ariadne.jpg Forrester, Ariadne
LT Medical
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Doctor
Age Sex
29 Female
Hair Eyes
Brown Brown


Ariadne grew up the daughter of two doctors who left Caprica for Gemenon to start a clinic there, dragging along their teenage daughter for the ride. After earning her undergraduate on Caprica in Chemistry and Psychology, and she joined up with the Navy to pay for med school. Before the war, her unit was posted at the SGT Joseph Kildare where she has been until being recently transferred to the Orion.

RP Hooks

  • Neurosurgeon: Ariadne is a neurosurgeon. She has a specialty in behavioral neurology. If you have a head wound, stroke, brain tumors, or spinal injuries this is your doctor.
  • Sometimes Psych: Ariadne is the only doctor aboard with psych training. If you need counseling or psychiatric care, you must go first through the CMO, Dr. Nadir, but chances are right now, you'll be referred to Ariadne.

Recent Logs


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