MD #183: Antagonists
Summary: Lleufer Ynyr stops by the Recovery Ward to check on their POW, Atticus.
Date: 08/10/2017 (OOC Date)
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Recovery Ward, Sick Bay, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
About half the size of the Medical Center, the Recovery Ward has fewer beds to allow space for those who are going through recovery. Rather than the drab gray of most of the center, the walls in here have been done in a neutral creme color. The beds are a little thicker and the blankets are actually present. There are a few clocks and the only other decoration are a couple of flatscreens that show muted movies from the ship's library, though tablets are common. Behind each bed is a small touchscreen for tracking vitals and is linked to Medical personnel tablets. A couple stacks of recent magazines are available near the door for nurses to pass around, too.
Wed Apr 25 13:05:34 2049

Normally after a marine ground mission, the recovery ward is full of members of the CMC in various states of completeness. Today though, it's quiet, nary a marine in sight as the corpsemen make their rounds. Well, nary a marine patient anyway, there's a fierce looking MP corporal down the end, who looks like she's just looking for an excuse to dropkick someone's arse into the middle of the next galactic sector. She's on duty though, and stands in front of a occupied bed, keeping an eye more on the patient in it than the hatch. Said patient appears docile at least, although he is attached to both IVs and restraints, so that might have something to do with it. With his eyes closed it's hard to immediately tell if he's awake or asleep, but his breathing is just too regular to be asleep.

Clara slips into the ward from sickbay proper, dressed like any other nurse: scrubs, with her long hair tied up and (mostly) off her face. She seems to be here, judging by the beeline she takes, to see Atticus. The MP with a stick up her ass is watched briefly, and given a slight nod should she make eye contact, but otherwise not engaged. The Three begins an unhurried, mechanical process of checking the patient's chart, his vitals, scribbling results down on a clipboard.

The Master-At-Arms arrives shortly after Clara. Lleufer steps through the hatch and looks around, first checking that an MP is on duty as assigned. Good. Then his Arpay eyes skim over the various beds to see who is in here - any of his people, or anyone he knows besides their POW. Something in his face eases slightly at sight of his former S2 and Ynyr proceeds to walk in her and Atticus's direction. "Piers, good to see you back to the work you enjoyed most. Though, it's still a little strange that you aren't my boss anymore." Lleu's ears are no longer concealed. He stops by the POW's bed and studies Atticus, "Do we have genetic confirmation whether or not this man is kin to Amos? I understand he had a wife and three kids. Two girls and a son."

The notes seem to show that the surgery on his knee went very well indeed, and that no complications are expected in the long term. Painkillers and, at times, sedatives seem to be the order of the day for now though, although he did get a raft of vaccinations earlier as well, because modern medicine is amazing like that. The telltale twitching of his eyelids at the sound of a voice close by is a dead giveaway he's awake though, and it's only a second or two before he actually opens his eyes to look. He's braced for everything being strange, the weird light from the ceiling, the smell of disinfectant which is almost entirely alien to him, all though he's had before, when he first came round. What he's not prepared for though is a fallen cleric and a flash eating elf demon. Going from cautious to panic in less than a second he cries out in distress at the horror before him, and does his level best to fight with the restraints to get to safety. Frak it, he even tries to implore the MP to help. Not that it gets him far, mind. She's not interested, those restraints won't give, and he's weak from the ordeals of the last twenty four hours, so in the end he just ends up trying to press himself into the bed, and pull to the side away from Lleu. "Leave me alone!" not very original perhaps, but it's fundamentally his greatest desire right now.

Clara glances over as Lleufer arrives, briefly catching the look he gives her. "Seeing as I don't recall the work I didn't, I guess I'll take it as a good thing, too," she replies with some bemusement. Scribble, scribble. "I dunno, you'd probably have to talk to Doc Stone about that." A brief look and an arched brow go to Atticus, but she doesn't seem too perturbed by his behaviour. It's not the first time she's had a patient bothered by her heritage, and it won't be the last. She retrieves a blood pressure cuff and attempts to get it around the poor fellow's arm.

Lleufer's attention is pulled to Atticus as that fella starts to freak out. Ynyr puts up his hands to show that they are empty and makes a calming gesture as he steps back, "Whoa, calm down. Nobody here is going to hurt you." A glance to Clara and he gives her a nod, then moves around to the other side to give Piers plenty of room to work. Lleu snags a chair and takes a seat to present a less threatening posture and not be too close. "You are on board our ship. You are safe. We're told your name is Atticus. The woman you were with, Emily? She is also unharmed."

Atticus does not look keen at all about the blood pressure cuff, but he's worked out there's nothing he can do to actually stop Clara. That realization seems to have somewhat of a calming effect and he stills, eyes locked on her as she approaches, then, just before she touches he cracks a little and jams his eyes shut. Turning his head away he braces, going almost rigid with tension as he prepares for whatever horror is to come. A few moments later, when it seems his mind hasn't been torn to shreds, that he can tell at least, he slowly opens his eyes again, although doesn't relax as he now has Lleu directly in his line of view. "Lady Emily," he replies tersely, "where is she? What have you done with her? What have you done with my men?" His tone is demanding, like he expects to be answered as a matter of course, and without delay, "why have you done this to us? We know what you did to a land called Bominaire, the king will not allow you to do it again."

Clara has a surprisingly gentle touch, for such a sourpuss of a girl. Contact is made first, and then the cuff is wrapped around and velcroed in place. A few quick pumps to inflate it, and the pressure is let out slowly as she records both systolic and diastolic numbers. More scribbling.

Lleufer smiles thinly at Atticus, "Sorry, but I don't think I am required to acknowledge her family's sovereignty. Such people serve the Machines who enslave and murder humanity. She, like yourself, will be detained and questioned. I imagine we'll send her back to her family eventually. You however, bear a striking resemblance to someone who used to be among us. Do you know who John Amos Ommanney was? Does that name mean anything to you?"

Atticus can't help but flinch as Clara works, and flicking his eyes between the pair to keep track of both of them is hard, but he tries. Bless him. "Enslave?" he retorts back to Lleufer, "they saved us. Saved us from the tyrants like my father." Yep, he knows that name well enough it seems, although by the tone of his voice as he says it the link is not something he's proud of. "Don't think we don't know you'd kill us all given half the chance, that you hate the order they have delivered over the murder and chaos you crave. Law, order, harmony, everything they stand for you would destroy. You might have got away this time, but the Clerics will find you, they will hunt you down and stop your reign of terror." There's definitely a look to Clara when he mentions clerics, but it's fair to say that for now, he's mostly focused on Lleufer.

Clara, all one hundred fifteen pounds of her, hardly looks capable of hunting down a sandwich, let alone insolent Colonials. Her dark eyes come up for a moment when Atticus mentions Clerics, then lower again beneath long lashes. She continues working, making a couple of tweaks to medications.

Lleufer moves to stand up, "Wow. They really have brainwashed you and fed you some amazing lies. /That/ is a damn shame." Ynyr studies the man in the bed, "You have no idea how much untruth is in what you just spouted. Or what an honorable man your sire was, and a damned good friend of mine. We were a free people, and so were /you/ before the machines came and took over our worlds. I am very, very sorry for you." Ynyr looks at Clara, "I am so done here. Soon as he's cleared from medical, he goes to the brig until Command is done with him. Then I guess we'll send him back." Lleu looks back at Atticus and there is anger in him, so much anger for what the Skath has taken. He shakes his head and turns to go. The Gunny mutters to himself, "Gods damn Skath."

Atticus watches LLeufer silently as the Master at Arms says his piece, apparently unmoved by the words or felling behind them. "He was a tyrant," he calls to Lleu's back, "and so are you. Tyrants always fall eventually, and no matter what you do to me, more will take my place." He doesn't seem to wan to extend the debate though, so once that's said he rolls his head back over and watches Clara instead. She's still making his skin crawl, but at least now she's not touching him.

Clara nods to Lleufer as he prepares to head out. "Sure. I'll let the Colonel know." She seems completely oblivious to the emotional discomfort she's contributing to. She has a job to do, and she's going to do it. "Your knee's looking pretty good," she murmurs. You know, the knee she put a round in. "But I'm gonna put you down for a few units of PT once it's healed up enough to bear weight."

Lleufer gets only a few steps then stops. He looks back at Atticus, flicks his gaze at Clara and lets her say her piece without interruption. The Gunnery Sergeant takes a few steps back and looks at Atticus, trying to cool his temper and have patience. "Honestly, answer me something. From your own personal experience, what did your father ever do that made you think he was some evil tyrant? What do you honestly know about us and our goals, that wasn't fed to you by clerics and the machines that control them?" The anger has been stripped from his baritone. "Do you even remember your father?"

After a moment, Lleu adds low, "Do you even know what happened to your mother and sisters?"

Atticus has precisely no idea what PT is, let alone how big a unit of it might be, although he tries to hide some of the confusion from his face at least. He doesn't seem to be as keen to answer back to her as he does to Lleu though, however uncleric like she's acting, but thankfully he's pulled from the dilema by the marine speaking again. He tries to sit up, only to be stopped by the restraints again, so settles for just turning his head. "I remember he was never there. Always somewhere else to be, somewhere more important than his wife and children. Always some other spirit of resistance to crush under his boots. He left a woman to run his household." That last one is delivered as if it should be the crushing blow against any argument Lleu might throw back at him, he does continue though. "I remember very little of him, it's the gaps that are more telling." He takes a breath before the final part though, eyes narrowing very slightly. "I know what happened to Amelia," his little sister, a year younger than him, "the King took me to her execution, so I could watch."

"Yes, it's perfectly true he would not have been home often. He was a soldier, a leader of men, like myself. There /was/ a war on for our survival. Against the Cylon. I can see how a child may have resented his father for not being there." Lleufer sits back down and keeps his tone softer. "Women in /Skath/ society aren't allowed to do things. But before they came and took over our worlds, women were free to do what they were capable of doing. /Including/ having and raising children. Surely /you/ would not care to be restricted to doing only one thing when you were fit to do so much more?" Ynyr thins his mouth, "Amelia was your sister? Why did your King put her to death?"

Atticus seems surprised that Lleufer has sat back down, but hey, schooling the flesh eating elf deamon means not having to think about the Cleric, so he's game for that. "Women simply aren't capable of such things," he replies bluntly, in the manner of someone who has been told this thousands and thousands of times. A small few maybe, like the Queen, but they must be controlled by their Pater, or they get crazy notions and destroy the natural order of things. It's for their own good, surely you see that?" As for his sister he nods once, "my younger sister, she was caught insighting rebellion in a neighbouring kingdom, so they made an example of her. The death of another would-be tyrant." He says the words alright, but by the end he can't quite look Lleu in the eye and his gaze first drops a fraction, then he turns to stare at the ceiling. "She would have destroyed so many lives."

Lleufer almost laughs, "Well that's a dumb thing to say." He jerks his thumb over at Clara, "She put a bullet into your leg and knocked your ass out. Now she's giving you skilled medical attention. Or how about two of my women team makes last night who shot two of your men? Or the rest of the women on my team who /subdued/ all of your men, except for the two I took out myself. I'm quite certain they can beat your ass to show you just how capable they are, even at half your size, bucko." Oh hell yes, this is funnier than hell to him. "-My- wife is a highly skilled pilot. Flies space craft and blows up Skath. She's not stupid nor incapable." Yes, the Gunnery Sergeant thinks that's funnier than Hades. Piff! "No, I simply do not agree with you about women. I also /prefer/ my woman feisty and smart as they come. -I- am not the one who feels threatened by women." Lleufer lifts a hand to scratch at his shorn scalp, "So let me get this straight. People who don't agree with you, or the Skath, are automatically tyrants? But the Skath who impose their forced 'law and order' upon humanity aren't tyrants, even though they put people to death all the time if they don't agree and want to be free to make their own choices? Even though they /force/ mind alternation upon people like you to make them do what they want? You yourself flinched when Clara came near to you because you thought she would invade your mind against your will and impose her own. /We/ don't do that to people. Not even when we disagree with you." Ynyr points a finger at Atticus, "You have a very strange and twisted definition of 'Tyrant'."

"So my men are dead then," he replies, turning his head abck to look at the marine, "or some of them at least." There's a definite sense of loss there, and a slight hardening of anger. "And Lady Emily? You say she is here, but how do I know you didn't just shoot her as well?" He can't think of a reason why they would mind, so there's a lack of conviction at the end, but you never know with flesh eating elf deamons. Oddly, he too seems amused the Lleu's wife is a pilot. "You're that desperate for people already? Well that is good news, perhaps this will all be over soon then." The talk of tyrants wipes the amusement away though, "yes. I'm sure that even now your women could best me, but then I'm tied to a bed, and only have one functional leg. I suspect even a child could. You are missing the point though, deliberately no doubt. The tyrants of old have never fully been wiped out, and we much be ever vigilant against their return. Your return. I am not afraid though, the Clerics will find you, and when they do, they will destroy you. That is all that matters." Does it answer the question? Nope, not in the slightest, but he either doesn't realize, or doesn't care.

Lleufer blinks, "No, your men aren't dead. Well, except for one. I killed one myself. All the rest of them we left bound up in that barn but I assume they had no particular trouble freeing one another." He thins his mouth, "I am sorry about that, but we are at war with the Skath. And you serve the Skath. /They/ have killed a great many of our people and taken our families, like you, from us. Don't tell me that you wouldn't have killed myself, or taken me to your clerics to have my mind raped, if you could have bested me." Ynyr spreads his hands where he sits, "I give you my word, even if you have no reason to trust it, that your lady Emily is fine. You'll be moved to the same location she is being held and see for yourself, once your leg is better." Lleufer leans back, straddling the chair that's turned around backwards, "I suppose I could have her brought here to see you. Under escort, but only if you give me a good reason why I should." The Marine chuckles, "Our women have always been doing useful things, since long, long before the Skath showed up. She can bust your ass even with you on your feet and fit as a fiddle." Lleu grins, but it is short lived. He sighs, "You really do buy their propaganda, hook, line and sinker, don't you?"

"You're not my family," Atticus shoots back with some real feeling behind it. "House Benning did more for me then your precious General ever did. They're my family." He does at least seem a little happier with the news that most of his men survived, but he doesn't dwell on that for long. "If she is fine then prove it," he says simply, trying not to betray how much he desperately wants to be sure she is, "bring her here, or take me there, I don't care which. Until I know she's safe though, that you haven't hurt her, or had one of your Clerics alter her I have nothing more to say to you."

Ynyr twists his mouth and stands up from the chair, putting it back by the bulkhead where he'd found it. "I'm nobody to you. I probably look like some kind of freak. I understand that. But Amos was like family to me, I guess. He was my commanding officer, anyway, and a man I both trusted and respected." An easy shrug, "You stay put until your knee is healed enough. I'll see if she /wishes/ to see you, then I'll think about it." The Gunnery Sergeant smiles a 'suck it, asshole' smile at Atticus, then he turns and heads back out.

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