Recruit Atticus Ommanney
atticus.png Ommanney, Atticus Hektor
Recruit Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Marine MP
Age Sex
30 M
Hair Eyes
Light brown Blue


Born at CFAB Crandall, the middle child of three of Amos and Sarah Ommanney, Atticus grew up on various military bases and their vacinities. The quietest of the three he was nine when his dad was assainated, twelve when the Skath came. In those years he'd studied hard, read far more books than both his sisters combined, and done what he could to be there for his mum now he was technically the man of the house.

He was on a school trip when everything went to hades, a residential visit to an outdoor activity centre close by to Marlin City. While the teachers did what they could to shield their charges, the APF knew a few dozen military kids would be there, and swooped in quickly. He was, for a while, used as a form of hostage, to try and disuade the CMC from fighting, but once the planet was subdued the kids were either sent back to their defeated families, or sent off to be raised with those who could be trusted to be loyal to the new order. With no idea if his mum or sisters were alive or dead he ended up with the newly enobled House Benning, who then spent the next eight years or so raising him to hate all that he had previously held dear. His father had been a tyrant, the CMC and fleet were cruel oppressors, and the Arpay were so beyond the pale that they were basically deamons.

By the age of twenty he was a trusted mamber of the royal household. Trained in the use of a sword he began to be given command of small militia patrols. Nothign major at first, just those keeping an eye on local markets, or serching caravans onthe road, but as time went on his indoctrunation held firm and he was given a freer leash. The main stumbling block came at twenty three, when his little sister, Amelia, was caught in a neighbouring kingdom trying to insight the population to revolt. Needless to say a big deal was made of her executionm and Atticus was included in the party of guards sent along with the King and Queen to witness it. There were eyes on him throughout, but he didn't flinch, didn't cry or beg or plead, he just watched, silently.

Having passed that test he was advanced to the station of Knight, and given training in the use of colonial pattern pistols. Fully trusted now he would send half the year at the castle, and half out in the kingdom, hunting down bandits, keeping the King's peace, investigating anyone with even slightly pointy ears, and generally seeing to the good order of the population. Recalled from one such mission early he found himself entusted with an important task, to escort Lady Emily, a young member of the house, to her wedding. A ceremony they never made it to, after being rudely interupted by the CMC.

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
2049 Apr - Jun PoW BS Orion Incapacitated and taken prisoner by the CMC during a mission to Picon.
2049 Jun - Recruit BS Orion Undergoing CMC basic traning and boot camp.

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