ALT #308: Asterion Avenged - Air Wing
Asterion Avenged - Air Wing
Summary: The air wing flies cover for the ships evacuating the civilians off Minos, but the Cylons, as usual, try to crash the party.
Date: 10/11/2013
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Havokst Atalanta Agrippa Warren Phin Alejandro Bennett Jason Zhen 
In space above the refuge of the Minos survivors.
November 10, 2013

For all the warnings of this mission to Minos being fraught with peril for the pilots and ECOs of Orion's air wing, it certainly hasn't shaped up that way so far. With the task force's two armored cargo transports in tow, the pilots of the Strikes and Ghosts along with a Fleet heavy cruiser and her escorting flak frigate arrived in Minos orbit several hours ago to find… nothing. Nothing but a weak automated signal from the people on the surface, guiding the Colonial ships to the assigned evacuation zones. If the Cylons did patrol the area, they certainly weren't doing so at the time.

So, for the past several hours, the pilots have been flying an endless patrol pattern over the landing area while people pile into the transports at the first two evacuation sites. They're filled as quickly as possible and sealed up, before lifting their bulky forms from the dusty Minoan surface. Once they're clear, they trip their FTLs, beginning their journey back to Piraeus with a short flash of blinding light.

And which, for the pilots of CVW-11, means more waiting.

And waiting.

It's not that long of a trip back to Piraeus, but the civilians do need to be offloaded, which takes time. Time the pilots are forced to spend in their cramped cockpits with nothing to do but watch.

And wait.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Flight, Teatime. Prep for transfer to secondary landing sites."

Oh, how boring. It's like flying CAP when there's nothing out there. Somebody has to do it. Alejandro nonetheless sings softly to himself, com pickup off so he's not broadcasting to anyone else. He stays loose off of Warren's wingtip opposite of Phin's position and is relaxed. Hobo is nonetheless watchful, glancing at his instruments from time to time and keeping an eye out for the locations of his airwing brothers and sisters. He hears Atalanta's orders and watches for Toast to swing around towards their next coordinates.

Phin is a veteran of many dull patrols above Piraeus, so the waiting he can take. Even with the quiet, it's more anxious waiting than those CAPs ever give him. He's flanking Warren's eight o'clock, attention split between his instruments, the black of space, and the surface of the moon that is Minos. Eyes squint at the remains of cities and roads and other landmarks, such as he can make them out from so high above. He'll trail Warren to their latest watch point when his lead heads that direction.

Fortunately, watching and waiting is something Bennett doesn't mind overmuch. She's been plenty busy assisting in coordinating the evacuation from her vantage point, somewhere to the rear of the modified patrol. Which mostly consists of monitoring DRADIS, updating the pilots of the civilian liners on routing information and the like, and generally remaining on standby for any rescue that may be required. Slider's in her back seat tonight, regaling her with a tale from flight school involving a hapless superior, and the pilot herself is maintaining loose formation between the vipers acting as shields.

Warren glances down at his DRADIS looking it over, waiting for blips. Enemy? Friendly? Either would do at this point besides the ones he already can see. The call over the wireless that gets a nod from the pilot and clicks the wireless, slowly bringing himself around in preperation. As he does so he swings his head left and right checking his wingmen as he moves.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Copy that."

Fully recovered from the crash from about a week ago, or so, Zhen is fine now save the stitches she had to get to help with some of the deeper cuts she received after the Raptor she was in got taken out. Good thing is that they shouldn't scar too horribly but damnit if they are not itching like mother frakers now, something that annoys her beyond reason. "Gods dammit," she grumbles, off coms. "This is… grr." Tapping her hand to the visor of her helmet, she tries to scratch one row of sutures that run across her forehead along the hair line without any success, causing her to start swearing under her breath.

Endless loops, something that Agrippa has gotten use to here after they arrived in system without any issues or activity. Almost as boring as the old CAPs over Piraeus but the difference is that this is a hostile zone, so the young pilot's alertness remains. When the heavy transports were loading, it seems like they were loading extra slowly, now while they wait for them to return, it feels like they are returning ever slower. Once the new status update and orders comm through, Agrippa answers an affirmative and tightens his grip out of habit on his flightstick.

"You okay back there?" Jason offers to Zhen, before he looks out the window again. "Should have brought a book or something," he mutters, shaking his head a little bit. Nodding at the instruction over the wireless, he opens the channel to give the answer no.

This was all her idea, wasn't it? And she was the one issuing the warning that they'd better be prepared to hold this dusty, irradiated rock for hours and hours, if that's what it took to get the civilians clear. So it's more than a little bit ironic that Franklin is the one shifting uncomfortably in the seat of her cockpit, trying to get the vertebrae in her neck to pop back into place. The woman isn't some twenty-three year old kid fresh out of flight school anymore and these long shifts of nothing are not really Atalanta's idea of a good time.

[Into the Wireless] Jason says, "Superstar copies."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Teatime, Butch. I copy. Adjusting heading."

Bennett maneuvers her raptor with a light tap to the controls, thrusters flaring bright blue as the lumbering beast swings in to follow the swifter vipers. Course adjusted, she keys something in and switches back to monitoring DRADIS— and Slider's tasteless story.

Abruptly, a dozen DRADIS consoles across the Colonial force chime as one, the pixellated markers of an unknown contact appearing out of nothingness on the screens as two more FTL drive flashes tear through the black of space. They quickly resolve themselves as friendly contacts, however; a visual inspection reveals the familiar outlines of the two heavy transports, the Juniper Halo and the Rambling Kimber flashing into existence. The huge freighters angle down in the direction of the surface as the comm channel crackles with the gravelly, lightly accented voice of the Kimber's captain. «This is Kimber Actual. First load's safe and sound back on P. Headin' to secondary evac sites.» A pause. «Hope y'all didn't have too much fun here while we were gone.»

Alejandro naturall starts when his DRADIC pings and looks at it for a few seconds, fingers suddenly tapping quickly to see if he can get a faster ID on the … oh, good. It's just their own transports returning. Very good. He relaxes, puts his hand back on the flightstick and corrects his course to stay off of Warren's wing. Hob cranes his head around to glance back to check in Phin before double checking other friendly positions on his instruments. Man, that moon sure is a wreck. No look'n like a good place to crash, nope.

Phin's attention sharpens at the DRADIS activity but, with the transports expected back, he's not overly jumpy at the friendlies. His head turns, checking Alejandro as Alejandro is checking him, adjusting his flanking of Warren a bit as they head to their new position above the latest landing zone.

"Am fine. Just need these fraking stitches to come out." Zhen grins at Jason before she eyes her DRADIS screen. Her breath is held until the contacts are made to be known as friendly and she huffs out a quick exhale of relief. "Hate when that happens." She chuckles and adjusts her readout just a hair.

Warren watches the blips start to appear on his DRADIS for just a moment before glancing over towards where they seem to be appearing. Nope those aren't raiders and quickly DRADIS and the wireless is confirming that is the case. He glances over his shoulders again as he angles in to take up escort positions, looking to make sure no party crashers tried to slip in.

At the status report by the Kimber's captain, Agrippa can't help but smirk under his helmet at the thought of fun that could have been had out here in Minos. For now, he remains in formation with Atalanta with his eyes half peeled on the DRADIS for any other contacts and half on what is outside of the canopy, in the depths of space. With the friendlies having returned now, any other flashes that could be FTL movement would be unknown guests. Most likely party crashers.

"Let them stay in until we've gotten this mission taken care of? Probably safer that way, right?" A brief pause, as he listens to the Kimber's captain, shaking his head. "Moron…" he mutters, mostly to himself. Keeping the Raptor matched with the others in the flight, looking out into the distance for a few moments now.

There's a mumble and a sigh from the CAG — something said under her breath, not over the comm. It's accompanied by the sort of expression that could peel paint off of the walls. Despite being bored, she's also tense, and apparently doesn't find the captain's attempts at humor to be particularly funny. After all, the las time Atalanta was here, she was almost blown out of the sky.

Bennett's bus plods along on its course, chaff pods bristling with decoy drones, though conspicuously lacking in heavy ordnance on this run. Her gloved hand curves around the flight yoke with just a stitch of tension, blue eyes scanning out her windscreen and down, down, down to where the civilian ships are dropping rapidly in to make landfall.

«Butch, Actual… just a little joke,» replies the freighter's captain dryly. «But good to hear anyway.» A pause, as he finally gets back to business. «Alright, we're comin' up on site 3. Helm, cut engines, fire retrothrusters…» The Kimber's captain starts calling out orders to his crew as his ship slowly descends, followed not long after by the captain of the Juniper Halo. It's just enough to maybe, just maybe, think that the Colonials might get out of this one without incident.

Such thoughts, if any are formed, are quickly put to rest by another flash of light.

DRADIS consoles around the fleet scream as another new contact appears, this one resolving itself into the red shape of a Cylon basestar. The double-spindle shape of the enemy capital ship appears alarmingly close to the moon's surface, not far from the location of the fleet. Its hangars disgorge Raiders as missiles begin to streak from its tubes towards the cruiser and frigate hanging protectively overhead.

There's a blink and then another long string of emphatically-voiced cussing from Rainbow, that being when a red contact blip shows on her console. "Crap, crap, crapcrapcrap! Got enemy contact…" She calls out to the flight as a whole then, her voice hovering on perfectly calm with only a slight undercurrent of nerves to give away her sudden near-panic.

[Into the Wireless] Zhen says, "Flight, Rainbow. A Cylon Basestar has just come up on DRADIS, close to the fleet's position."

Warren watches as the freighters start to descend and then theres that blip. Quickly he's glancing to where its appearing and he tightens on the controls, "Frak." He glances over his shoulders a moment as he pulls into a turn, working his way back to face the basestar. He clicks the wireless as he watches the raiders disgorging fromt he basestar watching the patern play out across the black.

"Shit." Bennett's radio, thankfully, is not keyed on when she mutters the epithet into her helmet upon spotting that telltale contact on DRADIS. Her flight yoke is pulled back and the raptor wheeled into a more defensive posture behind the strike craft, and finally she triggers her mic.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Dolly, Hobo, Toast. Contact. Dolly I want you high, Hobo low. Stay sharp."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Rainbow, Butch. I see it. Drop back into defensive formation and be prepared to provide countermeasures support. Kimber Actual, we have an enemy baseship on DRADIS. I repeat, we have an enemy baseship incoming. Teatime, do you want us to stick around or head back to the barn?"

Phin is less panicked than tense. Can't say the Cylons weren't expected but, for a second, it looked like they might not make an appearance. His weapons go hot and his attention locks the many, many Raiders pouring out of that basestar. He veers up at Warren's command, matching the trajectory of Toast's Viper.

Letting out a few choice words, that probably should not be repeated, Jason shakes his head. "Knew this was bound to happen as soon as that moron on the Kimber said those words. I hope you're ready to work your magic back there." Bringing the Raptor into a more defensive position as well now.

Blip. Only one but as it resolves with an ID, Alejandro is turning his viper to stay in position off Warren's wing, "Oh, unholy frak'n shit." That's not just a few raiders showing up to harass them, that's real trouble. Not good, not good. Hobo flips his weapons to live and feels his heart rate skipped up.
[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Toast, Dolly. Copy that. Flying high. Eyes on the Raiders. Flight, anything we can do about those missiles?"

Despite the peace and quiet, the crews of the two Colonial warships are alert and ready for action. Almost immediately they turn in the direction of the oncoming basestar, the flak frigate already punching up a defensive barrier as the cruiser opens fire. The first several shots strike against one of the protruding spindles, one lucky shot putting a missile battery out of commission. The second salvo, following a few moments later, is slightly better aimed. Two shots slam into the center column, one of them striking the Raider bays and destroying what few Raiders hadn't launched yet. Most of the surviving Cylon fighters head for the Colonial capital ships… but several dive for the rocky surface of Minos, towards the patrolling Vipers and Raptors.

[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Toast, Hobo. Copied."

Frak. The word falls from Franklin's mouth almost immediately, as soon as she spots that red blip on her DRADIS — seconds before she even hears Zhen's voice come through on the wireless. She's already moving to intercept what will doubtlessly be a swarm of Raiders heading their way any second.

The endless looping patrol has apparently come to an end as the large, red, angry blip appears on DRADIS that is unmistakably a Cylon Basestar. Agrippa's thoughts are no doubt the same as the others, an untransmitted curse before he reacts immediately, banking his Viper in the direction of the incoming Raiders without hesitation, staying in formation with Atalanta. They will no doubt be outnumbered but that's to be expected when going up against a Basestar and her little metal spawns.

[Into the Wireless] Agrippa says, "Teatime, Punchie. I'm still on your wing, target rich environment up ahead."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Flight, Teatime. Fangs out. Toast, I want you and your section flying close cover of the pick up point. Punchie and I will try and drag as many of them off as we can."

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Coppy that. Fangs out."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Butch, Teatime. Stick around for the party. It looks like we're going to need your GIBs to provide some entertainment for our guests, no?"

Air combat tactics are not generally Bennett's area of expertise, so once the initial alert is given to the ground, she's mostly off the comms to allow the vipers to coordinate their maneuvers. Hopefully — and it seems to be working thus far — staying far behind the strike craft will discourage the raiders from firing on them.

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Toast, Dolly. One bandit on you. Moving to cover."

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Dolly, Toast. Copy that. I'll drag em to you. Hobo, cover Phin. I'll see if I can clear one of the raptors as I go by."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Copy, Teatime."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Punchie, Teatime. You've got two on your tail. Say again, you've got two on your tail. I've got my eye on the big guy."

[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Toast, Hobo. Sure about that Toast? You got one coming hard on your six yourself!"

Zhen snorts. "At least I didn't say this should be easy…" There's an attempt at humor when she says that, a joke made based on how she said the last mission she went on should be only to wind up being anything but. One of the Raiders is targeted for suppression even as she speaks, the latter action an action made by rote memory, something she can do with her eyes closed almost.

[Into the Wireless] Agrippa says, "Teatime, Punchie, I see them. Will see if I can get the fat one lined up for you."

The first wave of six Cylon ships breaks up as two Raiders, including a Heavy, break off to follow Atalanta and Agrippa in their diversionary maneuver. The other four, however, do not take the bait, as they continue their run in the general direction of the landing sites. They break to attack the second patrol group, seeming just as ready and willing to fight the Colonial fighters as strafe the two freighters down the way. For the moment, at least.

[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Toast, Hobo. Copied - on the one on your tail, Dolly."

Playing bait is certainly one of the strategies found in the tactics book, at least it's been known that Cylons would go after those that split off from the main group. Agrippa as they close the distance fires off a quick burst of KEW on the lead Heavy Raider before breaking sharply to the right, drawing the two Cylons off while going into evasive maneuvers, jinking and juking to make himself harder to hit.

Jason chuckles momentarily. "Good. Enough with one jinx, isn't it?" A brief pause, before he ads, "Seems we have some of those coming for us, doesn't it? Hope you can hang on and get the ECM done at the same time…" Starting to move the Raptor a bit more from side to side and such, to try shaking the enemies.

Warren punches the throttle working hard towards the one coming straight at him before he rolls and pulls hard on the stick, working a 90 degree turn, trying to line up that perfect deflection for Phin. As he drags he looks out ahead. Theres the raptor. Ah theres the raiders. He adjusts his course getting ready for his attack run as the opertunity presents itself.

Phin does his level best to angle his attack as Warren sets him up, cannons tracking the Raider following his lead. He tries to tune the one on his own tail out, concentrate on his target, though he keeps his flying loose in the hopes of avoiding being hit.

Alejandro drops lower as instructed and then falls back, lagging slightly to give Phin room to close in on the Raider that's coming up Warren's six. As for himself? Hobo notices another Raider trying to be slick and slide up behind Phin, zipping in - that's the one he goes for himself, glancing quickly at his own DRADIS as well as making checks behind him before he commits wholly to the chase. "Come on, baby. Come on." Line up in the sights, damn you… gonna get you.

So much for being bored. Franklin breaks off from the wing's initial formation, chasing Agrippa's tail. Her teeth grind together, forming a tic in her jaw as she tries to line up one of the two Raiders on her tail with the sites on her guns. Usually, she's the one out front, playing chicken with the red-eyed marauders, trying to line up a nice, clean shot for her wingman. She doesn't like this turn of events. No, judging by the hiss of half-swallowed cursing that comes out from between her lips, she doesn't like this at all.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Bossraider with KEW - Moderate wound to Weapon.
<COMBAT> Zhen suppresses Raider1 with Ecm. <unsuccessful>
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Bossraider with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider2 attacks Jason with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Phin attacks Thugraider with KEW - Light wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> Bossraider attacks Agrippa with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Bennett passes.
<COMBAT> Warren attacks Raider2 with KEW - Critical wound to Body.
<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Raider2 - Serious wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> Thugraider attacks Warren with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Slider suppresses Raider4 with Ecm. <successful>
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Agrippa with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Raider4 attacks Jason with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider3 attacks Phin with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Jason passes.
<COMBAT> Alejandro attacks Raider3 with KEW - Light wound to Right Wing.
<COMBAT> Havok has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Raider2 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider-6129i has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider3 has been KO'd!

The twin antennae on Bennett's bus flare with a series of quick, staccato blips as her ECO works to jam one of the raider's weapons signatures. Which appears to be successful, as its shot on one of the other raptors sputters and is aborted. When the other bogey on him is shot out of the air, the pilot strafes in after Agrippa to lend support.

Warren slips down, up, right, left as he can practicaly feel the fire from the heavy behind him. He manages to dodge it fairly well as he angles in on the first raider he comes across diving at the raptors. And then its just a moment, a thumbing of the firing nub, one burst, wide, and then the second burst lances right through it, cracking it in half in an explosion. Theres a thumbing of his wireless as he works around. for the next target.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Dolly, Hobo, this is Toast. Scratch one raider, looking for the second on the raptors. How're we doing back there?"

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Punchie, Teatime. Sing out. Sing out."

Phin gets in a square enough shot in his chosen Raider's cockpit, but it's a glancing blow that's more harassment than proper damage. He swings around for another pass.

The suppression thing doesn't work out as well as Zhen hoped and she can not help but to sigh. "Well…" Maybe she needs to tighten the ECM spread and try it again. The settines are adjusted one more time before another attempt is made. Hopefully this will work this time.

[Into the Wireless] Agrippa says, "Teatime, Punchie. Just a scratch, status still green."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Kimber Actual, Butch. Do you have an ETA for us on dustoff?"

Twisting and turning the Raptor around, Jason's mostly focused on that part of things now, to keep the Raptor from getting hit. "We've still got someone chasing us?" he asks, not stopping with the twisting, turning motions.

Yeah! Kew-kew and Hobo's Raider that had been on Phin's tail is cleared! Lucky score because it shouldn't have been a killing hit. Alejandro cries out in pleasure and skews his Viper around to jig and jag as he looks quickly around to see if another Raider has swooped in to come up behind him, Dolly, or Toast.
[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Dolly, Hobo! I got him!"

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Toast, Hobo, Dolly. I'm good. Hobo cleared my tail. Can't say the same for yours, I'm afraid. Still targeting."

[Into the Wireless] Havok says, "Butch, Actual." The freighter captain's voice is strained, harried. Clearly he didn't expect to be in the middle of a warzone. "I dunno. We're movin' as quick as we can, but we're gonna need some time. Just keep those canner bastards off us as long as you can."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Kimber Actual, Butch copies. We will try to buy you some time, but we are under heavy fire. Please expedite."

Clearly, there's a reason that the CAG doesn't particularly like playing this game — not with this set-up, anyway. Even with a blast of bright orange KEW cutting straight across that Raider's guns, it's still in one piece. Barely scratched, in fact. And it's done nothing to shake the other off of Agrippa's tail. She breaks off — almost like she's going to swoop back down in towards the pickup point. But to Agrippa? The tactic should be obvious. Atalanta never said she was turning tail; a full section bracket could be her only intention.

[Into the Wireless] Havok says, "The frak you think we're doin' down here, playin' Triad? We're goin' as quick as we can."

Agrippa's initial shots was to draw attention and to perhaps cause the Raiders to think twice about getting too close as his autocannons miss, he is able to doge the shots incoming from the Heavy Raider but it's the smaller, faster Cylon that puts a few holes into his Viper. He continues to keep a close eye on his pursuers and also his wingman, looking for either more incoming fire or something else and the something else is spotted by the familiar move that Atalanta is showing.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Bennett passes.
<COMBAT> Phin attacks Thugraider with KEW - Serious wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Bossraider with KEW - Critical wound to Controls (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Zhen suppresses Raider1 with Ecm. <successful>
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Bossraider with KEW - Serious wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> Thugraider attacks Warren with KEW - ARMOR on Nose stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Bossraider attacks Agrippa with KEW - Moderate wound to Nose (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Alejandro attacks Thugraider with KEW - Moderate wound to Controls (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Warren attacks Raider4 with KEW - Moderate wound to Body.
<COMBAT> Slider suppresses Bossraider with Ecm. <successful>
<COMBAT> Raider7 passes.
<COMBAT> Raider6 passes.
<COMBAT> Raider4 attacks Jason with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hateraider passes.
<COMBAT> Raider5 passes.
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Agrippa with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Jason passes.
<COMBAT> Havok has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Viper-7710p has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Agrippa has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-2086s has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Bossraider has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider-3332l has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider4 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Agrippa spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Phin again gets in a hit but, again, fails to down this particular Raider. He frowns, coming about again, and does some more frowning as he sees the sky suddenly even more crowded with Raiders than it was a moment ago.

Warren pushes foward on the stick nosing down, just in time for a few rounds to glance off of it as he dives at another raider. Theres a glance at the DRADIS, more coming even as they're working at these. But its times for eyes front and after a moment theres the rhythmic thrum from his KEW's as he pours out fire. Its not quite the devestating hit as it was on the last one, but it does the job in sending that raider carroming off into the black. He's thumbing his wireless as he's glancing back to his dradis and behind him.

Bennett sticks mostly to the perimeter of the battlefield, occasionally wading in to provide a burst of suppression to her fellow vipers. And, occasionally, getting spotted by a raider looking for something to blast. One's got a bead on her now, and weaves deftly between warring strikecraft to try to score a few hits.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Hobo, Dolly, its Toast. We got more incoming. Doesn't look like they like us much. Lets tie them up. Flight, Toast. We've got heavy contact. Could use some help if you can spare it."

YES! He got that bastard off Dolly's tail but now more Raiders are ever streaming from the basestar. A good warm up and now Alejandro cranes his head around to see where those DRADIS contacts are lining up visually. He managed to hit but not blow the one on Warren's tail. Now he's finding a pair are tracking him. "Frak me. Gotta loose'm." So let's see what Hobo can do!

[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Toast, Hobo. Copied. Still one on your tail but he's damaged. I've picked up two on my tail."

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Frakker won't die. Hobo, Dolly. You've picked up a couple of friends. I'm going to redirect my fire at one of them. This guy we're on has got to be almost dead. Gods willing."

The larger Heavy Raider is destroyed though Agrippa didn't switch targets in the end, one of the KEW blasts causing him to break off and hit the larger target. However, he was hit by return fire from the Heavy Raider and there is a momentary short in his system. A quick restart and his Viper is fine and he quickly breaks back towards the fight after seeing that more Cylons have come to crash the party.

"Working on it," comes the quick reply from Jason, as he keeps on making the Raptor a lesser target for the Raiders. "Good work back there," he adds, as he looks around once more, to make sure they're not drifting out of range.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider1 with KEW - Light wound to Weapon.
<COMBAT> Jason passes.
<COMBAT> Bennett suppresses Raider6 with ECM. <unsuccessful>
<COMBAT> Thugraider attacks Warren with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider1 attacks Alejandro with KEW - Light wound to Weapon.
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Raider5 with KEW - Light wound to Right Wing.
<COMBAT> Zhen suppresses Raider1 with Ecm. <successful>
<COMBAT> Warren attacks Raider6 with KEW - Moderate wound to Right Wing.
<COMBAT> Slider suppresses Thugraider with Ecm. <successful>
<COMBAT> Raider6 attacks Alejandro with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hateraider attacks Warren with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Raider7 with KEW - Moderate wound to Body.
<COMBAT> Alejandro attacks Thugraider with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider7 attacks Bennett with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider5 attacks Phin with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Havok has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Viper-1478f has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Alejandro has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider-0922b has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider1 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider-0426p has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider6 has been KO'd!

[Into the Wireless] Havok says, "Flight, Kimber Actual. Last survivors are aboard, warmin' up engines for launch! Clear us a path, would you?"

Phin gets in a very lucky shot to one of the Raiders after Alejandro. Disabling it, and causing it to plummet into the moon's atmosphere. He checks his instruments, then cranes his neck around as he tries to get a bead on where the rest of his section has ended up.

Dodge, Dip, Dive, Duck and Dodge. The five D's of Dodge raider, and Warren's working all of them, even as he zeros in on the next raider in his sights. Even as the brightness of KEW fire zips past him he lines up and lets loose. Another solid hit, another dead raider. His head is imediately swiveling glancing from dradis to the black as he cuts another turn grip hard. He's still got those two heavies behind him that want a piece, and there are still wild raiders ontop of that.
[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Flight, Teatime. You heard the man. Make a hole.”

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Butch copies, Teatime. Raptors, priority is on keeping the civilian transports clear on their egress."

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Hobo, Dolly. Splashed one of your tails. Sing out."

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Hobo, Toast. How ya doin over there? If you're still up lets take out some raiders. Dolly, Hobo. I'll lay out the heavies, drop the hammer on em."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Butch, Teatime. You've still got one on your six. I'll try and shake him for you."

[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Toast, Hobo. I'm still try'n to get that one on your six! Almost. You got another one on you now! I'm all right.""

Bennett jukes and weaves with crisp precision as one of the raiders sets off in hot pursuit after her. The raptor's antennae flicker again as another bogey's weapons are jammed, and with a sudden lurch to starboard, she manages to shake her attacker just before a volley of kew fire slices past. No hits, but plenty of jangled nerves.

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Toast, Dolly. Copy that. Endeavoring to make a hole made of heavies."

Zhen grins when the first Raider she was trying to suppress finally gets downed and she hurries, looking to give the same kind of treatment to a new target.

Agrippa has rejoined the furball and went after the Raider that was gunning for Phin, a quick burst of autocannons from a sharp attack vector shredding some armor but that's all. Doing an inverted roll, he breaks towards the same Cylon and now latches onto its tail, his intentions clear as his triple cannons roar to life again.

[Into the Wireless] Agrippa says, "Dolly, Punchie. I'm still working on the one is after you."
[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Grips, Dolly. Copy that. Thanks. I'll try to get you a clear shot."

Damn! Hobo curses as he misses the Raider that's up Warren's butt. Alejandro flings around to line back up to try again, "Frak you!" He's not sure if Phin's still on one behind him or if they are both gone but glancing back he can't see them. Ale focuses on trying to finish this one off that's already damaged.

Jason keeps on flying, following a bit closer to the Vipers as they take down more Raiders. Doing his best to stay in range, but ready to leave as soon as it's neded.

Three shots, three hits. It's been a good night so far, but it'd be even better if Franklin could pick off the Raider chasing Bennett's tail. Her lips press together as the Raptor jukes sharply to one side — a split second decision. Will the Raider chase after where she's going, or chase after where she was, a split second too late to react? Atalanta's betting on the former, using it to lead her trigger finger.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Bennett passes.
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Raider5 with KEW - Critical wound to Body.
<COMBAT> Thugraider attacks Warren with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Phin attacks Hateraider with KEW - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Jason passes.
<COMBAT> Zhen suppresses Hateraider with Ecm. <successful>
<COMBAT> Warren attacks Raider5 with KEW - Light wound to Left Wing.
<COMBAT> Slider suppresses Hateraider with Ecm. <unsuccessful>
<COMBAT> Raider7 attacks Bennett with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider5 attacks Phin with KEW - Moderate wound to Left Wing (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Hateraider attacks Warren with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Raider7 with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Alejandro passes.
<COMBAT> Havok has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Viper-1350k has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Phin has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider-1123m has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider5 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Phin spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Phin takes one on the chin. Or wing, rather. It puts him off-balance, but it's not a terribly damaging hit, and he manages to recover without much trouble. Doesn't do him much good in his attempts to aim at the heavy, though. His shot just misses, but almost doesn't count out here.
[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Teatime, Butch. He is persistent, isn't he? I am going to drop a chaff rocket on my next break; I will try to line you up for a kill."

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Flight, Dolly. I'm OK. No joy with that heavy I was targeting, though."

"This is gettin old…" Warren mutters to himself as more KEW fire zips by him by the two heavies that are chasing him all across the black. Either way he looks for his next target through his dodging and weaving. Theres the one chasing Phin! He taps the button sending a burst of KEW out. Its too late for a really solid hit, clipping its wing, but another Viper seems to have had the same idea and tears it to shreds. He nods to himself glancing at the DRADIS wheeling around trying to find his next target despite the fire pouring in at him.
[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Teatime. Copy that, Butch."

That raider just does not want to give up. And Bennett is running out of tricks to keep it at bay. So she reaches up to flick a switch above her head, and keys in a code quickly when prompted. BLEEP BLEEP as a decoy is readied, then she firewalls her thrusters and peels away to port— hopefully causing the raider to give chase to the shiny, and Atalanta to score a hit.

A close count is being kept as the Raiders come and go. About all Zhen can do while the fights going on besides using what she has available to her to try and keep the enemy unable to function properly.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Teatime, Toast. Go for the heavies I'll clear Butch. Can't get a clear shot on the ones behind me if I'm trying to lay them out for you guys. Let me take the raider. Focus the big guys."

[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Toast, Hobo! I'm try'n! He's a slippery son of a …"
[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Toast, Teatime. Copy tha— ohhh, frak me."

"Gods…" Phin breathes as his instrument panel floods with new, shiny contacts heading toward those freighters. It's not a prayer. Definitely a curse, though.

Still keeping the Raptor a small and hard target, Jason sends it spinning past some of the Raiders around, trying to stay close enough for now. As he hears the words from the Kimber, he grimaces. "Frak…"

As Warren's starting to line up and work up his attack run his DRADIS lights up, "Oh frak…" Its not just one light. Not two. Not even four. Frak theres more red than blue now. "Gods damn," He glances out looking to see whats out there, glancing over his shoulder to see whats still on him as he taps his wireless.

With Agrippa latched onto the Cylon's tail, the young Viper jock has an easier time stitching the Raider with his autocannon projectiles, hitting his target multiple times and shredding it up. With its hull integrity critical, the Cylon breaks apart and Punchdrunk breaks off to find another target, this time going after one of the surviving Heavy raiders. As he presses down on the firing stub of his flightstick, that's when the second flash appears and the new hostiles appear.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Raptors, Butch. Any way you can get a weapons signature lock on that second basestar? Those transports must not be shot down."

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Flight, Teatime. Keep your heads. Priority is protecting the Kimber at all costs. Say again, priority is protecting the Kimber, at all costs."

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Hobo, Dolly. This is toast. Keep your cool. Hobo, Evasive now. Dolly, you too. I need you both to work on clearing each other. Work the raiders first, then the heavies."

Phin has already assumed evasive maneuvers. This drill, he knows. He tries to parse the chaos of the sudden field o' Raiders, ignoring the mass of contacts on his instruments to squint at the starfield. Not that his visuals are much better.

[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Toast, Hobo. Copied. I'm shifting to the one on Dolly."

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Toast, Dolly. Dancing as well as I can, believe me. Guns on the heavy targeting Hobo."

Targeted by multiple incoming raiders, there is little Bennett can do but to lead them into the vipers' guns. Slider is doing his best to get a weapons signature lock, and scowls as he furiously works.

All right now, focus. Don't worry about the Raiders coming in and trying to line up on him. Alejandro jigs and jags to evade them but his own eyes are sharp on the Raider that has lined up on Dolly. Yes, he's doing what he's told this time, Toast. Quiet down, keep calm, adjust his grip on the flight stick and for a few precious seconds to line up his guns…

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Toast, Dolly." There's a note like Phin is considering disputing that, but there's there's little time to debate that sort of thing in the chaos o' Many Raiders. "Copy that. Target adjusted.""

Though she told them to keep their heads, Atalanta can't help but gulp at the number of blips that have suddenly appeared on her screen, at the sound of Betty's warning going off in her ear. It'll be just like Picon, she tells herself — it'll be just like Picon, both times. How many basestars was it on that first trip with Blackjack? Four? Five. A gulp, and she forces down the lump in her throat. She's juking, left and right and up and down, wiggling like there's music playing. No time to worry about the ones on her tail. It's the heavily armored Raiders chasing the transport she's got to take care of.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Killraider attacks Phin with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Jason passes.
<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Thugraider with KEW - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Zhen suppresses Hateraider with Ecm. <successful>
<COMBAT> Warren attacks Raider7 with KEW - Moderate wound to Left Wing.
<COMBAT> Thugraider attacks Jason with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider11 attacks Agrippa with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider10 attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider12 with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Slider suppresses Murderraider with Ecm. <unsuccessful>
<COMBAT> Raider8 attacks Phin with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider7 attacks Alejandro with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider15 attacks Atalanta with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Hateraider attacks Alejandro with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Bennett passes.
<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Bennett with KEW - Critical wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Slider - Light wound to Abdomen.
<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Slider - Light wound to Right Foot.
<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Slider - Moderate wound to Right Hand.
<COMBAT> CREW HIT! Slider - Serious wound to Right Leg.
<COMBAT> Raider14 attacks Phin with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider13 attacks Bennett with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider12 attacks Alejandro with KEW - Moderate wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Murderraider attacks Jason with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Alejandro attacks Raider8 with KEW - Serious wound to Left Wing.
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Thugraider with KEW - Serious wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> Deathraider attacks Jason with KEW - Moderate wound to Cabin (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Havok has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Raptor-8885m has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Bennett has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Slider has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider-7030t has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider7 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider-7781n has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider8 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Bennett spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Phin swings and misses the Raider he's tailing. His eyes scan toward the surface of Minos, and the transports, but he makes himself look away and at the more immediate danger. The many, many Cylon ships.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Franklin to Kimber Actual. Franklin to Kimber Actual. ETA on your FTLs. We're flooded out here."

YES! Evaded /and/ got the Raider he was shooting for! But, Alejandro's Viper rocks when a Raider on his tail blasts him. "Shit!" Hobo's juking his bird around hard, pushing flaps to slow him suddenly and then flip around and go the other way! Too close to get a shot off at his pursurer but it'll take precious seconds for that Raider to jag back after him. Only problem is there's a heavy Raider also firing on him. Damage not too bad, Hobo lines up to chase another Raider on Phin's tail. "Doing all right. Come on, let's blow these frakkers!" That's the spirit!

As everything shifts its focus as the Kimber makes it up from the ground and the basestar comes in Warren finds himself without a tail for the first time in the fight. He's like a man possessed focused in on the fight no concern for his viper. The only dodging he's doing is to avoid trading paint with anyone or anything. His KEW's lance out cutting through the wing of one of the raiders just rolling enough to avoid the flying debris as he starts turning again looking for his next target, not even looking to see if he picked up a tail. All he knows is he's got two wingmen who're swarmed and two passenger liners that need cover.

And then, into the storm. Shots fly past Bennett's raptor as they wade through to try to get eyes on the civilian transports down below; most, by some miracle, manage to miss. But one raider sneaks through and gains a bead on her just as she's coming out of her turn— and slams facefirst into the lumbering raptor. Bullets slam into her cockpit glass, spraying the side of her helmeted head with fragments, and more rounds punch through the paneling all along her portside flank, erupting in electrical shorts. And a sudden scream, as Slider's console — along with the ECO himself — ignites. "On the floor. Get on the floor, put that fire out and grab the fire extinguisher. Listen to what I am telling you. Do it now." That's from Bennett as she struggles to fly the severely crippled bus.

Close! She was so damned close to nailing that thing's wing. There's a hiss of frustration that pours of out Atalanta, snaking out from between clenched teeth. She slams her throttle, diving after the raider that just refuses to die. Out of the corner of her eye she catches sight of Butch's Raptor, engulfed in flames — Butch's Raptor, that she'd just been covering a few seconds before. "Aphrodite's tits," she mumbles.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Butch, Teatime. Sing out!"

Phin's eyes tick to follow Warren, though his cannons don't waver from the Raider he's trailing. He grimaces at the still-very-full-of-Raiders space in front of him.

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Toast, Dolly. You've got one tail. Just off your six. I'm still trying to clear Hobo, can't break off at this time. But watch yourself."

[Into the Wireless] Bennett doesn't respond immediately. There's a crackle and a hiss over the wireless, then finally her voice: "Teatime, Butch. We took some pretty bad hits, but we are still flying." *fzzt* "-ing to reroute power for engine number two."

Zhen looks at the second basestar on the screen and grunts. "Frak me running with a pitchfork." To say she's not pleased? UNDERSTATEMENT!

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Dolly, Toast. Copy that. Once that last raider is down go hard on the heavies. Keep frosty."

[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Dolly, Hobo. I got one off your tail. Gong for another!"

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Butch, Teatime. It looks like your tail is clear — for now. Use the time you've got."

For as large a ship as it is, the Cylon basestar can maneuver quite well. The second baseship quickly angles downwards, looking to bring its missile launchers to bear as it sees its Raiders run headlong into the stone wall that is the formation of Colonial fighters. After a long burst from its maneuvering thrusters, it levels out and rotates before finally spewing a volley of missile-shaped death from its main batteries.

Abruptly, the com again crackles with the roaring voice of Kimber's commander. His earlier panic is replaced with anger, mixed with a giddiness that suggests a certain hope that maybe, just maybe, he might get out of this with his hide and his ship intact after all. «This is Kimber Actual! We are jumping in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Jump

And suddenly, blissfully, the Kimber disappears in a flash of light. A boil of flame erupts on the hull of the Juniper Halo, a missile striking the transport ship as she runs through her own countdown… but before any more missiles can strike, she, too, jumps away. As the second transport's icon disappears from the DRADIS screen, the insistent voice of Subic Point's commander sounds over the comms, directing the flight to return to base, combat landings authorized.

The mission is accomplished. The survivors are away to safety. Now, can you survive long enough to enjoy your victory?

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Teatime, Butch. I copy. Civilian *fzzzt* -ports are away. Raptors, spool for FTL jump when able."

Agrippa manages to hit a full salvo of his autocannons on the Raider that has more than nine lives and it proves to have yet another, despite tearing up the cockpit section some more it is still flying. The two larger friendly blips suddenly disappearing and for a moment, Punchdrunk had the dreaded feeling that the Basestar nuked them. Eyes quickly scan the section of space where they were suppose to but instead of glittering debris, it's empty, they made the countdown. Now to withdraw so he fires off yet another burst of KEW fire at the heavily damaged Heavy Raider before turning to burn towards their cruiser-carrier.

"Do I really have to?" Jason remarks at Zhen's words, before he adds, "Because that sounds like it would be quite painful for both of us, you know." It's said rather lightly, before he frowns as he looks outside, at the Basestars, Bennett's Raptor, before there's a brief moment of laugh, as he sees the two ships jumping out. "They made it…" Letting out a bit of a breath, before he hears the message over the comms. "You heard her. Let's get ready to get out of here," he offers.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Zhen suppresses Hateraider with Ecm. <successful>
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Thugraider with KEW - Critical wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Warren with KEW - Light wound to Nose (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Raider11 attacks Agrippa with KEW - Light wound to Tail (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Bennett treats Raptor-8885m: < Cockpit (Critical): successful
<COMBAT> Warren attacks Hateraider with KEW - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Killraider attacks Phin with KEW - Serious wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jason passes.
<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Thugraider with KEW - Critical wound to Cockpit.
<COMBAT> Raider14 attacks Phin with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider13 attacks Jason with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider10 attacks Atalanta with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider12 with KEW - NEAR MISS!
<COMBAT> Murderraider attacks Jason with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Alejandro attacks Raider14 with KEW - Moderate wound to Controls.
<COMBAT> Thugraider attacks Jason with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider15 attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider12 attacks Alejandro with KEW - ARMOR on Tail stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Hateraider attacks Alejandro with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Deathraider attacks Jason with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Havok has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Raider-7260l has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider14 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Heavy Raider-6998e has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Thugraider has been KO'd!

"You're not my kind," Zhen quips with a smile. Given permission to power on their FTL gets her to hurry and the appropiate switches and coordinates are set and then it's time to hold there breath. Why can't they make this process faster with all the awesome technological advances they have made?

Alejandro slews his Viper around, aware he's still got tails firing on him. He's intent to clear the second one off Dolly's backside though the flashes of light make him glance quick. Did they get away? Yes! Transports away! He hears the orders to head back to the barn as fast as possible but he'll try to get this last shot off to help Dolly get clear. If he misses, Hobo has no time to bother with more. As Phin sweeps around it gives him the shot he wants and Alejandro takes it! But damn! A heavy raider hits Dolly! He manages not to get hit and blows the one off Dolly's tail he was firing upon, "Yes! Eat flack!" And now, it's head'n home time! Hobo tries to get between the heavy and Dolly's damaged ship as they make their final run back to barn.

Phin is hit hard by the heavy. But he manages to maintain control of his Viper. Mostly. Landing will be a touchy prospect in that thing, if they make it out of there. His own shot goes wide, but that's more or less expected, since he's suddenly far more concerned with keeping himself from plummeting.

[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Dolly, Hobo! You all right? Got one off you, trying to block the other. I'm right behind you for landing."

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Flight, Dolly…BZZT…I'm O…BZZT…totally OK…"

Warren pours out at the heavy as he keeps at it, not letting up, not worrying about the raider behind him. But its that raider behind him, and the fire that lances into his nose that throws off his shot just that much. Just enough to skim past the cockpit. He growls a moment but he hears the wireless calls for combat landings and punches the throttle as he hits the wireless.

"Oh?" Jason replies in return, unable to hold back a chuckle.. "What's your kind, then?" Trying to keep the conversation light while the drive is spooling up, it would seem. Looking out as he keeps on making sure they're not going to get hit by something now.

[Into the Wireless] Atalanta says, "Flight, Teatime. How long until the Raptors can pull out?"

The CAG's intention is obvious — they're supposed to be headed back to the barn, but with Butch's Raptor burning and who knows what's happened to her ECO, she's got no idea how long that's going to take. And even as she's ducking low to avoid the shrapnel that's become of the heavy Raider that she blasted right in the brainpan, she's not banking off to RTB yet. Atalanta's not going to leave them out here alone, unguarded.

This time the Heavy Raider with infinite lives shows that it has lived its last, at least this current shell as Agrippa's autocannon fire punches into the red visored cockpit along with his wingman's. They were suppose to return to base but he sees that Atalanta is still hesitatant due to the heavily damaged Raptor that was spooling and the choice is easy, Punchdrunk will conitnue to fly on his wingman's wing.

The civilian transports flash away, and the raptors are soon to follow, gods willing. Slider has managed to suppress the electrical fires that had been pumping smoke through the cockpit and melted away much of the ECM console, and drags himself back into his seat in time to begin spinning up their FTL drive. Bennett, meanwhile, has been busy tearing out wires and re-routing them to divert power from life support to engines. It isn't like breathable air on the bus is going to do them much good, anyway, with half the windscreen missing. The raptor continues to trail smoke and flame as it banks in preparation for its jump.

[Into the Wireless] Bennett says, "Teatime, Butch. I count two minutes until we are away. Flight controls are shot, but our FTL is working just fine."

Phin lets himself breathe some relief as the civvie transport winks out of sight. Mission accomplished, at least. Even if they aren't home yet. He keeps in increasingly shaky formation with Warren and Alejandro, attention now trained on the orders coming over the wireless as much as on the Raiders.

[Into the Wireless] Warren says, "Hobo, Dolly. Toast. Punch it for the barn. Combat landings. Teatime, Toast. Sending Dolly and Hobo to the barn. Forming on you till we get the raptors clear."

Alejandro spends 1 luck points on Blocking Raider's shots on Dolly.

[Into the Wireless] Phin says, "Toast, Dolly. Copy that." Phin's tone plainly indicates he doesn't like leaving Warren out there, but it's an order and he's not going to dispute it. He punches homeward. "Hobo, watch yourself. You've still got a heavy and a Raider who want to make friends with you."

[Into the Wireless] Alejandro says, "Dolly, Hobo. You just get yourself into that hangar and you let me worry about what's up my backside - and yours!"

Hobo manuvers his Viper /aggressively/ into the line of fire from the heavy raider that's trying to blow Dolly into a ball of fire. Alejandro gets up fairly close to shadow Phin's damaged bird and as he blocks for his fellow pilot, he also sees another Raider coming at them! Careful not to shoot up Dolly or interfer with his landing, Ale fires away and tries to stay on path to keep the heavy raider from firing on anything but himself. Buy Dolly time to get clear, if he can.

<COMBAT> Triggering new turn.
<COMBAT> Hateraider attacks Alejandro with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Bennett passes.
<COMBAT> Warren attacks Killraider with KEW - ARMOR on Left Wing stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Raider13 attacks Jason with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Jason passes.
<COMBAT> Atalanta attacks Deathraider with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Zhen suppresses Hateraider with Ecm. <successful>
<COMBAT> Raider9 attacks Warren with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider15 attacks Atalanta with KEW - Serious wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Raider10 attacks Atalanta with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Phin attacks Raider12 with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Deathraider attacks Jason with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Alejandro attacks Raider12 with KEW - Light wound to Body.
<COMBAT> Agrippa attacks Raider10 with KEW - Light wound to Right Wing.
<COMBAT> Raider12 attacks Alejandro with KEW but MISSES!
<COMBAT> Raider11 attacks Agrippa with KEW - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Murderraider attacks Jason with KEW - Light wound to Body (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Killraider attacks Phin with KEW and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Havok has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.
<COMBAT> Viper-3765i has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Atalanta has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider-2890w has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider10 has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider-7498e has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Raider12 has been KO'd!

<FS3> Agrippa rolls Piloting-2: Good Success.
<FS3> Phin rolls Piloting-2: Success.
<FS3> Atalanta rolls Piloting -2: Success.
<FS3> Warren rolls Piloting-1: Great Success.
<FS3> Alejandro rolls Piloting-1: Good Success.

Phin more plops, skids and screeches on the landing strip than anything else, but he manages to get the thing stopped before smashing into a fiery wreck. So there's that. The deckies won't love him tomorrow. He tries to use his DRADIS panel to take stock of how the rest of the flight is looking.

That Raider that's incoming fires upon them and though /most/ of Alejandro's attention is on blocking the heavy raider behind them to keep it off of Phin, he fires at the lighter Raider to try and veer it off. And he hits it! The light hit is enough and it spins, deflected off course and blows! Hobo doesn't have time to yell as he's busy putting his engine exhaust right in the face of that red eyed heavy on his six when he hits the flaps to suddenly slow up, risking it ramming him from behind. It's good piloting and luck as it skews off to evade. And that's all Hobo needs to buy time for Dolly to belly into the barn! "There we go!" He'd yeehaw if he wasn't such a city boy, the slummer! Grinning big (or gritting his teeth, it's hard to tell) Alejandro slews in right on Dolly's tail to land his viper. Hopefully without gouging the deck too hard or hitting anything. Whew! In safe.

Warren dives again on one of the heavies, pouring fire out into its wing but Warren for once is at a terrible angle for the shot. It just glances off harmlessly. He mutters for himself but as he sees the raptors blinking out he cuts his turn hard before hitting the throttle hard and fast, pushing for the barn. Even with the heat on his tail, and what little damage he's taken he still makes an almost perfectly textbook landing as his skids hit the deck.

With their depature momentarily delayed, Agrippa continued to fly wing for Atalanta and sees two Raiders bearing down on his wingman. He could only choose one of the two and hits with his autocannon fire. However, that left the second to land a solid salvo on the LadyCAG but with the Raptor finally jumping to safety, their orders are clear. Punchdrunk returns to the cruiser-carrier with the others, keeping an eye on his wingman's Viper. The damage to his own fighter was not that bad, so Agrippa's landing is standard and without too much of an issue.

After an agonising wait, Bennett's raptor is finally spooled to jump and flashes out mid-streak across the moon's nonexistent sky. Blackened smoke is left in its wake as the bus disappears in a blink of light, close on the heels of Jason's.

With the Raptors clear and away, Atalanta is finally content to leave — and just in time, too, as there's a hole that's been punched right through the back of her Viper. She lands it not with a crunch, but with a least a few loud, alarming bangs which will undoubtedly leave dents that someone is going to have to pound out in the morning.

With the transports gone, the second basestar turns on the two warships. The defense frigate extends its flak barrier to protect both ships, but at the cost of thinning the defensive layer of flak shielding the two ships from Raiders and missile fire. A missile strikes the Subic Point, and then another. Then one of the flak turrets is hit, weakening the defenses even more. The basestars converge, encouraged by the wilting Colonial defenses, firing as they advance.

Luckily, the cruiser and her consort won't have to stand against the overwhelming enemy firepower much longer. One by one, the flight's fighters careen into the landing bay, miraculously without any missed traps or crashes — a testament to the skills of the battlehardened pilots of CVW-11. Meanwhile, the pair of Raptors disappear in tiny bursts of light as they trip their FTLs.

Another missile explodes against Subic Point's armor, the pilots able to feel the deck shake under the impact. The engineering crews haven't been idle, however, and both ships' FTLs are spooled and ready to go. Once the bridge gets the all-clear from the flight deck, the FTL countdown begins, and the two ships jump away.

And all that is left behind is the dark, deserted husk of Minos, slowly dying in the shadow of a burning world.

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