AWD #504: Barracks Briefing
Barracks Briefing
Summary: Marcus comes to the barracks and gives the Marines a short briefing on upcoming missions to Leonis and Scorpia. Teams are named and rules laid down.
Date: 8/11/2016
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Marine Enlisted Berthings
Housing for a whole company of Marines plus headquarters support staff requires more than one hundred bunks for the Marines' enlisted personnel. Divided into two primary bunkhouses, each one holds sixty bunks, one bunk stacked over another against the wall with a table between each row and a thin bulkhead between the sections. Rather than the blue curtains of the naval enlisted, each bunk has a dark green barrier with the crest of the CMC done in black. The lockers for the Marines are triple the size of the Navy's allowances, each locker holding a Marine's personal bodyarmor and several different sets of uniforms plus combat webbing and helmet. The space physically provided in the lockers might be larger, but the allowance for personal space is less, though the drawers beneath each bunk help alleviate the problem somewhat.
AWD #504

Angelis is lying on her bunk, dressed down in regulation tanks and a pair of non-regulation shorts, staring at the ceiling above her as she massages her aching legs. Still definitely lacking in the usual cheer department and not really going out of her way to talk to people, she's been spending just about all of her free hours in the gym breaking the machines, or in the mess, eating like there's never going to be food ever again.

The rattling of a food cart announces that apparently the Marines are getting room service tonight. Bottles of water, a caraffe of coffee and paper cups and several sandwiches are set up and wrapped in wax paper as Marcus pushes in the cart and sets it up in the barracks common area. "Dog Platoon, rally up!"

Randy is in her fatigues and her double tanks. Her hair is…well, nowhere to be found. it's like someone came and zapped it all away completely. Starting from the back of her head and arcing around the side of it is a surgical scar. She dangles her feet from her bunk for about twenty seconds before dropping down to the floor with a bang from her boots. She walks over to her locker and pulls out a black hoodie, zipping it up and pulling the hood over her head. When a food carting officer shows up, her eyebrows arch and she grins. She's the first one to grab a sandwich.

Currently looking through his locker for smoething, Fischer mutters something to himself. Hearing the officer, he pauses for a few moments, looking over, before he makes his way over with the others.

Barefoot in her fatigues and tanks, her curly hair loose, Miri barks a few times enthusiastically, before swooping in, grabbing three sandwiches, and swooping back to her rack to devour them.

Gray has boots on, but otherwise he's dressed the same as Miri. He grabs a single sandwich with a nod of thank before plopping into his rack.

Setting aside the boots that she is adding a new layer of water proofing to, Kapali hops down off her bunk and aims a quick grin at the LT before she moseys up to the food cart to help herself to a cup of coffee and a pair of sandwiches. That she only takes ONE cup of coffee is a testament to her ability to share well with others.

As everyone is grabbing sandwiches and getting settled in, Marcus has the second item delivered. A whiteboard. Across the top of it is two columns. On the left is 'Leonis', the right reads 'Scorpia'. There's also four bullet points at the bottom for him to write in as Marcus takes out a marker. "Alright, Marines, we have a pair of first contact for us missions coming up, for Leonis and Scorpia. I need to give you a little background on this and set down some ground rules before we get volunteers. However, I can make this clear now.." Reaching up, he writes: Sgt Flynn - Leader under Scorpia and Lt Petropolous - Leader under Leonis.

As everyone is grabbing sandwiches and getting settled in, Marcus has the second item delivered. A whiteboard. Across the top of it is two columns. On the left is 'Leonis', the right reads 'Scorpia'. There's also four bullet points at the bottom for him to write in as Marcus takes out a marker. "Alright, Marines, we have a pair of first contact for us missions coming up, for Leonis and Scorpia. I need to give you a little background on this and set down some ground rules before we hand out the assignments. However, I can make this clear now.." Reaching up, he writes: Sgt Flynn - Leader under Scorpia and Lt Petropolous - Leader under Leonis.

Angelis helps herself to a sandwich and slips onto the top of a table, crossing her legs indian-style and focusing on the boards that get set up. Her free hand tugs idly on the end of her ponytail and she studiously avoids looking at anyone.

"Assignments, not volunteer, LT?" Kapali wonders from where she's perched on the edge of her bunk, unwrapping a sandwich with one hand while holding the cup of coffee with the other. "Not that I wouldn't volunteer, it's sort of a chronic condition, me with the volunteering, that is."

Miri moves the curtain out of the way so she can peer down from her bunk, revealing her cache of precious sandwiches. She watches the board, birdlike.

Fischer watches the whiteboard in quiet, simply remaining standing where he is. He doesn't have anything to add at the moment, it would seem.

Randy retreats back to lean against the frame of her bunk as she unwraps the sandwich, listening as intently as she chews the the sandwich. Mmmmmmm. Sandwiches.

Once he's sure that everyone is settled in, Marcus shakes his head. "No, we're assigning personnel due to the delicate nature of these missions. Sergeant Flynn, if you'll join me." he asks. "I'm going to go over the ground rules of contact before she goes over her team and her orders." He draws in a breath and starts writing. "First rule.. this information doesn't leave this room. Nor does what you learn on Scorpia or Leonis will be shared with anyone else." he says simply. He writes 'No jeopardizing the local commander or their command'. "We don't know who may have ears on us."

Second rule he writes down is 'Defer'. "We are not in charge on these planets. They have the experience. They have been on these planets since the war started. We listen to them - no overruling their command, no matter how they do things compared to how we are here on Orion. Which is rule three.."

'Respect' is written. "They don't have a bar. They don't have a fallback point. These troops haven't seen a day off since the war began. They've had it harder than even Picon or Aerilon has. We need to respect that. Don't brag about what we have. Don't put yourselves above them. They're our comrades in arms."

He writes down the last rule 'Deliver'. "We're not going to make promises we can't keep. Don't tell them that we're putting everything in to them, no matter how much they push. We're just assessing, not providing at the moment. However, Commander Spree of ANVIL has asked us to deliver a package to each commander. I will have these packages loaded before the mission.

"Scorpia's command is under Major Fuentes of Force Recon. They're rough and ready, and we will listen to what they have to say. Sergeant Flynn, if you're ready to introduce yourself to your team?"

Angelis unwraps her sandwich as the LT starts talking, chomping down on it like it's her last meal, she does actually pay attention to what's being said. Her gaze flicks to Randy as the Sergeant is called up, but Tabi looks away again after a moment, refocusing her gaze on the board, eyes moving as they read the information written there.

Randy starts chowing down faster when Marcus mentions she's going to greet her team and such. She nods and swallows her last bite when Marcus finally calls on her. She moves up to join Marcus, pulling her hoodie down as she turns. "Kapali, Angelis, Zahav. You will be on the core Scorpia team. Anderson, you will be assisting in recon mission prep. Our mission is to make contact with Major Fuentes. Stealth is paramount, so if you haven't been practicing this skill set, it's never too late to start." Randy steps up to the board to illustrate with her finger what is basically Scorpia, a circle…and a cone, which she explains by saying, "We will be jumping just outside the debris field from the Scorpia shipyards all packed like sardines into a Heavy Raider. We will drop through the debris field gravity well down to the planet and will be left there until an agreed rendezvous time. If we miss that rendezvous time, Scorpia is our new home and Major Fuentes is our new CO. We go in with unmarked equipment. If we alert the overlords of our presence, you can count it as a failed mission and it will seriously jeopardize future possible missions. Team we'll talk more about this all as we prep for the mission, but you'll all need to stop by Medical for proper immunizations against particular mosquito-born diseases and parasitic diseases." She nods to Marcus.

Kapali shoots one hand up, because it's a question that she has to ask, "How will the resistance know that we're in that particular heavy raider and not something to be shot out of the sky like a skeet shoot?"

Glancing up at Kapali's question, Marcus is the one that answers. "Commander Spree is getting a message to the resistance to let them set up the rendevouz. They'll know you when you come in, because the Raider will have visual markings to change it up. Also.. we are pretty certain that there is little that the resistance has in the way of anti-air capabilities but that's part of what you're going to be finding out. Both of these teams are very much mobile, and we will need to be just as mobile. As Flynn said, no Orion specific markings.'

Miri nods in acknowledgement when her name is read. She munches on her sandwich. She raises her hand. "When?"

Fischer still keeps silent as he listens, nodding at what's being said for now.

Gray looks up at the board…and takes a deep breath. "Scorpia." He mutters. Even if it's temporary, even if it's a mission that looks like a disaster…it's his homeworld. He gets to go home, if only for certain values of home. "Just…just let me know what I can do."

Kapali leans forward then twists so that she can glance past Randy's empty bunk to Gray and offers a quick, somewhat wry, grin, at the tone in his voice. "You'll just have to be our local expert and guide."

"There's no timeframe yet, Specialist. When we have it, I'll let you know." Marcus comments as he glances to Randy, he draws in a breath. "The Leonis team will be Fischer, Anderson, Mallas, and we're bringing a Navy nurse with us, Lieutenant Streatfield." he comments. "There is rumors that they need a mobile surgical unit set up, so she will be assisting with that. Anderson, let me know when you're done bringing Flynn's team to speed on Scorpia, so I can get you started in the mission work for Leonis. Our insertion will be a high altitude drop from near orbit with a low opening to avoid Cylon radar." Hence the HALO training.

Angelis says nothing, just listening. Her sandwich long finished. She does stretch her legs out from their crossed position, leaning forward a little as her hands start rubbing the tired muscles again. Her gaze flicks around the barracks, noting her team mates, resting on Randy for a moment before looking away and back to the board. Rereading the information written there.

It's only when Marcus reads out the line-up for the Leonis mission that Randy suddenly realizes the split. She reaches up to rub the back of her neck for a moment before stepping to the side to grab another sandwich. She waits to try and find the moment to unwrap it, but as in all meetings, the sounds of the paper are amplified as if just to spite her. She rips the paper after Marcus is finished speaking and takes a bite.

Fischer nods a little as he hears Marcus speak. A pause at the mention of the nurse, and he looks like he's going to say something, but ends up keeping quiet.

<FS3> Marcus rolls Alertness: Great Success.

"You have something you wanted to add?" Marcus apparently caught the look on Fischer's face.

Fischer shakes his head as he hears Marcus. "No, sir. It was cleared up in the rest of what you said."

"If there's no other questions.. I'll let you know when the missions are green lit. Have a good evening." Marcus says as he turns as he moves towards the door and return the barracks to the Marines.

Randy decides to raid the food cart for some coffee and a third sandwich that she carries back with her to sit at the table. She continues to eat her second sandwich, unwrapping the whole thing before she goes to town on it. Once Marcus is gone, it's like he never arrived…It's like there are no recon missions. Business as usual, with sandwiches and coffee.

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