AWD #570: Arpay Intel
Arpay Intel
Summary: The first section of his log is an OOC info dump for what we learn and do over the next 4 IC weeks while 'guests' of the Arpay at Rally Point. The second part of this log is a visit with the Orion crew by an Arpay Intel officer /after/ those four weeks. This would be coming up on the 7th week since the Orion crew departed on the Erol on their mission.
Date: 12/Jan/2017 (OOC Date)
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Mess Hall (one of many) on Arpay Station
It's a Mess Hall, what do you think it looks like?
Sun 30/Jul/2006 (IC Date)

Dropkick says, "Currently the Arpay are not just fixing the Erol, but they are said to be upgrading it as well. 'Standardizing to specs' as they put it. Its been a month. They haven't been able to give a firm timetable on when it will be done. At least three more weeks, potentially seven depending on how systems integration goes. Tick tock. OOCly I will tell you that you guys need to be thinking about the mission around this time. Do you want to leave the Erol and get a ride back on an Arpay ship? Or wait for the Erol and roll the dice and hope the Colonial Fleet hasn't been annihilated in this time? PC's and NPCs can be volunteered to stay with the Erol but I can't spend time STing for PC's very much, if at all, if they stay here."

Dropkick says, "The Arpay have made no offers to take you guys home."
Dropkick says, "This may be because they want to see what you will do."
Dropkick says, "However, Captain Harris has confirmed that the ship is being fixed and three to seven weeks sounds reasonable."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Because we're running on time compression here, we are going to be fast forwarding again - about 4 weeks. That will put you guys at 7 weeks total mission time on your end. While you are OOCly aware that there is this rift of difference in time dilation? ICly you have no idea how great it is. You may have been away from the fleet for two hours, or eight days, or a month or more. Tick tock. The fleet sent you to get help and get home ASAP because the situation was desperate. But your ship is busted."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Having said that…"
<OOC> Dropkick says, "Currently the Arpay are not just fixing the Erol, but they are said to be upgrading it as well. 'Standardizing to specs' as they put it. Its been a month. They haven't been able to give a firm timetable on when it will be done. At least three more weeks, potentially seven depending on how systems integration goes. Tick tock. OOCly I will tell you that you guys need to be thinking about the mission around this time. Do you want to leave the Erol and get a ride back on an Arpay ship? Or wait for the Erol and roll the dice and hope the Colonial Fleet hasn't been annihilated in this time? PC's and NPCs can be volunteered to stay with the Erol but I can't spend time STing for PC's very much, if at all, if they stay here."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "The Arpay have made no offers to take you guys home."
<OOC> Dropkick says, "This may be because they want to see what you will do."
<OOC> Dropkick says, "However, Captain Harris has confirmed that the ship is being fixed and three to seven weeks sounds reasonable."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Now, four weeks to be on this space station? You will have met a lot of people. I can't outline very many of them and you will meet one more tonight. All I can do is give an idea of who they are, what the military is like for them, and what their society is more or less like. It should give you an overall flavor of the people you have met."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "You guys are treated pretty much like respected guests, as long as you stay armed. People readily know who you are and will ask you random questions about the Colonies and stuff. Like meeting someone from a far away country you know nothing about. Nobody treats you all as freaks because you dont look like they do. It would seem the society has been through this several times before and different types of humanity have been through. Your PCs are allowed to move freely within restriction. You're given access to gyms, swimming pools, climbing walls, ropes courses, firing ranges, mess, recreation facilities (including completely immersive VR in haptic suits) like movies and books and all that. Normal stuff to keep you all from going stir crazy. Talk to anyone. However, you are not allowed to leave those certain areas without reason and escort. Other areas are considered work zones or residential - because families live on the station with their deployed loved ones. You all are invited to PT with their own soldiers and share in training. Take it or leave it, but training with them would be smiled upon."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "You're given private berthings together. Nobody tries to separate you all. And there's no sign that anyone has searched your gear without your full knowledge and permission. They would eventually request to see what you all have with you, but it is a request worded politely and respectfully."

<OOC> Lleufer would totally PT with them, hell yes. (Probably Angelis too)
<OOC> Angelis says, "for real"
<OOC> Angelis will pass on the VR stuff though. Not really her thing. LOL.
<OOC> Dropkick says, "Yeah, they would try to push you guys. See what you're made of. Pushup competitions, rucksack runs, everything."
<OOC> Lleufer would love it.
<OOC> Angelis knew all that gym-time would pay off!
<OOC> Miri says, "so would Miri"
<OOC> Lleufer says, "Sparring! ;]"
<OOC> Dropkick says, "Yep. They have their own unique fighting style too."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "They'll teach you their fighting style stuff, too. The soldiers you meet tend to be friendly and very gung hu. They seem to have a huge societal investment in seeing those around them be as highly and well trained as possible."

<OOC> Pratt says, "if they have VR that entails flying one of those bad ass fighters? THAT will be what Pratt signs up for ;)"

<OOC> Dropkick says, "As for what their aircraft inventory is like?"
<OOC> Dropkick says, "Well, scroll through Star Citizen's ship list. Just about anything on there with guns. Im just going to blatanty hoark shit from that game because the ships are f'ing beautful."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Now.. NOW.. and this is important for the VR stuff."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "You guys don't get the full scope of it. Some features on it just don't work. Why? Because of the ears. As you all find out, their ears look that way for a reason. Basically they are nerve-sensory clusters. Their piloting helmets are hooked into the avionics suites and can feed information directly into their heads, even use augmented reality displays on their vision as if it were inside their eyes."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Their aircraft work the same way"
<OOC> Dropkick says, "The evolutionary development for them wasnt so fun. They fought wars over it. Nearly killed each other."
<OOC> Dropkick says, "Yeah. That shit is dark. Very dark. Their past is full of some pretty outright ugly things."
<OOC> Dropkick says, "But you guys get the idea. The VR is a complete thing, too. Feels completely real. They can simulate anything - but (I'm looking at you Lleu) the system has been specifically blocked from sexual encounters with any known living being."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Two pilots, two Marines, and a Corpsman."
<OOC> Angelis says, "Walk into a bar…"

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Miri, you're a Corpsman. Their medics are going to be very interested in talking to you and going over what you have and use. What the warfare means for you and how your operate within the teams. The fact that you are trained as Navy and then as a Marine is going to be something they're pretty impressed with considering the personal investment involved with training. They're going to be hugely impressed with Kwik-Klot which is something that they actually don't have. Its almost like they went straight for the technology to try and seal wounds from the outside as fast as possible. It leads to a lot of internal bleeding issues, but helps people get to surgery. KwikKlot completely bypasses the internal bleeding issues and is a super simple and effective solution to an age old problem that they just didnt have. You'd have talked to a couple of trauma surgeons and biochemical engineers about it and they would have requested a couple packets."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Marines…"

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Their soldiers are going to want to talk a lot of tactics with you guys. Specifically, movement and shooting. Talked about your experiences. From there end you've essentially picked up that these people have seen deployments all over the galaxy and been fighting guerrilla warfare like the Orion - but been doing it for a really, really long time. They'd spend a lot of time with you guys teaching you guys about their armory and training methodology. You'd be invited to shoot anything a couple times and anything more than that? Fire as many rounds in VR as you want. Miri would be invited to join in on this too, but they run large scale training exercises in the haptic suits. Ya'll would have been able to fight with these soldiers in training scenarios and full-scale battle conditions that were network linked with the pilots. The ground combat is absolutely intense the the Arpay's pace of ground combat is a step up from fighting Cylons. The Arpay don't fight to gain ground. They fight delaying actions a lot and use every dirty, ugly, nasty tactic against the Machines that they can. When they go on the offensive, though, its a little like going home to the Marines, though. Over four weeks they'd have probably loved having you guys along. …And the late night sessions after gettign drunk, getting into the VR, and doing sniping competitions or shooting waterfowl."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Anyone who wants to know what their fighting style is? I wrote this up. We can use it. Just ignore the history at the top."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Pilots can join the ground combat exercises if they want."
<OOC> Dropkick says, "For the pilots…"

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Champman is going to want to sit down with you guys for quite a few hours and go over space and air combat tactics. Share their idea of how they wolfpack hunt SAMs and see what Bennett and Pratt have from their own experiences. He'd probably have them sit down with Arpay Fleet Intelligence and also recount Blue Axe a couple times - which he thinks is probably the best thing since slice bread. The man loves Elias already for the ideas and hasn't even met him. Chapman would have made sure that Bennett and Pratt were able to climb all over their aircraft, talk to the Deck crews, and go on rides when they can. Despite the disability of not having the ears, they can still use the VR very well after some obvious adjustments. Chapman ensures they know they are invited and encouraged to join in on their VR training exercises. After comparing notes with the Marines one day they will all probably realize they were all in the same massive networked simulation. Raptor-like operations for these people are intense in a different way from what the Marines see on the ground, but just as sweat-inducing."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "They just introduced a dropship… lemme find it"
<OOC> Dropkick says, "the Hoplite"
<OOC> Dropkick says, ""
<OOC> Dropkick says, "There's your Arpay Raptor"

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Overall society? Think Trojans or Spartans. More Spartans I guess. These people explain that their name 'Arpay' is just a slang term of R-P. Rally Point. They take their duty so seriously, that its how they refer to themselves. The society itself is heavily militarized and supported by the worlds on the other side of the evacuation. Their primary exports to the evacuees are peacekeeping, believe it or not. But the planet is self-sustaining with what people expect. The actual planet is not some megacity, either. Its similar to Caprica with a lot of lush forest and mountains, wetlands, oceans, etc. The population is encouraged to have many children and a large number of people opt to do military service for at least a brief period before taking the evacuation and heading to a world on the other side - of which there are apparently a lot. Or strike out on their own to go find their own world to settle. The vast majority of the population at Arpay is focused on warfighting and evacuation. These people have made an art out of combat search and rescue. …Back on the actual planet, though, society resembles that of the colonies. There is crime, there is violence and the normal stuff associated with humanity. Its not perfect and the Arpay don't try to hide it. There are allusions to the idea that they tried the Utopia thing and it was a crushing failure that nearly wiped them all out. Today they're a democracy with a firm, unalterable military charter based on their duty to holding the Rally Point. Apparently they have been that way for more than four thousand Caprican years."

<OOC> Dropkick says, "Thats where they say they are sending the evacuees."
<OOC> Dropkick says, "You havent seen it personnally."
<OOC> Dropkick says, "This galaxy isn't lost."
<OOC> Dropkick says, "The Machines are a plague, like Lleu said, but its been a war raging for a damned long time. There's nothing to say that the machines would stumble onto Cyrannus anytime soon."

IC Time: Sun Jul 30 20:30:12 2006 AWD #570
MUSH Time (MST): Thu Jan 12 20:30:12 2017 (MUSH+0)

The mess that they have access to is one of many on the ship, but is much like any mess on any ship in any military. People are in and out at all hours of the day and night. After a month, most of the Arpay fleet members give them a casual wave or a more combat-worthy doubletap of the fist to the chest just like al Yamoha would give. The Colonials have earned some respect despite not actually having been in real combat with these people — even if the combat feels absolutely real enough, right down to the smell of the gunfire. At the moment, though, in the late evening, the group has come out of a training exercise and the groups have all split off to their own barracks for the night to relax and unwind. Having decided to get some food together, its a nice chance for them to catch up and feel some belonging to the station in public. Almost like they were becoming part of the crew. The only people in there is a uniformed mother picking up a to-go meal, likely for her husband, and trolling four kids behind her. The oldest seems to regulate, chiding the two littlest ones for staring at the Colonials and grinning. 'Mommy, they have funny ears!'

Angelis is just completely focused on food, starving after the exercises and only just taking the time for a quick shower. After all, why does anyone come to a mess except for food? At least, in her opinion. She's dressed in her greens, because she didn't bring a set of off-duties in her assault pack, but at least she remembered her toothbrush! The kids get themselves a grin for the statement about their funny ears, but … well… food. She gets a good solid heaping of just about everything that will feasibly fit on her tray, and hopefully there's coffee, or a suitable equivalent, before settling herself at a table and starting the process of smooshing all that food into one great big pile of glorious sustenance.

Pratt hands still feel like they are humming from the number of different simulations he's been in - if he can't take daily missions in a Raptor to keep his edge on, then VR will do just fine for him, apparently. As the group trails their way into the mess hall, he mutters under his breath, "I could frakking eat a whole cow." Spotting the mother with the staring children, he lifts a hand as if to wave, while he even smiles a little and adds in an equally quiet voice, "And I'd pay real cubits to be able to wiggle my ears right now."

Miri looks up from a bowl of soup. "Wanna take a closer look?" she asks the inquisitive child, quickly adding, "If it's okay with your mom." She wrinkles her nose at Pratt. "Be nice to kids," she scolds, wagging her finger.

With the training regimen they've been put through - and in many cases, volunteered for - it's been easy to lose track of time. Days have become weeks, and Erol is still not flightworthy. It's cause for concern, at least for St. Clair, who arrives at the communal mess with a slightly more circumspect look on her face than is typical for the pilot. After a brief stop in line to help herself to a bit of what's on offer for tonight (she hasn't been terribly hungry of late), she wanders over to the table Angelis has staked a claim at. There's a smile for the marine as she settles in, but little else for the moment.

Lleufer has started to really enjoy their stay, taking every chance he can get to do combat exercises, test their weapons, PT, sparring, and learning out these 'machines' and how to fight them. Hell, it's turned into a Disneyland Vacation for the Marine Sergeant, better than any joy trip he could have dreamed up on Caprica. Everything interests him, even if his enthusiasm is usually quiet and watchful, nonetheless soaking it up and getting pretty gunho along with the rest of the Arpays when in VR combat. That shit is adrenline high addictive, you can bet your ass. Ynyr's even taken up using their chest tap with them, like a fish to water.

Still, he always comes back (sober or not) to bunk with his own people. So it is that he arrives in combat kit and happy as a clam to be walking around armed all the time. But an MP would be used to that. Lleu gets a tray and starts through the line to get some chow. Plenty of protein, some fresh vegetables that he's asked the names of, a few carbs in the form of a whole grain brown bread slice, some gravey over his meat and then something that more or less passes for unsweet tea - one of the many Rally Point versions. As active as he's been these past weeks, Ynyr loads up his tray as much as Angelis. Lleu even sees her get something he hasn't tried yet, and gets some of that too.

Then Sergeant Ynyr follows Angelis to the table to get a seat, a nod to the mother with her kids with a hint of a smile, and then he settles into a chair.

Once everyone has had a chance to get seated at the table, a rather alert looking woman in the drag non-active gray dungarees arrives. She's armed like everyone else on the ship and wears her sidearm in a thigh rig. The extra mags are stored laterally rather than vertically on her belt, likely a preference of practice. She's pretty, though. Late 30's, a thick mess of blonde hair held in place in a bun, and steel-blue eyes around the inkwells. She spots the group right away as if she were prepared for this or intending on it. Datapad in her left hand, she casually approaches and taps her heart twice. "Hello. I'm Major Jassika Valloy, Arpay Intelligence. I wanted to sit down with you all and talk for a couple minutes, let you hear what I have to say, and see what you have to say." So far their intelligences services have left them mostly alone, but otherwise been polite. There's been no indication to think that might be about to change. She's smiling, her stance is relaxed with one hip cocked out to the side.

"Corpsman, LT, Major." Lleu offers as the others gather and join them at the table Angelis picked out. His gaze lingers on Bennett and he offers her a little more smile quietly before he asks low, "Aren't you hungry? If not, clearly you need more .. exercise, Major." Ynyr cuts up his meat and stirs it in with his gravey before he scoops some of it up with his bread and starts to eat. The food here is good and he has plenty of appetite. As his fork spears some of the lightly steamed vegetables with a hint of something like garlic butter, the Marine MP stops and glances up at the woman's approach. Lleu looks her over, glances at the others and moves to stand and exchange the light chest tap, "If Lieutenant Pratt and Major St. Clair don't object, you're welcome, Major."

Angelis tucks into her food like a starving person, as usual. While she does show some basic table manners, that's where it ends. Basic at best. There's barely pause for breath between mouthfuls. She does manage a nod for her fellow Orion team, but then it's back to fooooood. Until the Intelligence Officer arrives. Her fork halts a couple inches from her mouth, blue eyes staring at the woman, then to her own Major. The fork lowers and she reaches for her coffee and takes a sip, but stays silent. Then follows Lleu's action of standing and tapping her chest lightly.

Bennett is just digging into what looks like a spear of grilled asparagus, when Major Jassika Valloy approaches them. She takes her time chewing, and swallows before offering a polite smile and a brief chest tap in greeting. "Certainly." She indicates a free spot at the table with a tip of her chin. "You are welcome to join us. What would you like to talk about, Major?" The mild Virgan lilt makes her sound vaguely naive, which may or may not be truth. Lleu's comment toward her causes a touch of colour to tinge her cheeks, and she manages to stifle a smile that briefly threatens. "I will take your suggestion under consideration, Sergeant," she replies bemusedly.

Pratt acquires his own tray of…he still forgets what that is called, but its meat and he knows its good, so frak it. Gravitating to the same table as the rest of the Colonials, a forkful already in his mouth when the Intel chica approaches. His eyes remain glued while he ears, but the large pilot makes not an inkling that he has any intention of saying more than a low, "Hello." A pause to glance around the table, then a roll of his shoulder and he adds, "No objections here. Don't mind meetin folks."

Miri scoots her chair over to make room for the intel officer. "What do you need, sir?" Sure, they're in different militaries, but a major is a major. Soup spoon in one hand, bread in the other, she's ready for anything.

The Major dips her head in appreciation and moves over to the vacant spot aimed to by Bennett. She places her pad on the table and pulls the chair closer and to the side, crossing her legs and leaning so she can look down the table more clearly at everyone. "I wanted to come introduce myself for a few reasons. Primarily, I wanted to give you official notification that AMII," she pronounces Arpay Military Intelligence and Intentions as 'Amy', "has labeled you as a non-threat, and thats official. We've been talking to the officers and NCO's about your team for the last four weeks. The Erol is another matter, but less of a concern because you arrived first. The status is important because it means we can talk more candidly about some of the things we can offer you all. It also means we can speak to you more directly than before." She actually sonds upbeat and pleased. Its a difference from most intelligence officers that tend towards serious about what they are and do. Elias may or may not approve of her smile. "The first thing I wanted to attend to: When you return to your Colonies, our admiralty is requesting that at least three of our people come along. Commander Chapman, Doctor Jimenez, and myself. Its not an order or a demand, however. But it would be understandably difficult to normalize relations with your fleet if we don't actually know they exist." There's a sense of humor about it, though, and she laughs the last gently.

Looking around the table, Tabi catches Bennett's reaction to the MP's words, and glances over to Lleu, tilting her head slightly. Then she seems to shrug it off and flops back down into her seat and resumes her eating. Because no food should ever be left to waste. She keeps half an ear on the conversation, but well… most of that stuff is so far above her paygrade that she doesn't feel the need to actually respond in any way. So she's a good little marine, keeping her mouth closed (aside from stuffing it with food), and keeping her ears open.

Pratt sets his utensils down for a moment, chewing his last bite, and leans in a little to listen to the Major (well, and the Major and the Sergeant and…) while she explains. A wan, bemused smile touches his face, shot over at Bennett, but he offers no words in response. Instead he watches the top of the table close to the Intel Officer's place for the time being, considering and clearly waiting for someone else to respond.

Ynyr resumes his seat when Major Valloy joins them. Lleufer resumes eating and has a little better manners than Angelis. His mother taught him not to speak with his mouth full, for example, and to wipe his mouth occasionally. He eats at a leisurely pace and drinks his tea as he listens, glancing down the table at the blond. A brow is lifted at the 'not a threat' part but she doesn't seem to be speaking down at them. This time, Ynyr doesn't say anything but glances at St. Clair, because it's not his call who comes with them.

And that is a question that has nothing to do with the freckled corpsman. This bread is garlic bread, man, or at least the the space elf version of it. Damn, this food is good, and Miri enjoys her meal.

Bennett spears another stick of asparagus with her fork, and nibbles on the softest, tastiest bit at the end while the other major speaks. Her pale blue eyes remain level with the intel officer's throughout, and there's the tiniest upward tick of her brow when the request is made. "Hmm," she murmurs after she's finished chewing and swallowing. "The Commander and yourself, I understand. Why Doctor Jimenez, out of curiosity?" She doesn't sound unwilling; rather, she seems to be measuring the response she receives, and weighing her options - which are, as they both must realise, quite few at the moment. "And I would like to know more about why Erol is a problem."

Major Valloy clasps her hands on the table casually, like she were someone's girlfriend just stopping by to visit. "Very simple. You all were given retinal laser treatments when you arrived, as well as several antibiotic treatments and antiviral inoculations. When you return, your Doctors will want to know what was done and how. They will want to run full testing batteries and leave nothing to chance. Doctor Jimenez is the logical person to be there and speak to your director of medicine. Additionally, she would be bringing examples of the tools used so that your own medical professionals can evaluate them for safety. Any medical questions, of which there may be many, should always be handled by the professionals. I'd love to be able to speak about the details of their magic, but I was a liberal arts major." Analytics isn't a science. At least she can laugh about herself. "Our society has done this dozens and dozens of times. Doctors always want to speak to Doctors. …Which actually brings me to my next point. When your blood was taken, we used it for what was needed but we also ran it for deeper medicinal purposes." She flicks her eyes to each person, seemingly randomly. "Some of you have combat injuries that hobble you. Some of you have family history of diseases that will eventually claim you. And all of you have been impacted by your exposure to radiological fallout." She watches them. "If you are willing, and this is purely voluntary, we can help you. All we ask in return is continued good will." An interesting way of being blunt and not seeming shady about asking for 'nothing in return.' "Thoughts?"

Bennett finishes off the asparagus on the end of her fork, and nods slowly to the explanation given. She seems willing to buy it, or isn't given much choice otherwise. "I see," she muses. "Then yes, I believe that would be acceptable. I need not explain, perhaps, that if our people perceive us to have been taken.. hostage, let's say.. they will not hesitate to destroy our vessel." Not only is she being brazenly truthful, beneath the smiles and candor, she's also showing no fear about that possibility whatsoever. As to the offer? "I thank you, but no." Her gaze goes to Lleufer briefly, and then a few of the other faces around the table, curious to see if anyone will bite.

"What would this…" Tabi starts, waving her fork a bit as she searches for a word. "Help." Is what she comes up with, "What would this 'help' do, exactly? I mean… great… fixes old wounds and potential diseases that we don't even know if we have yet, maybe. And the radio-stuff. But what else will it do?" She doesn't sound exactly skeptical, but her lack of education in medical things shines through quite spectacularly. Then she's back to eating. But definitely still listening for the answer, should there be one.

Pratt is listening just fine, until Valloy gets to the bit about 'fixing what's wrong with some of them'. He blinks at that and looks up at her, just staring, then slowly pans the rest of the table, looking at the other faces to judge their reactions, before ending back at Valloy. His mouth parts as if he's going to say something, then closes it, a furrow creeping across his brow. He reaches up to rub at the side of his neck under his ear, while his gaze falls back to the table. Finally, he offers, "I appreciate the offer, Major, but I think I'll pass. The goodwill's free a charge."

"I'm interested," Miri blurts out, fork and pasta in hand. "I'd want to learn more about it, but I'm /mightily/ interested." She overenunciates the word 'mightily' gesturing to Valloy with her fork, jabbing on each syllable for emphasis.

Lleufer tries not to laugh at Major Valloy admitting to having been a Liberal Arts major. The Sergeant manages not to choke on his food and covers his mouth with a fist to cough once, smiling a little on the right side of his mouth anyway. He sips his drink and pauses to look down the table. Jassika got his attention at mention of injuries. Then he shares a look with Bennett. Sort of politely he points his fork at St. Clair, "Doctor Nadir would be thrilled. Not to mention … they'll be wanting to be sure that /we/ are safe to let back on board." Lleu glances around at the others, then back to the Arpay Major. A long silence there, before he says low, "I might be interested. But I'd want to know more from your medical personnel, first."

Major Valloy looks at Bennett and nods casually. "I'd expect nothing less. We would do much the same. Myself and the other two have no interest in causing unrest. We can follow directions. You've come here, done everything we asked, enthusiastically participated, and been nothing but polite once you were aware of our customs. The smallest favor we can possibly perform would be to show the same courtesy." She's still holding the same smile, but the words are sincere. Or she is beyond expert at deception. Looking to Tabitha, she shakes her head. "Nothing else. We can specifically target issues and attack them individually. You Marines have a similar issue our soldiers do, the exposure to radioactive fallout is destructive - to say the least. You all are more heavily exposed than others. Cesium is probably the worst of the elements to be inhaled or absorbed into the bloodstream. But if there are personal interests in seeing other items handled, that can be done also." She then looks to Lleufer and Miri and nods a few times. "I can let Doctor Jimenez know. She can go over everything and whats involved. You can watch the blood come out of your arm and go into the testing equipment and get results. It all takes about thirty seconds. In the case of physical injuries, typically surgery. If you need a new muscle group or bone, nerve clusters, we can print them. Takes about an hour."

Angelis nods at the explanation, though a lot of the terms go over her head, she gets the basic idea. She wrinkles her nose and a thoughtful look comes over her face, "I guess I'd have to speak to one of your doctors." She murmers, though she definitely doesn't appear outwardly to have any issues that need fixing, clearly something is bothering at her brain. Then Tabi resumes eating, scraping all her bits of food into a condensed pile and lifting out a forkful.

Miri stops mid-bite, catching herself before she has a spaghetti disaster. "Did you say /print/ them?"

Pratt murmurs softly, "Damn" as Valloy reviews just how fast they can perform what the Colonials would consider medical miracles. He straightens up a little and glances at the others, "Doctor Nadir's gonna crap a kitten sideways when she hears that." He takes in a deep breath and lets it go, his brow furrowing again as another thought comes to his brain, but for now he remains quiet, shifting his attention and his gaze back to Valloy.

Everybody who knows Lleufer knows the left side of his face doesn't work too well after his head injury, and may also have noticed how his left hand is slightly mangled and his pinky doesn't work right. Not to mention that left leg that acts up. But Ynyr ignores these things and has learned to live with them, and keep pushing. Lleu doesn't look at anyone in particular and he's stopped eating. His fork is now being employed to toy with his unfinished meal. He finally nods and shifts his jaw, "All of us that were at Santos Ridge…" he looks at Bennett, "We took a lot of rads there. Not to mention, all else since. Surprised more of us haven't turned up with nasty cancers." Some of them probably have, if they lived long enough. The MP looks at Pratt and Miri, watching their reactions. "Yeah she will. Then Nadir will be in medical heaven like a kid with a room full of Saturnalia gifts."

Bennett smiles a little at the reactions from the rest of the crew, to what must sound to them all like straight-up magic talk coming from Jimenez. She continues to pick at her food, eyes never straying far from the intel officer. The woman is watched as much as - if not more than - her friends, each reaction gauged and measured. Lleufer's comment about Santos Ridge gets a nod, and a slight grimace as she recalls that particular op. But she remains silent for the time being, mostly waiting to resume the discussion about Erol, probably.

"Anyone who is interested in a consult need not tell me, just show up at your own leisure. I was asked by the Doctor to extend the invitation. You are all grown adults that can make your own decisions. We can fix near anything." That seems mostly offered to Tabitha, but the last few words get a quick glance to Lleu. Miri's reaction gets a peaceful grin and a slow nod. "Yes. We print them. We print everything medical using stem cells and large machines… that have a name I can't pronounce." Santos Ridge being mentioned doesn't get any recognition from her for a good reason, but the mention of cancers has her nod. "Its what kills ninety-five percent of survivors that do not succumb to external forces on an invaded planet or moon." Meaning if you aren't shot, dismembered, stabbed, internally liquified by radiation, or burned, or explosively redistributed, you probably die of cancer. Fun. And likely sooner rather than later. Except maybe Knox. Shitter. "As for the Erol," she begins again and looks to Bennett. "The crew from the Erol takes less evaluation. The descriptor of them as a different problem was a casual remark rather than serious. When we interviewed the Erol's crew, it was clear that they were who they said they were and had performed the repairs on the ship. They seem like good people. But our primary focus is on the first faces presented. Its where misdirection is given if intended."

Shifting a little in her seat, Tabi finishes up the last of her food, having waded through the massive amount in almost no time at all. She reaches for her coffee again, her brain still not quite comprehending the medical marvels that are promised. Sometimes there's an upside to not being very smart. "Well, it'd be nice to go home." She mumbles, mostly to herself around the rim of her cup. But she'll likely defer to the Officer's decision on the matter.

Pratt clears his throat softly and nods at Angelis, before offering to Valloy, "Don't get me wrong, Major. You got an impressive place here and you got tech that make us look like we're brandishing wooden swords and popguns, but…we been here for like 2 months now? We got people dying at home. The handful of us might not make a huge difference, but it don't feel right sitting here if there's a chance we can get home and get to helping, and get you folks there to chat."

Bennett sets her fork down now that the topic of conversation has returned to their ship, and eases back in her chair slightly. A glance to Pratt and Tabi as they speak their piece, then back to the Arpayan intel officer. "I believe you understand now, Major, that we have a war to fight. A war we cannot simply put aside, unless we wish to be branded as deserters." It's spoken gently, not with any sort of barb attached. "We need to understand how much longer it will take to repair Erol. And if that is not the most expedient option, then we would like to discuss.. other possibilities."

Lleufer finally resumes eating but not with his former gusto. He's got a lot on his mind, suddenly. So he listens, but nods to what Bennett and Pratt say, "I like it here a lot. But … we do have responsibilties to fullfill and people waiting on our return who's lives may depend on what we can bring back. So, the sooner we can go, the better for them, Major."

Miri looks to Bennett, sopping up her pasta sauce with her bread. She offers some bread to Pratt with a silent glance and nod indicating how good it is.

Jassika watches them all begin expressing their opinions about leaving, the discussion suddenly turning. That's the moment where they can tell she's an intelligence officer - and a Major for a reason. One hand leaves the clasp and taps the screen once. Eyes flick to it and there's another tap before she looks back to them. "There has been a lot of debate about whether or not you would be enticed to stay and give up on your mission. If you had quit your mission and asked to just stay, we would have returned you to your people as traitors. If you had decided to wait for Erol, we would have very seriously reconsidered whether your people were trustworthy. But you would leave Erol for the mission." She looks down to the pad and taps it once again. Something on the surface is moved to the side and she looks at the screen. "The majority of our heavy fleet is currently deployed on the other side of the galaxy. Our crew rotations are mid-phase but I think we could have a few Captains that would like their names and those of their crew going down in history." She lets her gaze travel. "It will take approximately 72 hours to recall the crews to active duty and ensure they are properly provisioned, armed, fueled, and outfitted. Will that work within your requested timetable?"

Angelis watches the fingers tapping on the datapad over the rim of her cup as she continues to sip on her coffee. Nimble fingers plucking idly at the edge of her dinner tray. She doesn't answer the question, that's not up to her, but she does let her gaze wander around the table, watching her fellow team mates for their reactions. "It is nice here…" She murmers, "But home is better." Though there's a somewhat troubled look that flits across her face, less-than-pleasant memories.

"Seventy-two hours," Bennett repeats, watching Jassika carefully. She doesn't waste time speaking any further of Erol, though it's likely she'll return to the matter later. "Yes. That is more than acceptable." Another brief glance about the table to gauge the faces of the crew, in the off chance anyone's making frowny faces at her. "And what would you require in return for transport?"

Pratt glances at the other faces at the table, digesting what the Major is saying and pursing his lips before he adds, "72 hours is a lot better than waiting for the Erol to be fixed. Im sure Fleet will want the Erol back, when it IS fixed, if you nice folks don't mind, but if we can get back before it, with your people, that'd be a big help. He trails off to wait to hear the response to Bennett's question, one brow going up in curiosity.

His tray is pusheed aside once he's made himself finish eating. It shouldn't be wasted. Lleu drinks the last of his tea as he continues thinking, then sets his glass down a little harder than he intended at mention of turning them over as traitors etc if they had chosen other options. He frowns, "You don't know us very well, Major, if you think we'd abandon our duty." Ynyr is trying not to be highly insulted and angry. Not at the threat, no, but the implication that they might have ditched their mission. A nod to what Bennett and Pratt each say. "Even if it's a decision breaker on the offered medical treatments, we need to go back. We are needed." Lleu suddenly shuts up, try to cool his flare of anger.

Major Valloy watches the responses and seems confident with what she hears. Bennett's question seems to get a bit of confusion from her. "What do we require? Well, we would prefer to have you aboard. If you're asking if we are going to ask for anything else, then the answer is no. The more we ask from you, the more cause you have to trust us. All we need to do is fulfill your requests or do what you ask." Her hands fold again. "It seems counter-intuitive, but experience teaches us many things. Suspicion is healthy, but cooperation while being honest is the smartest way to do this. You can have enjoyed your time here without concern from us. I'm personally glad. We just want your people to see you return home and be cautious with us. At that point, we can begin strategic level discussions and foundations that will build trust." She seems confident in this approach as well. "The only thing we do require is coordinates where we should deliver the Erol to once it is complete. That's it." She then blinks slowly, eyes moving to Lleufer with it. "You're right, I don't know you very well. But everything I have seen from you all tells me that you are every bit the people you say you are. I've wtched your VR performances. Those sorts of actions are not those of people who are faking their bravery. You all are intimate with combat. You would be disgusted with what we have seen people try to do to get onto our good side in hopes we would ignore what and who they are." Her expression is flat. "Pirates. We execute all of them." She takes a long breath. "No, Sergeant, treatments are not a dealbreaker. The way I understood it, Jimenez said she could see you all and still have time to pack for the trip."

Bennett might just be naturally suspicious of anyone with 'intel' in their title, as Jassika gets a long, considering look for her explanation of things. "All right," she concedes eventually, voice soft. "Please begin preparations immediately, if at all possible. I will ask that Erol's captain and a minimal crew remain until repairs are complete, and would appreciate any pertinent knowledge about any.. enhancements that have been made, communicated to them upon completion. And I would like for you and your people to know, further, that should you remain true to your word, we will owe you a great debt of gratitude." She smiles slightly; her tone is utterly sincere.

Pratt shifts his attention to Bennett, waiting for her answer, then slowly sits up and takes in a deep breath, letting it go as he turns his attention back to Valloy. He doesn't add more to the Raptor Major's words, he simply nods affirmatively in agreement, pursing his lips, while a little of the tension bleeds out of his shoulders, "We'll be ready to go as soon as your people are, Major."

Yep, that one is all in St. Clair's ball park, not Lleu's. He's not Mission Lead. He listens closely to every bit, even giving a faint nod of approval for dealing with pirates and their ilk. The he blinks at the last bit, surprised. "The Doctor can do all that and we still make the 72 hour deadline?" Ynyr is stunned. He's silent after that and listens to Bennett's decision. As slow deep breath after, "Our thanks indeed, Major Valloy." Wow, he could use a really stiff drink.

Major Valloy nods to Bennett and looks down. She taps the pad a few times and them presses her thumbprint to a box on the screen. "The preparations started the moment you requested to go home. I'm just countersigning the orders for AMII. Right were being woken up ninety seconds ago." The pad is placed back down in front of her. "The Master Chief on the Erol has personally signed off on all proposed fixes. Captain Harris has signed off on the augmentations. They work well together. The crew is performing much of the work for now, with us guiding them. We have no interest in giving you fish every day when we could simply teach you to fish. Knowledge is combat power, just respect it. We have a very long memory. Not a threat, just advice from someone who has seen our history files." She then nods to the others who speak to her. She understands the appreciation well. "You are welcome. All of you. Thank you for proving the optimists correct. A fleet, even a small one, that's had success against an AI of any kind is something we cannot ignore." She slowly rises and takes a long, steadying breath. "And if you will excuse me, I need to see my family before we depart." She looks down, distracted, then sets off.

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