ALT #392: Awkward Inquiries
Awkward Inquiries
Summary: A pilot and a deckie share a private conversation about the investigation into the simulator explosions.
Date: 02/Feb/2014
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Toby Phin 
Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #392

It's afternoon ships time and the bays are busy. Two raptors and five vipers all shot up will do that, oddly enough. Each damaged bird has a dedicated crew working to try and get it signed back on as quickly as possible with the rest of the techs being split between the routine maintance and the investigation into the explosion. There is as they say, no rest for the wicked. Well, no rest longer than the odd coffee break and for the team working on Phin's viper that is exactly what it seems to be right now. They've come to a convenient point and while the next set of required parts are fetched from the stores, everyone else takes the time to grab a mug and take a breather, Toby included.

Phin is on duty-not-involving-flying today, as are a lot of the crew who were involved in the sortie over Picon the previous night. So he's dressed in greens as he strides onto the hangar deck. He drifts over to where his Viper is being worked on, wincing some at the burns across the hull. It was spared major electrical damage, so it shouldn't be a difficult fix, but the Raiders beat on it pretty good.

Pilots not in flightsuits straying onto the deck tend to get eyed cautiously, but once it looks like his one isn't about to start trying to fix his own bird most of the watches go back to their own work. Most. Toby doesn't, but then he isn't exactly working, he's eyeing Phin with a thoughtful expression that has slowly slipped onto his features in the last minute or so. It's an expression that suggests he might be considering something tricky but he gives a brief nod in greeting all the same, and a "Lieutenant."

"Hey, Crewman," Phin replies to Toby. He notices the thoughtful expression, and it makes him look rather thoughtful in return. The curious kind of thoughtful. He keeps his opening conversation to the Viper, though. "I hope it's not too banged up. It was flying OK when I put her down. Felt like most of the damage was to the hull and armor plating and stuff."

Toby continues to ponder for a moment or two after Phin finishes speaking, then turns to face him properly and gives a short nod in agreement. "Mostly. Going to be a fair bit of hammer work on some of them panels." Taking a sip of his rink he moves slightly so hes closer to both the viper in question and the pilot, "looks like you dodged more than some of the others, doubt she'll be signed off too long if you're itching to get back out there."

"Not like the Cylons are running out of Raiders, and it feels weird not flying my regular Viper," Phin says. There's a note of frustration in his tone. "CAG pulled us about before we'd finished off the toasters. They jumped away. They'll probably be back, though. They might've left Picon, but they aren't letting us forget they can jump back if they've a mind to."

"They might be, for all we know," Toby offers with a shrug. No, it doesn't sound like he believes they are, but he doesn't know for sure. Draining the rest of his coffee he picks up the work list for the viper and turns the clipboard round so Phin can see it and confirm for himself that there's not too much work to be done beyon basic reshaping of plates. "By the looks of some of the others she might have been right," he adits, grudgingly, "You want her back quicker though?" he then asks, eyes narrowing as he thinks of something, "extra pair of hands on fetch and carry for the next ten to fifteen wouldn't go amiss if you fancy making yourself useful?"

Phin shrugs. "Sure. I think I can handle that. I need to log some library time today, but if I do that for too long my eyes glaze over. And we're kind of down for sim training at the moment." Very dry, that last part. Not that he sounds particularly eager to get back into them. "What do you need?"

"Yeah," Toby replies, equally dryly, lifting the work sheet to grab a copy from beneath before tilting his head over towards the lift down to the stores to indicate for the pilot to follow him. "Mostly? Hold stuff I pass to you," he states until they're far enough away from the rest of the techs for him to add, "and a second opinion on something I was told earlier."

Deck Storage - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Taking any one of five elevators down to the below decks brings the individual to a heavily armored storage area. There are not any sprinklers here, though. Large, ominous vent shafts travel to the side of the pod and will open once the call is made from Damage Control in CIC or by the Deck Chief. The reason is that this area serves as the munitions and ordnance storage for the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators. Pallets of bombs, missiles, guns, bullets, and every type of deliverable munition in between is stored below decks, as well as the extra parts of all the aircraft aboard. Cameras monitor this area and the only access, outside the elevators, are sets of hatchways which are guarded at all hours by Marines.
AWD #392

Phin follows Tody into the storage area. His hands go into his pockets, as if he's leery of touching anything he's not specifically asked to touch. "I don't think I've ever been in here before," he notes idly. "The deckies don't seem to like it when we poke our noses into their work. I get it. I sure as frak don't understand more than a quarter of what goes on inside my plane."

Toby nods silently as his eyes scan the rows of shelves until he finds teh one he wants, double checking it with the paperwork in his hands before he turns back to the pilot. "Doubt many have, should be alright if you just hold onto what I pass though," he reassures, "it's nothing particularly delicate. Might want to pass that onto your ensigns though, one or two have been starting to get ideas of late." There's no harshness in that though, suggesting the individual incidents have been delt with already. Finding a spool of what looks to be the oxygen feed pipe he passes it back, asking as he does so, "you met the Marine in charge of the investigation yet? What do you make of him?"

"The Fleet likes their air officers to get degrees in stuff like engineering, or hard sciences like physics. Makes some guys think they know more than they do," Phin says. "Me? I was a humanities major. I know my place." He takes the spool as Toby passes it, taking a moment to eye the thing with vague curiosity. He doesn't muck about with this kind of thing often. "Oh, yeah. Ensign…Haddon, I think. He was at our last briefing to talk a little about that. Don't know the guy." His tone is sort of studiously neutral, though he does add, "He wants to see our personal logs and letters and stuff." Which does not make Phin particularly happy.

Toby nods slowly as Phin answers, then starts to move through the racks looking for the next item on his list. "School of life here," he offers, conversationally, although he figures Phin could quite easily have guessed that much from previous conversations. "Haddon, yeah, thats him," he then confrims, "was showing him something I found early, said he wanted to see me in his office for a 'routine interview'. Given some other frak he said I'm thinking of taking my Chief with me. What do you reckon?"

"Supposedly he wants to talk to all of us." Phin sounds less put out by that part than he does the logs. "I don't get why he needs to go through our mail, though. It's not like we're suspects. And that stuff's private." He's too busy stewing about that to pay much attention to Toby's question. "Huh? Oh. Guess maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea. Or ask for a JAG rep. You guys figured out anything about what might've caused those explosions?"

"Makes sense to talk to all of you that were there," Toby replies as he flicks through a collection of various connectors, quite apparently looking for a specific one. "Said he wants to interview all of us looking into it as well as anyone who's ever had any kind of greivence with anyone in the wing." Connector found he turns to pass it back, expression grim as he adds in an attempt to keep things from nose diving too far into grim, "I mean, I mentioned Raynor's callsign and wished him luck, but I think he means it." The mention of the JAG option gets a slow nod as he consider it, then he turns to half lean on the shelf besides him. "Can't really say I'm afraid," he offers, sounding both a little uncertain and a lot apologetic, "might have been something earlier but I just don't know right now." A pause, as he looks briefly to the floor, then back up, dropping his voice lower as he adds, glancing around quickly as he does so, "thing is Lieutenant, he told me he'd looked at my record and had been listening to rumours. I can see why, makes sense and all, only then he outright says that he's put stuff down to my 'Tauran nature' or I'd be a suspect. Then demands to know if there's anything he should know that he won't have heard of already."

Phin takes the connector, giving in that same curious examination. "I can't imagine anyone doing something like that out of a personal grudge. It was obviously aimed at the whole Wing." Not that he's an investigator by trade. So he can make statements about obvious things. "I hope he's actually talking to people with a motive - like the skinjobs - and not just shaking down every tech. I just don't get why he needs to read our personal mail." He is really hung up on this. "Only person I really write is my brother on Picon, and I'm not dumb enough to put anything down aobut the explosion, or any other mission info. It's just…private stuff. It's not going to help solve this thing."

"If he's giving us this much shit then he better be doing the same to them," Toby starts, getting the hint about Phin's concerns, "I mean frak it, he wants to look at my personal communications and i'm going to want to know why." He stops for a moment as he realises that actually, he doesn't have any personal commincations, but then just shrugs that technicality off as the principal is the same. "You spoken to Major Holtz about it?" he asks, "he's about the only person I can think of who might spike it for you. Just becareful you don't end up being pinned for obstructing an investigation or some shit."

"No." Phin seems pretty firm about not talking to Major Holtz about his particular problem with this. He kind of tries to explain, "I mean, we were all victims, basically, so I guess I can see why they'd want to see if we had any enemies. But I don't see how reading a bunch of personal letters about…I don't know, the weather and girls and stuff." And stuff.

"Alright then," Toby nods as that definities asnwer comes back, "I agree though, can't imagine they'll find much. Well, much pertinant anyway as you say." Pushing back up to stand straight again he looks at the list and starts to move off once more, "answer me this though would you? Tha stuff I was talking to you about before, in the firing range. Don't reckon there's anything on my record about that, but do I tell him at this interview he wants? Ain't got nothing the frak to do with this but hows it going to look if I bring it up? Frak, hows it going to look if I don't and he finds out later? Don't want to lie to him, but like I said before, I've history with a few marines onboard and I don't want to get pinned with this, either cos they're sticking together or cos he decides I'm likely and stops looking."

Phin is quiet a beat, thinking on that, and even when he speaks he seems unsure. "I don't know. I mean, I got into some trouble when I was a kid, but it was all juvenile stuff. I had to disclose it when I applied to the Academy, so it's all there for the record if the brass wants to ask about it. It's different now, though. They're letting a lot of people into the service who never would've made the cut during peace time. I guess, best advice I can give is don't lie. Especially not about stuff other people on board know. I don't think you need to bring it up if they don't ask about it, but if they do, you'll just end up in more trouble later if you aren't straight about it. I mean, people died. This is technically a murder investigation, along with sabotage and stuff. So if somebody lies, it's going to make it look like they had something to hide about that."

"I remember you saying," Toby replies as he passes back some kind of flow meter, "no offense though Lieutenant, but yours didn't involve being on the other side of a war to the colonial forces." He lifts a hand to rub tiredly at his eyes for a few moments before he continues, "he already straight out asked if there was anything he should know that I thought wouldn't have been reported, rumoured or otherwise talked. Managed to fob him off then by basically telling him to frak off and let me get on with my work, but as I say he wants the interview." Dropping his hand back to his side he looks horribly uncertain for a moment then shrugs, "you're likely right. I'm definitiely thinking the Chief though. Or JAG. Just wish Captain Llywarch was still here. She knows it all already, could trust her to have my back, see it was delt with properly."

"Yeah. I mean, yeah," Phin shrugs general agreement with Toby on that. "I figure it's what got me wait-listed for the Academy, but I still got in, and it's over and done. Anyway, if you told it to a JAG officer once and she didn't care, I think that's a good sign. Maybe run it by another JAG rep on board, see if they've got any advice as an advocate. Or your boss, yeah."

Toby passes back the last item on his list as he listens, this time a roll of electrical tape or some such. "You're right," he concedes with a nod, "I mean, it's not like they've changed those laws in the last 11 months or so is it?" He's still sounding a little uncertain, but he's worries about he whole thing, but he's certainly making a good effort of making himself believe what Phin is saying. "Guess I just don't want it taken wrong, you know. Bigger issues to deal with right now and all that. That and I'd rather it not become widely know amongt the marines, like I think I mentioned before." He realises that he's starting to ramble ever so slightly, most likely a side effect of being unsettled by it, and so tilts his head back towards the lift they came down in. "Thats the lot. Probably better head topside again or we're going to start new rumours all of our very own."

Phin does not, at least, examine the roll of electrical tape like it's a fascinating new piece of technology. "We're all still Fleet citizens. We have rights." He sounds like he's trying to remind himself of it as much as Toby. "No problem, Shackleton. I hope it works out. And I hope you nail the frakker who tried to blow us all up. Wherever this investigation is going, it better go there, y'know?"

"Say one thing for the Ensign," Toby replies as he kicks the lift into action once more, "he's thorough. So long as he doesn't get distracted I reckon he'll get there. Can't give you details and the like, but he's running tight ship up there and he has a good team beneath him. Doubt he'll make friends along the way, but I can think of worse officers to be handling it." Then, as the lift reaches the main deck level again he holds his hands out for the gear, "I'll let you know when she's signed back on. Might be tonight, maybe the morning. Shouldn't be long though."

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