AWD #129: Back In Action
Back in Action
Summary: Cole is encouraged by Phin and Gen to get back in action.
Date: 15/05/2013
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Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #129

Despite all the facets of Ari's religion that he's abandoned since Warday, there is one thing that remains a constant: the man just doesn't eat meat. Perhaps there was an experimentation with a mess hall hamburger as a trial by fire back into being carnivorous and perhaps it ended badly with him worshiping the God of Porcelain. Whatever the reason, the pilot is seated at a table, bent over a tray of canned vegetables and rehydrogenated potatoes, his elbows tented to either side of his plate as he makes languid use of his fork.

Gen's days are a constant flow of work; administrative and services and working with those civilians being transferred to Piraeus. Meals are a much valued break, especially if it means she's not eating at her desk. So today she's in the mess, collecting food which then is brought with her to the table Cole's parked at. She takes a seat without asking, and doesn't make immediate conversation; she just whips out a notebook and starts perusing it, filled with appointments and notes.

Phin, however, is just fine with eating Navy-cooked animal parts. He gets himself a hot sandwich with an approximation of roast beef in the middle of it, along with some greens, then steps out of line to find himself a table. He heads toward Cole's when he spots the other pilot. "Hey," he says in greeting, gesturing to an empty seat at the table. It is sort of a request to see if he can take it. Followed by a polite, "Hey, Sister" to the chaplain.

Ari slants a smirk at both people joining the table, a friendly sort of gesture that seems to use them as a distraction from his unenthusiastic consumption of his meal. He likes vegetables, he does, but they must be bland today. With a boot, he hooks out the chair for Phin to sit into and then is reaching out a hand to gently try to close that notebook of Iphigenia's. "Eat." He instructs. Probably the first word he's spoken to her in weeks. Ari's been keeping his head down of late, doing his job but little else in the public eye.

"Hello, Lieutenant." Gen smiles easily in Phin's direction. "Have you had much chance to do that reading I sent you? I'm available if you have questions." To Ari, only, "I am, I will." She can't help but add, "There's fresh veg coming up from Piraeus, you know."

"Thanks," Phin mutters when the chair's kicked out for him. He sits. Peering over at Iphigenia's notebook, even as Cole gestures for her to close it. He's curious, at least. "What're you working on, Sister?" he asks. At her question, he smiles slightly. "A little of it. Yeah. Thanks. I'd like to finish it first, think it over a bit, but the passages are interesting so far. All the stuff about renewal kind of puts things different than what I've thought about, way things've been the last few months. In a good way, though. Better stuff to focus on than a lot of the alternatives." He explains for Cole's benefit, "I was kind of curious about the scrolls on Aurora, goddess of the dawn. The chaplain loaned me some stuff to chew on." A look down at his plate. "I mean, not chew like, literally. You know what I mean."

"Good. I was going to have to hit you with a rolled up newspaper." Phin, not Gen. "Bad Dolly. No chewing on religious text." Aristides' nose wrinkles and he uses the curve of his hand to cover up his smile and sudden laugh. He catches Iphigenia's eyes and then looks down to his plate, his laughter dying away as he stabs at some potatoes again. "Yeah, well. Someone has to eat the canned stuff."

A mild confusion crosses over Gen's face, but it smoothes over. "Next time." she suggests with an easy air, before nodding to Phin. "I know Petra has you all working very hard. I understand we're going to be making a push on Picon soon?"

Phin's grin widens at Cole's laugh, though it unwidens some as he shifts a look between Cole and Iphigenia. But whatever is going on there, he totally pretends not to notice. He nods, about Picon. "Yeah. Which I guess makes getting in a 'homecoming' frame of mind sort of appropriate. New dawn there. Maybe." Shrug. If one is being optimistic, which he only is very mildly. "We're supposed to get extra muscle for it from that other battlegroup we found. Should be soon." He sounds more than a little eager. To Cole, "We should put in some time in the sims later, Janitor. Run through some of the strike scenarios we might run into in atmo." He sounds just a bit prodding. As close to prodding as Phin ever sounds about anything, at least.

Ari starts off with a noncommittal little 'mm', but the enthusiasm from Dolly does tend to wear off. Finally there is a little nod from the Captain and a more certain, "Yeah alright." A look is given down to his plate, and then over to Iphigenia's. And his fork starts to cross the armistice line…

"I haven't glanced at the kill board lately." Gen remarks, explaining for Phin, "The notebook? Appointments, mainly. But also notes from during those appointments - not the therapy sessions, but all the meetings I've been taking dealing with situating the civilians on Piraeus. We're establishing an educational system, for starters. Sometimes I jot down homily ideas or random scroll passages that occur to me." Leaning her elbows on the table, she places her hands one over the other and rests her chin atop them, studying Cole with lowered lashes and a far too benevolent smile to be actual. Her fork casually dangles from her hand. Possibly ready for stabbing at hands trying to pilfer food. Possibly.

"Cool," Phin says. "I'll take a look at when our schedules for training line up and set up a time." He's being all initiative about this. Which theoretically makes it harder for Cole to back out. Maybe. "How's all that going? The civvies on Piraeus, I mean?" he asks the chaplain. "Is there room for everybody, and places for families and stuff? Got to admit, I never paid much attention to the lay-out of Sheridan." He eyes the dangling fork, and Cole's hand. Because if there's stabbing, he wants to be paying attention. For the entertainment.

Cole quirks a brow at Iphigenia in a taunt? A dare? Still the fork encroaches her plate, intent on snicking off just a small portion of her food. Really. Honest. How can you not trust this face? At the last minute, he brings up his fork to fence against hers, knocking it out of trajectory so he can steal without being stabbed.

"Like all matters deeply involving bureaucracy, it has its difficulties. But the people are surprisingly hopeful. I think a lot of people expect the civilian population to be downtrodden." Gen can't help but quirk the corner of her lip at the clinking of folks, and crinkles her nose at the loss of some of her food, but it's better stuff than Cole's got on his. "I think the fresh start, the Cylon free skies…it makes them look up and outwad. Construction proceeds apace for living quarters, the children are being seen to, and I think a few daring souls are trying their hands at homesteading."

Phin smirks at the fencing. He can't contain a small chuckle. He eats his own greens without trying to steal from anyone else, listening as Iphigenia speaks on the civvies. "Yeah. I'll bet after where they came from, seems like a major upgrade. If you guys need help putting up new buildings and stuff, I bet you'd get volunteers for it. Like with the temple. I wouldn't mind a day working outside like that again."

Ari waggles his brow in victory as his fork is shoved in his mouth the prize, then inverted in his mouth to be cleaned off by his hidden tongue. "Homesteading. " There is a slight little twitch of Janitor's mouth that seems a little bittersweet. "I'm sure normalcy, however little, is comforting."

"In the wild, one animal stealing the food of another is considered an assertion of dominance." Geni remarks idly, and eyeballs Ari's plate. Her lips purse playfully. "I think I'll just surrender." Because yuck. She then looks to Phin and oh's, "I'm sure any and all of the projects going up could use hands for a day. Just ask for the foreman on the site."

Phin's brows go up as he shifts another look between Cole and the priestess. Dominance? He stops looking at them. He does nod about the foreman, though. "Cool. Might not be able to get much leave for awhile, but I'll ask around the site the next time I'm on-planet. Do you think we'll get more people from Picon? Even if we do drive the Cylons back, still going to be a warzone, maybe for a long time."

"I could have just peed on your shoe." Now he's looking to Phin's plate, but no doubt something about Geni's statement sunk in enough that Ari things best to go back to his own food. There is plenty of pepper on the green beans he's now rearranging so he can slip them over the prongs of his fork. "Hey Dolly. Earmuff." Cole makes a motion for Phin to cover his ears with his hands.

"Should I put it past you?" Iphigenia replies slyly to Cole, and then admits to Phin, "More are coming every day, but if we liberate Picon I'm just as curious as to whether or not any will go back, or if anymore will want to come."

Phin eyes Cole looking at his plate. Not that he looks liable to stab him, but he's satisfied enough when the other pilot keeps his fork to himself. The earmuff comment gets a "Heh." "No idea what you're talking about, man." Which doesn't sound believable, but at least he's not blushing. Yet. As for Picon, "Yeah. I don't know. I mean, the ones from there…hard to let go of your home. Even if it's messed up. But you'd never know when the Cylons'd push to come back, even if we get them out. Piraeus is safe compared to the rest of the universe right now. I can see why lots of folks'd want a ticket. If they know about it."

Cole reaches over to ring Phin around the head with the crook of his arm, using his expansive palms to clamp over the younger man's ears. Maybe he just knows how easily Dolly is embarrassed at such situations that are forthcoming or maybe it's Aristides who is suddenly shy. "Sister Arden, I was wondering…can I take you out on a date sometime?"

The sad part is that Iphigenia stares at Cole a moment like she's not quite sure what just came out of his mouth. And then like she's waiting for the punchline. For the other shoe to drop. But then she picks up her fork, spears some food and replies matter-of-factly, "I'd be delighted if you did." And nothing more than that.

"Hey!" Phin squawks in surprise when his ears are cupped. He tries to elbow Cole. Albeit while kind of staring at the pair of them. After the bit about dominance and such earlier, he is probably imagining something a lot more interesting than dating questions.

Ari doubles sideways as Phin's contact make contact with his ribs, but he keeps his hands over the younger man's ears at last through Iphigenia giving her answer. No doubt to Dolly it sounds like Charlie Brown's parents talking: wah wa wa wah wah waaah. "Yeah?" Cole himself seems surprised, especially as his delivery was about as smooth as sandpaper. His arms sag away from their ear muffing with a sign of relief. "Great. That'd be great."

"We'll see." Iphigenia smiles faintly, but yeah, she's a little skeptical. Normal is not the watchword in their interactions. "Oh, do let poor McBride have his ears back, he's a big boy."

"What the frak, dude?" Phin exclaims. Not that he sounds mad, really. Just very confused. Though he does blush a little for swearing in front of the priestess. "Umm, sorry, Sister."

Cole tilts his head towards Phin, muttering in a stage whisper. "The sister's bra was showing, and I didn't want to embarrass her. Be cool, bro." But as: a) Iphigenia didn't fix a bra strap and b) Aristides has a shit eating grin on his lips - it probably means no such thing transpired. He glances back at Geni and flashes a wink, reaching for his tray to bus it from the table.

She can't help it, she shakes her head and lets out a low chuckle. She'll keep her skepticism to herself for the moment. "You are quite transformed." she remarks to Cole, and then provides for Phin, "He's trying to protect your delicate sensibilities. Don't you feel loved?"

"I feel something," Phin mutters, rolling his eyes at Cole. He's curious now. So he asks the chaplain, "Seriously, what's going on?"

Cole's palm lands on Phin's head, scrubbing in a lazy man's noogie. "Don't be afraid. It's a natural reaction you're feeling. I'm sure many a man's popped a tent thinking about the Sister's bra strap. Just think of pyramid and it'll go down on it's own after a while." No? That's not what Phin is feeling? Cole doesn't stick around to find out, as he's taking his tray and leaving the table, his meal over. "I'll see you around." Likely said to them both, but with a hint more promise aimed Iphigenia's way purely by look alone.

Iphigenia watches him depart, her mouth open slightly in amazement before she murmurs to Phin, "I have not accidentally ingested chamalla, have I?" She lets out a breath and notes to Phin, "I think he's just…forgiving himself. A little."

Phin swats a backhand at Cole when he's noogied, but it's also lazy. All in good fun. Though the bit about tent-popping might make him blush again. It's so easy. "I'll see you in sims, asshole," he calls. He picks at the remnants of his sandwich, looking back to Iphigenia. His expression moderates slightly. "Yeah. I mean, I hope so." Though he does add, "I mean, not that he should forget about it. I haven't. I mean…nobody should." He shrugs. "That's…none of my business, though. Anyway. He's back flying again, which I figure is a good sign. Good for the squad, too. Missed him out there."

"It's an excellent sign." Gen agrees. "I know he's had a hard time getting back into the cockpit, but I think part of him needs to be there to get better." A sudden smile blossoms on her lips. "Thank you Phin, for helping him."

Phin shrugs. "We're friends. Anyway. I'm glad…you guys are still getting along after all that." He might, just might, sound a touch more surprised than glad about this. But he meant the 'none of my business' part, so it's not commented on anymore than that. He stuffs the last of his sandwich into his mouth.

"Some things are just…the way they are." She doesn't know how to frame it as anything but that.

"Yeah." Phin sounds in agreement with that, at least. There's a stretch of quiet that he doesn't seem to know quite how to fill, before he finally clears his throat. "Anyway. I should get going. Got a later CAP tonight. I should shower and stuff. It was good seeing you, Sister. Maybe I'll drop by the temple the next time I'm on planet, talk about the Aurora stuff when I'm done with it. And Ares, maybe. Seems…I don't know. Timely, with everything being planned for Picon."

"I quite agree, and I'll look forward to it. You're welcome to speak to me here too, of course. Chapel, mess…wherever." Gen gives him a brief smile, and then opens her book, digging into her food while going over her notes.

Phin nods. "Wherever works best. Later, Sister." With that he stands, and off he goes.

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