MD #214 : Assault and Pepper
Assault and Pepper
Summary: Clara comes to the Master-at-Arms' office to turn herself in for assaulting a pilot. Except that it wasn't a pilot, and Lleufer doesn't arrest her.
Date: 07/11/2017 (OOC Date)
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Clara Lleufer 
Master-at-Arms' Office, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion

A small nine foot by nine foot office. Most of the floor space is taken up by a desk with chairs on either side and filing cabinets. There is a coffee maker on low cabinet with a tray of cups and condiments.

A large flat screen for meetings to project maps and charts from the Master at Arm's data terminal covers one grey bulkhead. Wall file slots for blank forms are mounted by the hatch beside the current MP roster.

A black and white aerial recon shot shows destruction of a city where Marines made intense battle. The caption reads: 'Santos Ridge, Picon, Liberated 0935 13 OCT 2005. 2500-3000 Centurions destroyed.'

Fri May 25 20:50:01 2049

The hatch to the Master-at-Arms' office is at the moment open. Lleufer was speaking to someone in the Security Hub and has just returned with a stack of papers. He moves around behind his desk and drops the papers there, ready to work through, but he doesn't take a seat yet. Ynyr comes back to the hatch and sticks his head out, "Hey, Yates. Did your bring me that bag of coffee you still owe me?" Yates laughs, admits he finally remembered it. The Sergeant unlocks his desk and tosses the bag to the Gunnery Sergeant. Lleufer grins, "Thanks, man. I like it when I win bets." The pointy eared space elf demon winks and goes back into his office to get a pot of coffee started. Softly, he starts to sing an old Aerilon song to himself while he gets the water measured and poured in from the jug and into the coffee maker, then starts to measure out the grind.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Singing: Good Success.

Clara shows up at the MaA's door shortly after the coffee's started and the singing has commenced. She's not trying to be particularly stealthy, but she does have a habit of making an understated entrance. A quick rap on the hatch with her knuckles, dark eyes directed toward the Gunny. "Got a minute?"

Even if she were trying to be stealthy, it's damned hard to sneak up on those with the Arpay mods. Lleufer trails off with his singing and finishes getting the coffee going before he looks in her direction, "Sure, come on in, Piers. What do you need?" He leans his butt against his desk while he waits for the coffee to be ready to pour.

Clara drifts in, and takes a moment to shut the hatch. She's in her scrubs, dark hair tied back in a ponytail with her bangs clipped up and out of her eyes. Mid-shift, probably, and taking a quick smoke break. "I assaulted a pilot. We were both off duty at the time, but I wanted to report it to you before rumours made their way back." Her voice is flat, her feelings on the matter difficult to discern at a glance.

The Three gets a raised right brow out of Ynyr. "Really? A pilot." No shock, no outrage. Lleufer watches Clara, "Want a cup of coffee?" He turns from his desk to grab a mug and pour himself a cup, straight and black. At the coffee pot he turns his head to look back to her, "So, you want to tell me about it? Who, where, why? No one has come in to file charges against you." Yet.

There's a little nod from Clara. Yep, a pilot. A glance at the coffee pot. "I'm okay, thanks." Maybe she doesn't trust marine country brew. "Uh.. yeah, I'm guessing she probably won't. She tried to force herself on my girlfriend. Then pretend she didn't know what she was doing." Dark eyes travel back to Lleu, and remain there. She has to look up a little to meet his gaze. "So I went to find her, and let her know that if she frakking laid a finger on her again, I'd break her neck." Mercy is not feeling so merciful at the moment.

Lleufer returns to leaning his arse against his desk and sips his coffee cautiously as it's hot, while he listens. Then he lowers the cup, "Well, if MP's didn't see it, and nobody called any, and no one has or does file charges, I'm not about to arrest you for coming in here and telling me you did it. I've socked an officer or two in the face myself over the years. Sometimes they're just assholes. BUT," Ynyr eyes her, "Officially, no fighting between crew on this ship unless it's sparring in the Fitness Center. You -know- that. But if you want to kick her ass off ship say on Pitchfork or Mother, when you are off duty, as long as it doesn't get back to me, be my guest. MP's get called in or charges get filed, I'm going to have to come looking for both of you. No matter the reasons. Got it?"

Clara nods mutely, her lips pursed a little as she listens to the Gunny talk. "Sure, I got it. Am I free to go then?" She doesn't look like she has any regrets about whatever transpired, which she notably doesn't provide details on. Don't ask, don't tell.

The Gunnery Sergeant lifts his coffee cup to her, "Of course." Lleu shifts his weight, "Randy's a big girl. She can come to me if she's being harassed, or she can kick her own shit. Do what you have got to do, though I'll kindly ask you not to break necks. Busted teeth and bruises? Probably get you a night in the brig, but broken bones or death, that … gets more complicated in bad ways. /And/ if either of you want to file a complaint against said pilot, you can also do that officially and I can go have a chat with this person myself. I can't do that though if I don't know who it was and without more specifics. When, where, and details. All right?"

It must be odd, that his former boss is now a nineteen year old girl with almost no knowledge of her time as the S2. She doesn't so much as flinch when Lleu gives her that little lecture. Instead, "I guess she'd better keep her hands to herself, then." Her tongue darts across her lips lightly. "Yeah, she is a big girl. And so's this pilot. Her name's Sheri.. Shelley.. something, Lukes. By the way. And yeah, I'll let Flynn know." About filing a complaint, that is.

Yep, it is really weird. Yet Lleufer also remembers Clara when she was new to the Orion, riding around in the back of a truck on Aerilon with him and the others when she didn't yet know any of them. Ynyr studies the Three he's known for many years, then lifts both brows at the name drop.

"/Lukes/ … really? Was she stoned out of her mind or drunk as a skunk? Wow. That doesn't sound like her at all." And incidently, not a pilot - she's an ECO. Clearly he's surprised, but Lleu then gives a nod, "Well, thanks for dropping by to let me know. Keep me posted if either of you continue to have trouble with her. -I'd- much rather intervene and have a chat with her than you break her neck. And I'm serious about that. We can't afford to loose her, and even worse I'd hate to loose a perfectly good Corpsman at the same time. Because we would and I'd miss you, Clara." Ynyr sighs, "You probably don't even remember me and shit we've been through together. But you and I used to get along pretty well." Ah well. New start and all that.

"I have no idea." Whether she was stoned, drunk, both or neither. Clara rolls her jaw slightly and flicks her eyes away as someone passes by the little window that looks out to the hall. The security hub was her haunt for a while there. Then back to Lleu. "Of course I remember you. And some of the shit we've been through, anyway. Bullshit you'd miss me, though." She smiles briefly, crookedly. It's no secret she's not well liked. And it doesn't seem to bother her.

Lleufer huffs a breath, "I dunno, I always kind of liked your cold shoulder and snark. Your blunt honesty. Though I knew you way back before you were doing that stuff. Then, eventually you even became my boss for a while. You weren't difficult for me to work with, not at all. Never have been. And you've patched me up in the field a few times." He shrugs, "I won't say we've been close friends, busom buddies, but you're one of the handful who've been around a while. Since working with Spree back on Aerilon in the Second Cylon war at least. So, you are OK in my book, Clara. It's not nothing."

Clara tilts her head slightly. "..doing that stuff?" That part seems to surprise her. "I'm not snarky. And I don't know what you mean by cold shoulder. Though for what it's worth, the war's changed you, too. Or maybe it was losing Naomi. I don't know." The Three watches him in silence for a few seconds, then edges toward the hatch. "Anyway, I should go."

"Ha, cold shoulder and snarky was totally you on occasion not long before your most recent download. You just don't remember." Lleufer looks amused. "Fair enough. We all change, and yeah, loosing Naomi hurt. Then I got shot in the head and I … I couldn't remmeber. Kind of like you. So, I lost her." Yep, that memory still hurts. He looks into his coffee cup, "But I can't complain. Things turned out really well for me eventually." Hopefully they did for Naomi too. Lleu looks back to Clara and gives her a smile, "Come by any time."

"I think they did." A flickered smile from Clara, like she was reading his thoughts. "Yeah, I'll see you later. Thanks." The word might come off as dismissive, but it's anything but. Her pager goes off, summoning her back to sickbay, and the girl drifts off with about as much fanfare as she arrived. She melts easily into the comings and goings of marines, a glance at Lleu through his little window, and then she's gone.

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