Lieutenant Augustus "Augie" Garrido

"What we will be calling on is blunt force trauma … Let's start building some hurting bombs …" - Duke to Rocky (Rocky Balboa)

Augie2.jpg Garrido, Augustus
Lieutenant Navy
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Engineering M&R (Firefighting and Damage Control)
Age Sex
39 M
Hair Eyes
Black Blue


One of the damage control officers on board Orion, Augie Garrido is trained in SAR, hand to hand, and firefighting techniques. He's a known hardass on duty, but can be quite reasonable off-duty. Doesn't take frak, gives it like it is. You want to be his friend. You don't want to be on his bad side.

RP Hooks

Augie plays the guitar, and tends to seek out musically inclined folks.
A worshipper of Aphrodite, of all the gods. Go figure.
Augie loves his cigars. If you enjoy a good smoke.
Augie has served on Scorpia at the shipyards. If your parents have a shipbuilder past, they may know him.
Augie is trained in hand-to-hand combat as an instructor, focusing mainly on boxing.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1981-1988 Shipyard Worker Scorpia Shipyards Civilian w/ Clearance
1988-1992 Academy Damage Control School AD Electrical Engineering
1992-1994 LTJG Gunstar Valkyrie Firefighter
1994-1995 Lieutenant Colonial Escort Carrier Examplia Firefighter / Damage Control
1995-1996 LTJG Colonial Escort Carrier Examplia Firefighter / Damage Control
1996 LTJG CMF Klemens Shakedown of Battlestar Orion
1997-2000 LTJG Battlestar Orion Damage Control Officer
2000-Present Lieutenant Battlestar Orion Damage Control Officer


File Image Name Notes Augie's Jukebox Choice
Ceres_icon.png Wife, Duck, Ceres You have given me more than I ever expected in my life, Ducks. I can't see a way that I'd be able to function without ya. Like the Orion needs her engines, I need yer drive. What once were strings of cloth are now stronger that steel. I'm not sure what to do now yer gone. I feel an emptiness I ain't sure I'll ever find a patch for. I can fix everything else. But me. Dustin Lynch - Cowboys And Angels

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