AWD #300: Back in the Saddle
Back in the Saddle
Summary: Admiral Jameson summons Colonel Marcus Petra, former TACCO of the Orion, and Captain Elias Gray, the ship's Intel Officer, to discuss plans for the future course of the war.
Date: 19/04/2016
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Map Room
Dominating the room is the large bottom-lit map table in the very center. Ten feet across and eight feet the other way, the table can gather a large number of people around it while still accommodating enlisted and support personnel in the small riser seating behind the table. The risers are done in single-piece desk sections that run the width of the seating area and have small reporting displays built into them along with communications ports for headphones. At the head of the room are two very large LED displays that can have almost anything put on them, including projections of what is on the map table. A single computer at the support seating controls this and in the rear of the room is a large, locked case that holds maps and table models.
AWD #300

Petra has been away for awhile and, frankly, it's been long enough for the Admiral. The transfer was to get the Trident proper leadership Jameson could trust and training the new CO is finally finished to his standards, even if Petra doesn't know that. Or think it. The Admiral told Petra nothing except to meet him on the Flag (Orion) and meet him in the Map Room. A similar call was made direct to Elias to meet at the same time. Hangup.

When the two arrive at the Map Room, the Admiral is standing at the end of the map table. He's wearing a pair of blue jeans and a flannel shirt. The guy looks like he rolled out of bed ready to ride a horse. He's got a bag of chew on the table and a coffee mug in front of him that likely doesn't contain coffee. The wad in his lip says plenty. Sprawled out on the table in front of him are a lot of pieces. There's a large map of the whole Cyrannus System as well as stacks for the colonies. The map at the other end shows the Red Line and beyond. The man seems semi-relaxed as he fiddles with a whiddling knife, cleaning his cuticles with it.

Does Petra HAVE casual clothes? Somewhere, maybe. But when asked to show up on the Orion? Oh no, clean blues and quiet looking around as he stalks through the corridor to the 'old office'. There's a pause to thump a fist on the bulkhead before pushing the door further open and stepping in. Seeing the Admiral casually dressed, he rumbles softly and lowers his voice, "Well, hell. I had a bottle I could have brought to share, Admiral." There's a faint hint of a smile on his face while he steps in, leaving the door not entirely shut just yet.

Elias is dressed in his service blues, trusty clipboard in hand. And with no reason given for the meeting, the intel officer has chosen to come armed with a variety of high-level info, in the form of four folders full of papers tucked under his left arm. The break in active combat operations seems to have done him some good, at least in terms of getting his uniform laundered and keeping his haircut up to regs, but there are still dark circles under the young Captains eyes, and a heavy smell of cigarette smoke clinging to his clothing. A sharp rap on the hatch, and Elias nudges it open to slip inside, coming to a halt when he finds their ex-TACCO talking to the casually-dressed Admiral. Not what he was expecting perhaps, but he takes it in stride, offering a faint smile for Petra. "Colonel. Good to see you again." And then he turns to Jameson. "Sir."

Jameson glances up from his careful task and grumbles a laugh. "Hell, Marc! Could've made this a fine watering hole but your dereliction of duty is noted." He waggles the knife over. "I'll remember that on your next review." The guy grins a little, his weathered face showing the entertainment. Fingers close the knife and pockets it before he walks over to offer his hand to shake. "Damned good to see you, Colonel." He then looks to Elias and sketches a lazy salute. "Good to see you rested a little. I know the feeling, Captain." He then gestures them back towards the table.

Jameson moves to stand at the side rather than the end. "Let's dispense with the bull right now. Marc, your transfer back to Orion is effective the moment I put my uniform back on. Once we leave, you've got until I get dressed to pack your shit and move back home. I'm tired of watching Major Kennedy try to do your job like a bulldog mounting a football. Awkward, sad, and you just wanna help the poor guy. You're back in as TACCO at your current rank." He doesn't smile. But that gaze goes back to Elias. "You've done damned good work and put in the hours, Elias. Spree has requested a trained Intel guy. I'm sending him Major Reynolds. Same story about my uniform. I'm promoting you to Major. You're now head of intel for the Flag. Are we all understood, gentlemen?" A hand reaches for a cup and he spits into it, glancing to them both like a pissing dog challenging them to stare him down while he does business.

Petra chuckles at the review comment and ambles his way over, half turning part of the way there to see Elias walking in, "Well damn. It's old home week. Looking good…been hearing good stuff from across the fleet." But then Jameson drags his attention back with a lifted brow, "Oh frak. Have you warned people? Yer putting the two of us back under the same house?" Then as an amused aside to Elias, "You didn't completely break Reynolds' brain, did you?" But then the amusement bleeds off and the Colonel straightens up a little and nods, "You need it, you got it. I'll take a bus back soon as we finish here and retrieve my box of crap. There's either a plan you want to discuss or a problem we need to come up with a plan for, so now you got me interested in which it is…"

"Hopefully some of it was true," Elias responds to Petra's comment with a wry smile. And he seems to assume Jameson's salute is only a casual gesture, as he doesn't return it. "Yes, sir." He is totally rested. Honest. The Captain is quite serious at the start of the Jameson's speech, but there's a quick, considering glance between the Admiral and Petra before he offers an amused nod to the one-and-future-TACCO. "Congratulations, sir. It will be good to have you back." And when he hears why Jameson invited him to this reunion, Elias blinks in surprise. He's being promoted to Major? It is obvious he has a great many questions, but accepting the promotion isn't one of them. As if he had a choice anyway. "Thank you, Admiral. I won't let you down." Petra's question earns another thin smile, and a slow shake of Elias' head. "I'd admit this is all a total surprise, if it wouldn't make me look like I was falling down on the job already."

"Hell yes I am. And no, I'm not warning anyone. You get to tell people yourself. I'm not making any announcements. I expect you to swagger your ass down the hallway and wear the pips. Sorry for the demotion from the Triton's CO, but.." Jameson snorts and shakes his head. "Not frakkin sorry. And good, get it done." Those eyes look back to Elias. "I know you won't. That's why I'm promoting your ass. Don't worry about falling down on the job, though. If you fail, I'll just blame Marc." There's a shrug given to Petra before he looks back to the table. Dispensed with.

"Gentlemen, I called you both here, with your notices given now, to work on the next phase." Both hands are put down on the table to prop him up as he leans on the edge, eyes surveying it. "Picon is basically secure, even if Spree thinks she's about to get hit. So far we aren't seeing it. I've coordinated with Blackjack and we have standby Raptors ready to bring Blackjack back within minutes if they hit Picon. Pretty solid guess that the canners know it, which is why they leave it alone. For now." He takes a loooong breath. "Spree is locking down Picon and getting her command structure in order across the other colonies." The man lifts his eyes to look at the two. "Three things. Let's tackle them one at a time." A hand lifts and two fingers are waggled at the Red Line. "That. Where do we stand? …Because right now I want to start clobbering the shit out of their logistical train. Fuel. Ores. Anything we can find. Thoughts?"

Petra mms softly and nods, "We do what we gotta do, its all good. Happy to be working closer with you guys again anyway. Be interesting to see who looks like the world ended when they find out, right?" A smirk touches his face as he folds his arms across his chest, stepping closer to the table to take a better look at the maps Jameson already has laid out. He glances back to Elias as if to check the man's reaction, before looking back over to Jameson, "The Trident was heavy hitting drills, not fast strike and smash and grabs, so hell yeah. I'm sure the Major's got a few lists already of places good to hit, and we wait too long and the Wing is going to be chomping at the bit to shoot something up, because the toasters sure as hell aren't going to come back here, regardless what Spree keeps panicking over." He pauses, "Depends on how hard we want to hit them and how much we want to grab. How are we on fleet resources? The refineries are still good and the arms supplies are good, right?"

Elias manages an amused smile for the Admiral's joke about blaming Petra. "Good to know, sir." And then it's down to business, which suits the Intel Officer just fine. He is focused, offering a series of nods to show he's listening closely as Jameson lays out his points. Elias is quick to chime in on the question of the Red Line, however. "Intel from beyond the Armistice Line is paper thin. The one significant target we have hit came from the Nines. We need reconnaissance." Setting his clipboard and folders down, he sorts through papers to a list of the fleet ships. "We have the Linten group, which may be able to detect old enemy communications and triangulate likely places to look." And then he turns to address Petra's questions, lips compressed in thin line. "The best I've come up with to date is a list of possible locations based on information from the first war. Not exactly current, sir. We've had only one real scouting mission beyond the Red Line — Air has a man who's keen on the idea — but it hasn't been a priority before, what with Picon and all. As for logistics, I don't believe that will be a problem in the near term."

Jameson gives a low shrug. "The wing is going to be busy regardless. I'm loathe to commit the Trident anywhere because we might need a ship full of nukes. Strategic versus Tactical. As far as resources?" The man nods slowly. "We've got enough fuel to run the whole fleet for about a year and a half, assuming nobody hordes fuel. We're good there. If we hit peacetime, we can extend that to about five years. That Fuel Storage Facility might get sporty in the future, though. Munitions?" Jameson chuckles. "Picon has every able factory and outhouse working to pack us rounds and bombs. Two more factories coming online next month. Spree thinks we can have three more in six months. Munitions should be okay. Everything she sends is going into ship armories. The bunkers on Piraeus are also stocked to capacity." It was originally intended as a fallback position and nobody wants to crack those armories yet. Pre-war ordnance is at a premium. "Fuel is the long term issue."

Listening to Elias, he keeps his eyes on the 'board', spitting into his mug. The information seems to satisfy him. "Yeah. That Lieutenant from the Viper group. He's being transferred to Spree as her primary air combat liaison to us. He took some hits. For now?" He takes a long breath. "Okay, lets send TF Linten out there and see what they can pick up. Major, you take point on that. Grab a couple Raptor crews you trust to give you the straight story and send them. I won't tell you that you can't go, but you have a job here, too." The Admiral reaches into his lip and pulls out the wad, dropping it into his mug. "We'll get our intel for now. Major, when you've got something, bring it to Petra. He and I will ham it up. I'll cut orders for Linten to have them take their orders from you on deployment locations and like it."

The man turns and leaves the table. His slow amble takes him to the coffee pot. "Anyone want some? …next order of business: Where we go next. We've got some hot areas. You know them. Give thoughts and ideas."

Petra listens quietly as Elias describes the details and Jameson describes what's going on and what needs to happen, nodding slowly just to indicate the information has processed. After a moment, he offers, "Depending on what they find, it might be something we need to act on fast, so perhaps we ought to keep a small group on combat alert while the Linten's out? We did that for months, they hang handle it." A brow is lifted, but when the coffee is offered, Petra shakes his head, "I'll make up a pot of mine here when I get back. Looks like I got some catching up to do, and Im sure Elias has a mountain of information I havent seen yet. Probably got a couple of all nighters ahead of me, if I know him." An amused look is shot back at the Major for a moment, but attention quickly turns back to Jameson, "We can talk to Spree about land surveys. I dont recall if Picon had any tylium resources worth exploiting or not."

"Aye aye, sir." Elias brandishes his pen and quickly jots down some notes about the Linten mission. His handwriting may be fast, but it is barely legible. The suggestion that he not put himself in a recon raptor is met with an impassive nod, and no further comment. Petra's idea for a strike force on stand-by earns quick agreement from Elias. "Wouldn't want to waste the element of surprise, or miss a fleeting opportunity." And then there's that dry little smile again for the jab about how much paperwork he may or may not generate. "That's what they teach us in Intel School, sir. Volume." Then papers are shuffled as the topic changes, and the Intel Officer hurriedly re-orients the information he has at hand. "Not for me, thank you sir." Elias declines coffee, then looks between the two higher ranking officers in the compartment and clears his throat. "If you're considering another liberation effort, there are any number of targets." More papers are flipped as he scans them for data. "Aquaria might be doable with a relatively small force, but resource-wise, the payoff is minimal as well. We have information that the resistance on Scorpia is causing the Cylons significant problems. Leonis appears to be a prison planet, where they're performing … experiments. Libran also appears to be almost completely subjugated, and there is intel that the Cylons are systematically destroying any information related to Colonial history and culture there. Aerlion may be possible, but it is also supplying what food is getting to Caprica. If we take it, we cut off that supply to the bulk of the surviving human population. And then there's Caprica itself. Latest intel is that unrest and resistance activity is back up, but at best we would be committing everything we have to what is likely to be a very long and difficult campaign there." And then Elias pauses, considering for a second before offering another idea. "Or we may want to consider going on the offensive ourselves. Given our surviving population and resources, I'm not certain that trying to liberate the Colonies one by one is a viable strategy. It will take lives and resources we cannot easily replace, and it will take time."

Jameson listens long, pouring himself a different mug of coffee. Actual coffee. "Good idea. Break off a task force from our own, a group that can jump at a moments notice. They remain here, though. Call it a couple cruisers and frigs. Blackjack stays intact, though. Make sure they have wing support. Marc, figure that out." He pours it and replaces the pot. "Yeah, no idea about Tylium on Picon. It'll take facilities. You can bet if we start up a refinery, though, the canners will try to hit it. I suspect if we want fuel, we're going to have to steal it for now."

When Elias starts talking, Jameson leans up against the table on a hip and sips. he just looks over the map while the man talks. Even after the man finishes, the Admiral seems to stew on the options. After nearly a minute, he nods slowly. "Alright. I want a plan of action on my desk in seven days. You two put heads together, grab who you need to for consulting. In that time I'll review the intel we've got and make a decision when you two have a unified front you agree upon. Think you two can manage seven days? Or will you need longer?" He looks between them.

Petra turns his head to watch Elias as he details the options and intel, arms still folded across his chest, breathing slowly with an intense look, brows slightly furrowed. When the attention shifts back to Jameson, his arms finally unfold, so he can reach up and drag both hands back across the shaved, scarred, and inked scalp, slowly nodding at Jameson's assessment, "Seven days? Yeah, we can do seven days." He glances back at Elias with a little curiosity, making sure there's consensus before he says anything further, "What we have right now is a bumper crop of targets. We can juggle the cost and rewards and get you a top 10 hit list and recommend which ones we ought to spend the fleet on, and what we have to cover if things go fubar on it. As for the toasters going for an installation…we might be able to use that." He glances back at the hatch to make sure it's closed, before offering, "We'll talk. Maybe we add in plans to add a decoy in and see if they go for it. Give us a good idea of how closely they're watching Picon or if they've relatively given up on it for now. Especially if we start hitting their supply lines."

Seven days to plan the course of the war, with the continued existence of the humanity at stake? Elias' brow furrows as he weighs the allotted time, and then he looks to the TACCO. Apparently he expects the senior officer to take first crack at that. And he supports Petra's answer with a curt nod. "Absolutely." The troubling part, for Elias, is what the Colonel mentions later on. What are the Cylons up to and how will they react. "Enemy capabilities and intentions are less than clear. They /should/ have the numbers to hit back at Picon, if they want to. But they're not. I'd like to believe they're spread too thin and feel they need a strong reserve to counter out next move, but that may just be wishful thinking. The recon missions beyond the Armistice line may help there, but …" The intel officer trails off. "I'd feel more confident if they /were/ making a go at Picon, to be honest." But they're not, so he moves on to a minor point. "On the tylium situation? Ragnar Anchorage. I was reviewing recon data from early after War Day, before I came aboard. It doesn't appear that there's been a mission to check the anchorage. I'll double check that information and see about organizing one, if it's correct."

The Admiral nods slowwwly to Petra. "We hit their supply lines, we keep them spread thin to defend major logistical targets. The problem is when they mass on one of ours. Vengence sucks. The might be machines, but I've been paying attention from my big office. These skinjobs, like your good buddy Knox, they feel anger. Don't be afraid to play with their emotions. Just keep ours in mind." The man sniffs once and sips his mug. "Which is exactly the point you hit on, Major. I want to make sure we keep them there. For now, let's just take what we got. I want you boys to develop something to make us react to them." Take the offensive. "We're at the fabled tipping point." the point about Ragnar has him pause. That wasn't news he was prepared for. "Chalk that up to Zachary. Get a crew up there. Check it out. If there's any trouble, beat feet."

Jameson takes another breath. "Last point." There's a click like he cracks his jaw. "The rumors on Piraeus. We ain't done much with the situation there because we got a bit distracted. Jacks, Caprica, trying to survive. The rumors are getting back to me about a radioactive city under the surface. Colonel, put a task force together and find out what we are looking at with where we are parked. If we're sitting on a big radioactive ball, I want to know why. Rope in the Major if you need but you're on point for that and where we go next. Any questions?" It seems to be that's all he has for the moment.

The mention of the city on Piraeus has the Colonel pause: Apparently he hadn't been thinking about that one in a while either, and it's enough to make him purse his lips and glance off for a moment, then nods once, "You got it. That skinjob doctor…she was really eager to delve into that." He glances at Elias for a moment, "If I remember right, we broke a godsdamned industrial drill trying to excavate into that, didnt we?" He only pauses for a moment, chewing on the corner of his mouth, before he nods back at Jameson, accepting orders as given, "On it. That'll be…interesting. Any change on the skinjobs since I left the boat?" A glance back at Elias, addressing the question to both men, "New faces I need to know about? Anyone got something new to say? Or new voices bitching about Knox or the others?"

"Yes," Elias agrees about the danger of the Cylons massing on a location the fleet must defend. "I think it would be wise to consider contingency plans for any Colony we do liberate. How we get the most critical people and assets out, in the event that we can't hold it afterwards." But he is all for keeping the enemy on the back foot, nodding quick agreement and double underlining his notes on this bit. The Ragnar mission is acknowledge with a quick, "Aye, sir." Another bullet point jotted on his to-do list. The Piraeus mystery site is slow to get Elias' full attention, so busy is he scribbling down details on his pad. Grudgingly is the Intel Officer shifts his focus as he looks between the other two men. "I don't believe there's been any drilling there since before I came over from Picon," he answers Petra, lips pressed together in thought. "The last person who was looking into that was one of the science officers, Lt. West. I'll have to go back and review the data, but as I recall she wasn't able to uncover much. I'm afraid there were more pressing matters at the time, so I didn't give it much of my attention." On the subject of skinjobs, Elias turns to Petra and gives a quick run-down. "Sergeant Knox is still on active duty. Captain Delacroix returned briefly, but is apparently heavily involved in an uprising by her model line, and was needed there. Dr. Tamsin is … still aboard." And reminded of something important, Elias glances towards Petra before turning to the Admiral. "I assume you'll want me to hand off the planning for the … mopping-up operation on Picon to the Colonel?" Somehow it sounds a bit more significant than cleaning out a few Centurions, however.

Jameson nods slowly to the point of the broken drill. "AAR's are in the files. Read up. As far as the skinjobs?" The Admiral takes out his knife again and unfolds it, tapping it on the table. "So far nothing new with that Marine. Specifically." He gives way to Elias to keep Petra informed. "As for mopping up, no. We're not a detail crew. We'll provide support as requested but Spree's job is Picon. Hit the Rez but I'm not authorizing more than a few Marines from our group. That's her problem. We're a mobile force. I'm not spit-shining a fender on the truck while the rest is covered in mud. But the point here at Piraeus is a secondary priority. But I want this shit figured out. Rumors aren't helping us. Ask yourselves this: If the cylons decide it's important before we do, what would you do as a cylon?" He eyes them both. "We know first. Period. No exceptions." The man taps the mug once to the table before heading for the door. "I'll go get breakfast before I get my uniform on. Seven days, boys." He spits into the trashcan by the door before he leaves.

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