PWD #14: Axe Santa is in Town
Axe Santa is in Town
Summary: Augie and Duke meet in the Rec Room. Gifts are exchanged, troubles are shared.
Date: 21/December/2012 (OOC Date)
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Augie Duke 
Rec Room
December 21, 2004 (PWD #14)

Oh yes…those delightful moments in which people can wind down, relax, have a drink, have a smoke…pretty much do whatever the frak they want in order to disconnect themselves from work. Having this opportunity, Duke made his way towards the recreation room and he is now sitting on one of the couches against the left hand side wall. He is pretty much leeeeeaning against it, wearing his off-duty greens and staring at nothing…/also/ he is wearing sunglasses, for whatever reason. It's probably the light in the room, too bright…damn light. He has one of his famous Aerilon made cigars, mid-way consumed already. And in one of his hands? A cup of coffee. Energy boost maybe?

You better watch out, you better not frak up, you better not be an idiot unworthy of the evolutionary chain, cause I'll tell you why…

Arriving in the rec center, Augie pokes his head in, his usual cowboy hat perched on his head, but this time.. he's carrying a niced sized bag with him. Hide your daughters, and board your horses, Augie Claus has come to town. Noticing the man staring off into the great wild yonder only a thousand yards away, the big DC shakes his head slowly, and fishes out of his bag a small wrapped box. "Morning, boss." he addresses the air commander. "Figured I'd get an early jump on Saturnalia, and smelled your cigar all the way down the hall." And with that, he offers the box to Duke.

It's nearly impossible to miss the cowboy hat and Duke immediately know that Orion's terror walked inside the room. The man looks up and nods his head to Augie "Morning" and with that, he pushes himself up and extends his hand for a familiar handshake "Out to terrorise the young souls?" A faint smile forms on his lips and then he looks at the offered box "My my…you are going to make me blush now." He takes the offered box and looks at it for a moment. However, he soon looks at him again and says "Also…turns out that by know I know the smell of cigars is like a beacon of life for you so…" He turns around and picks a box that was resting behind his back. Now, he turns around and hands it over to Augie "Happy Saturnalia" Gifts, gifts everywhere!

The box holds 60 fine cigars, separated in groups of 5 from each colony.'

Grasping the proffered hand firmly in his own, Augie shakes it before releasing it to switch boxes. "You blush? Hell, that's rarer than seeing Gen wandering naked in the head." he chuckles as the boxes are exchanged. Apparently Augie did his shopping before the launch, since it's a sample box of five of the finest cigars from each of the colonies. And when he looks at his own gift, he laughs. "Zeus Dammit, Duke, yer already regifting?" he seems terribly amused that they had the same idea. "I have a feeling I'm gonna see a few more of these. Ya got a moment, boss? I actually may have a personal problem. Go fig, right?"

"Like a girl in her sweet sixteen…or so I've been told" says the man, shrugging casually at this "I'll believe it when I see it tho" He looks at his gift and smiles "/Score/, more for my stash…" Oh yes, he is very pleased about this fact. "Great minds think alike it seems" says the Viper Pilot, offering a smile to the other man. Now, when he mentions that he might have a personal problem, Duke looks up and offers a nod to him. Digging in one of his pocket, he takes a metal tube that holds a fresh Aerilon cigar and hands it over to Augie "Always prepared." And then nods to a nearby table "Let's take a seat, tell me what's up"

Going over the table, Augie accepts the cigar, and exchanges it for a glass-tubed Scorpian Red. He spins the chair around to drop into it. "Ya think a mug like this would be a real ladies man, right?" he looks amused as he pops the tube and takes out his dog tags to retrieve the cigar cutter he also carries there. "There's this gal from my past. She turned up on the Orion, of all places. Anyway, back when I was a young buck firehawk and she was a hot shot pilot, she was a bit of a party girl. We had some good times, but nothing that lead to the sack. Guess I lived a little too clean for her. She.. was.. yeah."

Augie shrugs, snipping off the end of the cigar, and then offering the cutter to Duke. "She still is. I ran into her on the deck the other day. She was a bit of a problem kid back then. I say kid, but she's about my age. Anyway, back on the Examplia, I wasn't the picture of calm and zen that I'm known for around here.."

Duke takes a seat and leans back against his chair, lifting his feet to rest them in another chair nearby. When Augie offers him the cutter, he lifts his halfway done cigar and offers "I'm good…been working on this one for a bit" And with that, he puts the cigar back between his lips and continues listening to Augie's story. "Of course man, specially the hat…melts the ladies" says Duke, smiling at this. And…to be fair, there's really a lot of ladies that dig the cowboy style indeed. At the mention of a woman, a pilot, and from the Examplia…his brain starts working on tracing who this person might be. Searching…Searching…Searching…Target Acquired, possibly. "Hm…Raptors?" Still, he nods his head and then asks "You want to take a shot? See if things work out?"

"Yeah. Raptors. A shot? Naw. That boat sailed and sunk. My fault on that. We were in the head one night back on Examplia and I noticed some new bruises on her back and sides. Her new friend had given to her. I tried to reason with her, she didn't listen. So, she went out one night and I tailed her. Saw her and her friend. And he hit her. Once. That's all it took. I confronted him, the guy pulled a blade on me. Got my side before I got my hands on him. Didn't kill him, but damn it took everything I had not to." Augie shakes his head. "And the whole time, she's yelling at me not to screw it up for her. For her." There's a short laugh, and he shrugs as he lights his cigar.

"The CO took pity on my dumb ass, gave me a month in the sweatbox, few months of extra duty and revoked my leave for a year. And she came to see me. All I could do was to yell at her to get her shit together, that she was worth more than the shit she was frakking." Augie looks down, and slowly exhales the smoke. "It wasn't a good parting. And now, she's on board, and I can tell she's not terribly comfortable around me. I'm glad to see she's doing better, though. Even got promoted. Anyway, my question is, I had a gift for her from way back when.. is it good to give it to her now?"

Duke actually arches both of his eyebrows at this. "You know, I've met the type….few years back. Not directly related to me but, I know how the situation can go." The man licks his lips and considers for a moment. "Sometimes people needs help, even if they don't want it. Sure, you end up playing the villain role but it's for the other person's sake. That guy? Who knows what else he could have done. Garbage like that can be found everywhere and…" he just shakes his head "They continue pulling people towards them, something I never understood…but…well." He clears his throat and shifts on his seat and thinks for a moment "You know, I believe that resentment or…whatever, should not dominate people's lives, and that what's in the past, should remain in the past. You clearly cared for her." He nods at this and offers "I am by no means an expert…heck, I got divorced after all so, I probably failed somewhere." Another nod of his head "But yes, why not, give her the present."

"Yeah. I guess I just don't want her asking to be released cause of me. You got a damned good pilot, Duke. And you've been married, so you're so clearly the expert." Augie laughs at that, smoking in the cigar, savoring it for a few beats before letting it go. "Might just leave it on her bunk or something. I got Convict some of those candy cigars for kids - since she likes trying to bum mine so much. Watch your stash around her." He grins in amusement, blue eyes glittering.

"So enough personal bullshit, heard ya had some hardcore training last night. Any changes I should be making to the betting pool on the first crash of the tour?" he asks, leaning back in the chair and setting the sack to the side for the moment.

Duke snorts and just shakes his head "Oh yeah, I'm Dr. Love or something like that" he laughs as well and then gets his cigar back between his lips, the thing almost done by now. He nods now and licks his lips, holding his cigar between index and middle finger of his right hand. "Sure, you can also do that. Should I go ahead and assume she'll know it's from you when she sees it?" When he speaks of Lennox, he half chuckles and says "Trust me, my stash is locked down and nobody has access to it. Another 18 months without going back, and I have to spread them out to make them last." Now, as for his last question, he half smiles and says "You know, in all honesty, they do pretty good when it comes to landing. Crashes you normally see when shit goes down out there and while I do believe in keeping the Wing well trained and ready, I always hope that nothing happens."

He waited 18 months. It's good to get the venom of a bad breakup out. Augie listens to Duke talk about the training, he nods, and considers. "When would be a good time to catch them for a run through the firefighting gauntlet. I was telling Lennox about a fire on the Imperious and I swear, she looked like it was the first time she ever thought about there being a shipboard fire. I want to get them in the gauntlet and quick. She freezes like that in a real fire.." he shakes his head. "Any of them that fail the course, make them sleep in a coffin."

Duke considers Augie's idea for a moment and does nod in acceptance "Yes, that would be a good exercise for them…and the young definitely need it." He takes a deep breath and then clears his throat, looking at Augie "We can possibly try an do something next week? I'll send a note to the Wing so they can be aware of this and then you set a day, I'll make sure to get as many to attend. CAP still needs to take place and all but, it can be arranged so we have a good attendance." As for making them sleep in coffins "Errr…some of them might end up rather disturbed, if that's to happen" He smiles and adds "I need them to be able to fly"

"You take all the fun out of it, boss." Augie teases. "I just wanted to set up a crash in the bay, sound the alarm, and frak the hell outta the kids. You know, if you tell them, they have time to prepare. Just tell them it's training or something."

"That's what I'm supposed to do, apparently" says Duke about the fact of taking the fun out of everything. He smiles a little bit and then nods "Alright, but, this of course needs to be discussed with Command, Deck Chief…it's a big move, a lot of people will have to be notified. Still, it'll be a good exercise, definitely give the kids a scare…hopefully none of them have hidden heart conditions"

"Yeah, I know. I'll make sure to get the note through the command staff." Augie confirms. "You can let your high ups know, Bennett, those that have done the drill before. It's for the kids that the scare of reality needs to be there. That way the higher ups can take charge if the kids frak it up. Fair compromise?" he suggests, and takes another draw off of his cigar, making a few smoke rings. "Why not get one of them to be our volunteer to have crashed on the deck to start the fire? All set up of course."

Augie thinks, and amends. "Or we can do what we used to on Examplia and get out the dummy Lieutenant 'Deadmeat' pilot as our target."

Duke nods his head "Sure, I'll let my Captains know." And now, when Augie mentions volunteers, he chuckles and shakes his head "Not me, I'll pass on that." But then the man amends and Duke nods in acceptance "Lieutenant Deadmeat is the one to call in this case, the hero in all of us" Another smile is offered and Duke leans in, killing the remaining cigar, which is basically…not a lot. "They should all know that by now, the young ones…but it's never a bad thing to do a refresh course, specially for the ones that are just fresh out of the Academy…and we have many of those"

"Well, they should know. But looking at Lennox last night? She hadn't thought about what would happen if a fire broke out." Augie shrugs his shoulders a little. "I heard that some botanist doc was schooling the self-defense instructor a few days back. She decided that she could handle any of us. Silly girl."

Listening Augie's comment on Lennox make Duke narrow his eyes and think about a few things before he speaks again "Then we need to do something like that, agreed." But then Augie switches topic rather…abruptly? Duke arches both eyebrows and asks "A botanist?" It is more than likely that he doesn't know any of those, at all. "I can't say I'm a self defense expert myself, never got more than what I received during basic training so I think pretty much anyone can kick my ass"

So he changed the subject. It's his right. If Duke wants to circle back, he can. "Yeah. Gal named Suri." he shrugs. "I still don't know about this whole civvies on board thing." he admits finally. "Just don't seem right."

"The problem with Civilians aboard the ship is that they are not used to Military life…also…let us remember that the Civilian population does hold a larger number of…assholes, whiners…etc" says Duke, shrugging after that "Not saying this is the case for any of them of course but, there's always the risk" Now, he looks at Augie and nods slowly "So, this lady, Suri…" and he arches his eyebrows with a knowing look "Good looking?"

Augie chews on his cigar for a moment. "She's like a fungus. Grows on ya. Decent slugger. Drinks. Puts up with my humor." he shrugs his shoulders. "Said I could buy her a drink next time I'm planet side. Nice ass. And she was able to take two of my punches." He laughs. "Don't go planning a wedding though. She's probably just using me for my good looks."

Duke takes a deep breath as he listens to the description and clicks his tongue. "So, quite the mix then." He laughs now and taps the table "I'm telling you man, it's the cowboy hat…all the girls end up wanting a piece" A firm nod is offered after saying that and then he adds "Still, if she said that, you definitely should invite her a drink…heck…that's what the Checkpoint was built for. Who knows, good things might happen"

Augie shakes his head. He's pretty used to his role, it seems. "Ain't a big deal. Always a bridesmaid or some stupid shit like that." he chuckles, and rolls his shoulders. "And if she can kick your ass, I'm gonna need to drag you to the gym and give you some training."

Duke just arches one eyebrow at the mention of training and then laughs "Well, I don't know, she is…probably going to be able to kick my ass, no need to deny that fact." He nods again and stands up now "I might need some training on that area, to be honest. But, later on…now I need to hit the showers and suit up, hunt down some of my group." With that said he offers "I'll catch you later Augie, don't torment the kids to death…too much"

"See ya later, boss." Augie comments, tossing a half-hearted salute with his cigar-bearing hand. "I'll try to keep the kill to death ration down to about half, deal?"

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