AWD #408: Bad Behavior
Bad Behavior
Summary: Amos is looking for some missing AARs and disciplines Randy for her poor behavior in the Fitness Center.
Date: 01/08/2016
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Amos Randy 
Battalion HQ
The headquarters room is the primary command location for all Marines associated with the battlestar or accompanying fleet ships. The walls and desks are covered with maps, photos, and satellite imagery - as well as clocks indicating the current time in each colonial capital city. Secure phones are bolted to each bulkhead, and for added insurance, each desk possesses its own encrypted wireless unit with its own independent wiring. The small room is always manned by a wireless operator and a duty sergeant, at a minimum, though it tends to be a hive of activity during duty hours.

With only a few scrapes and some singed combats to show for their escape from Libran, Amos had enough time to get caught up on sleep and is now back to busines as usual. Well, almost as usual, he's borrowing the CO's office for now as there's a few things that need doing that are better not done in the middle of a busy shared workspace. He's still got a pile of paperwork infront of him though, and an expression that suggests he's not having the most enjoyable day ever.

By now, Randy's been able to ditch the crutches and she's healing up a limp from the shrapnel that medical dug out of her leg. Dressed in her on-duty fatigues, she knocks on the frame of the door with one hand as she holds a folder in the crook of her other hand at her side. Her hair is pulled back simply into a black tie. "Captain?"

"Sergeant," Amos replies without looking up, "come in." Once he's finsihed the shieet of paper he's working on he sets it down on his 'delt with' pile, then turns to give Randy his full attention. The folder is noted, but he says nothign about it for now. Leaning back just a faction in his chair he considers her for a moemnt then asks, "I assume you know why I've summonded you here?"

The Sergeant steps inside and closes the door behind herself. As she steps away from the door, she brings the folder into both hands. "Well you're probably looking for this." She drums her fingers on the front. "As for what you heard about what happened the other day in the Fitness Center," she shrugs. "I don't really hang out with the gossips, so I don't know how much help I'll be."

"But if I can help, I will," Randy says.

Amos holds his hand out for the folder but makes no move to examine it's contents. "Well thats a start Sergeant. Now that is out of the way can I safely asusme that the report regarding the liberation of the labour camp on Aerlion will similarly be making an appearance soon?" Sarcasm? Maybe just a touch, but he doesn't dwell on it. Instead he straightens slightly in his chair and locks yees with Randy, expression and tone serious. "Sergeant, I don't give two fraks what gossips are saying, what I am concerned about is you not merely failing to aid your fellow marines durign a live threat incident, but actively hampering their efforts to ensure the safety of this ship and it's crew. I am speaking to you now so that I can hear your side of the incident before I decide exactly how this is going to be noted in your service record. So please, go ahead and tell me what happened as you saw it."

"Yes Sir," Randy says as she steps forward to deliver the report and sit down across from the Captain. "Sir, it's my understanding that they had the situation under control enough for me to make a comment. I'm honestly not sure what I did that actually hampered their efforts?"

Amos eyes Randy as she drops into the chair, expression darkening a fraction as she does so. "Sergeant," he starts, slowly, "did I give you permission to sit?" He lets that hang for a moment then taps the top of the folder she just handed over, "twenty four hours, and I want the Aerlion report with it." Then, back to the main matter at hand, "back talking to other marines who are in the process of tackling hte situation, distracting them from the matter at hand, and do I even need to mention your reactions when told to give a statement? Quite frankly Flynn your actions were an embarressment to the Corp, and to yourself. It's not that you should know better, it's that you -do- know better, and yet still acted in that fashion. Now, I have to decide if you're to face charges of insubordiantion and obstruction of justice, or if I think you can mend your attitude and start acting like a marine again. So start convincing me Sergeant."

Randy's eyes twinge slightly as she shoots back up to her feet as if sitting on a hot plate. "No Sir," she responds deferentially. "Yes Sir." She stands at attention, ignoring the pain of her leg. Her eyes drop as he relates back her own behavior from the incident. A little amount of silence passes between them as the words sink in. The confusion rolls off into deep sadness, "You're right. What I did was disgraceful, and was dangerous. I deserve whatever you decide is appropriate. There's no excuse for it."

"Eyes front," Amos notes in a practiced quite tone that indates he's in no mood to be argued with, nor does he seem to mind in the slightest that that would make Randy stare at a piece of wall above his head. Once that's said he remains silent for a while considering, a long while, as he looks between Randy, the reports he's received, and her service record. Then, after a small eon of silence he comes to his decision. "You're right Sergeant, there is no excuse, and if I hear even the suggestion of any similar laspses in judgement occurring then you'll be needing to speak to JAG about representation. I expect better of raw recruits, let alone those who have been elevated throught the ranks to leadership positions." Shuffling a small pile of papers until he finds the one he wants he then passes it across. "Your orders for this week. You're confined to the ship, and your duty hours will be spent assissting Services in the galley. Trust me when I say that there will not be a vegitable eaten onboard in the next seven days that you have not had a hand in washing or preparing. Your watches will be spent reviewing the UCMJ, and your off duty time is your own. Do I make myself clear?"

Randy lifts her eyes to keep them forward as instructed. Her service record is actually pretty clean for someone to have been pulled in due to such an outburst. "Yes Sir," she says to his mention of expectations and the potential need to speak to JAG about representation. Her leg tenses but she holds her ground to follow the Captain's instructions to the letter. "Yes Captain. Crystal clear Sir." She waits for further orders, keeping her eyes trained straight ahead and her posture straight. She shows no signs of speaking outside of when she's been spoken to.

"Good," Amos replies simply, "dismissed." He waits for her to leave, then reaches for a pen to write up a note of the actions he's taken, so that they can be added to Randy's file.

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