PWD #33: Baby, It's Cold Outside
Baby, It's Cold Outside
Summary: Sera and Judah make use of their two days of general leave. With a camping Trip!
Date: 03/12/2012 (OOC Date)
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Hook Sera 
There's trees, and lot's and lot's of snow.
December 3rd 2004 PWD #33

Mid afternoon, but they have the FAv for a good hourage down there. Checking out the unarmed vehicle was nothing. However the snow was likely to be something. Silence and serenity seem to hold to the clearing that it just south of a rather large hill. All covered in snow. And that's when it happens. Birds cease in their tweets, and a black doe and Fawn hanging by the wooded boundary pause. Their velvet ears swivelling up and out like DRADIS wands, searching for incoming blips. A coil of muscles and they bolt before over the ridge comes the roar of a fat engine, followed by an open 'snow' buggy tearing over the hill and coming down, sending chaos and snow in all directions. A song blaring over a boombox that has been tied to the top

"Ain't too proud to beg..Darlin' Darlin.."

The breaks are applied, but still the thing squeals and swerves, causing the couple inside to be jostled and tossed about in their harnesses. Helmets on. Facemasks-check. Though once stopped the driver turns off the key and grins, pulled down the mask, as he leans into the hard bucket seat. Much like his companion, he's clothed for the weather (hopefully) A thick, dark green military issued snow coat worn, as dull flecked tobagan is worn-protecting his ears under the black helm that was required to be worn out here.

He's keeping his sunglasses on. A look over, and one brow rises. 'See-good driver.." Hook offers with a laugh, before that bearded face is leaning over to peck at his passenger's face mask. He'll clamber out to check in, in a second.
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Sera, meanwhile seems far, far less amused by the FAV's capacity for balls-to-the-wall driving. It seems that although the little knuckledragger knows how to fix them, she doesn't spend an awful lot of time in them. Were it not for the black knit gloves covering her fingers, Sera's knuckles would be visibly turning white, as she's currently clinging to one of the bars for dear life. When they come to a squealing stop, she spends a few seconds just staring at Judah — like maybe she might kill him, or is thinking he's lost his mind, or is still stunned by the fact that she did not die.

"Never. Transferring. to. the. Marines," she mutters under her breath, the words helpfully muffled by her heavy black scarf. But then she pries her fingers loose, one by one, and wiggles her way out of her harness - eager to feel solid ground under her feet. Mostly because, y'know, it's not moving. The facemask must bother her just as much, as she's quickly yanking it off to reveal a red-cheeked face to which she has, for the first time since they left Virgon, applied something other than soap and lip-gloss. Because camping is where it makes total sense to wear her makeup.

"What was that?" Likely it's good that Judah couldn't hear her, or it's also fortunate that she now has lost any desire to join the marines, as that might hamper their dating relationship. Still the Marine is oblivious as he calls in his coordinates into the base. "Aye Aye, I understand. Got you staff, we'll have it in an hour before Leave's up. Foxtrot-33 Out." And with that he clicks the reciever shut, as he turns back to look over to his compainon. A grin still plastered on his face-before he is moving to get the ruck packs free and of course the tent. "This a good place?" he asks, before one gloved hand is motioning over to the treeline "We can camp in there, get some shelter from the snow if we have another fall. I'll clear it and make it warm." See, this is where dating a marine is good-he can survive in this, and any other weather condition thrown at them.

"Nothin'," Sera mumbles. She then brushes her hair back out of her face. It seems to be a perpetual problem with her, especially when they're somewhere that has real, honest-to-gods wind. "I think so. If I was readin' the maps of the terrain right, I think there's a rock ledge that's walkin' distance from here. Trust me, you're gonna regret it if you go back up to the Orion without seein' the sky." Useless she may be at survival skills, but if there's one thing a deck-hand can do, it's pointlessly move heavy things from over there to that other spot over there. One of the larger bags is untied from the bars before she slings it over her shoulders, without any problems, and is reaching for smaller things she can carry in her arms. "You tried any of the local cuisine yet?"

Hook chuckles. "Uh huh." he replies back before he is shouldering on his pack, and grabbing up the tent. His boots crunching along in the snow as he makes for their proprosed camp site. "Well that's the plan around sundown, if we've got everythign set up. If not we can hit it for the sunrise." he adds with a grin. His legs moving easily in the snow-the marine does top when he finds a favorable spot. bags are put down before he's crouching to clear out some snow, and place it as walls around the supposed demensions of the tent they have brought along.

"Not yet." Judah says with a look over. "Though I did buy a couple of venison steaks from a guy before we got out. It's in the provisions." As small as they are. "I was thinking of grilling them up tonight for us, if you're game?" A raise of his brow there. "Dunno how it'll taste compared to what I am used to."
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"It's not bad; a little bit gamey compared to the stuff I've had, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, combined with some of what I've had around here. Some of them Marines would bag a few and brin' them back to the Orion for cookin', which is worlds better than most of what you end up eatin' on a battlestar after a long cruise. Freeze-dried this and reconstituted that." She makes a face as she trails along behind him. Really, she's quite used to the food in the mess, but for the first few days after being on a real world? It always seems like ash and chalk by comparison.

"The bloodapples are probably out of season by now, or so pale they aren't worth eatin', but I know what they look like. If I see any of the trees, we can see if it's worth givin' a try." Once they stop, she lets the bags hit the ground with a dull thud. Crouching down over them, she starts tearing them open, pulling things out, and then thinks better of it. "….What should I do? I've hardly even seen snow before, let alone slept in it without losing some fingers or somethin'." All of which she does, in fact, have.

A glance over his shoulder "I got us mummy bags." Judah says, with a faint chuckle. "Which means you'll feel fine in this weather tonight-even when it drops." And there's a brief look to her before he's motioning to the trees. "Collect some wood, and I'll get a fire going. We'll need little twigs up to some good branches. Should be enough dead stuff here for us." he states with a nod. Making sure to pat down the ground and flatten out the snow on the hard earth-before he's going back to grab the tent bag. First things first. he needs to stake down the ground tarp. "The sleeping bags can connect and make a big bag.." he throws that out there before he looks up and reaches for the hammer. The soft tapping of plastic to metal heard. "We had snow on Caprica when I was at my first posting. So we did winter training. Alot." A chuckle "The goal is not to get too wet-and you'll be fine."

Well, I can cook, decent enough. And I have some side things. not much, but they're good. We usually fight for em, when we get em in our MRE's.."

"Well, as much as I'd like too, 'cause I can't get over how soft this stuff is," she says with a boot buried in the snow, so she can use the toe to spray it all up into the air, "I don't exactly plan on strippin' off my coat and rollin' around in all this powder. I learned that one the first time I saw it and spent the next three days hunkered down in sick bay, with tisses crammed so far up my nose, I thought I was goin' to give myself brain damage." Really, Sera. That's a lovely image to give him. Just lovely. Maybe next, she can tell him about how she smells after fight-night?

"I'll see if I can find us some firewood," she announces, before traipsing off into the trees — a bit out of sight, but only because of the thickness of the forests. She's well within speaking distance, if they shout a bit..

A laugh echoes from his position in the half snow bunker he's made. Now, the sounds of him rummaging are likely lost, but needless to say-Judah is indeed working on setting up the sturdy tent he brought along. The kind often used by those who go mountain climbing. It'll keep out the chill and keep in the warmth. Still the thought of tissues after offering to share a sleeping bag is still slightly humorous to the marine. Eyes focused on his work, Judah raises his voice as his head raises only a little further. "I remember when I first saw snow." As it never really snowed in his area on Gemenon. "I thought'd be the easiest thing to walk through-all powdery like sugar on a donut.." A laugh. "I got stuck on our first winter march and lost a frakkin' boot."

"You still got all your toes or did you loose them with the boot?," she calls back, over the sounds of a crack and a bang. That branch was just too big for her to carry all in one piece. She might not be much good at putting a tent together, but she certainly knows how to break things into pieces, by the sound of it. Maybe it's her military training. (Bam! Splodes!!) Or maybe it's the Virgon devotion to Hestia. Either way, this is one job she can actually manage when it comes to surviving the wilderness. It isn't long before she's brought back one armload of wood; it's not enough for a full day and night and day again, which is why she's going to have to go back for more. But not before she unloads what she has, freeing up one hand to tap him on the shoulder.

With one pole put together and slid through the canvas, there is only the mild cursing that follows. "You'll have to find out." he calls back, before he's going through the process with the other-and with her not in eyesight it's easy for him to have this moment of non smoothness as he drops one pole and the other almost collapses back. Hey he might be able to handle a tent, but some parts cause everyone trouble. Like the frakkin' poles. There's a pause whenthe tap comes and he stands up and turns around to look back to said deposited pile-and then to the technician. "Hello." A smile showing there on his face before he standing the pole up like some triumphant spear.

"I don't care if it's over a hundred degrees in that tent, Judah Hook. You'd best keep your shorts on if we're sharin' a sleepin' bag," Sera pronounces with an arched brow and the sort of 'absolutely no tolerance for crap' expression she was wearing when chewing out that poor specialist the other day. It seems it's going to be the only warning that he gets — just the one — because she then promptly stretches onto the toes of her boots, kisses his cheek, and then prances past him to the other side of the woods, leaving him to struggle with the tent poles.

Hook blinks once, and then blinks twice. The kiss is registered before she prancing back off. His hand back up brushing snow from his beard, before he is mutely looking back to the tent. Apparently the Sergeant is still processing all of that. And then his own laughter comes out. Nervous at first, before it becomes richer and dies easily, as he goes back to pole threading. "Sera" called out. "I think your virtue is safe" he calls back out. "I might know how to kiss-but that doesn't mean I am slick enough to try that." And likely that would be more than awkward. Hey go camping, by the way one bag, one tent no shorts. Yeah-that'd end any hopes of further dates and outings quick, he is guessing. "Not that kinda guy."

"Uh-huh. You act like you don't have a clue what you're doin', but I bet it's all part of your plan. Just like the Chief and his damned 'shine. Shows up all friendly-like and innocent and the next thing we know, every lost one of us is emptyin' our wallets." There's nothing but her bent over back and a voice now, but the tone is obvious — she's teasing him. At least about his plotting. Not so much about the bit with his shorts. "Get me to let my guard down, thinkin' I'm just off on a nice look-see with an innocent preacher man. Then BAM! Next thing I know, I'm raisin' a pair of mewling brats all by my lonesome." Because really, if she's going to exaggerate, he might as well be abandoning her with twins, right?

"I'd at least marry you, so you could get my pension." Judah replies back as he peeks up once. Eyes clearly fallowing the line of her spine as he sees her. And then he's back down and he's reaching over to raise the tent up. This part infinately easier than what he was attempting to do with the poles. The sounds of a few more stakes hitting the solid ground and a curse, sharp and loud which causes some birds to stir. "You're also forgetting barefoot." he adds before he's coming up from his knees, dusting the snow away with a grin. "Barefoot, married, and two mewling brats." a pause there. "Likely a dog too." Yes he is going to add to this exaggeration.

"Marryin' a Gemenese preacher from the middle of some damned desert? Even worse. You might as well make it perpetually pregnant, while tryin' to raise a pack of mewlin' brats and a dog and gods-know-what in the barn by myself." She jerks back up, cutting the teasing short as he swears. "You alright?," she asks with a surprising hint of panic in her voice. It's not that Sera doesn't know how to bandage a minor wound — it's the thought of him putting a stake through his hand this far in the middle of nowhere, with no way back but that damned FAV that has her ready to drop her armful of firewood and come running if the answer is 'no'.

"We'd do it on top of a mountain, before Ares. And you'd have to bathe in blood. We'd then drink a glass of wine and they'd shackle you to me." Hook's voice comes, before he's quiet after the second question. Likely, because he's now working on getting the fire ring ready, and clearing back the snow- to where they want the fire-and to make sure no rocks are underneath. If those get too hot they'll explode and send hot rocky shrapnel into them. Not fun. "Huh?" he replies after a moment. "Oh! Yeah!" he assures. "Just mashed my thumb with the hammer" And then he is back to his snow and rock clearing. "Believe it or not, I can fumble with the best of 'em."

A sigh of relief pours out of her, though he likely can't hear it that far out. Her voice has faded, even at that volume. With her turned back towards the campsite, picking her way over some rocks and through the trees, her words are broken up into chunks. "Well, at least it'd be — interestin' — for the first day. I dunno about after that. It sounds like it'd — all go downhill — after the wine, if you ask me," she announces, loudly. "Keep talkin', so I can follow the sound."

A grin there as Hook leans back on his thighs for a moment, resting there on his knees. "Well.." his voice raised in order to keep providing little audible breadcrumbs for Sera to follow, like a very frozen Gretel. "You'd have to meet my parents, and sign a contract with my father that he could stone you if you were unfaithful." Likely a joke there as a laugh is barely kept from his throat in saying that. "Then You would live in the back of the temple with me. Assuming I am out of the Marines. If not, you will not be in some barn. You'll be on grade b base housing. Watching while I drive around in a rusted out blue truck-going out to drink and smoke Chmalla with my priest buddies on the weekend. I'd mention our intimate life in sermons and expect you to cook me steak and soups.." he looks over his shoulder-curious where she is. "That work?"

Sera wandered a little of track. She hasn't come back from where she started, but instead appears about ninety-degrees from where she walked off. No wonder she wanted him to keep talking. Seriously, he's going to be lucky if he doesn't end up with the MAA investigating him for the disappearance of one totally city-bred Petty Officer, too incompetent to be left in the woods alone for more than five minutes. At six minutes? She'd probably find something poisonous to eat. "Have you ever considered a career as a travellin' salesman, if the Marines doesn't work out? That's quite a sales pitch you're makin' there and expectin' me to buy," she says with a lopsided smirk. In short, she doesn't believe a single word that's coming out of his mouth.

Hook chuckles. "Who said you have a choice in buying? Didn't you know it's common practice for a Gemenese male to lure the woman of his choice out into the woods to make sure she doesn't say no?" a grin there as he moves to stand, motioning her to the made out fire pit. "Well..I guess you found the second way into camp.." That is said under his breath before he is chuckling. "Help me set up the fire, and I'll get to cookin' for us- you can set up the bags however you want." See He's letting her to choose to share the bag, if she wants to.

She's got a big ol' armful this time —- mostly smaller sticks, which necessitated her tucking her chin over them to keep from dropping then. That'd explain why her speech was so stilted. "Ohhh, wonderful. Proposal by kidnappin'. Very romantic, really. Right up there next to comparin' a girl's eyes to dirt." Still, Sera's smiling as she tries — tries! — to set her bundle down neatly. His poor attempts at making a pass at her obviously couldn't have been that bad. She asked him to kiss her. And she's here now. "If I'm to be gettin' used to my new place in the kitchen, shouldn't it be the other way around?"

"I thought dirt was romantic, for someone who lives in space a lot." Judah admits with a rise of colour in his cheeks. And there he looks down. "I can better. I bet you I can come up wqith some fancy poetry or something." A grin there before he is coming over to help her with the wood, taking some from her arms-so as to begin building this thing up properly. There's a look back and he's chuckling. "Probably, but do you want one bag or two? I'd rather you choose." he says before he is looking back to the fire. "besides, I was staring at your backside when I could see it. I think turnabout is fair play." See equal opportunity. "I'll make sure we don't live in a desert, if that's consolation."

"One's alright. And I grew up on a whole planet of desert, Judah. It suits me just fine," she quips, eyes straying towards the tent. "You didn't think I got this tan on the deck of a battlestar, did you?" The fire, at least, is something she can help with. She's better at building them for prayers than for camping, but the principal is basically the same, when you worship Hestia of the Eternal Flame. "As for poetry, don't. Really. I'd rather you tell me what Gemenon's really like than go makin' up some nonsense. When you're done tryin' to trick me into marryin' you, that is. Which I think I already agreed to." This, with a snicker and a slightly furrowed brow.

"Oh you have eh?" Judah says with a faint smirk before he is nodding. He does make some room to allow her to work-while he continues building up some of the small wooden pyramid that will be needed in order to have a good strong fire. Once that is done he is pulling out a small cylinder. A black bar, and a paler one held out as he goes to the little hole where the kindling has been laid, and begins to strike the two together. "I'll be honest with you ever. I promise." Said with a grin. "I'm a better preacher. I promise you."

"Given the promise I made to my mama when she signed the papers for me to enlist, I hope you don't ever need to be preachin' at me," Sera says as she lays the last of the kindling into a neat pile, where they can add it and some of the large 'logs' to the flames later. "Only way I could get my parents permission was swearin' up and down to her and my daddy that I'd not take a job where I'd see combat directly, so I can't imagine what He of the Implacable Fury would want with a knuckledragger like me." She cants her head to the side so that she can peek up at him from her work, before adding, "Doesn't mean I wouldn't sit in the pews, though, to watch you."

"He wants everyone who will give for their fellow man and woman. There is no greater sacrifice than giving your life for another." Judah says by wrote, as he continues trying to get the fire to catch. "Frakkin…I hope I didn't-" And the flame catches and Judah pauses and leans down to carefully blow life into the kindling fire. "I guess I did not." A look over And he is leaning back-to allow her to feed the small starting fire. Teamwork and all that. "He want's passion. And Fury just part of that." A grin there. "It'd mean a lot to me, for you to come and listen."

Sera's hands move not like a soldier's or a survivalist's, but like a devotee's. It's obvious in the slow, deliberate motions, the way she tucks this piece of wood in here, nudges that one there. No wonder her parents claimed Virgon on her papers, rather than Leonis, despite the territorial split of true. She, like all her family, is Virgon by ethnicity, with all the women in the family dedicated to Hestia at birth. It's not a campfire she's making, but something meant to burn for days and days, if well-kept. "Judah, I'd listen to you read the phone directory out loud, if that's what you wanted to say."

Hook watches. Because, that is one of his good traits. Really! He can watch and listen. It's what makes him good at his calling, and at his job as a JTAC. There's a smile there as he watches her, before he speaks up. "To your earlier remark about bein' tan. I merely thought all Trojan girls had tans naturally. Like how some Gemenese do. I used to..I think. But that red clay's all outta me." Well off him at least. "You can listen to me do whatever." he adds. "I am glad that you're here with me." and a beat. "And apparently marrying me."

She laughs softly as she feeds the fire, finally stripping her gloves off and holding her numb fingers out over its glowing warmth once she's got it roaring. "Holdin' me to that, are you? My sister's gonna laugh herself sick when I send her my next letter and she sees the words "walkin' out" next to "Gemenese preacher". Probably my mama, too, but she'll ask me a whole lot less embarrassin' questions than little Ellie. Once that girl gets a notion into her head…," she trails off, obviously entertained by the thought that her baby sister will be absolutely everything that was coming out of their mouths a few minutes earlier. "And we do get tan, livin' that close to the sun. Like the rock we live on — tan and dry and hard. Maybe even a bit cracked, too."

Once the fire is built and good, Hook is rocking back to his feet and going to pull off the thick gloves he wears with relative ease. Already his hands are held out getting ready to let the flames lick the chill and sweat from them. "I might. We take that thing seriously on Gemenon." Judah teases. "Well, I assure you, only have the jokes apply to me. Mainly the drinking and smoking Chamallah ones." A shake of his head there. "Tell me about your sister? The one going to college, Jah?" asked carefully as a brow quirks up. "I wouldn't say cracked. Your brainpan seems in fine order to me."

"The only one. It was just the three of us, before my brother died. My mama couldn't have a baby for the first few years; then she went to an oracle that told her, kinda ironically, to return to celibacy in order to have a baby. After that, she always devoted one month a year to She of the Eternal Flame. We weren't supposed to know, when were growin' up, but you could tell. My daddy'd get real cranky," Sera says with a lopsided grin as she crouches there, holding her posture for a long while, until her legs eventually start to cramp. "Ellie's short for Electra. Just like Sera's short for Seraphina. My brother's name was Lucius. We all had names like that — names for light and fire and bright shinin', in honor of my mama's Lady. Ellie's the baby. I'm the oldest. I started workin' mostly to get off of Troy, but took this postin' to pay for her to go medical school after college. She wants to be a doctor. A surgeon. She's a real smart kid, y'know?" There's a furrow in her brow, a pensive expression coming to her face. "Really smart. Little naive, though, 'cause Luke and me always were tryin' to protect her, make sure she had it better than us and our parents."

Hook is silent, while Sera talks. His grin showing before it sobers for a moment. "I'm sorry that your brother's dead." he adds before he is reaching out to warm his hands again. "May I ask a personal question-How did he pass on over?" A look back to her. Obviously a very deeply personal question given the look he sees on her face. He reaches over with one hand to catch her cheek, gingerly. Still he is quiet as the order comes out. "I see you've done a good job at that. She's going to school, so there is proof that you both did your task in those regards." And then a smile is given over-perhaps to try and make up from the very personal question asked just moments before. "Seraphina." he replies softly. "It's a lovely name."

"It means 'the burnin' one' in Old High Virgon. Y'know, like an angel all set aflame with the holy fire?," comes her easy, even sedate explanation. Like there's nothing strange at all about her mother giving her a name like that. It's an easier question to answer than the one about her brother. She turns into his hand, until his palm almost covers her mouth, muffling her forthcoming words. "Luke died in the mines, with my daddy. He'd been workin' them for just six months. It wasn't very long after I was assigned to the Universal and I hadn't seen any of them for a couple of months. The supports they were usin' weren't up to standard and the whole ceilin' of the shaft collapsed in on them. By the time they managed to drill down and get them out, only a few survivors were left. Mama told me they found my daddy wrapped around Luke, tryin' to shield him from the worst. So they were together, at least. I suppose there's that."

"All shiny and fearsome. With the spear of the Holy phalanx in on hand and a rod in the other. Burning like a brand.." Judah says with a grin. "I'm familiar with angels." Most holy fellas are. Still he moves, scootching around in the snow so as to sit closer, and of cours make that outstretched hand not be too exnteded. Rather a more intimate gestures. A frown showing on his features as eyes drop downcast. "Ahh." He should have guessed in a mining accident. Still he nods mutely before he is looking back. "I am so sorry." He does not try to play out any sort of of tripe or songs about how it was the Lords and ladies will-or anything said in misguided comfort. "For your brother and father." A nod there. "I would have liked to have met them."

"I have pictures in my bunk you can see, if you want. Knox was lookin' at some of today, but was mostly curious about the ones taken down here." Ohh, look! It's a subject change. She may appreciate the sympathy, but that doesn't mean she'd care to continue talking about those who are gone. "I told him next time, he should come campin' with us and then he could see the aurora and the sunset. And to bring St. James, and we'd bring some earplugs and pretend we didn't know what they were up to in their tent. He knew I was goin' campin' with you, even though I didn't say anythin' about you, so I think we've been found out — even if there's more to the assumptions than the fact."

A grin plays on the JTACs face and with the subject change, there's no jerk back or anything like that. Rather he seems to move with it, like catching a new wave in the surf or trolling around with the tide. Easy and squeazy. And there his thumb rakes down her cheek, before his hand comes down, and there's a easy laugh to follow. "He did, did he?" Judah says with a raised brow. "Well, I think he watches a lot. He's got a cool vibe around him you know?" meaning Knox. "So I wouldn't be surprised if he gleaned it out himself somehow." And with that he is rubbing his own jaw. "As for us being found out." he shrugs. "That bother you? I'd like to think we're more discreet than St. James and he are." See-the Sergeant can notice things too!

"And here I was, thinkin' that I'd busted you braggin' at all the other grunts about things preachers shouldn't even been thinkin' about, let alone touchin'." There's only a beat before she adds, "I wouldn't go advertisin' it, but that's mostly 'cause I don't think what I do in my spare time is anyone'se business, let alone who I'm spendin' it with," Sera muses. She sinks down fully into the snow to ease the strain on her knees, which is a perfect excuse for leaning against him. "Not as long as I'm not breakin' any regs and I don't plan on bein' promoted to XO any time soon. So I think we're just fine in that regards."

Hook laughs hard, and yes, he does snort. Apparently whatever cool the preacher had before this moment is lost in that snort. "Sera." he says with a frankness, that is lost in his own chuckles. "I do not kiss and tell, let alone, I don't go gropin' and telling." he says before he is looking back to her. "Besides, what I choose to kiss and choose to touch. Stays between me and whom I am kissing and touching." And there's a grin there. "Nor do I. So I think we're fine too." And yes he leans right back into her, his hand moving to support her, which means to wrap around her back. Cause that's totally kosher, right? right.

"I knew I was right about you." In regards to what, though? She doesn't feel the need to specify. Instead, Sera begins fiddling with a little stick half buried in the snow, which she digs out and begins relieving of its bark. "Really, though, you should tell me about Gemenon. If you don't, I'm never goin' to stop tauntin' you with bad stereotypes and stupid assumptions, and there's really nothin' so grand about me runnin' my mouth when we could be watchin' the skies turnin' color and the glow comin' in."

A grin there from Sergeant as he remains close to the knuckle dragger. Like high school sweet hearts sitting out there, looking up, watching the sky from the backseat of a car, but there's no car here. "Good." Judah says before there's a slight sigh. A wistful, content sorta thing. "My home is in the Spatiua Gol Plateau. Which is part of the Blackhearth Mountain range..but the thing sorta stands as it's own and them mountains are foothills compared to what is on Virgon, or Tauron." A glance out of the corner of his eye there. "We're at the south Reach of the Pustiu desert. And we're covered in red dirt and clay. There's green and water a plenty…The town we went to was carved into the face of the Plateau that faces th' Grouse Valley-which is filled with trees, or was." a laugh there. "My Seminary was at the top.." And there he looks back. "Everyone is religious there. Maybe not as strict as at the Pantheon-or maybe stricter in other things…"

"Like askin' after girls, apparently," she says with a chuckle, still flaking off bits of bark with her near-permanently blacked fingernails, leaving bits of greyish-brown dotting the snow. "I was thinkin', before we got in that damned death machine on our way out here, that it was the first world humanity colonized after leavin' Kobol. It was a bare and naked world, with no buildin', no settlements. Piraeus is like that now. Empty and new and ready to be shaped into a home for our people. But I can't imagine Gemenon looks much like Piraeus at all — especially not the way you're describin' it."

"Our cities aren't anything like Caprica, or those on VIrgon. If you would like to see us-look to Sagitarron, and then add only a small bit of common sense-and money." Judah jokes. "We have plenty of bare places, and sacred places where our people have not built. But, our capitol and big cities. The spires and domes of the temples are something to see. When the light hits the houses of the holy-you can truly get a sense and perspective on life. In a common city on Gemenon, the biggest buildings will not belong to the government, or to business, but to the temple. The divine rules there..and people are fine with it. Fine with being closer to God."

Judah falls silent as his free arm wraps around one of his knees. "Yes-like asking after girls." A brief pause. "Did you ever see the movie about the colonies in grade school?"

Her head shakes, making her ponytail — almost a perpetual thing — bob and sway with the motion. "No. But school wasn't a real serious thing, in our little town. Most everyone ended up workin' for the company and there wasn't much you needed to know for that aside from what you'd pick up on your own, just watchin' the workers. But if there were video of that, I would've liked to see it. It sounds… well, no. Easier isn't the word. Natural, I think. More natural than livin' under glass domes just so that you can breathe. And keep from meltin'," Sera says with an easy laugh. It's a sound that spreads, so catching it's a wonder the birds in the trees aren't echoing it. "So, what did I miss? In your movie, I mean."

"Ah." he adds before he's chuckling. "It's not really on Gemenon, unless the Temple is doing it." And there he watches her for a moment. "I was lucky enough that my father was different and wanted myself educated along with my many brother and sisters." He says after a bit. Chuckling ever so slightly. "My mother and father were part of this quiver full movement. And so, you'd think that we like others who participated would have been taught by a priest. However, I believe it is because my mother's father was a teacher…Well Anyway in this movie." Judah continues as he looks up. "The movie shows life on Gemenon. Which is kinda true. The men all have beards, for the most part and the women keep their head covered. Usually a scarf or something." A shrug there and he looks back over. "Basically showed us talking' Gemenese..Which we do. There's a slang of it, and there's the high older kind used by the ordained." Like him. "We're an interesting lot."

"Is that how you get away with wearin' your beard?," the question accompanied by a sudden turn of her head, her eyes shifting from being focused on the snow to being focused, instead, on his face. "It ain't reg, so I thought maybe you got some kind of dispensation for it or somethin', for religious reasons. That, or your DH just didn't have the stones to be yellin' at a priest about some scruff on his face." She isn't used to seeing them, that much is obvious — especially not on the deck, where there's the risk of hair being singed or caught in machinery. It's an odd thing for her to find foreign, but that doesn't make it any more a part of daily life. "It doesn't match your hair, either," she observes, reaching out to run one finger over his chin before quietly adding, "although it's fittin' that it's red, I think."

Hook grins. "No." he says as he keeps a good and even lock onto her eyes, well the best he can. "I get away with that, cause they don't fuss with us JTAC's that much. If an officer asked me or told me to shave it I would. Likely my DH and other superiors think it is for religious purposes. So they let me keep it. I just don't let it get long." he adds before bringing his own head in a little closer. "I also try to keep it clean and decent length so that they don't have a reason to yell at me about it." Though his eyes do drop down when she notes the color. "My mother's hair is red..mine was red when I was a baby..the top darkened..This.. I don't know why this hasn't.." he says before he is reaching up to grab her chin. However he's not content with looking now, as he makes his move, without asking. Yes he is chancing another kiss. After all who is going to walk in on them out here. Longer..sweeter than the first, but that's cause he's got time to savor.

Unless of course she pushes away.

"You want me to get dinner cooking?"

No, she doesn't push away. She does turn all pink and flushed, though, after tenderly returning his kiss. And awfully fluttery, with very obvious reasons. Lingering moments of romance can have that effect on a girl — even ones that spend half their day covered in grease and smelling like jet fuel. Maybe especially those sorts of girls. There's a few stupid, doe-eyed blinks after he pulls away and she peels her eyes open, during which she stares at him mutely. (Sera's smooth like that.) "Yes," she eventually says with a cough and a quick downturn of her stare. "Yes. I'm… gettin' awfully hungry and it'll be a walk up to the rock ledge and back."

"Alright." Judah says, before he's going to walk back to the FAV which is not too far away so as to get the provisions. "See to the bag, and I'll get them started.. Once we're done we can easily make that walk.." A grin back to her, before he's rubbing that mangled ear of his and turning so as to quickly get a start on the foods. And once that food is ready? You can bet it will be delicious..or close to it.

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