AWD #297: Are You Ready?
Are You Ready?
Summary: Kostas seeks out Lleufer to ask him - Are You Ready? Lleufer's answer has to be no but he'll try to get ready. Ynyr has some self doubts and uncertainties of his condition.
Date: 30/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Kostas Lleufer Knox 
Marine Encampment, Piraeus
The planet-side base for JTF NOMAD is a section of the town of Sheridan that has been separated off cleanly by a road running down the center of the fenced outpost. On the military side, the Marines clearly run the show with a good portion of two battalions on the surface or on the landed ship at any given time. The combination of sandbagged positions, prefabricated offices, tents, and custom buildings is respectable and it might be easy for new arrivals to get lost. The command bunker, though, is easy to find at the central location. Its hard to miss the anti-aircraft gun parked only a dozen or so yards away. A huge number of antennas and satellite dishes are hooked into it the concrete bunker as well.
Ocotber 30th, 2005

It's a bit chilly as it is autumn down here, but it's not yet winter. Ynyr is out for a walk and once he got her message, told Kostas where he'd meet her that he though she could find easily. Lleu's wearing a coat with gloves and walks with a cane, stretching his legs as he waits for her Raptor and the Ensign's arrival. She has him curious as he slowly paces back and forth, waiting. It's been an interesting and somewhat eventful day for the Sergeant and promises not to be over yet.

Wind blows and people come and go from the camp's mess. Marines are everywhere in this area, patrolling, using or returning vehicles to or from the motorpool, a squad is exiting the killhouse after an exercise. Mostly things are winding down for the close of day as evening comes on.

Kostas makes her way in from the landing area. She's still in uniform, though it's the fatigues of an officer off-duty and on her own time. Her expression is stonier than usual, but it's more thoughtful than angry, but there's something in her demeanor that has most people who do greet her greet her briefly and not snag with attempted chit chat or informality. Dark eyes scan those in the area, and luckily Ynyr isn't hard to spot. She makes her way towards the rendezvous point, looking up and offering a quick but very brief smile in greeting. "Sarge. Pacin', eh? 'Spose that's a good sign. How's life planetside treatin' ya?"

Lleufer stops when she comes up and he stands at parade-rest, giving her his full attention with his cane behind his back, "All right, En-sign. But ant-sy to get back to my du-ties. Doc's let-ting me work to-wardz my PT 'n .. re-cer-ti-fy at the fir-ing ran-ge. If my C-O per-mits." Kind of hard to even say that latter part when he prided himself a pretty good shot, before. The bullet wound to Lleu's head has healed to a fairly small scar but he seems to still lack movement to the most of the left side of his face. Ynyr studies her in silence for a moment.

Kostas nods once. "You want t' keep walkin'?" Silvia asks, and though one couldn't refer to her gruff voice as coddling or kind, it's a genuine inquiry. She listens patiently, not filling in words for him, even in her mind, but abiding. She nods thoughtfully, lips pursing for a moment. "I ain't gonna rush th' timetable. There's a mission comin' up that might be 'f interest to ya. But there's the doc's evaluation 'f the meat—" she indicates his physical form with a nod. "An' then there's what th' Sarge says about what's inside it. I need someone who c'n direct demo. But I also need someone who c'n take a step back and evaluate someone for command capacity in th' field. Preferably both. I'd trust ya t' tell me if y' think you might be up f'r the first. Or if y' can get field ready for th' other. Cause there ain't anybody I'd trust more for th' second." Others might extend trust easily, but Silvia doesn't. Her black eyes rest directly on Ynyr's as she speaks.

She's got his attention. Lleu gives a nod rather than a reply to the keep walking. He relaxes and keeps the cane handy though he hardly needs it now. More of a just in case his leg gets iffy on him. His gaze flickers back to her face at mention of 'meat' and his mouth thins somewhat to the rest. Lleu stops at her last, giving Kostas a careful look, "I'm nnot clear-ed for du-ty yet. Ev-ven to car-ry a sside-arm." Ynyr is quiet a breath before he asks, "When?"

"5 days, 'r so." Kostas says bluntly. "It ain't much time if you ain't cleared yet. Settin' up an ambush, so don't think there'd be too much runnin', but I won't know until we get more 'f th' plan together. I'll be plain - it ain't worth it to unnecessarily risk you Ynyr, and evaluation c'n keep for another time if y' can't." Her eyes narrow shrewdly. "There's fightin' t' get back t' duty, an' there's fightin' with a specific goal in mind. *If* you think you wanna try t' get there with that kind of turnaround, I'll hold th' spot 's long as I c'n. Ain't nobody gonna know until th' mission list published but you an' I. You tell me honest that you make the call up t' 24 hours before we go, and I'll shake ya on it, I know you ain't gonna be some bullshit hero gonna put th' boys and girls at risk t' prove somethin'. And if my sarge says he's ready, I be willin' to bat for 'im."

"Five dayz." Not much time. Lleu thinks about this, "E-val-u-a-tion?" That part is less clear to him as they walk together. "If I push, I /might/ or might nnot clear PT with-in five dayz. Fire-arms too. But I doubt Doc's go-ing to clear me that ffast." Lleufer thinks about it, pressing his mouth into a thin line at least on the right side. "I can try." He stops and looks at Kostas, "I … don't want to ffrak up 'n put peo-ple at risk. I can't ev-ven re-mem-ber the namez of half the peo-ple I run in-to I'm sup-pos-ed to know, Kos-tas."

Kostas appraises as she listens, once more unhurriedly. "I dunno if 't doable either Sarge. If you up to it, how 'bout ya see what you do in 3. You know pretty much what's what by then. You give me what y' think then. Then we decide t'gether how much shit I kick up with med." There's a half smile there. "What say ya? In th' meantime, Imma look for backup." The smile remains, though her gaze gets a little distant for a moment, perhaps in memory. "I seen some weird shit happen in recovery, Sarge. But if you ain't up for it then I respect that too. If there's one thing we know? They always be another go-round with th' canners. And I still got a soldier I'm gonna ask ya t' eval for awhile for me, even if it ain't this time."

"All right." Lleu starts walking again if Kostas will still walk with him. "I'm go-ing to nneed to know some-thing of what you'd need from me. To … test my-self. To know iff I can do it." Might be he's lacking some self confidence and certainly has some doubts, after being shot in the head. "Yyou talk-ing sat-chel char-ges, trip wirez, what?" Lleu glances at her to see if she'll give him any details. He grimaces, "Back-up is a good idea. I … real-ly not sure if I'm read-dy."

"Setting up an ambush, but…patrol sized. So small unit stuff. 'S in a civilian area, so we ain't talkin' minefield…and it prolly depends on how much they gonna give for that kind 'f operation. More along th' lines 'f trip wires, I'm thinkin. Area's likely t' be rural t' wooded, w' how th' intelligence's lookin'. Still, it'd involve hikin' in a bit. Not a whole lotta runnin', let's hope t' the Gods." Silvia taps at her lower lip thoughtfully, with one finger. "It's Cassidy that I'm askin' t' set up the run, an' that's who I'm askin' t' plan it. If you ain't gonna be in shape enough t' actually be in th' field, then I pull Knox in t' help w' the settin'."

"Cor-por-al Cas-si-dy? Reed?" Ynyr does know who she's talking about. Lleu stops again and leans lightly on his cane, this time to stay put. It's serious talk. "Too nnew ffor me to know him well e-nough. Seem-ed le-vel head-ed when he hhad to deal with a bear re-cently." The recovering Sergeant half smiles at that. "You be ssure to go o-ver his planz. Like O-mman-ney wwould any-thing I'd sset up." Lleu looks more amused than anything else at the moment, "You-d be ask'n me to take my or-ders from a Cor-por-al, En-sign?" He adds, "Knox would be good back-up choiz … choice." Lleufer makes himself say that word more clearly, frak his stupid mouth. "He mmay not care to be tak'n or-ders from a un-tri-ed Cor-por-al. Or do I mis-un-der-stand and you would be go-ing too?"

"I'm not askin' you what you think of him now, Ynyr. And he ain't untried. I'm askin' for a field evaluation, by different eyes than mine. I seen him in action, myself, on Picon…before I got transferred here." She lets that lie, Ynyr can trust her judgement or not. "And yeah, I am askin' ya on this mission t'field orders from someone else. I'm askin' ya t' step back, and evaluate, while bein' there t' step in if ya need to. You can handle that? Say so if not. Some folks can't, ain't no big, but I need ya t' be honest on that." She cracks a half smile. "Let me handle Coop. I think he gonna understand the situation better'n ya think he will." Kostas rocks back on her heels. "If I have t' go, that means it gone t' shit. It's a squad operation. Don't need an officer along, though I'll be monitorin' on base. It's one 'f the things ya give up if you want folks t' grow under ya. Oversee the plans. And then let the folks do 'em." She shrugs. "I ain't gonna be around forever. We gotta grow up some people. An' fast. If any 'f my Dogs can't handle an ambush op, then we fucked six ways t' Sunday."

He's not liking it much, no. But Lleu's listening, studying Kostas. "All right. I tru-st your word, Kostas. Thatz good e-nough, long as it's clear-ed a-bove." Actually she's right about Coop being unusually sensible and Lleufer knows that, too. He nods, hooking his cane to his belt and sliding his gloved hands into his coat pockets as they stand together in the darkness illuminated by compound floods. "If I'm pass-ed to go, I will. Don't sseem to have trouble re-mem-ber-ing skills, things I know. Sso far." Ynyr frowns, lifts a hand back out to touch the healed place at his head, "Mmore a … vis-u-al mmemory link-up, Docs tell me. I'll brush up any-way 'n prac-tice."

"It'll be fuckin' damn hard," Kostas says bluntly to Lleu, and not without sympathy. "Specially if you ain't had t' step back before. So I'm trustin' yer word too, Ynyr. That you ain't gonna jump th' gun too soon…'r too late. If I didn't think ya capable, wouldn't ask it 'f ya." Kostas and Ynyr are standing in the camp, in a relatively low-traffic area, talking quietly. Every once in awhile they'll pace further, to keep warm/moving if nothing else, but it's nothing fast or regimented.

Lleufer sets his cane tip back on the ground and takes a few more steps to try and stay warm, "Well, En-sign. I may as well … try. If I can nnot hack it, I'm look'n at med-i-cal dis-shar-ge out of the Corps any-way. Then what the hell am I good ffor?" Ynyr glances over towards the mess, "Wash'n dish-es." Maybe a little self bitterness there, but this isn't about him. What Kostas is asking. Lleu gathers himself as they walk a bit further, "I can e-val. Stay back, let'm do his thing. Un-less it lookz to get peo-ple kill-ed."

Knox is coming off duty, pretty obviously from his usual location: the air traffic control shed. He's got all of his gear on, still, walking lazily with a binder and clipboard under his arm. He's angling towards the command bunker but spots two familiar shapes and heads that way. He lets off a quick whistle and upnods towards Lleu on the approach. "Lleu. Sir. How goes?"

"Aye." Kostas seems content with that final answer from Ynyr as they walk along. "I wouldn't put ya on washing dishes, shiiit. Peelin' potatoes maybe," she adds, thoughtfully. "Somehow, I think you see you don't gotta worry 'bout that." As Coop takes form and starts their way, Kostas looks up who's approaching, and then breaks out into a half-grin. "Knox. You gotta minute, 'r ya hittin' the rack? Got somethin' t' ask ya about but it can wait if you got other places t' be." She herself is dressed in off duty fatigues.

"Coop." Ynyr offers to his fellow Sergeant, Six or not. He stops walking and leans lightly on his cane as the third Marine joins them. Lleu looks to Kostas and twists his mouth a bit at the peeling potatos part. He says low, "We-ll see." Ynyr is still underweight and the left side of his face is still slack for the most part, though maybe Lleu's regaining some use of his mouth on that side, hard to tell. He's speaking a lot more clearly and remembers who Knox is, so that's a bonus. This time.

Coop looks over Ynyr first and notes the cane not being used. "How're you coming about, Lleu? Doin' alright? And when do I get to make fun of your brassard again?" he digs with a grin. Looking to Kostas, he holds up the binder and clipboard. "Just post-work paperwork to file. Its not going to kill anyone to wait for it. If they even notice. What's up, sir?"

"Got a squad mission comin' up. Ambush type. Nothin' fancy, but it does involve a canner patrol. Weather probably gonna be kinda shitty too." Kostas rocks back on her heels, hands in her pockets. "I got an enlisted I want an eval on for command potential, by experienced eyes other'n mine. I know what I think, I want other brains too." She nods to Ynyr. "If we c'n get Ynyr here in shape enough t' go, 's one thing. If he gotta sit this one out, I need someone with some kinda experience with demo, an' an experienced eye in th' field. Hell, if both of yas wanna go, then I won't object, poor bastard. But it means that unless it's gonna be a lethal fuckup, you gotta sit back. And not get too nanny on his ass."

Lleufer stands next to Knox and waits to hear Kostas out a second time. He looks back to the Six, baritone low, "Do-ing all right, I guess. Try'n to get my duckz in a row, back on my feet. If I'm able." A flicker of his gaze at the good humored jibe about his MP brassard but Ynyr answers quietly, "I dun-no." The MP Sergeant quiets to let Kostas say her piece, listening in case he missed any details the first time through.

Cooper listens to Kostas, brow lifting. "No kidding. Well if you need someone in the field evaluating him, no problem. I've got some skill with demolitions but its not like building bombs. Mostly its just charge placement and knowing what bombs will do what kind of damage. It's not my strong point. I'd love to boast but I don't frak around when it comes to munitions like that, sir." He stuffs a hand into a pocket to keep warm. "To be honest, sir, it might be good with the Marines for them to see this. The local skinny given the opportunity to get everyone killed and its to evaluate someone on leadership?" He shrugs. "I'm game. Always looking for the silver lining, too. Who is it, sir?" A glance to Ynyr and he shakes his head. "Don't gimme that 'If I'm able' shit, Lleu," he chuckles. "I will personally strap you to a chute and throw your ass out of a Raptor if I have to."

"Aye," Kostas says quietly, her grin growing from its curt and careful edge to a more open smile, and openly showing her humor. "Not everyone gonna be good 'r able for command," she comments. "But sometimes shit happens and you got it ready 'r not. Ain't one for dreams no more, but if I c'n have every Marine under my command knowin' that they gotta be ready when it happens, then I gonna die a rested soul." She arches a brow at Lleu and Knox issues his threat. "Don't worry none, Sarge. We keep a pot an' some veggies in your gear, so ya c'n keep up with them skills too."

Lleufer is quiet at the banter. He almost laughs at Knox's threat though, if a little strained. A muscle on the right side of his jaw ticks once at Kostas taking up the fun poking too. Ynyr's a little brittle yet for making fun of his situation yet. He tries to smile, "I'm not ev-ven al-low-ed to drink yet." Blasphemy! Lleu settles on being a bit too quiet and let's the other two talk.

Knox dips his head. "Yeah. On the J-Teams we had every Marine know the job of another to at least minimum qualifications. They also had to know their place in command and be instantly ready to step up. But we also had some really bright picks on those teams. Here? Its more of a lottery. But I hear you, sir. If he can't cut his shit, he ain't leading Marines very far. If you want me there, I won't throw him to the wolves but he'll feel the stress." Look to Lleu, Coop is dubious. "You can't drink yet? Or you're not supposed to drink yet? This is an important distinction, man."

"I think *everywhere* 's a lottery now, Coop," Kostas flashes a grin. "Fuck, look what got dredged up from Picon." Kos tilts her head to the side for a moment, watching Lleu. "Sorry, Sarge," she says quietly. It might be about the drink, might not. "Though hell. If ya get cleared for missions, maybe you get cleared for a taste too. 'Slong as ya don't go like apeshit with it 'r nothing."

They are lightening his somewhat dark mood despite himself. Lleu quirks the right side of his mouth into a grin, especially at Kostas bad mouthing what has been drudged up from Picon, "I'm nnot sup-pos-ed to drink. Doc-tor's or-derz. I /won't/ drink long as Doc Na-dir sayz it'll frak up my re-cov-ery." Ynyr adjusts his grip on his cane, "I am clear-ed to star-t prac-tice in the fir-ing ran-ge 'n set up my re-test soon as I can pass PT."

"Yeah, probably. So what can you tell me about this nameless Marine? Is there anything specific you're looking for from him? Anything you want me to watch for?" Knox strips off his MICH helmet and tucks it under an arm, the free hand scratching over his head. Looking at Lleu, Coop just shakes his head. "Uh huh. Gods, how long are you gonna let a freakin skinjob out-perform you in the killhouse? I'm just restin on my laurels here. Every day is another brag that you Police boys are a little soft in the midsection." He gives a glance. "How're them donuts?" he asks with a grin.

"Reed Cassidy, Corporal. Seen him in action on Picon, he was on one'f th' extraction teams that I run into, couple months ago with th' resistance. So he seen a lot 'f heavy-ass shit. Ain't green. Suprised nothin' other'n rifleman snatched his ass up, but I ain't complainin'." Kostas replies to Knox. "Not sure if ya met him yet. Ynyr here has." Her smile returns a bit. "Try th' demo skills too, non-live-wirin'." Silvia shakes her head. "You get your hand blown off, I just worn out my welcome with all the medstaff, just about I think."

As Lleu's still about 15 lbs under weight he rubs his stomach, "I dun-no, Coop. You keep eat'n all up be-fore I can get any. Last I had was some bear meat. You sshoul-d try some. Put ssome hhair on your chest so we won't mis-take ye for a wom-an." Ynyr crooks the side of his mouth that he can. He returns his attention to Kostas to listen, "Sshe wants trip-wirez 'n the like. Am-bush. I ssaid I would prac-tice, ssee if I can get clear-ed in time. Iff not, I sug-gest-ed /you/ as back-up, Coop."

Knox listens to the description of Reed and slowly nods. "Sounds like a solid asset to have around. I can see why you'd want him. Are you looking to Mustang him up or elevate him past the other E-5's for Platoon Leader?" The Six seems completely fine with it, more curious than anything. Perhaps its just his own probing to find out how to evaluate this Marine. "And no, haven't met him yet, sir." Looking back at Lleu, Coop snorts. "Buddy, if I look like a woman to you then Ho-Lee Shit I don't want to meet the women you've been with. Probably about as pretty as a pick-up truck." The mention of an ambush gets a few nods. "Sure. I think we've got some EMAL's in storage if we're going for Centurions. Or we might be able to use some regular explosives. Rig up some poor-mans Claymores. Any preference?" he asks. Then to Kostas, deferring to her ultimately. "Sir?"

"There was 2 Centurions in th' group we run into yesterday," Kostas says. "Intelligence seems t' say that might be standard, but wouldn't be a bad idea t' prop for more. Going t' see what we can get equipment-wise, then I'll let ya know. When we decide on th' area where we settin' up, I'll get th' docs out so we can decide from there. Waitin' on a little more info first." She looks thoughtful at Knox's original question though. "Potentially. But I'm thinkin' one step at a time f'r right now. Be good for him t' see what it's like with a mixed team. Truth is, anyone who in th' CoC of Dog gotta be able t' command an' work with just about everythin' else too, including new sign ups and folks who ain't always brushed up on infantry culture an' tactics. This is just a looksee, t' see what kinda time investment happens after. My guess 's on Mustang, maybe, but it ain't gonna happen in one go. Not on Orion."

A Corporal to be bounced up to a higher position than Lleufer's managed after seven years in, maybe? He leans on his cane and looks elsewhere as they discuss it. He tries to smile for Coop, "Na, ain't been with … any-body for a while. You're safe though." He lets Kostas say her bit and then Yynr says, "Iff you-re fin-ished with me, En-sign, I shoul-d get go'n." Sergeant's still a bit in a blue funk and not wanting to be sociable. Lleu tugs his knit cap down and adjusts his cane for the walk back, "I want to hop a ride up 'n sleep in my own bunk to-night."

Knox listens intently. This is good information. He nods along carefully. "Copy all, sir. I'm in agreement, too. I'm pretty confident that the days of people just kicking up because they have time served are done. Gotta promote based on ability and the respect of the team. But good to know. It'll color an eval appropriately, sir." The Sergeant looks back to Lleu. "Uh huh. Alright man. Remember that threat about tossing you out a Raptor. That wasn't idle. Catch you later."

"Aye," Kostas nods to Ynyr. "I hear that," she adds, probably about the bunk. "Thanks f'r takin' the time. We'll talk in a few days time, an' ya tell me how 't goin'." She probably is astute enough to know when comfort from her wouldn't be helpful or welcome. "Guess I probably shouldn't keep ya neither, Knox. Thanks f'r bein' willin' to step in." She nods to one of his statements, though, her face goin' grim. "Yeah, an' they gotta be able t' handle the flak that gonna go with 't. At least until eyes're more open. Gonna take awhile. Can't blame folks for lookin' back, it is what it is. Either way, ain't no picnic, that's for damn sure."

Lleufer gives Knox a thin smile and both of them a half raised hand in parting. He takes himself and his cane off to go see about somebody helping to carry his gear to the Raptor pad, or hell, maybe he'll just try to shoulder it himself this time out. Going to need to push hard the next several days and see where the frak he stands. Or doesn't.

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