PWD #07: Be Still My Spurting Heart
Be Still My Spurting Heart
Summary: Two Friends. One Snowmobile.
Date: 02/01/2013 (OOC Date - Backlogged)
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Jess Cole 
Somewhere on Piraeus
Snow. Lots of snow. Cold, frakking snow. And trees for which to pee on.
PWD #07, 28 Dec 2004

Log text goes here!There just aren't that many fun things to do on shoreleave when your shore is a remote outpost with nothing but barracks and wilderness and a single bar. Not many besides drinking, anyway, and sadly drinking is off the table these days. This may prove more of a problem later in the year but just at the moment, it being winter and fresh snow having fallen the night before, Jess is willing and able to suggest another activity instead. One even a sober Sister couldn't object to. And so it is that she and Cole find themselves outside the motorpool. She is fixing a scarf and pulling on hat and gloves, saying to Janitor, "They're pretty easy to drive, really. I mean, you'll figure it out. Unless you're desperate to ride bitch." Grin.

"Jess?" Cole doesn't even wait for her to acknowledge, "It's frakking cold." This gets said at a complete deadpan complete with mild death stare. A man who grew up in the tropics would not answer the question, 'Hey, you know what would be fun?' with anything that voluntarily involved snow. But here he is, and there she is, looking downright chipper. The Navy issued peacoat he wears is flipped up at the collar, keeping his neck warm and he's found a knit cap and some gloves that fit his long fingers somewhere along the line. "Like Hades, I'm riding bitch. You're the bitch." Though likely that's a comment on her being a female dog, rather than them sharing a snow mobile.

Jess laughs. "Don't be a pussy, Ari, it's not even that cold. It's sunny out, look!" It is… kind of sunny. In that way where there is sun to be seen but it's shining through a blanket of grey snowclouds, light reflecting off snow and onto them and off them and onto snow and off snow and onto— you get it. It's a nice sort of light, if you like snowy places. Someone from the tropics would not call this sunny at all, no doubt.

"And you're a rat bastard. Get your own, then," Jess says, gesturing at the other snowmobiles lined up. She's already picked hers out based on some criteria she doesn't bother to explain beyond suggesting, "Not that one," with a point. She zips up her coat and jams fingers together a couple times to shove gloves on further, saying, "You'll have to keep up, though." She climbs on her chosen machine and turns the key, revving the engine impatiently.

Cole stoops down, digging his gloved fingers into a drift of snow and hooking them to sling a dusting at Jess. Perhaps it's the warning of 'not that one' that has Ari giving the line of snow mobiles a skeptical glance and instead his boots crunch in Jess' direction. "I get to drive on the way back." He slings a leg over the back of her machine, nudging her forward with a bump of his hips so he can settle in. Pulling down his set of goggles over his eyes, his hands then fall to her hips. "Drive it like you stole it."

Jess twists to look over her shoulder as Cole hesitates to choose, revving again obnoxiously, in a way that makes the technicians nearby wince. She laughs when he elects to ride with her, saying, "I knew it." She pats his knee, "Don't worry, I won't tell the boys." She grins, and puts on her sunglasses before, on cue, abruptly peeling out of the garage. She races down the path, accelerating consistently, and drives them out into the hills. Wheeeeeeeee.

"Tell them all you want…" Ari raises his voice over the whirr of the engine. "They'll be too busy being jealous that I got to dry hump you every time you hit a…" His hands tighten on her jacket, just as fate demonstrates his point and they go over a little rise, "…bump."

Jess laughs and turns sharply, letting the back end of the snowmobile fishtail out a little, so Cole will feel for a second, at least, like he might be about to go flying off into the snow. "Asshole," she replies, "You're right, through twelve layers of clothes is closer than any of them are ever likely to get." Once they're out in the open, she opens up the throttle, and they go speeding along rolling hills, weaving between trees and flying over the occasional ditch. Incipient windburn is a definite downside, but Jess at least seems to be enjoying herself. "I'm not really going anywhere in particular," she admits to him as they coast down a hill, "So if you wanna explore something let me know."

Despite his grumble grousing earlier, Ari actually seems to be enjoying himself, his face reddening from the delicious sting of the cold air. That is, until she whips them around a sharp turn and he risks going ass over tea kettle into a snow bank. He lightly baps her on the back of the head for that little manuever. "Eleven layers." Whatever that means. He's quiet for a time, likely not opening his mouth so he doesn't get a taste of bug for his trouble as she drives like a bat out of hell. When she starts to ease off the throttle, he speaks again. "Why don't you pull over into that knot of trees. I need to take a wicked piss."

Jess snickers as Cole bats at her head, and doesn't slow down at all. It's a rollercoast ride, and when they occasionally catch some air it's usually accompanied by a whoop from her. He can't see her roll her eyes at that request, but it's in her tone when she says, "Fine," and turns the snowmobile that way, speeding along towards the trees before turning hard and braking abruptly, sending up a spray of snow onto trunks. She cuts the engine and climbs off, wandering away to check out the view back down towards Sheridan.

"You're the one that had to hit every bump on the surface just so you could keep getting a feel my pocket rocket." It's the sort of teasing only two friends could get away with, as no doubt Ari crossed the line of sexual harrassment about five seconds into their relationship. He hops off the end of the snow mobile, tromping away into snow that's deep enough to engulf his boots. There is a bit of shimmying and shaking and then the familiar sound of a man emptying his bladder behind a scraggled looking tree.

"Is that what that was?" Jess replies, "I thought you had a pack of gum in your pocket." She makes a rude gesture at him before wading off, eventually stopping at the edge of the hill to plunk down to a seat. Cheeks and nose are red, but she otherwise seems totally unaffected by the cloud, lounging comfortably in the snow as she waits.

"Double your pleasure, double your fun." Cole quotes the famous gum commercial over his shoulder. A jiggle, shake and tuck and everything is getting put away where it belongs. Hands get washed by the benefit of some snow of the non-yellow variety, and it's about that time that Cole gets a rather bright idea. Even if it may be his last. "Hey Jess? THINK FAST." An icy sphere of awesome is being pitched her way.

"What?" Jess isn't really paying attention, and sits up and turns a bit slowly to see what Cole is saying. So she gets hit smack in the shoulder, snow shrapnel on neck and cheek as it explodes. "Motherfrakker!" she exclaims, surprised, and then gets to a crouch with a laugh, "Oh, you are going to regret that." She flings a quickly-packed snowball back at Ari, and then another. And another. She is a snowball machine.

"Base! We're under heavy fire. Requesting back-up! ALERT VIPERS, LAUNCH THE ALERT VIPERS. " Ari tries, and fails to duck behind some shrubbery to curtail the onslaught, but at least it buys him some time to pack a few of his own and lob them back. If he hadn't been wearing his yellow tinted goggles, surely he would have lost an eye by now. One pelts him just north of his belt buckle and he declares, "That's it!" Before there are innocent casualties of snowball war, he fires off one more side slung sphere to cover him before he goes barreling towards Jess, intent on tackling her into a drift.

"Too late, my AA batteries are already in place! They'll take them all out. You're doomed!" Jess ducks at the return fire but she doesn't manage to avoid all of it, soaking a few in exchange for continuing her barrage uninterrupted. "Oh gods, a desperate last ditch assault!" she laughs as he dives at her. She throws the whole rest of her arsenal at him by the handful before getting tackled. And once she is tackled, she's promptly trying to shove snow down the back of his coat.

Cole hits her like a brick and the pair of them splat spectacularly in a good deal of powder. While she's busy trying to feed snow down the back of his jacket, Cole is taking a paw full and attempting to give her a face wash. Ignoring the chattering of his own teeth, he's going to smear that snow in the coldest of facials. "I'll give you 'pack of gum'. GRARRRR."

"Frak!" Jess yelps and laughs at once, trying to get away from a face full of snow, "Quit it, you're gonna break my glasses!" She gives up trying to put snow down his back and instead tries to wrestle his head into the drift. "Not even a full pack!" she retorts.

Cole gets face planted in the snow and he flings his head back quickly with a hand cupping his forehead. "Frak. Gods….gah. Rock. ROCK." He hisses between clenched teeth, his face contorting with pain.

Jess falls for it (it is joke, right? I am calling it now) and sits up quickly, "Shit, really? Are you all right?" She pushes sunglasses up and wipes snow off her face, "Is it bleeding? Frak, I'm sorry."

"Rat bastard!" Judging by the grin that splits wide on his features, Cole is (of course) okay. But he takes that moment of weakness on her part to almost literally pounce on her to shove her backwards into the snow, hands angling to clasp her on her shoulders and keep her pinned so he can declare himself, "Victor and champion, Aristides Pescador Cole!!"

"Asshole!" Jess declares him instead, not actually angry, "Here I was worried I'd cracked that ugly head of yours open. Should've known it's concrete straight through." She gives him a shove off and sits up, biting the middle finger of her glove to pull it off so she can fix her hair and dig snow out from beneath her scarf. "See, winter's not so bad," she claims, "I wonder if they've got skiis around somewhere."

Cole sits back on his haunches, watching Jess tidy herself. The snow down his back has long since melted into an icy streak down his spine, and some where along the way he lost his hat. "Sure, if you don't mind frostbite, the fact that I can no longer feel the tip of my nose," Can you ever feel the tip of your nose, "And my balls are now located somewhere in this general region…" He makes a circular motion to his chest for effect. Despite that, he seems in no hurry to get up and get back on the snowmobile. Instead, he just comments. "This is nice."

"You have balls instead of a heart? That explains so much about you, Ari," Jess cracks with a grin. She shakes out her hat, considers how much snow got into it, and elects not to put it back on, stuffing it in a pocket and tugging on gloves. "Yeah, I like it," she says, "But, you know. It's like home. You should check out Aquaria sometime, it's got its points."

"Sure I have a heart. It just happens to beat in shuddering spurts." Cole claps his gloved hands together, and then cups them to his face, giving a huff of air to warm them a bit. "I just don't seem to get off the ship much these days." A pause. "Look, Jess. There's something you ought to know about the Missus and I…" But whatever it is, he doesn't seem to have the balls to say it. They're busy being his circulatory system, after all.

Jess rolls her eyes. "Great, thank you for that mental image." She fixes her scarf and starts to say something before catching on to the pregnancy of that pause and shutting up. His aborted admission doesn't seem to shock her, brows drawn together in a frown more concerned than anything else. "What happened?"

"I uh…" Cole rubs at the bridge of his nose with the curve of his finger, the material of his glove pushing up his yellow tinted glasses higher. It's long enough for him to change directions, and a smile reblooms on his lips easy as the day is long. "We've just never been to Aquaria. Maybe when this stint is over, we'll meet you there before we settle down for good."

Jess doesn't immediately reply, not at all sold by that segue. She remains where she is, considering Cole for a long moment, and then nods. "Sure," she says easily, "Love to have you." She brushes ice off boot laces where it's crusting, and then says, more quietly, "You just lemme know when you want to talk about it. I'm always around."

Cole only nods to that open offer, the pain in his eyes unable to be masked by the smile that has settled on his lips. Finally he eases to his feet, brushing snow off his pants legs and peacoat before he extends a hand down to Jess to hoist her back to her feet. Should she accept there is another crushing hug awaiting her.

Jess accepts the hand up and returns the hug in kind. She doesn't even take this chance to sneak attack and shove snow down his pants, either. See what a good friend she is? She squeezes tight and then thumps him on the shoulder once he steps back. "You want to drive?" she offers.

"Damn straight I do. Your turn to be the big spoon." Ari reaches out to honk her nose, then he starts trudging back to the snowmobile at a steady clip as if it were a race to get back to the machine, hurrying to take the driver's position just in case she rescends the offer and decides she wants to be the one dry humped again.

Jess doesn't rush, scuffing feet through snow as she follows, kicking it up at the backs of his legs. She continues after he's pulled ahead, though, so it may not be totally intentional. She bounds the last couple paces, sinking in almost to her knees before reaching the snowmachine's tracks. She climbs on the back and leans around, "You know what you're doing?"

"Not much different than a bike, right?" Well, I guess they're about to find out. Ari leans this way and that, quickly familiarizing himself with the machine before he turns the ignition and warms the engine. "Hold on tight so I can feel your boobs jiggle over the bumps." His breath comes out as a huff of vapor before he's cranking the throttle and giving the handlebars a sharp twist to turn them a 180 back towards motorpool.

"Kind of," Jess confirms, "Steers the same. Easier to balance. Wider turn radius." She doesn't seem concerned. She is going to hold on though, even if that comment gets him a (fairly gentle, friendly) punch in the side. "You are the worst." And off they go.

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