AWD #609: Ass Chewing
Ass Chewing
Summary: The newest Viper pilot to the Orion's squadron, Ensign Charlie Hartmann, gets his ass chewed out by Captain Salazar. Charlie is also grounded and ordered not to depart the Orion until further notice. There may be a Court Marshal for disobeying orders.
Date: 20/02/2017 (OOC Date)
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Alejandro Charlie 
Ready Room, Deck 2 - Battlestar Orion
Capable of seating every member of the wing with space to spare in its stadium organization, the Ready Room has more than two hundred seats and is the largest room on the ship dedicated to single briefings. Sections of desks were manufactured specifically for this and wrap the width of each level of seating, rolling leather seats positioned at even points through each row. The head of the room has a small dais with a podium for the briefer and on the wall behind it are a pair of large LCD screens. The walls have the tenant squadrons' patches painted on individual panels as well as a Kill Board up to the left side of the dais and podium, the Training Board on the other side to log progress.
Thu Sep 07 18:58:14 2006

Not a word is said to Charlie in the hangar. Captain Salazar has more important things to attend to than speaking to Hartmann for a few minutes, other than to say, "Ready Room in an hour, Ensign. I'd suggest you shower." It'll give Alejandro time to cool his temper and to deal with the other pilots. Make sure they are all right, follow up with medical, and hit the shower himself.

When Charlie does arrive, Chiron is already here. The Captain has cleaned up and is in his blues. In his hands is his ever preasant clipboard with some papers on it. He's writing notes by hand on a sheet of paper that has lists on it,and beneath that is Charlie's personnel file.

Charlie had offered a stiff nod in reply to Alejandro when he was given short orders to meet the Captain privately later. He had expected as much, but his expression revealed absolutely no regrets in relation to his actions in the line of duty. As the Captain made his way off, Charlie had done exactly as told and made his way toward the showers to clean himself up and then dressed before returning to the Ready Room only to find that despite being early, the Captain had already beaten him.

Charlie Hartmann walked into the Ready Room with military precision to his footsteps and then turned to face the Captain at a ready position. "Captain, Ensign Hartmann reporting as ordered," Charlie barked.

Reporting for duty or formal orders, can elicit a salute, even indoors on the Orion. But it's just a well that Charlie doesn't. Alejandro's dark eyes flick up to study the Ensign, "Do you know why I prefer not to be saluted unless it's strictly necessary, say in the presance of Command staff?" The clipboard is not set aside. There is no sign of coffee that's been made, no smell of it.

Charlie's brow furrows in consideration for a moment as his eyes leave their position from staring at Alejandro's forehead to study the Captain's face for a moment. Finally he shakes his head and says, "No sir. If it were in hostile territory I would say that it was to prevent anyone from being able to target you as a ranking officer, but when in friendly territory I do not."

"It is for precisely that reason, Ensign. So while you may salute the CAG, I prefer you are in the /habit/ of not saluting me." Salazar draws a slow breath before he proceeds, "I have been a prisoner of war, captured by the Cylon, not long after the war started on this second round. Do you know what the Cylon do to officers if they capture them, Ensign?"

Ensign Charlie Hartmann has seen a good deal of combat prior to joining up with the Air Wing, as his personnel file will show, but combat with a civilian defense militia and combat with an organized military are different. After a few moments Charlie shakes his head and says, "I have never heard the reports, sir. But I can imagine that those captured by the Cylons have an excruciating future ahead of them."

A slow nod, "Labour camps, if they aren't anyone important. Officers however are singled out. Removed and sent … we do not know where. But what few have returned have been jacked. That is to say, wired internally and their minds altered, Ensign. To serve the enemy, and gladly destroy themselves in the process to do it. So, when I was captured, I went to some trouble to pass myself off as a flight mechanic. Bad Scorpian accent, the whole nine meters. I managed by the skin of my teeth to avoid being taken in the night because I'd been warned by people who had tried to help me what the rumors were, concerning officers and pilots. Would you care to experience that, first hand?"

Shaking his head, Charlie meets Alejandro's gaze as he says, "I would not care to experience it… but I would for the sake of my wingman. I realize that my ship was pretty banged up… but the heavy raider was targeting my wingman and I had no one on my tail. What would have happened had you or the others missed and Pearson was shot down while I escorted a flight of Raptors not in danger back to base?"

"We would deal with that, if it happened, Ensign. But what we don't need is to risk loosing /two/ pilots, and endanger a whole other team of people who would come after to look for you. Do you think it is right to protect the life of one other pilot against orders, but it's quite all right to risk the lives of an /entire/ team on a SAR attempt to save your ass after? And had we suddenly had two downed pilots because something broke loose in your already mangled viper, do you really think that would make things easier on that Raptor crew, Corpsman, and Marines who'd be looking for you?" Alejandro taps his stylus against his clipboard, "Is this a habit that you think you can do whatever you like and ignore your Chain of Command? Because I know what the CAG is likely to do with you while I'm gone. And it certainly won't be flying combat missions."

Shaking his head, Charlie says, "No, sir. It is not a habit that I plan to encourage. Like I said, I was only worried about my wingman. It had appeared that we had managed to eliminate most of the enemy forces, so I thought that if I could protect the life of my wingman that it would be fitting to do so. I have lost many men in combat when civilian fighters got scared or lost their nerve and fled from the fight. I… It was a mistake and I do not wish to be pulled from active combat duty."

Alejandro thins his mouth but he does listen, patiently. "I see. And you think you are better qualified to protect your assigned wingman, even against orders, when the rest of your wing is right there and more able to do so? Do you think that I myself, Scythe, or the others are incapable?" Chiron sets his clipboard aside, "Hartmann, I've been in this war since the very beginning. As a Fleet pilot. I myself have been shot down /three/ times. -Every- single pilot I knew when I came to the Orion is now dead. I am one of the few of the 60, famed for surviving Blue Axe. I think I know a little bit about trying to keep our pilots alive, and how fragile our lives are. And that is why -your- life is -my- responsibility. Yours, Metis's, Scythe's, Pollux's, everyone in the Lucky Strikes Squardon. But if I do not think any of my pilots will not obey orders, has no self discipline, then they can't be trusted. Relied upon. Even Metis, I have little doubt, would have preferred to know you were rock steady and would obey your orders and let the rest of us handle it."

Chiron studies Charlie. He has not once raised his tenor in volume. After a pause he says, "So, what do you think I should do with you. What is a suitable punishment and acceptable within regulations? I can't precisely bust you down in rank. You are already rock bottom."

Charlie's brow furrows a touch at the lashing he receives, regardless of whether it is deserved or not. He does not turn away from the reprimand, knowing that he likely deserves it. When the question is asked of him at the end, he says, "I think that you should mark this as a cautionary notice… and let me prove that I am able and willing to follow orders when we go out on our next assignment. Consider it a foolish action born out of good intentions, however foolish the reality may have proven to be. I was just trying to protect my own, Sir. And no, not because I think you or the rest of the Wing to be incompetent, but because of loyalty to my wingman."

"Cautionary notice. For disobeying orders while we are in a state of war. You don't seem to be aware that it is grounds for a Court Marshal, Ensign? You should not only be relieved of your flight status, but brigged, charged, and tried by your peers." Captain Alejandro Salazar leans back in his chair. "For the moment you -are- relieved of flight status pending possible charges. I will speak with the CAG."

Charlie's shoulders slump visibly and his mouth drops. "Captain, I understand what you are saying, but please do not remove me from active flight duty. I know that did wrong, and I will follow orders to the letter. Give me the chance to show you."

Alejandro points a finger at Charlie, "You had that chance, Ensign. To show me, and my wing. And then you chose otherwise. It will set a very bad example if I do not punish you accordingly. I'm not about to let such behavior slide. It will go on your permanent military record under reprimands. Now, if you give me no reason to have the MP's come in here and arrest you and put you in the brig to kick up your heels for however long it takes, I am willing to let you walk out of here and return to regular duties - sans flight. You are confined to ship with your flight status suspended until further notice. Do -I- make myself perfectly clear, Ensign Hartmann?"

"Perfectly clear," Charlie says, his voice curt and a bit strained. His expression reads like he /does/ in fact want to say more, but he is wise enough not to. Offering Alejandro a firm nod, he turns on his heel and moves back out of the Ready Room.

"You are not yet dismissed, Ensign Hartmann. I am not finished." Chiron waits where he is seated until Charlie stops. Then he continues.

Alejandro steels his patience, "I'm going to collect you gun footage for review. It's also going to include training tapes on flying Preditors. I want your butt in the sims this week working on bombing runs. I want you to at least skim over the files on our Rhinos. /Not/ that -you- will be cleared to fly one any time soon but I still want you to be aware of them, how many are required to crew them, and how we use them. I will arrange for you to be tested on these materials while I am absent. If I am gone over long, the CAG can decide when, and -if- she is going to return you to full active duty. But don't count on it this week."

Charlie halted at the door way and turned back in time to hear the assignment sent his way, his eyes not wavering from Alejandro as he offers him one single nod. "Is there anything else that you would like to tell me, Sir?" he asks, his voice forcibly polite.

"I'll let you know. Check your duty roster first shift tomorrow for your altered assignments. You are dismissed." The Captain picks up his clipboard and pen. He flips the top sheet back and makes a notation on the second page. Salazar doesn't glance back up.

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