AAR: #467: Bacchus Crew Recovery


Wed Apr 18 2006 AWD #467

CC: None
RE: Missing Crew Recovered


On AWD #466 3/7 Marines were alerted that a Raptor crew had gone missing while investigating. Volunteers for recovery were made at the meeting after a briefing on the ship type and what it was doing out there. Mission stepping was 1100 ship time on #457.

On arrival the Marines were hailed and invited aboard. There were overtures and overtones of polytheistic inclinations in what was being said. Upon arrival, this was confirmed. The crew had apparently begun to believe they were somehow the Gods of colonial religion and that others were to worship them. The arriving Marines were presented with a spread of food, including wine, fruits, and meats. At this time Sergeant Flynn engaged in discussion while Sergeant Knox made a radio call. 'Oiler', the missing pilot, replied and begged for release. She sounded distressed and potentially in pain on the radio. It also became clear that the meat being served at the table was actually the roasted corpse of the ECO we had been sent to rescue. At this time Sergeant Knox, accompanied by Lance Corporals Anderson and Angelis, walked away from the group with the intent to locate the distressed pilot.

At this time the ship's crew drew guns and a firefight occurred. During the fight, one innocent was wounded and only one prisoner was taken alive. He was delivered to Commander Spree's forces on Picon. The missing pilot was located in the galley and is recovering currently on Orion. Investigation discovered that the crew had been eating people for some time while still maintaining garden foods. Two children and their mother were also rescued who aided in understanding of this situation.

It is recommended that the ship not be returned to. While the ship has a functional ecosystem, it is unknown how many of the gardens have used human remains as fertilizer. Likewise, the FTL is non-functional and stores are low. The oxygen scrubbers are also overworked and the air aboard is helium-rich, also posing an extreme fire hazard if levels increase as they were. Recommend ship be marked on navigation charts and used for target practice or left as a ghost ship. Minimal value for risk involved.


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