AWD #608: Arpay Ships Observed
Arpay Ships Observed
Summary: The TACCO announces the arrival of the Arpay ships over Picon. Many gather at the Observation Deck and other parts of the Orion to try and get a glimpse.
Date: 19/02/2017 (OOC Date)
Related Logs: Anything to do with the Arpay leading up to this log date, especially between Elias and Jimenez, and Admiral Fencer.
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Observation Deck, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
The Obs Deck is one of the more quiet areas on the ship where people can come to get away from the hustle and bustle that goes with the rest of service in the fleet. The front of the room is a very large armored glass window to allow a dominating view of whatever is out ahead of the battlestar. Seats rise up at even levels, plush chairs and couches provided for the crew to relax in. During Condition One an armored plate is lowered down to cover the view and prevent the room from becoming a hazard and sealing it tight.
Wed Sep 06 13:41:57 2006

Brina thought she'd come and see what the excitement is about, deciding to delay today's PT for a while. She comes in while dressed in her off-dutys; the design of the tanks shows off a little bit of ink on one of her shoulder blades, the image mostly concealed outside of that hint of artwork on her body. Toby is seen and given a bit of a nod, her expression held in check. "Shackleton." That's all she feels like giving him for a greeting, the normally-friendly MP having felt anything but, lately.

A similar idea had struck Penta; he's also in his off-duty clothes. "32 ships besides the Weller Hill. Looks like our friends don't half-ass," he says after a moment staring out the window.

"Hello, sir. No, does't look like they do." Brina offers Penta a tight smile, one that's given to Toby afterward. "Yeah, I guess so. Just… curious, I guess." Sighing, she glances out the large viewport, her gaze lingering on one of the ships. "Been a long time since we last had any excitement that didn't involve combat." Flopping onto a sofa, she adds once comfortable, "I met one of the Arpay. She's nice."

Lleufer arrives in his MP uniform. As he approaches the huge, bright window with light coming up from Picon's surface, Ynyr pulls out his sunglasses and puts then on. The mirrored shades reflect the view in a rich blue hue, shading his sensitive eyes from the glare but doing nothing to conceal his now slightly elongated ears. Ears that show subtle scaring from the grafts that did not heal as well as they did on the others who underwent the Arpay surgeries. The Staff Sergeant loosely folds his arms over his chest and has no trouble seeing over the heads of other shorter people ahead of him. His own attention is for the recently arrived Arpay ships.

"Nice," Toby agrees, "and odd. But then I guess it's not like the Ghosts who are human, so shouldn't be too surprising. The one I met kept trying to shoot my in the eye with some wierd tool though. I'm told it helps understand their language, but frak that." Lleu gets a quick glance as he notices the MP approach the glass then he turns back to Brina. "Nothing compared to what some of your lot got I know, but still, not for me thanks. You heard the rumour that they're taken Dr Nadir as some sort of diplomat, or ambassador? Odd choice, but then again, aliens."

"I got zapped in the eye," Brina says upon seeing Lleufer, the sight of whom gets her to relax a little. "It doesn't hurt and does exactly what they say it does. I suggest doing it, Toby, if only because it'll make working with them easier." Rising to her feet, she goes over to where Lleu's standing, the Lance reaching out to touch his shoulder as she comes up to his side. "Hey. How are you doing," Brina, who is keeping her voice low, doesn't bother with rank or any other kind of military protocol. She's talking to him as a friend, not a subordinate.

Penta nods to Brina. "Same here. Face it, Crewman: We'll be working with em, you may as well get razered so you can speak their language."

Lleufer is not touching anything Toby said that he overheard. His hearing is … more impressive than ever before. Instead he unfolds his arms at the light touch and turns his head to give Brina a smile, "I'm just fine, Lance." The left side of his mouth is still as lacking in mobility as it ever was, yet. "Eager to have Doctor Jimenez back so I can finish up my medical procedures." He looks back at the view, "Impressive how much they are lending to us. If we really are the descendants of the Erfriki, I can see why they are so excited about aiding us in our fight."

Wow, there sure are a lot of well armed Arpay ships. And some of them are /huge/. Drydocks.

Toby listens to Brina and nods as she confirms it does what it says on the tin, then shrugs again. "Your choice O'Connell, but me? Nah, not happening. Maybe, in a while, if it's proven it doesn't do anything whacky, but now? Not a fraking chance." It's not an angry rejection though, despite the colourful vocabulary. Penta though, he gets a sterner look, "tell you what Ensign, when you end up in my chain of command, I'll consider listening to what you have to say. Until then?" he switches seamlessly to Tauran, «I'll learn any language I need the old fashioned way.»

Penta grins. "As you wish. The future's coming, though, ready or not."

Turning slightly, Brina pauses to consider Toby and Penta both, her brow eventually furrowing as she listens. "I understand, Toby. It is wise to consider everything when having your mind altered. But sometimes maybe it's just a good idea to throw caution to the wind and act on good faith and not let one's fear of the unknown hold one back." It is said gently, Brie's response to Toby, it given with a smile. Now that he's focused on Penta she returns to looking out the large pane of glass with the Sarge. "Becks said we're warriors like they were. I don't know if I buy into that being the case with all of us, but I guess I can see it being true for enough of us for any similarities to be apparent."

There is a brief glance back to the Tauron, a polite nod to Penta, "Ensign, I need to have a chat with you when you have a moment. Did the Major speak to you recently?" Looking back to Brina, Lleu adds low, "Caution and skepticism are healthy. I do not think he should be ribbed for that, not after all the crap that has happened. Give things time, wait and see. There's a reason why some of us are guinea pigs to be studied." Then Ynyr smiles big and slaps O'Connell o the shoulder, "By the way, I'm getting married."

"Yeah, see, I'm just not so open to the idea that -mild alteration- by aliens wew only just met and have no information about, is the ideal time to abandon a least a little bit of caution," Toby replies. His tone is conversational, and the remarks aimed at Brina. "I mean, maybe if the Piraenas had spoken of them, or legends that could be interpreted as such, but not a whisper, and I talked to Lilah a lot." Aware of Lleu's presence, and the way his previous words could be taken, he adds "they recognized her Rank tab though, Captain Al-Yamoha's, so that at least is a link." Obstenciously it's aimed at Brina as well, but mostly he's dangling it in front of Lleu, not quite a peace offering, but at least an indication that he's not planning any direct hostilities.

Penta looks at Ynyr. "A bit, but mostly it was just checking to see how I was settling in, he didn't mention anything. Why do you ask?" Then, he listens to Toby. By the look on his face, it's readily apparent he's filed the Crewman under 'old man yells at clouds, tells stories about life in his day' or something. But he says nothing.

Brina shakes her head. "I wasn't ribbing him, LLeu," she mostly-whispers, knowing he'll hear her thanks to his alterations, "just pointing out that sometimes it's okay not to be so cautious. That's all." Shrugging, she looks at Toby without looking away from the view, using the reflection in the glass to do so. "I guess you're right." Conceding the point to him, she falls quiet for a moment, her eyes lowered slightly.

Ynyr turns his head just enough to look at Toby but still doesn't speak directly to him. No, just give the other man his space. Toby is giving him his and there is some mutual respect maybe, despite past anger. The Master at Arms adds, "We don't need to be flocking like lemmings to rush towards a cliff just because the view looks fantastic. Let a few leap, see if they can fly, first."

Lleu looks back to Penta, "Huh. Amos mentioned a thing or two to me that I'm to help you with but if he hasn't mentioned it to you yet, I best leave that to the Major. Still, as you are attached to Security, we should chat. I have a lot I'm having go to over in a lot more detail than I used to have any authority to do."

Brina has no reaction to Lleufer telling her that /he/ is getting married?! He lifts his right brow at her, "What? No congratulations, nothing?"

"Hmmm? Oh. Sorry. I…" Brina glances away for a moment, trying to process that. In her defense, she did hear when Lleufer first announced it but her brain didn't really seem to want to let it sink in for some reason. Taking a deep breath, she returns to conversing with the Sarge, the MP putting a lot of effort into that. "Congrats, Lleu. I am happy for you and whomever the lucky lady is." Pause. "And congratulations on the promotion, too."

"Guess we'll just have to wait and see," Toby notes to Brina, but since there's not much more to say on that topic he lets it drop. Marine shop talk he has no interest in, although Penta's look is met with a disaproving one of his own before he slowly and deliberately raises his middle finger to the Lieutenant. He only keeps it there for a few moments before dropping it again and noting the the general direction of Lleufer and Brina, "you said she called you warriors? Used the term soldier to me. Language difference you think, or reckon she was actually trying for a difference in meaning?"

Penta smiles sweetly at Toby, then looks to nod at Lleufer. "We'll talk later. For now, congratulations, don't worry about it. There aren't any major issues we need to deal with right now, is there?"

Lleufer smiles and actually looks a hell of a lot happier than maybe he has ever been since the war started. "Thanks. -She- is Major Bennett St. Clair and I guess we have all our permissions in order a lot easier than I dared to hope." He lets out a sigh, "It is very strange to go from … a long period of hard times and 'famine' to overwhelming 'feast' with so many good things happening in my life, suddenly. It is a little over whelming, but I couldn't possibly be happier." Lleu lifts his left hand where his last two fingers don't work right, "Especially once I'm fixed up."

Wait, did Shackleton just give Penta the bird? Hahaha. Ynyr tries to act like he didn't just see that, nor laugh. Nope, not him. He's on duty, making sure everything is peaceful as people gather to look out of the Obs window. Ynyr even moves back a little to let others have a look and so he may better answer Toby's question directed to himself.

"I don't know. I wasn't there to hear the context or inflections involved. But it seems like a good question to ask her. Certainly Taurons in general have always had my respect for being a fiercesome warrior people, not afraid to fight." Might be the Staff Sergeant studies Toby a bit more closely as he removes his sunglasses and slips them into his pocket.

Lleufer glances back to Penta belatedly, "Not off hand. But sooner is better than later. Things may come up and get distracting, sir."

"Heard she left?" Toby notes to Lleufer, then glances towards the crowds at the glass, "or did she come back?" He doesn't know, so he just shrugs once more. He quietly ignores the comment about Tauron, discussing his homeworld with marines being just about the nearest thing he can think of to guaranteeing a fight, no matter how good the intentions. "They know the," he double taps his hand over his heart, "salute too, so I guess that's older than the Piraeans as well." Penta however, is ignored, for now at least.

"I think the words are interchangable, in part if not entirely, Toby. But you could always speak with her, ask her the next time you see her. She would be able to explain much better than I can. I only understand the language enough to converse with the Arpay in it. There are a lot of nuances and such I've yet to pick up on, undoubtedly." A hand lifts and is pressed against the window, her fingers curling slightly so their tips can press against it, her face now hidden. If anything else passes between her and the Staff Sergeant it's kept so private between the two of them that no one else will be able to pick up on what she might have to say next unless they're close.

Brina whispers: And here I was, having thought I brought some happiness to your life… but I understand, Lleu. I am happy for you. Just… just treat each other well.

Penta nods to Lleufer, but says nothing for a while. Soon enough he walks off, bound for who-knows-where.

You sense: Brina adds in afterthought, "I will always look back with everything in fondness and never ask for anything to be different. I am glad we could be there for each other when we need it the most."

A nod from the Staff Sergeant to Shackleton, "Yeah, she left to go back and give reports to her people and take a request from the TACCO back to the Arpay, I heard. That's why the ships and dry docks have jumped in. Doctor Jimenez was coming back pretty quick and is probably returning with them because she's taking over as our CMO while Doctor Nadir is on deployment." Ynyr gives a second slight nod, then carefully does the double tap over his own heart since he had moved closer, "Yes, they do. It is because they /see you/ but also, because they … and those of us who now have their elective modifications, can also /know you/. I can sense you now, sitting there and your heart beating. The Arpay, and maybe the Piraens as well, were aware of a great deal more than we were when they greet one another."

Ynyr tips his head slightly to hear what Brina has to say low to him, but honestly he could probably hear her whisper from across the room now. He smiles a little, "Thanks, and yes, you did." His own strangely dark eyes that look now like he's constantly overdosed on opiates follows Penta's departure. Lleu'll go corner the Engsign soon.

"Interchangeable for us yes," Toby agrees, "you'd likely have a better idea than me if they are for them though." He mines shooting himself in the eye, just in cases she wasn't sure why he's deferring to her judgement in this case. The news of their new, temporary, CMO, seems to surprise him, but he takes it in his stride and keeps his own reply limited to the remarks on the salute. "I see you, I know you," he repeats, "and thanks for the warning." He doesn't actually shift an inch back in his seat, but it's a fight not too. "How many of you lot", the marines, "went for it?"

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Good Success.

"Two of us. Also a Corpsman and one pilot." That being his fiance. Yes, Lleu can pick up on Shackleton's unease maybe but there are limits. Either way he doesn't comment. "The primary difference between warriors and soldiers in most societies is the lack of discipline, as well as logistics and gear. Soldiers on the other hand may lack the passion of a warrior. The best should be both soldiers and warriors." Whether that is Lleufer's personal opinion or the Arpay nuances he does not elaborate, though he speaks that language.

Lleufer adds, "They are calling us the Four, now. That won't be confusing with model skinjobs at all." Sarcasm, perhaps.

At least there's that. The hand Brina put against the window is allowed to remain there but Brina straightens somewhat, her shoulders squaring a bit. "I will ask Becks if I remember, Toby." It depends on if her memory won't shit the bed where that goes.

Toby eyes Lleufer for a moment, clearly considering the merits of something or another, then smirks faintly, "Nah, you're not pretty enough to be a Four." The different definitions gets considered, although there's clearly something in it that doesn't gel for him. "That way round, surely it'd be me who's the warrior?" Figuring that they might simply be reading too much into this he nods once to Brina, then asks, "while you were out there, did you get a chance to talk to any of the other humans, or just Arpay?"

Shackleton actually gets a feral grin out of Ynyr, "I know I'm fugly. Now I also look like a Space Elf." That doesn't bother Lleu particularly, "I don't regret it." A slow nod, "I agree. I think of Taurons more as warriors than soldiers, but I suspect Doctor Jimenez was speaking in broad generalizations about us all being the descendants of Erfriki, but as I mentioned, I wasn't present for her comments to you to know precisely the context nor inflection."

Everything here seems to be peaceful in the gathered. "If you two will excuse me, I'm on duty. I need to get back to doing my job." A nod to them both and the Master at Arms moves off. A couple of MPs have shown up to keep an eye on things here and Lleu pauses very briefly to share a word with them. A shoulder clasp and the Staff Sergeant heads back to the Security Hub.

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