schooling at the Fist of Ares Formative Academy for Young Men, a military-style school in Celeste run by the (very small) educational arm of the Cult of Ares. He served four years, with tours on Tauron and Sagittaron, before taking an honorable discharge and returning to civilian life. This lasted for about two years before he decided to re-enlist and volunteered for the 'deep space mining mission' that would turn out to be JTF NOMAD. He has an identical twin brother, Phin McBride, an ensign viper pilot in BS Orion's Air Wing.


Bear McBride is a young man, probably not yet past twenty-five. He's about average height, with a solid, muscular build. His fair skin is tanned in a way that suggests he's spent more time planet-side recently than in deep space, and he has a blue-eyed, square-jawed face that's generally not clean-shaven. When he speaks there's a tinge of a gulf coast Scorpia twang in his voice, though years off-planet have softened it.

When his arms are bare, a tattoo is visible on his right forearm. It's intricate script, written so it's lacing around the arm, and reads: "…the keen fury of my heart which provokes me to tread the ways of blood-curdling strife." Those who know about such things would recognize this as a verse from one of the hymns of Ares, though it's a deeper cut, not one of the popular 'ra ra war' ones.

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1998 PVT CMF Klemens, Scorpia Enlistment, Basic Training
1998 PVT CAKS-27 Fenrir, Sagittaron Heavy Weapons
1999 PFC CAKS-27 Fenrir, Sagittaron Promoted to Private First Class
2000 LCPL CAKS-27 Fenrir, Sagittaron Promoted to Lance Corporal
2001 LCPL CAKS-27 Fenrir, Sagittaron Participated in incident at Valos
2001 CPL CAKS-27 Fenrir, Sagittaron Promoted to Corporal
2002 CPL CMF Theritas, Tauron Heavy Weapons
2002 SGT CMF Theritas, Tauron Promoted to Sergeant
2002 SGT CMF Theritas, Tauron Honorable Discharge
2004 SGT CMF Klemens, Scorpia Re-enlistment
2004 SGT BS-114 Orion Heavy Weapons
2005 SGT 44th Marine Division, Picon Resistance Heavy Weapons

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