MD #063: Arpay Army Rescue


26/12/2028 (MD #063)

FR: LT Randolph Kae Flynn
TO: RADM Robin Carter Io, CDR Marcus Petra
CC: MJR John Penta
RE: Calumet - Arpay Army Rescue



  • Arpay were attacked by Clerics in their beds - Team discovered one dead Arpay male knifed in a foxhole on the perimeter of the Arpay camp. Camp showed no signs of struggle or attempt to mobilize towards battle. There were two Arpay females that had been mutilated, flayed, and strung up from the trees. The team did not disturb them.
  • Arpay were marched up the mountainside - The team followed the trail up the mountainside and found a trail of Arpay bodies.
  • Arpay were brainwashed by Clerics - After setting off some birds in the area, the team moved off to follow the trail and not be discovered back at the camp. Lieutenant Flynn ordered two of the team to remain behind and observe the camp. Clerics along with Arpay (moving of their own free will) returned to the camp and laughed at the mutilated Arpay corpses. They paid no mind to the state of their feet which had been cut up badly and likely suffering from frostbite. They joked with the Clerics. The team setup an ambush along the mountain trail. The two Marines attempted to lure the Clerics back towards the ambush, but one sustained a GSW to the leg. Lieutenant Flynn then sent two more Marines to recover the ones pinned down in fire and finish lure. The ambush was successful. The team focused fire on the Clerics first. The Arpay continued attacking after the Clerics died, at which point the team eliminated the remaining threats. One Cleric remained alive, but it was clear that the wounds he sustained were fatal. As per orders, he was also eliminated.
  • The entire Arpay Platoon was lost - The team only encountered a small group of Clerics. It's unclear if there were more out there with other groups of Arpay, so it cannot be confirmed if they were able to overtake an entire platoon with only three Clerics.
  • Clerics encountered in field - Six, Seven, and Twelve were all dressed in dark red robes.


  • Recommendation: I, Lieutenant Flynn, believe it's paramount that we investigate first lines of defense against weaponized projection. This new combatant represents a sharp increase of overall security risk and around fleet intelligence. To illustrate this, if one of our Lines were brainwashed themselves, they could easily return to the fleet and continue brainwashing more individuals. I highly recommend that the fleet find a way to move forward with this despite the strict ban on projection.
  • Recommendation: During the mission, it was easier to recognize our skinjob contractor because he was wearing a beard. This is not something easy to fake up close nor replicate perfectly. I recommend that the fleet regulations around facial hair be re-examined and require that male lines must remain unshaven during their service until a more convenient way of being able to confirm their identity in the field is found. Standardizing this makes it easier to enforce and keeps troops mobile (leaders do not need to worry about memorizing new distinguishing marks). We should also have other tiers of identification verification for Lines in addition. Beards can still be faked if the enemy were planning a surgical infiltration. This is a paramount security concern for both the Lines themselves, human elements of our military, and the security of our vessels and armament.
  • Recommendation: In order to protect against infiltration via Lines or humans, we should talk to Medical and medical researchers about mechanisms for detecting brain tampering. We may not have first line defenses against weaponized projection, but if we have a way to screen for it when troops finish missions, then we can greatly diminish risk to the greater population.




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