AWD #578: Armistice Station
AWD #578: Armistice Station
Summary: A team from the Orion heads to the Armistice Station to secure and reactivate the place.
Date: 20/01/2017 (OOC Date)
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Armistice Station
A small space station, destined to sit alone in space.
Mon Aug 07 2006 (AWD #578)

It's a little cramped aboard the Raptor as everyone loads up with all their gear, but there are enough seats to go around. Once everyone is aboard and the bus departs the Orion, they all get a nice view of sunrise over Picon, and the glitter of light off the fleet in orbit. The CAP vipers make a pass, waggling their wings in farewell, and then the viewport is filled with nothing but stars. They've been told this is a classified mission, and that they'll be going to investigate, secure, and re-activate a disused Colonial outpost. Beyond that, all the orders said was 'Lieutenant Wren will brief enroute.'

Toby isn't entirely sure if his presence on the mission is because the Chief trusts his capabilities, wants to be rid of him, or is punishing for almost missing the last raptor back from Piraeus. He's here though, with a fairly extansive tool kit to cover a decent number of eventualities, and grabs the co-pilot seat. There's going to be marines, there's always marines, but if he doesn't have to sit next to them in cramped and confined spaces then everything will just go smoother for all involved.

Pratt murmurs, "And there go the little buddies…" He exchanges a few words with the ECO keys the mic, "Thank you for flying Air Tauron today boys and girls. We'll be jumping into the middle of nowhere, so please keep your hands inside the car at all times, and keep your tray tables and your flight attendant in the upright and fully clothed position." He glances over at Toby and flashes a smile, "Well, lets see if this is the jump the engines explode on, soon as we get our marching orders."

Lleufer has come aboard loaded for bear with plenty of kit incase they run into trouble. The Marine Sergeant took a few minutes to secure the LMG, though they also have the door gun if it came to it. Most likely they won't need any of it. When extra gear is secured, Ynyr takes his seat and straps in. His pale grey eyes watch the others loading up. He doesn't know most of them very well, or like Toby he doesn't like'm so Lleu ignores him, but Randy and the officers coming aboard get a nod, "Sirs." Otherwise? Ynyr looks out at the view of Picon, the fleet, and the stars once they get going. What he can see of them from the back of the Raptor. Pratt's words make him smile, amused.

Penta isn't briefing for this operation, so he looks to Jaclyn with interest.

Randy is in her Colonial uniform and continues to wear the Piraean armband as evidenced today. She's also grabbed her Piraean bodyarmor and rifle for the mission. There wasn't enough room on board to bring along her EVA rated bomb suit or even a normal one, to Randy's wistful sigh. Instead, she packed the medium-sized hardcase kit to leave on board /just in case/ and brought her regular EOD field kit which is slung at her him for emergencies. Strapped to her thigh is a sidearm in addition to her rifle, boot knife, check, and some smoke grenades she's got attached to her rig. What looks like a little charm bracelet dangles from her fingers. Randy holds a photo as well, but as they leave Picon space, she tucks them both away on her rig. She looks over to Jacelyn and then back to Lleu before pointing her thumb at Jac.

Penta is loaded lightly. The regular body armor, a medkit, boot knife, a pistol for a sidearm, and his rifle are most of it. He's got a few anti-IR smoke grenades on his web gear too, though.

Dressed in a set of fairly well worn, but neat Blues, Lieutenant Wren doesn't exactly cut the most imposing figure ever, and once the Raptor's en route to its destination, she clears her throat softly, flips open her folder and flicks through the papers inside. "Alright." She begins, her dark eyes scanning the people around her. "This mission is classified, and will remain classified until such time as Command deems otherwise. You may or may not be familiar with the Armistice Station, so a brief recap is that it was built at the end of the first Cylon war as a nuetral meeting ground. We sent our delegation every year as per the agreement, and the Cylons never made an appearance. That does not mean they haven't been there." She pauses there, letting folks take a minute to absorb. Then after flicking through her notes again, continues in her soft voice, "We have confirmed that the Armistice is intact, and there doesn't appear to be any obvious signs of Cylon presence in the area. Our mission is to secure and reactivate the station."

Pulling several pieces of paper from her folder, she hands them to person closest to her, "These are the schematics for the Armistice. Please take a copy and pass it on." Plans for the Station show a simple box-structure. Most of the space is take up by the main conference chamber, with the rest split equally into two separate sections by an armored bulkhead. There are two separate power, life support, and communication systems as well. The exterior of the main module is armored against anything below capital-ship class weapons, but otherwise defenseless. Sensors are limited to docking systems only. The schematics for the Colonial side of the station show a docking chamber, small living quarters that can house up to four personnel for a two weeks, an engineering control compartment, and a security station that connects up to the central conference center. The plans show mostly empty space on the Cylon side — it was left open for the Cylons to fill in themselves, which they never di

Pratt listens while he's keeping an eye on instruments, but at one point, ends up lifting a brow and shooting a look over at Toby akin to a 'what the frak?' expression as Jaclyn explains. He keeps his mouth shut, however, until copies are handed up so he can snag one and take a look at it, his brow furrowing while he looks it over. Opening his mouth, he hears Toby's question in Standard and simply grunts, "Yeah, if this dock doesn't work, this is gonna be a real short trip." he keeps studying the design and lapses into a lower Tauron, «Knew it was there, but never went out there. Sorta like that old museum you never quite get off your ass to go take a look at, right?» then again lifts his voice, keying his mic, "Sparks, load it up, tell me when the computer's locked. We'll jump on the Lieutenant's go."

Randy waits for her copy of the schematics, and starts computing the path they'll likely take once they dock, if they dock. "We'll need to do an external visual sweep before we attempt docking to make sure there aren't any explosives rigged to the outside. I didn't bring my EVA suit since there wasn't room." The hope that that wasn't a mistake is evident in her voice as she frowns softly.

Miri has been sitting quietly, lost in thought. She watches the men chatting in Tauran. "I know I'm cute, but you don't have to switch to code to talk about my butt," she quips, rolling her shoulders uncomfortably against the seat restraints.

Lleufer is merely quiet. Toby gets a glance at his speaking Tauron but Ynyr keeps his face without expression. He accepts the handout when a copy gets , passed around to him. He is silent as the Tauron deckie asks the obvious question they all need to know. Yynr too is kitted out in Piraen armor and rifle, various other things about his person, Ka-bar, med kit, pair of frags they'd seriously have to be up shit creek to risk using, the usual stuff for him. His attention is on studying the handout and listening while the others talk. A slow nod to Flynn, "Traps are certainly possible if they have been there."

As is quickly evident from the plans, there aren't really options for getting around the station. There's the docking gangway that leads into an airlock chamber. Beyond the lock is the living quarters, with a ladder going down into the engineering spaces. A door on the far side leads into the security station, and beyond that is the conference room.

Penta examines his copy of the plans, tapping the sheet of paper at places but leaving no markings.

Jaclyn looks down at her own copy of the schematics, quiet as folks asks their questions, her gaze shifting to each in turn. She shifts slightly and tucks a loose strand of hair behind an ear, then looks down at her notes, then back up at the group as a whole. "The last check was approximately nine months ago," She turns slightly to address Toby in her quiet voice that still manages to carry to the rest of the team, despite its softness, "When a Raptor was sent out to make the first exploration across the Armistice line. The station appeared, then, to be functional and intact. Though the power output was low." Her gaze flicks to Randy, observing the Ensign for a moment before nodding, "Lieutenant Pratt, please make sure to do a fly by of the station before docking, defer to Ensign Flynn so that she can examine the exterior for potential explosives." Wren pauses once more and looks around, "If there are no other questions, I believe we're ready to be on our way."

Pratt spocks a brow at the instructions, the corner of his mouth quirking up in amusement. He does, however, offer, "Roger that, Ell Tee. You heard the lady, boys and girls. Hold onta yer butts. Sparks?" The ECO chimes in that the jump drive and nav computer are ready, and adds to Toby, «Well, ironically it should be the one place in the universe they WONT be.» then leans forward to trigger the drive.

There's the lurch of the Raptor blindly leaping across space, the scrambling of DRADIS, then the shape of the outpost materializing a short distance away, ahead of the Raptor. Pratt manages a low, "Jump complete, on the mark," and Sparks chimes in like some practiced performance, "DRADIS showing only one contact, outpost dead ahead 2 clicks. Scanning now." There's a pause, then Pratt's clearing his throat, "Ensign? How about you wedge that ass up here between me and the deckie while we take a looksee around the perimeter?"

The station shows no signs of damage, and those close enough to the ECO's station will see that his instuments are indicating the station is in low power mode and showing no signs of activity.

<FS3> Toby rolls Repair: Good Success.

"Guys, if we make it in and nothing super bad happens, the first thing we'll want to do is move towards the security station to see if internal cams are up, but as plans go, they're only as good as they hold up." meaning Randy will let the team know when they change, since she half expects there to be a dozen things that require them to /not/ go to the security station first. Then she nods to Jacelyn. "If the power is low, it's possible that life support systems have been diminished to conserve power. If this is the case, we all won't be getting the normal rate of oxygen to our brains. Remember high altitude training?" which is something everyone and their mother gets as a Marine. Some of them might even gotten some space survival training that addressed this specifically. "I will be on point if the place is quiet. I'll be sweeping for traps in the team's immediate vicinity. Do not enter the room until I give a clear. I clear, team moves forward, I clear, team moves forward. But keep your eyes open for anything that looks weird. I will not be doing full down to the last detail sweeps." She moves towards the front to watch the flyby.

<FS3> Randy rolls Demolitions: Failure.

<FS3> Pratt rolls Captain Obvious: Failure.

Lleufer stays strapped in the back and waits, making no move to try and look out the front with the others. Let them do their job and he waits to do his. Ynyr rolls his neck around on his shoulders until it pops, and then tips his head back to close his eyes and wait. He can't see much from back here anyway.

Penta can't see anything from his vantage point anyway, so he just waits. Watches everybody, and waits. Nervous, him? Nahhhhhh. Well, OK. Maybe a little, but he's not showing it! Nuh uh!

Jaclyn doesn't appear to be particularly worried. Calm and cool as a cucumber, she sits quietly, shifting ever so slightly to allow the Ensign space up front to do her sweep. Mostly, she keeps her eyes fixed on the notes in her folder, fingers flipping pages back and forth. But she's obviously paying attention to Flynn's orders, too, because she nods slowly, "I have the passcodes to all the doors inside." Is all she adds to that, then falls silent once more waiting for the all clear to be given so that the Raptor can dock.

Toby can't exactly saquich over to give Randy room, nor is he about to unstrap and give her the chair, but he does lean over a bit so she can get a view as well. Once the sweep is complete he raises his voice slightly to ensure that Wren can hear it and states, "I'm not seeing any indication of a life support failure. We have some climate control but I suspect it's in power-savingmode. Given how long it was left entirely unmanned it's no surprise there's that there's a system for that. No point keeping everythign running all the time and all that."

Miri snorts at Toby's comment. "In your dreams." She shuts up as they approach things. She can't see shit anyway.

Pratt ticks a couple of switches and gooses the Raptor sideways, to do a slow 360 around the station, spiralling upwards so the station fills the forward view window where everyone can probably at least get a little look…his primary purpose being to make sure that Randy and Toby get a good look at the structure. As they get close to the Colonial dock, he clears his throat and glances at both of them, nodding at the opinions given, "Well, lets see if the system still works, then. SParks, scream bloody murder the second you see anything red pop up on DRADIS. I got no shame in picking up my skirts and running screaming like a little girl."

Randy /did/ unclip to come up, so Toby isn't a problem. "I don't see any sign of explosives or anything." She looks down at Toby and nods when he mentions the powersaving mode and the logic. "Let's get this puppy docked." She moves back to her seat and clips in for the docking procedure. Then she checks her comms and headcam to make sure it's recording. Oops!

Even though he doesn't open his eyes, Lleu is listening. "Understood, Flynn, sirs." That to her and to what Jaclyn says about the door codes. He relaxes a bit longer until they are about ready to go in to try for that docking. Pratt's comments are what gets Ynyr to open his eyes and chuckle very quietly. He seems to like the Tauron Lieutenant.

<FS3> Pratt rolls Piloting: Good Success.

As the Raptor approaches, the station gives no indications of anything amiss, save for, well, the fact that it's not doing anything. Sparks is happy to chime in, "Looks like the docking system's offline, Lt." Pratt purses his lips, "Well, maybe we can avoid a little paint scraping." The Raptor does slowly nudge its way in and with a small rumble and shake of landing gear hitting down, stops moving. A few mechanical thuds later and indicators on the front panel light up, "Well. I guess we got atmosphere. Clear to open the hatch, folks, though you might want to keep breathers handy. No clue how stale or breathable the air is."

"Alright, Zahav, you will be out the hatch last, center of the formation. Lleu, you're taking the rear and Penta you're up front, watching my six. Bacchus, you and Shackleton will make up the center," Randy says as she starts to unclip and situate her breathing mask. "Open the hatch!" she says after pulling her down mask momentarily.

Penta stands, and begins moving out of the way of the docking hatch, checking his rifle but, for now, keeping it slung. He does, however, slip on a breathing mask, checking that the seal is tight against his face. He nods to Randy, then. "Aye, Flynn, I hear you. On your six."

With Randy so keen to go first, and the codes with Wren, Toby is more than happy to let everyone else unbuckle and check how fresh or stale the air might be before him. Sitting tight once docked he mentally wonders if he'll be before or after the medic in the order of march before Randy decides that for him. Glancing to Pratt he flashes a quick grin, «looks like they can't bare to separate us. That or they're bringing you along so you can't bug out on them. Sensible plan.» Not that his tone indicates he thinks that's likely mind, but he gestures to the pilot to indicate that he can be the first one out of the cockpit.

Jaclyn doesn't get mentioned so she just falls in wherever she feels like. No one's going anywhere without her, anyway, since she's got the door codes for the station. Pushing all her notes together in the folder, she takes up one of the masks and slips it on, careful not to mess up her hair too much, then follows out the door when everyone's ready to go, slipping into the center of the group alongside the pair of Taurans.

"Yes sir." He's to ride drag and watch their six. Got it. Just hope they don't run into anything that needs the Marines up front. Haha. Ynyr makes sure he has a breather but doesn't put it on unless he's going to need it. He unstraps and goes for the LMG though hopefully they aren't going to run into any Canners in here. He waits to disembark last with Miri and lets the others sort themselves out. The MP Sergeant stays quiet, patient, and now watchful as he listens.

The hatch hisses open to reveal the docking gangway, a circular tunnel leading to the station's closed airlock door, dead ahead. Red emergency lights are barely bright enough, at least until the eyes adjust. A bulb at the far end flickers weakly, as if it's about to expire. The air that rushes into the warmth of the crowded raptor is bitter cold, if just barely above freezing.

Pratt shoots a look over at Toby and grins, "Good luck. Sparks and I will make sure we're ready to flee if something shows up." Then unbuckles himself and leans out of the chair to address Jaclyn, "Lieutenant, just keep the comms open so we can shout a warning if someone shows up? We'll keep the computers running in case you scream murder and come running."

Miri unstraps herself from the Raptor seat and checks her gear. Helmet secure. Med kit? Check. She squeezes to a good spot in the middle of the pack, bracing herself against the cold air.

Randy rushes out first, her rifle at ready, though her movement doesn't change when she hits the cold air. Aquarian. She was loving Piraeus' winter before they got swept away from the planet due to the war. She scans the immediate chamber and then gives the team a muffled 'Clear' over the comms. Then she proceeds towards the airlock. "Okay what does that mean?" Randy points to the flickering light. "Shackleton? Thoughts?" That man knows space faring things more than she does.

Toby shivers involunatrilly as the temperature first drops, but he seems to adapt quickly enough. Waiting his turn to disembark he then drops down off the raptor's wing onto teh station and glances in the direction of the tunnel. "Best guess from here?" he asks, rhetorically, not bothering to unholdier his pistol, "there's not much power going to it. Bulb might be ont he firstz, but I'm not a sparky. Likely it's just because it's on emergency lighting." Once everyone is out he scrambles back in breifly to grab his tools and shoudler the bag containign them, then takes up position weith Jaclyn in the middle of the marines.

<FS3> Penta rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Randy rolls Demolitions: Good Success.

Penta has his rifle unslung and the safety off, and is firmly in 'combat mode'. His eyes sweep the area, and he stops to look at a few things before, finally, raising a hand in a "clear" signal. "We're clear here, at least. Place hasn't been used in ages, but there's no signs of damage or foreign influence that *I* can see," he says.

<FS3> Jaclyn rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Jaclyn rolls Repair: Good Success.

Jaclyn looks back to the Raptor pilot and gives him a quick nod, "Will do, Lieutenant Pratt." She offers him a quick smile before she steps off after the Marines, her eyes scanning the tunnel ahead, blinking a couple times to try get her eyes to adjust quicker to the comparative darkness. Once her eyes are more accustomed to the darkness, she does a quick look around, scanning for well, anything, really. And once satisfied that the Marines have cleared the area, she moves up to join Randy at the front and once to the door, she enters the code from memory, then immediately steps back and out of the way, resuming her position in the middle of the grouping.

There's a manual keypad next to the airlock but Jaclyn has the access codes. It's vintage tech, obviously the original stuff they were using right at the end of the first war. But it still works — the indicator goes green and the seal cracks as soon as the code is entered. There's no rush of air this time and the living quarters beyond is just as dimly lit as the gangway. Emergency lighting only. Inside are two bunks set into the walls on either side, a closet-sized shower/toilet, and a folding table in the center of the compartment. The remnaining wall space is taken up by storage bins and cabinets. It's all very cramped and spartan. It's also very orderly. Bedding folded on the bunks. Nothing at all on the table. It doesn't look as if it's ever been used. In the far corner there is a closed hatch in the floor which should lead into the engineering spaces, while another closed and keypad-secured door goes to the security station.

<FS3> Penta rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Jaclyn rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> Randy rolls Demolitons: Failure.

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Living quarters in space, when you get right down to it, all look the same on some basic level. Cramped, Spartan, call it what you will. Penta steps slowly and carefully, using every ounce of his training and experience in slowly, methodically clearing the room. "Nobody's ever lived here, I can tell that. Ready to go, but *never* been used," he comments.

<FS3> Randy rolls Demolitions: Good Success.

Randy sweeps the area thoroughly, but quickly. She signals that it's clear and moves on to wait at the security station keypad for Jacelyn. "Yeah, no signs of disturbance. Alright if the security station cams are dead, we clear this place compartment by compartment /before/ we go down to Engineering. I don't want to turn the power on and alert someone or something," Randy says after briefly tugging her mask down to speak into comms clearly. Then she settles it back in place.

The corpsman looks around and finds a medical cabinet, fully stocked with med kits, and a manifest. She pulls down her mask to say into the coms, "Look at this. Says it was stocked two years ago, but it's all here." She pockets the manifest.

"How long before Warday is the manifest dated, Specialist?" Penta asks, curiously.

Tempting as it is to make himself comfortab… keep himself out of the way of the marines by lying on a bunk, Toby slides quietly over to the hatch in the floor. He's not touching, he's being very careful about that in fact, and has his hands inside his pockets almost casually, but he gives it a careful eye none-the-less. "Inspection tape as standard, dates about six months before the war. Don't know what the schedule was mind, but I'm not seeing anything that looks off," he reports.

Lleufer is in the back so he's the last one in after all of the others. Ynyr stays silent, watchful, carrying the LMG. He's not put on his breather if the air seems good. The Aerilon doesn't care if it's cold, his breath steaming in the dry air. He listens but says nothing, keeping a sharp eye out as the others go through things.

Jaclyn moves through the room slowly, checking all the cupboards, eyes flicking over the manifests, but ultimately leaving it all alone, since it appears to be largely untouched. Listening as others report in about the same sort of findings, she gives a nod of satisfaction and moves to join the Ensign at the door, quickly keying in the code for the security station, then stepping back again, giving the Marines room to do their job.

Penta is, as he moves, doing something seemingly unusual: Taking pictures, with his helmetcam, of any documentation he finds.

Miri double checks the manifest. "Date's consistent with Shackleton's document, sir," she says to Penta, holding the sheet up for him to photograph.

Penta nods, photographing that too.

The keypad buttons beep out a six-note tune and the security door clicks open. The compartment beyond is more of an emergency fighting position than a security center — besides the small console in the near corner where the cameras can be displayed, there's a pair of offset armored plexiglass screens, floor to ceiling. Two people could take position behind them and cover the hatch to the conference room. A bottleneck that they could probably hold, if it came to that. There are no weapons stored on the station, however. Those would be 'bring your own.' A quick glance is enough to see that the camera displays are all dark and the console without power. Looks like the security system is off line. Across the room, the hatch to the conference room is ajar a few inches — the first unsecured door they've come across.

There's just enough time for a first look through the door before the stench hits them. After a year of war, they're all familiar with the scent of death. This is an old, stale rot that's had plenty of time to settle in. Given the lack of corpses in the security area, it must be coming from the conference room.

<FS3> Randy rolls Demolitions: Good Success.

Given the confined space inside the station Toby is happy to let the marines go on ahead into the security station and beyond. If they call for him he'll head, but for now he just ditches his tool kit and takes a seat on the edge of the bunk closest to the hatchway to engineering.

Miri says softly into the coms, "Permission to inspect the bodies when we find them, sir?" The medic is a wannabe physician and is asking in a purely professional capacity.

Bringing up the rear, Lleufer Ynyr can't see what's in the small sercurity room too well, so he stays outside of it while others go in to do their thing. He keeps an eye on their back trail and generally alert to what the others ahead are up to. He continues to be silent as he listens, carrying the LMG. Atsleast until the stale, old rotting stench starts to make it's way back. Then he finally speaks, "Breathers might be wise." For anyone who's not already wearing one. Ynyr puts his own on and secures it against biohazard or generally bad odor. He glances at Shacklton taking a seat and the Marine Sergeant also hangs back, keeping things covered back here and listening out for orders, or anything else of interest.

"I think that can wait until we're done with everything else, don't you? Besides, they can boobytrap bodies." Penta responds simply. Pause, "Besides, haven't you seen enough dead bodies in the last year?"

"Breathers on, everyone," Randy instructs the team, in case there are those that don't after she smells the stench even through her own mask. She motions for Penta to cover the conference door as she does her standard sweep of the security station. It doesn't take too long, not nearly as long as the one that had supplies everywhere. She moves quickly, more intent to investigate when they've got power back to the place, and more eager right now to clear the station. "Zahav, you may not touch the body yet. I need to clear it, but I'd like your eye on whether it's been tampered with though I may need your assistance further." She moves towards the conference room door and edges it open with her shoulder before seeing if there is any immediate threat.

<FS3> Penta rolls Alertness: Failure.

At the very least, the breathers help with the smell. Which is no small blessing. The hatch creaks in protest, but opens without too much effort. The conference room is as bare and unadorned as the rest of the station — the central table is a metal oval that is secured to the floor, with three folding chairs arranged at the Colonial end. The Cylon end of the table is empty, and the door to their side of the station stands closed. There's not much to see in the dim light, but the outline of the bodies is the only natural shape in the otherwise spartan space.

The first corpse is near the Colonial door. It's a man in fleet dress grays with Colonel's pips on his collar. He's crumpled in a heap, like he took a step into the room then folded up and fell over. No obvious sign of injury or blood. He's been there quite a while and what's left is not a pretty sight, more mummified than decayed. A briefcase lies near the body.

And there's a second corpse a few paces further in. A woman is civilian business clothes — black slacks, white blouse, low heeled shoes. She's lying on her side, knees folded up, like she was kneeling and just tipped over. The cause of death here looks obvious — gunshot wound to the right temple. There's a large rusty stain under what's left of her body and a pistol is still clenched in her right hand.

<FS3> Jaclyn rolls Alertness: Success.

<FS3> Randy rolls Demolitions: Great Success.

Randy enters the room and first sweeps the general area. Then she motions for everyone to come in. If there's a bomb in one of the corpses, it's probably going to take out the entire place anyways. Then she moves to the female corpse first, given the positioning. She pulls out what looks like a telescoping rod out of her EOD hip sack and then looks back to Miri. "Over here…You have gloves?" Randy uses a clipper from her EOD bag to clip the tags off the Colonel given she finds it and searches for identification on the woman, taking it if it's there. Presuming Miri helps her check the bodies, Randy finally moves to the briefcase, and upon finding it locked, she says, "No one pry or impact that or anything." Then she moves to the Cylon side of the office. "So we have codes for this too from our allied Lines?" she wonders back towards Jacelyn.

Jaclyn quietly sets about doing her job. She steps carefully around the bodies and works her way around the room, checking for anything out of place. Satisfied that there isn't anything abnormal, aside from the currently non-functioning security camera, she makes her way slowly back to the bodies, listening for any observences made by the corpsman.

Penta slowly sweeps the room. Finding nothing abnormal, he stands by Randy.

<FS3> Penta rolls Investigation: Good Success.

<FS3> Miri rolls Medicine: Failure.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Investigation: Good Success.

"OK, this is odd. No sign of a struggle on the Colonel here. His sidearm is gone, presumably held by the lady here. I'm thinking she killed him for some reason." Penta notes, after examining the bodies without touching them for a while.

"Gloves are my stock and trade," the corpsman replies, handing Randy a pair and pulling on her own. She inspects one of the corpses, gently and with great respect. "We're going to have to do a full autopsy on them to really learn anything," Miri says, not daring pull her respirator aside, so it probably comes out a bit garbled over the coms.

Last into the Council room chamber, Lleufer is careful where he's pointing the LMG he's carrying. He eases along the wall and stays away from the bodies to let Miri and Randy handle those. The MP Sergeant starts looking over the room carefully for shell casings, any marks on the decking or carpet, any sighs of scuffs or anything else that might catch his eye to give him information to add to the picture here. In passing, he stops when he's passing the woman's body and something catches his eye. Maybe it's because he's an MP and police see such things over the course of their work but he frowns, "Looks like she shot /herself/." His pale grey eyes flicker to Penta there, then Miri and Randy because if he's right, that's freaky. Though, he could be wrong. He steps around and then kneels down to look at the shell casing and then tips his head at an angle to try and see her face better without touching her, "She's a Nine." Lleu leaves the man to others to check out but glances up, "Does he have a wound?"

"Not that I could discern. He could be a Line, but it's just as possible she injected him with something, say intending to simulate a heart attack or stroke," Penta replies.

Jaclyn looks over at Ensign Flynn and lifts one shoulder in a shrug, "We left the securing of that side up to the Cylons." She says quietly, "But the diplomatic seal has been broken, so someone's been through that door at some point." She's listening to the observations coming from the rest of the team and at some point pulls a notepad out of a pocket, along with a pen and is starting to scribble down notes in careful, neat script.

Penta walks over, then, to the woman. Just out of caution, he pulls on a pair of gloves and leans over to peer at the weapon, careful not to touch it.

"Hmm. So no codes at all? Don't we have the old ones that were active when this place was abandoned? I don't want to send anyone here if I can't clear the entire structure. Was this a diplomatic promise?" Randy looks from Jaclyn to Penta. "If the Cylons create a trap here, I'd like for us to be able to know that it wasn't something latent that went off and be able to blame them squarely," she points out as a factor, but clearly she's looking for insight.

Jaclyn moves over to the door, and taps the wall next to it, "No keypad, Ensign Flynn," She points out quietly, "We never secured this side of the Armistice, as I said, it was left to the Cylons to secure or not." She points to the seal, next. "Someone's been through here at some point. The lever looks like it was probably what was originally installed when this place was built."

Penta looks thoughtfully. "It occurs to me that there may be no keypad because, well, why would the Cylons need one? They're sentient computers, why not just control the door from the station's main computer system on their side?" Pause. "For that matter, were there *any* shared systems?"

"Because /we/ built this station. Not them and this is old tech," Randy replies to Penta and then nods to Jacelyn, hammering out a few minor clarifications with her. "Alright, we're proceeding to clear the Cylon side. Once we've done that, we will go down to Engineering. Once we're done with clearing, we'll be splitting up," though she doesn't dive into the what yet. "Form up…" Once the team is ready, she opens the Cylon door to the 'daaaark' side.

Penta forms up, then, nodding to Randy. "Ready to move when you are."

Creeeeeeeeak goes the door as its edged open, a noise that echoes in the space beyond. The Cylon side of the station is an unfinished construct. There's an engineering access hatch and an airlock mirroring the ones on the Colonial side, but there are no internal bulkheads at all. It's wide open and bare. Capped bundles of wires are coiled on the deck, and the few working emergency lights are lying on the floor as well. Dust motes dance in the beam of light coming in though the door, and there's a fine layer across the floor. Forty years worth, one might guess. All except for a single set of footprints that can barely be made out in the dim light, leading back toward the airlock hatch. The tracks look human, rather than big stompy robot-sized.

Penta raises his eyebrows as he searches. "Not only did they not even use the thing, they…didn't even finish building it. Yeah, I don't think they ever intended on peace being a long-term thing, do you guys?"

When Randy moves in, she steps off to the side, scanning and clearing the room. She lets Penta and Lleufer do their thing, careful to not disturb the footprints. Then she goes over to the engineering hatch to try and open it after motioning to it, looking back at the first person she sees. "Hahaha. I'd be surprised if peace was in their dictionaries," she quips back to Penta while working on the engineering hatch.

Jaclyn waits by the door while the Marines go in and do their thing. She wasn't expecting there to be anything back there, but never hurts to look. While they do that, she moves back over to the bodies, studying them intently. Scribbling a bit on her notepad, murmering quietly under her breath.

Penta finishes clearing his sector, then speaks to Jaclyn. "Something on your mind, Lieutenant?"

Once they've cleared Engineering, Randy looks back to the team and say, "Alright. Shackleton, I need you here solving the low power mode thing and taking stock on systems. I need someone with a headcam to go to the supply room and start taking pictures of each manifest as where as where it is in the room, then some good overall shots. You're building a map of where things are for people who study the manifests and come to collect the supplies should it be worth a trip. Then I need someone to go to the security room and try to pull down footage. Lastly, Zahav, I'm going to need your assistance with getting that briefcase." Apparently Randy will let people choose who wants to go where on the supplies and the security footage, but she assumes one of the security specialty guys will take care of it. "Alright, let's try to be quick, we can review footage and such later. Meet back at the Colonial airlock," in some odd minutes so people don't dawdle…it'd be so easy to dawdle. She calls over comms back to the bird to give Bacchus their ETA and the sign that everything is all clear. Then she signals Miri and starts moving towards the door back into the conference room to the Colonel's body.

<FS3> Toby rolls Repair: Good Success.

<FS3> Toby rolls Repair: Success.

The expected code opens the engineering hatch in the Colonial section, and after a sweep for bombs or unusual devices turns up nothing, Crewman Shackleton is down the ladder and working on the power and reactor issues. Is the Tauran happy? Probably more so than hanging around with the Marines on the main deck. It only takes him a few minutes to restart the primary systems. The main illumination flickers out, causing everyone to squint. Then warm, scrubbed air begins to flow again. Who knows, the stink might even be gone in a few weeks. Secondary systems like the security cameras take Toby a few more minutes, but eventually they too spring to life. He's able to verify that there's enough fuel to run the reactor for six months at this level of consumption. There's a system in place to shut things down if they go unusued for more than twenty four hours. Someone didn't want to run the station down by leaving the dome light on.

Miri upnods in acknowledgement, following close behind Ensign Flynn. When they arrive in the conference room, she crouches down and does a hands-off examination with a flashlight to best figure out the logistics.

Jaclyn moves away from the bodies, looking over to Penta she shakes her head slightly, then gestures to the security room, "Ensign Penta, if you wouldn't mind assisting me with the security systems?" She's already heading in that direction, assuming the Ensign will follow her. Once all the systems are up and running, courtesy of the Crewman, Wren gets to work pulling all the data stored in the system and forcing herself to not actually /look/ at any of it right now, since time is of the essence.

Penta follows, both in action and idea. Grab it all, don't look at anything. Analysis can happen *later*.

Randy also allows Miri time to examine the whole hand and she also takes still snaps of it before she digs into her EOD toolkit for what looks like a wire. She still has her EOD gloves and has put the latex ones on top of it. Then she asks Miri to help brace the briefcase while she goes about using the tiny-/tiiiiiny/ sharp toothed 'wire' like a garrote-like saw at the handle. Barring that, she has a laser torch back in her larger rig on the raptor.

With the access codes in hand, the hardest part of getting the security footage is the outdated system it's stored on. But after a few minutes with the manual Jaclyn and Penta are able to get to pull the drive where the latest recordings are stored. The system isn't active when the station powers down, so there's a limited amount of footage. They do find some that's indexes to War Day, however.

Miri and Randy's work is quicker, if less pleasant. The briefcase is cut free from the dead Colonel's grip. It's locked with a mechanical key-type lock. A quick search of his pockets finds the key, so they won't even have to force it. There's also a wallet and a fleet ID. Colonel Alexander Boxman, military diplomatic attache. A careful search of the woman doesn't turn up any sort of ID or personal effects at all. In the living quarters, Lleufer uses a helmet cam to record all the manifests and scan the inventory. Fifty six person-days of rations and water supply plus medical and toiletries. It's not a lot, but it is all useable and all going to waste sitting here.

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