aquaria.png Aquaria
Ancient Name: Aquarius
Population: 25,000
Patron God: Hermes
Capitol: N/A
Major Cities:
Kyris Summerfest
Pyramid Teams:
Heim Hammers

Current Status

Given what was found on Aquaria towards the end of the war, settlement was not considered appetizing. 'Too many ghosts' as one person termed it. The planet does have a small local population, just under one hundred people, near the spaceport. Most survive off fishing and guide expeditions. The Marines have an unmanned forward operating base there used for arctic warfare training but it is far from the settlement. Most of those currently living there have already stated they do not intend to evacuate the Colonies with the rest of humanity.

Custom Content
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Climate & Geography

Aquaria is a "frigid" world with only one major land mass: Kyros, a crescent-shaped continent with volcanoes at both ends. The rest of the planet is covered by oceans, with substantial ice caps extending from both poles. What land there is has a climate roughly equivalent to that of Iceland, with an average winter temperature around 14 F (-10 C) with occasional lows approaching -40 F (-40 C) and its brief summer averages about 55 F (13 C) with rare highs around 72 F (22 C). It has a very short growing season, making agriculture untenable on any scale greater than a hardy backyard garden or well-heated greenhouse. There is significant snowfall in fall and winter, and it is not uncommon for snowpack on less-traveled ground to remain until summer. The Jötenen mountain range, which spans the width of the continent between the two volcanoes (Vronti and Torden), has snow year round.


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