ArtemisIcon.JPG For all of Ares' savagery, Artemis is the most vicious and vindictive of all the gods of Kobol. She is the only divinity to accept human sacrifice, an act generally considered to be highly unholy. The least of unintended sleights to her numen will lead to nothing but trouble from her. A virgin goddess, herself, she demands the strictest chastity of her followers. These followers, however, should always remember to treat Aphrodite with respect, and not disdain. Hippolytus learned that lesson. artemis.jpg

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Armilustrium: Shared with Apollo, Ares, and Athena, this holiday is a blatant celebration of war and warriors in all forms. The festival is a week-long affair that occurs in mid-July, with commemorations centered primarily on Picon, the home of the Colonial Fleet. There is a seemingly endless parade of the best and the brightest among the Fleet, including almost all of its display units. Drill teams, demo units, and formation flights are staples of the day, as are expos of both the latest and the most historically significant military gear. (This also serves as something of a recruitment drive, as well, and allows the tax-payers to see exactly where their money is being spent.)

The highlight of the event is the formation flyover by the Colonial Knights, weaving colored streams of smoke through the air. This serves as the commencement of Armilustrium Games, in which athletes from both branches of the Colonial Fleet and the police forces of all the Colonial worlds compete. These games are dedicated solely to the military arts — fencing, wrestling, archery, etc. Those who triumph can expect their names to go down in history — and to have their images splashed across cornflakes boxes all over the star system.

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Hear me, Jove's daughter, celebrated queen,
Bacchian and Titan, of a noble mien:
In darts rejoicing and on all to shine,
Torch-bearing Goddess, Dictynna divine;
O'er births presiding,* and thyself a maid,
To labour-pangs imparting ready aid:
Dissolver of the zone and wrinkl'd care,
Fierce huntress, glorying in the Sylvan war:
Swift in the course, in dreadful arrows skill'd,
Wandering by night, rejoicing in the field:
Of manly form, erect, of bounteous mind,
Illustrious dæmon, nurse of human kind:
Immortal, earthly, bane of monsters fell,
'Tis thine, blest maid, on woody hills to dwell:
Foe of the stag, whom woods and dogs delight,
In endless youth who flourish fair and bright.
O, universal queen, august, divine,
A various form, Cydonian pow'r, is thine:
Dread guardian Goddess, with benignant mind
Auspicious, come to Mystic rites inclin'd;
Give earth a store of beauteous fruits to bear,
Send gentle Peace, and Health with lovely hair,
And to the mountains drive Disease and Care.

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