AWD #466: Bacchus Briefing
Bacchus Briefing
Summary: LTJG Petropoulos briefs the Marines on the upcoming mission to recover a lost Raptor.
Date: 30/09/2016 (OOC Date)
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The MOUT room is a training facility located forward of the engine rooms and stores, and only allows the use of specific paint, rubber, or frangible rounds. Housed within a large, empty hold the area is bounded by structual bulkheads and the interior walls can be moved so the space is entirely customisable for whatever the instructors or Marines need. Being in the bowls of the ship there is also enough space between the decks to allow for an overhead series of catwalks for instructors and others to observe and critique what is happening down below.
17 Apr 2006 AWD #466

Not knowing really where else to give a briefing, Marcus decided that the MOUT would be best. After sending out the invitation, the lieutenant has pulled out a bulletin board, a star chart, a picture of a Raptor, and the profile and front pictures a Pilot and ECO from Orion. Lt. Flora 'Oiler' Reynolds and Ens Merle 'Maggot' Hughes. Looking over the infromation he was given, he waits for the Marines to assemble. There's no cookies or juice boxes, sorry.

Her first operation with the new unit. This should be interesting. Miri jogs into the MOUT, fastening her armor as she goes. She finds a spot against the wall and settles back there, arms crossed and observing. In an act somewhere between habit and ritual, she starts checking to make sure all her medical gear is in place, even though she knows it is.

Gray makes his way int the MOUT, armor more or less in place as he makes his way in. The surprise uniform change completely derailed a game of Triad he was about to begin…but he's still got his cup of coffee in one hand while his helmet is under his other arm. The look on his face is, at worst, that of mild irritation at his social schedule being disrupted. It could /definitely/ be worse, he notes mentally.

Knox hasn't taken off the radio since the ship went to Two. He's wearing that slightly off-uniform camo the JTACs commonly wear, one better suited to the terrain where they were based - for his it was Virgon. The shades of camo are a little softer and the uniform looks well-worn. The patches on it still list him as part of the old unit; 4th ANGLICO, 2nd SALT. The combat vest he wears lacks the same level of armor, but it has to in order to accomodate the amount of radio gear he carries and extra supplies. Moving into the MOUT room, his rifle dangles from the front of his three-point with his hands clasped on the buttstock. The helmet on his head is the hockey style with the ears cut out with a single muff on the left side and the bone mic on his jaw secured easily. Seeing the pictures on the board, he seems to have some recognition but moves closer to the board to look at the star chart.

Carrying some of her gear, and wearing most of it, Kapali is just one of the motley crew of assorted misfits to arrive. Her helmet is tucked under one arm, her kit slung over one shoulder instead of worn. A brief look is aimed at the board as well, a squint at the star chart and then she simply finds, or makes, room to stand with the rest.

Angelis is not far behind Gray, dressed similarly and also clutching a cup of coffee like it's a lifeline to sanity. She looks ready for action though, head in the game and all that. Her gaze fixes on the LT for a moment, devoid of expression before she shifts and looks away, studying the board that's been set up. Knox gets a considering look too, but that skitters away soon enough and she moves to position herself in a spot where she can get a clear view of the room and the info-board. The last of her coffee is drained away and she disposes of the cup.

"Alright, settle down Dogs." Marcus calls out as he moves towards the board. He's carrying his standard gear, but has added extra grenades and first aid packs after his last encounter with the enemy. "I don't have much information, but here's what I know about us going to Condition 2. Last night, at 2100 hours, a Raptor from the 11th Air Carrier Group jumped into Piraeus air space, breaking from it's scheduled returned time from recon patrol of the Ouranos Asteroid Belt. It informed Command that it had picked up radio signals from a civilian ship in the Diminis Nebula and was going to investigate." he pauses to let that settle into their heads. It's been nearly a year and a civilian ship is still out there.

Randy is against the wall in full gear, her EOD field kit slung nearly to the back so it can rest against her hip. She's already ready to go and looking at the info board, squinting a little as she listens to Marcus.

Clearing her throat, Kapali lifts one hand to signal the LT, "Sir, do we have a copy of that radio signal that they went to investigate?"

Knox looks over the map a little further and his eyes squint deeper at the location. He doesn't say anything, he just listens and takes it all in for the moment. But Kapali's question seems to be what stirs him and he turns to the side to step back and give proper respect to the JG.

Angelis doesn't lean against anything, she's standing mostly straight and listening quietly, her fingers idly tugging on her ponytail as her busy blues scan the room. She observes the marines gathered, focusing mostly on the ones she knows best, in between giving her attention to the board, silently processing the LT's information.

Gray slides in next to Knox; he's a bit surprised at the idea of a "missing" ship being out there. That alone sets off his danger sense. "Sir. I hate to ask, but what are the odds this is a trap?". The idea doesn't thrill him but it has to be asked all the same.

Kapali turns slightly and grins at Gray. "Well of course it's a trap, but that doesn't mean we won't go investigate," said in a low voice that probably carried anyway.

Hearing the question, Marcus nods, "We do, Corporal." he says as he moves to press the button on a small recording device that's been hooked up to several speakers within the MOUT. It plays, and the female voice of the Raptor pilot comes up.

'Orion Actual, this is Raptor 1367R, we have intercepted a signal, wish to investigate, over.'
'Raptor 1367R, Orion Actual, send message, over.'.

What plays next is grainy and staticky, breaking up with white noise at points, 'Colonial Navy, this is the Bacchus Bounty, Troy's <static> gone. There's Base<static> everywhere, we're <burst of static> jump into the Diminis <static burst> help as soon as possible! <static>'

'Raptor 1367R, permission granted, report findings as soon as expedient.'
'Orion Actual, Oiler, copy that, out'.

"That was the last transmission we received from the Recon Bird." he says simply, before he turns the board around. On the other side is a large argicultural ship, a domed number so that it can take in ambient sun and starlight. "The Bacchus Bounty was registered to a vinery on Leonis, and according to the registry, she was travelling to Troy to deliver a vineyard, 200 barrels of wine, 500 wheels of aged cheeses, and 100 bicycles along with various supplies and household furnishings for a a family."

"For those of you doing the math…" a glance over to Knox and Randy, "…from the Nebula to the Ouranos is 1.3 light years. The signal they picked up was very much from Warday, most likely. The Raptor did go into the Nebula, and it has not returned. Command is putting together a team to board a pair of Raptors to try to find out what happened to our lost ship, and recover it, if we can."

"The Bounty is an old ship, she was assembled just after the end of the First Cylon War to transport fruits, vegetables, and fledgling orchids to planets that had been damaged in the war. She used to be the military transport Vestal before being decommissioned and sold to this winery. "She doesn't have any maintenance records on file, so we can only assume she was duty for some heavy maintenance soon."

Kapali perks up, literally, "Well now," and shares a sidelong look with Randy. "All they have to do is find me a freighter loaded with chocolate, and I'll assault it all on my own." Back to the LT, "Seriously, this sounds way to good to be true. Just, you know, because someone also has to say that."

Randy lifts her hand, "Sir?" She waits till she's called upon to say, "I'm no word wiz, but if I had to fill in the blank, it downed like they were trying to say Basestars? We're not just risking our lives for a bunch of spoiled warday cheese and some wine are we? Is there any sign of life?"

"No, Sergeant, we're risking our lives to make sure a Raptor and it's ECO isn't in Cylon hands." Marcus responds flatly, waiting for the next question.

Angelis perks up at the mention of wine, and she even nods slowly in agreement with Kapaliis comment about the chocolate. But she's not about to say anything that might get her in /more/ trouble with the LT. At least, not yet. She holds her tongue, blue eyes looking a bit daydreamy for a moment as she gets distracted by the thought of chocolate and booze. Then it's back to the here and now, paying attention and all that.

Randy squints further and then a look of oh-crap-I'm-an-idiot washes over her face. "Sorry Sir. I was mistaken on one of the facts. Of course."

Cooper stands there and glances over to Gray as he moves closer, then back to the board. As the recording plays, he looks to the deck plating and takes a long breath. Memories of that day and Avery Hall. A fellow JTAC died in his arms. His eyes then look back and he listens without much reaction. The trade between Randy and Marcus, though, leaves him giving Randy a Look.

"Well, frak." This keeps getting better, doesn't it. "That changes this, then…" Gray sighs and glances to Coop as if to say "your lead."

"The Air Wing is getting their briefing soon enough. I'm not sure what assets we're going to be provided, outside of the SAR Raptors. If Command deems that we need a ship, we'll know when we know. The Sergeant is right though, if they somehow met this ship and got into it, they need to be recovered. This mission is voluntary." Marcus says as he looks around. "I need to get a count to Command on who's in." he finally says as he looks around. "But I perfer those that have had some version of EVA experience."

Miri pushes off of the wall. "I'm in, sir," she says matter-of-factly.

Kapali shoots one hand up before the LT is actually done speaking and asking for the volunteer detail. "I'm already a volunteer LT, count me in."

Cooper glances over to Gray. He see's the look. "Jay-Gee's lead, Gray." The voice is flat, neither chiding or welcoming. He then looks back to Marcus and nods at the end. "Copy that, el-tee. Got several EVA's. I'm in."

"I have experience as well, so if you need me, count me in," Randy offers, no hesitance or anymore attitude apparently now that she knows the score….and possibly a little cowed by her own blunder.

"I've never done an EVA… but I'm in if you'll take me." Angelis replies, keeping her voice low and devoid of her usual cheerfulness. There's something slightly martial in her eyes though. Tabi's definitely commited, possibly making up for any lack of experience.

The string of voices in asset from his unit gets the better of Gray. "No EVA here but I'm in as well if you need another hand."

Nodding his head as he makes mental notes, Marcus considers. "I'll get the list to the S3, and see what he says." the Jay-Gee offers as the young Lieutenant frowns a little. "I will say this.. I'm no farmer, but from what the powers that be have said, with the supplies they have on board, and a crew of only ten, this ship could very well still be intact and functioning. The plants on board were a self-contained eco-system, which is what these type of freighters were designed to do - basically a flying farm. Once on the ground, the domes were removed and they adapted to their new area. That is to say, folks.. there could be very well ten people that have been cut off from the universe at large since it all went to Hades. Proceed with caution."

"Are there any other questions?" Marcus thinks to ask.

Knox considers all that and drums his fingers on the buttstock a few times. He's looking at the board again and the schematics for the ship. He then looks to Randy, then back to Marcus. "El-tee." There's a respectful sound to it, too. The guy opens a palm and aims it with a subtle chop at Randy. "I'd like ot request we have Sergeant Flynn as lead NCO on this op once we gain entrance to the ship, sir. EOD and looking for potential traps would be the smart play in lead, sir. I can back her up on the rear and keep our ranks ordered." Worded simply as a request and offer.

Marcus draws in a breath and looks to Cooper and nods finally. "Command has already told me I am not allowed on this mission." he admits. "Due to my clearance level and work on Piraeus, and the likelyhood of this being a trap, I have been ordered to stand down. Sergeant Flynn, unless someone of higher rank steps in, you are the lead on this."

Angelis glances over at Randy as Marcus names her lead, and nods slightly. Then looks away and back to the board, her gaze fixing on some blank spot on the wall and staring at it intently while she continues to tug on the end of her ponytail.

"Understood sir," Randy says with a nod, glancing sidelong to Knox. She knows that play, but she also knows he's right. She didn't go through training to just be a guinea pig. She has training in this, even if it's really a lot of luck too. She pushes off of the wall to scoot her way through the ranks so she can get a better look at the schematics for the ship too, eyes twitching over various characteristics immediately as she's trained to do.

Knox hears the repetition of his suggestion and nods respectfully to Marcus. "We will get this done, el-tee." He then looks to the others who volunteered. "Those of you who have volunteered but have no EVA, on me once the Lieutenant has called it. This isn't optional." He then looks back to Marcus.

"Thank you, Sergeant." Marcus says as he nods to Knox and his order. "If there is no more questions, requests, or anything of the sort, I will turn you over to Sergeant Flynn and Sergant Knox for their remarks and dismissal." He steps back to allow the two sergeants to take the front if there are no other questions, but he waits, just in case before leaving.

Once the LT gives the go, Angelis shifts, blinking out of her thoughts and after a moment of letting folks sort themselves out, she moves over to join Knox and Gray. Standing quietly, Tabi's eyes flick restlessly, bouncing around the room not settling anywhere in particular.

As the party begins to break up, Gray turns to Knox. "You wanted to see me? Us?" he asks.

Randy reaches down deep somewhere in her kit and pulls out a chubby short drafting pencil to start marking on the schematics as she stands near Knox. Then she looks up and out at faces. "Everyone here? We need /everyone/ actually. Go over general don't make us explode rules. No touchy," she says with operational casualness to Knox.

Cooper waits until those volunteers head over. "EVA sucks. You can't hear anything except your radio and your own farts. As a combat environment, it does not exist. Guns do not fire in vacuum due to the temperatures. We are targets, nothing else." He looks at each in turn. "We have no ability to fight. We all will be wearing flight suits. You will carry all of your gear in heated rucks that are designed for this. Our lead will be opening the hatch she identifies as the best. Once we are inside, we hold in place and don armor and weapons. Flightsuits go in the bag, uniforms go on." Knox looks as serious as he does before heading into combat of any kind. "If someone on there has a knife or a gun and they poke your suit, then you have no hope in zero atmo. Protect your bag with your life because it is your life." The guy has a very stern look. "I want everyone here to expect that we will be meeting skinjobs or Cylons. If we find survivors, everyone is considered hostile until proven otherwise. Rules of Engagement are as follows:" Another looks around. "Yellow Hold. If you positively identify a hostile, sing out. Hold fire until fired upon. It sucks, but that's how we roll. Questions?"

Gray chimes in. "Yeah…there any way to ID a hostile that isn't obviously a toaster without them shooting first?" The question comes naturally enough. "Also, do we have amy idea what we're expecting to find if we find the wine ship?"

Kapali falls in step with Randy and joins the group forming up with Knox as he begins the pre-EVA overview of how to not get unnecessarily dead and kill everyone else in the process fact sheet.

It does suck. Angelis visibly clenches her jaw against offering an arguement. She takes a slow breath and nods, forcing back her arguments for another time and place when things are not quite so dire. Fingers run slowly over her gear, habitually checking it as her lips move silently, gaze taking on a faraway look again as a small frown creases her brow. Her head tilts slightly at Gray's question, and she'll wait quietly for the response.

"Likely people with vitamin deficiency, and a high likelihood of psychosis," Randy answers quite quickly. "That kind of isolation can lead to nasty stuff. So if there are people there, and you see one doing something suspicious? Likely it is suspicious for a reason, but that doesn't mean we go shooting anyone up. Standard rules apply as already outlined by Knox." She then quiets, looking to Knox with a nod.

"Permission to treat civilians if it comes to it?" Miri asks, raising her hand as an afterthought.

Cooper looks to Miri and doesn't bother to shake his head. "Denied. Period. You can request, but you will not, under any circumstances, break formation. On this op, Corpsman, you are a Marine first. We are at maximum risk which means our first priority is protecting your brothers and sisters." He lets that settle. "If we spy the ECO and they are held by Cylons, execute. Do not wait for a fire order. This is shoot to kill. If the situation is other, standby for orders but hold fire. "

Gray nods in acknowledgement of the orders. They…are tough and he is NOT thrilled at the idea of having to shoot a friendly. He suppresses a sarcastic reply and instead keeps a fairly blank face. "Right.". Beat. "Are we going to be able to get any EVA training before we go?".

"Which is another reason, among many, why we're carrying our own supply of oxygen and filters," Kapali chimes in from where she's standing. "Any time we go into the enclosed environ of another ship, it has the potential to be a new, and unwelcome, cocktail of contaminates or chemicals that are universally bad for marine consumption. Until getting the OK, do not crack the seal on your suit."

Angelis just stands quietly, taking mental notes and not offering anything verbally to the questions and answers thing. She nods in all the appropriate places, her gaze flitting about like a crazy flea.

"There could be traps people. The environment could have hazards as well. Formation is key on this mission. Do not touch anything. This is not me treating you like kids. This is /us/ not dying. If I tell you to leave, you leave me. If I give command to Knox…you follow him, just as normal. Do not panic. I cannot stress this more than enough. If you panic, it's imperative that you regain control as soon as possible. You're Marines, so I it's not like working with the Army," Randy says with a grin. "Just kidding. They're great too. I'm going to be using these little flags to mark a safe path. Do not stray from this path and keep the comms clear. I may need to warn people off quickly. Right? Any more questions?"

They are red little flags that are made to catch and reflect light as well be an obnoxiously seeable color. Randy digs one out of her bomb kit after swinging it round. Then she holds it up in her hand.

Knox yields to Randy as she explains her leadership piece. The guy looks only to her, never looking to the others. When she's done, he nods. "Copy that, Flynn. You give the order, we're ghosts." His eyes then go back. "We will not have time for EVA training. Consider this earning your certs live. But.. Last thing before I clear you all:" He clears his throat. "Every one of you, I want a mix of hollowpoint and armor-piercing. Three mags each. I will personally inspect each rig before we leave. Primary load on entry is AP. No exceptions. We are treating this as a hot entry onto an enemy ship until we know otherwise. You follow Flynn's command. If we get into an exchange of metal, I will take command." He glances to Flynn, then back. "Dismissed."

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