AWD #246: Another Day in the Bays
Another Day in the Bays
Summary: For those not recovering from the mission to Caprica, life goes on as normal.
Date: 09/Sep/2013
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Hangar Bay - Deck 3 - Battlestar Orion
Each hangar deck is divided into five one-hundred yard sections, each divided from the others by massive blast doors that close vertically from the floor and overhead. Each hangar section houses all of the Vipers, Raptors, and Predators that the wing operates as well as the vital work areas to support and maintain these fighting platforms. Each bay is large enough to accommodate one of these frames and still get heavy work done, though the fore- and aft-most sections are dedicated to overhauls and major work to be done. The bays along the center section are located across from launch tubes and elevators in order to provide scramble and Alert-Five capabilities. The second-to-aft bay provides major elevator and transport access to the starboard bay as well as the major manufacturing facility. Due to the nature of the work, the hangar decks are major hubs of activity at all hours of the day and all but four hours overnight.
AWD #246

Warren is down on the deck by his Viper again. He's somewhat in his blues, though his jacket is off and draped over the wing as he looks bird. He hmmms to himself taking another look at the RCS thrusters he mentioned last night. He heads on over towards a nearby table where he apparently has some coffee and takes a sip of that.

Toby has seemingly escaped the paperwork tasks today and is on his way past the viper bays towards the raptors with a bag full of something or other in one hand and an instrument that looks like some form of multimeter type thing in the other. Spotting someone in blues, and not a flight suit or coveralls he pauses to take a closer look, half to see what they're doing but also to ensure they are actually wearing enough PPE to be safe in the bay. Spotting that it's Warren he calls over, "don't worry about that Lieutenant, it's on Alexios' sheet for the day. It'll be sorted by the time you need to take her out again."

Warren glances up when he hears a voice and gives a nod over, "Oh hey." Theres a sip of his coffee, "Oh I know. You guys take good care of her even when I keep bringing her back beat up." Theres a little smirk, "Nah I'm just checking things out again, seeing if theres anything else I might have missed in the comotion last night, and what I might be able to help with really."

Curiosity not yet sated, Toby diverts from his planned course and heads over to the viper, ditching his bag and meter by the table to keep them out of the way. "Best way you can help us out Sir," he starts with an easy smile, "is to bring 'em back in one piece and not skim on the post-flight. I can go grab another form for you from the office if you want? It did get a bit crazy last night and I can switch the two so no one can claim you got distracted and miss-filed."

Warren shakes his head at that, "Nah, if I missed something I missed something and thats on me not doing a good enough job the first time." He does smile though and take another sip of coffee, "As for bringing em back in one piece…well I do try. Its not like I'm trying to collect cylon amunition or anything. Oh and sorry for slamming the wireless pannel durring the last mission….probably fraked that up worse than it was when the round tore past it."

"Really?" Toby replies, crossing his arms over his chest and leaning against the table, "the way some of your compatriots do it I was imaging you had a leaderboard somewhere with totals and there was a prize at the end of each month or something." He gives a faint grin at the mention of the wireless and then nods in the vague direction of another group of techs a few rows over. "You want to be apologising to the avionics boys and girls for that one," he starts, "and then Rutlii and her airframe crews for the stabiliser. Break your ejector seat, your flight suit, your fire supression, your O2 supply,your chute and that sort of stuff? Then I'm the guy you want to be apologising too."

Brandy makes her way down to the flight deck, her eyes glancing over the damage on the returned ships. A leather notebook tucked under her hand. She glances to the two men and gives a nod. "Morning, Sir." She states in a formal tone before selecting a raptor in fare condition and reaching in to pull the log out. Toby get his own nod, but it is not protocol to speak to him while he is addressing a superior officer to her.

Warren laughs a bit, "Thats a good idea crewman. I'll make sure to bring that up to the boys, see if we can't get that all set up so we don't fall below expectation." He gives a nod over towards Brandy, "Ensign" Theres a smirk back to Toby and a grin, "Well where were you back when I got turned into Toast? Coulda used a working ejection seat back then, though that may have been more the fires fault than any knuckledragger"

Toby returns Brandy's nod with one of his own, then a "Morning Ensign," as he watches her progress for a moment. Raptor pilot going to check the log of a raptor isn't anything unusual or that concerns him though, so he turns back to give Warren his attention once more. He gives a fiant shake of his head at the first remarks, then can only shrug at the question. "Depends what that was, could have been Tauron, Picon or here depending. Yeah though, they often don;t tend to like fires that much, your 50/50 on what goes the first, the wiring or the explosives."

Brandy steps to a conversational range, skims over the Raptor's history and then tucks the log wit the leather folder. She listens for a moment and waits to speak to Toby apparently. "Good morning." She states again to the both and offer the pair of binders to the Crewman, but doesn't say anything on what she wants, yet.

Warren nods at Toby's response, "Yeah. I think if I remember the report the fire took out the wiring to the seat. Though I'll be damned if that canopy didn't pop right on off." Theres a shake of his head, "Don't envy the knuckledraggers after I finally got that bird down. An on fire viper with a broken front strut, that skidded for a bit? Granted I'm still not sure who got the worst of it, me or the viper." He chuckles and takes a sip of his coffee before nodding to Branding, "Morning Ensign. What brings you down to the deck today?"

Toby stands up properly again as it becomes apparant that Brandy wants to talk to him, and gives a faint nod in acknowledgement of the greeting. Holding a hand out to accept the binders he glances over to Warren as the man replies. "Yeah, they do that, it's incase your seat then fires, banging out through the canopy ain't going to do you any good at all," he replies with a slow now, then turns to take a look at just what it is that he's been handed.

Brandy is one of those types that so very much seems to have been born formal, her posture remains steady and perfect, and she only speaks again after Warren address her, "I am prepairing a specialized training package for the Gentleman Ghosts, Sir." she relates, and then does speak with Toby directly, "I need you to reserve that raptor, and pass along to the chiefs it needs to be refitted to a Foxtrot configuration, by request of Captain Bennett. The priority is medium, after the other ships are repaired."

Warren nods to Toby a bit, "Yeah that wouldn't have been good at all. Though ever tried landing a Viper in atmo, with no canopy, while on fire? Frak, let me tell you less than fun." He glances back to Brandy and gives her a nod letting her talk to Toby a moment but does raise an eyebrow at the request and hmms to himself.

Toby takes a moment to give the papers a quick glance, before he closes the binder again and gives Brandy another short nod. "I'll pass that on," he states before adding, "probably won't take long, we're mostly on routine maintance at the moment. Who wants notified when it's done, yourself or Captain Bennett?" Warrens question gets a brief smile of amusement though as he pretends to have to think about it for a few moments, then eventually answers with, "you know, can't say I have."

"I hope I am not disturbing, Sir?" Brandy offers, just to check as it takes a bit of the Crewman's attention. "You can simply inform me and I will pass it along to the Captain. We will be using to train for insertion support missions." She states and shift her attention to the ranking officer again.

Warren chuckles at Toby's last remark back at his question, "Really? You haven't? I'm surprised." Theres a grin and he looks back to Brandy, "At ease ensign, you're not disturbing anything. Just having some friendly banter with the crewman." He hmms a moment, "Brandy right? You were flying the tyllium mine strike yeah? First real mission here with us I think? Tell me…what'd you think about it?"

"I'll pass that along," Toby replies to Brandy, then, spotting the start of a piloting conversation when he hears one he figures he may as well go do that now. "Back in a moment," he offers to the pair of them, then specifically to Warren, "and I'll get you another form while I'm there." That said he turns to make the shrt trip back to the deck office and hand over the binder's from Brandy. He's left the rest of his gear there though, so it doesn't look like he's planning to be away long.

Brandy gives a nod to Toby as he steps away. Her attention truns to Warren and she mkes eye contact briefly, "Yes, Sir. My first real space combat mission. I had been working with the Picon resistance prior to my transfer. We used Foxtrots for fire support and extraction." She explains before moving to any sort of real answer to the question, "I found the group very competant, and fighter cover both reassuring, for which I am thankful for the cover, and a little unsettling to have no weapons control. I think I rubbed a groove into the stick and nearly strained my trigger finger because I could not shoot back. Also, there is no where to hide in space.. It is something I never worried about shuttling units to forward assignments." She says in a frank tone with a hint of the smooth mello tones of a Scorpian accent.

Warren gives a nod to Toby, "Thank you crewman, not nessecary, but thank you." And then his attention is back on Brandy and he listens intently, "Understandable Ensign. And thank you, we try our best to make sure you don't need to have to think about shooting back." There is a smirk, "Yeah theres not many places to hide out in the black. Asteroid belts yeah, but out there? You're out in the open, naked. And thats why we're out there, to put ourselves between you and raiders."

Toby returns, minus folders but with a clipboard, pen and post-flight check form for Warren. Passing them across he gives the Lieutenant a brief smile before shrugging slightly, "if you don't find anything then you don't need to fill it in, but just in case you do." It would seem that he's either a stickler for paperwork or doesn't want one of his fellows getting any grief for something a pilot did, or indeed, did not, do. Either way though his tone is still light and conversational.

There is a nod again in agreement to Warren, "It was a good learning experience." She states, and glances to Toby when he returns. Her wrist lifts from her side and she takes note of the time, "Please excuse me." she offers and takes a step back. "I have some other things to attend to. Good day."

Warren gives Toby a nod taking the clipboard with a smile, "Thank you crewman." Theres a nod back to Brandy, "Of course Ensign. Have a good rest of the day." He glances down to the checklist before grabbing his coffee again to finish it off, looking over it as if mentally walking through it again a moment.

"Good day Ensign," Toby offers as Brandy announces her departure, "you might get word back today, or it might be tomorrow, depends if every goes as predicted or not." Then back to Warren he goes over the list. "You need a hand with any of it?" he checks, then adds the standard, "just jot down anything that seems odd and we'll look into it for you."

Warren gives a nod in return and hmmms, "I should be good. Not sure I missed anything really. More of double checking…inner perfectionist wanting to make sure I got it right." Theres a smirk as he moves over to the Viper again, walking through the checklist, "Just don't want to make your jobs any harder than I already do."

Toby waits a few moments, but then seems happy enough that the pilot isn't about to start a string of DIY repairs and so starts to pick up his own gear again. "I'll leave you to it then Lieutenant," he states, "and as I said, Alexios will be over with his crew at somepoint to check it anyway so you should be alright." That said he turns to make his way back towards the raptors that had been his original desitination.

Warren nods a bit at that, "Thank you crewman" He doesn't seem to be noting anything down as he goes through the list, taking his time as he works his way through the list. No rush, just more of making sure he didn't rush through anything last night in all the comotion.

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