AWD #282: Another Day in Sickbay
Another Day in Sickbay
Summary: Another day and bit by bit, more Ynyr is making more progress - but so are others as Kostas prepares to depart on emergency leave, Knox to accompany her.
Date: 15/10/2013 (OOC Date)
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Sickbay, Deck 3, Battlestar Orion
Serving as the ship's primary care facility, the Medical Center is a rather large, single room structure that has the same load-bearing structures to the walls that the halls do, as well as the same heavy hatch. There is a desk at the entrance staffed by a nurse as well as a small locker for single dose drugs like aspirin. Beds are lined up along each wall with EKG's and hangers for IVs in case of triage. Large cabinets at the rear provide ready access to lifesaving medicines and gear, as well as a ready supply of defibrillators. Not far from the primary entrance is the Chief Medical Officer's office and on the other side is a small hatch to the recovery ward. Towards the rear is a sectioned-off examination area. Opposite the hatch to recovery is a sealed doorway leading down a hallway to the ship's morgue.
October 15th, 2005

It's been a quiet morning. Brina came by and sat with Lleu for a while, went over some tapes with him, showed him photos from his bunk of past duty stations, friends from his past or present, read him some of his correspondences with his family from before the war or tried to get him to read them for himself, privately. Then she wandered off to let him rest for a while. The nurses come and go to check on him regularly.

In such a lull, Ynyr has awakened. He lays quietly for a time and then using the button on his bed, levers himself to sitting up about as high as it will lift him. Carefully he draws his sheets back and shifts his leg over, slowly. Cautious. With a little effort he makes it to sitting up with his legs over the side of his bed and there he stops, possibly dizzy or waiting to see if he will be.

Nearby, Kostas rests, until a nurse brings by a small bundle - off duty clothing, with her tags on top and boots on the bottom. A nod and murmured thanks, and Kostas starts to methodically dress. She's less stiff, still somewhat bandaged, though not packed, fresh seaming and stitches adding to the patchwork network of many scars of various ages. It's the body of someone who's taken a lot of beating, for her years. Though then again, haven't they all. Her expression is distracted, and she gives a little grunt as she swings a leg up to shove a foot into her boot, hugging her knee to her chest as she laces them. Thus far, she seems content to give Ynyr his space - or is lost in her own headspace for the moment.

For a long moment Lleu does nothing but sit there. The movement outside of his curtained space is noticed through the gap where Brina left it half open with a view of Kostas's bed. He watches the Ensign and then slowly, edges himself off of his bed to try and stand. Lleu keeps a grip on the bed and after he thinks he won't fall right away, he reaches a hand out to try and get something from the table pushed just out of reach from his bed. He's looking at it but can't quite .. reach … whatever it is among several things set there. His electronic notepad, a small box with photos and personal items, a tall but mostly empty plastic cup of water, several other assorted things including his tray from what little breakfast he tried to eat. No, he can't reach it. Ynyr pauses to lean back against the bed, puzzle out the problem and see if he can come up with a solution.

It's the movement of the standing Ynyr that finally draws Kostas' dark eyes, though she switches feet for the moment, shoving her other foot in and lacing up. "You got it, Ynyr? Or need some help." No stranger to self-sufficiency and pushing, the marine officer will ask before rushing to help. Especially if it impedes recovery. She stands, more easily, after her practice up and down all night, her tags clinking as she pulls them over her head and on.

Brina got a little nap while she was away but even then she looks like she could use more sleep. Her trip back to the Sarge's bed is halted when a nurse stops her and the two talk for several moments. The other woman is given a thank you and then she's off, slowly making her way back to where the others are.

Lleufer turns his head at Kostas's voice and looks at her, sort of. His breath is up a little, the effort of standing making his left leg tremble even leaning against the bed. He doesn't answer her but reaches carefully for his IV stand to try and use it to … snag the foot of the table and try to draw it closer on it's rollers. Not working too well. Ynyr could call for help by pushing the button on his bed but he always has been stubborn. If he could just lean a little more, one hand still on his bed… he's focused on that table. His leg or his arm gives and he falls, pulling the IV stand over in a loud clatter as it hits the floor.

Kostas nods, as Ynyr doesn't ask for help, respecting that. She doesn't scold, doesn't fret. Instead she carefully squats down—allowing him to control whether he uses her as a platform to right himself, as she picks up the IV stand and sets it up from that position. No doubt there'll be plenty of runners soon, but hers is a quiet presence.

The fall wasn't seen but Brina catches the noise which hurries her over to her desitnation. The sight has her blinking slightly and she looks, first at the felled Marine and then the one not exactly helping, what Kostas is doing caught onto and gaining her a smile. "Did he do what I think he did," she asks in regards to why Lleu is on the floor.

He's all right, didn't hit his head. Breathing up he puts a hand out to Kostas. Nice, firm grip with his right hand. "Shit." is hissed through gritted teeth and he tries to mumble something else that might be 'dumbass' but it's not clear. Medical staff comes running to see what happened and to assist. Unlike Kostas, they aren't asking if the Sergeant needs help - one of them moves in to start hauling him up, "Sergeant, you should not be trying to get out of bed without assistance. Motor-coordination." Lleu doesn't look pleased and keeps his grip on Kostas as he's getting hauled back up to his feet and to the bed.

Kostas rises with the grip, her dark eyes hard as the medical staff moves to hustle Lleu. "We got it." she growls. "O'Connell's got his side if he needs it." Of course, there may be some resentment towards the one who's getting out "early", but her clearance papers are right there on her cot to see. The curse brings a smile to her lips. She'll put a hand on the staff's wrist that reaches for Ynyr and gets him partially to his feet, briefly. "Stay by if you want. But we got this." Assuming they're willing to give him a chance, she looks at Ynyr and nods. Though will follow his cue—slow or fast as he wants.

Knox arrives from the Recovery Ward.

Brina offers a hand instead of anything like trying to hoist Lleu up, allowing him to do things on his own terms at the same time their Ensign does. "You are a stubborn fraker," gets pointed out. While proud of him for having tried, the truth of the matter is that seeing him on the floor has her angry as well as worried. "Shall we, sir," she asks Siliva, then, what ire is welling up slowly dissipating.

The medical staff isn't liking it, "He can't be hitting his head. A fall could do a lot of damage and set him back." The man looks very displeased but lets the other two assist their fellow Marine. Ynyr gives a Kostas a look and with their help tries to get himself back to his feet. Balance is a bit shot or muscular control, yet. Panting a little, he rasps, "-ed." Just get him to the bed. Whatever he wanted on the table will have to wait, no longer interested.

Displeasure seems to roll off Kostas like water off a duck's back. The staff gets a curt nod and a brief, "Thanks." Her gaze turns towards Lleu. "Hear that, Ynyr? Maybe we should get your helmet for ya." She waits for him to steady himself as much as he's going to, trusting Brina to be able to read the signals as good if not better than she can. When he's ready, she'll move as he does, for the step or so back to the bed. "Reckon maybe puttin' the table closer," she mutters to Brina. "Though tomorrow, we movin' it 2 feet an' puttin' a beer or somethin' like that on it." She smirks at Lleu, though not where medstaff can see it.

Knox has been a pretty quiet monkey while he's been healing up. Getting shot up landing Raptors isn't fun, but he seems to be recovering well — which is about normal for a skinjob. He probably still has a few areas that hurt but he's working through it. He wanders into the area of beds in his newly drawn camo duds. Yep, Knox took Kostas' orders seriously and drew himself a new uniform. Spotting the commotion, though, his brow lifts slowly. "Problems?" he asks in general to those around.

"Forget the beer. Put a girly mag on it. If tits and ass can't get him on his feet, nothing will be able to." And knowing Brina, she'll make good on that. The table is hooked with a foot and pulled closer before she moves herself, trying to encourage the head-injured MP to do the same by doing so. Knox is given a quick smile as well as a quick shake of her head. "Sergeant tried to get up and was reminded that gravity does indeed still work. How are you doing?"

"He's not allowed alcohol in his condition." Or ships's alert condition for that matter. The male orderly or nurse, Corpsman or whatever he is lingers to keep an eye on things. Lleu gets back to the bed and sits on it, then lays back to rest, the little excursion having worn him out for the moment. His face half covered in beard coming in, head bandaged and wearing only a hospital gown, the right side of his face grimaces. He's OK, and by what expression he can make, looks cranky. Lleu's gaze slips from Kostas and Brina to Knox at the skinjob's arrival.

Maybe only Brina and Lleu can see it—but is that actually an eyeroll that happens in Kostas' face as the orderly chirps at them? Who's gonna tell. Lleu safely ensconced, she pats Brina's shoulder gruffly. "Or whatever. Maybe that ain't good for the frakkin' blood pressure though depending on how good it is." She turns a little stiffly, to see Knox, offering him a grin, but there's a shadow there suddenly, as if his appearance means something. "Heya Knox. You lookin' pretty good. Most folks gettin' discharged right an' left, seems like it." She looks back towards Lleu and Brina. "Don't be makin' this nice man's life hell while I'm gone, now," she warns, with another glance towards the orderly. "You fit t' go soon, Knox?" Some of that restlessness that's plagued her the whole time returns.

Coop shrugs. "Chest is still sore. same with the left arm, but that's to be expected. I returned the rest of the painkillers because I can deal with a dull pain pretty easily." He settles his gaze on Lleu and upnods. "You fall on your ass and get broken even more, Buddy Sarge, you're gonna be one pissed sumbitch. Who the hell else is going to sidearm frags at Centurions faces with me? Mallas? Psh. Winston?" HA! Coop smirks. "You frak yourself up more I'll make sure you stay longer." He waggles his finger at Lleufer before looking to Kostas. "Thanks. I hate starchy uniforms but if that's my biggest complaint I suppose I'm pretty well off. And yeah, I'm ready when you are. I've already got gear and a few rifles checked out just in case. They're down and waiting for us. Need some help, sir?" He stretches an arm out to put under her own if she needs the support. Never leave a wounded brother in need of help.

Lleufer stares at Knox, trying to place the man in his memory, and keep up with processing what's been said to him. Sort through it. So he blinks once and lies there sitting up. Faintly puzzled look on his face, the right side he can still move properly. His gaze slips to Brina, then back to the others before Lleu drags the sheet back over himself.

Brina tries not to fuss over Lleufer too much (what manly Marine wants to be mothered, after all?) so he's allowed to get himself settled in while she makes sure the table is close enough to be in easy reach. Kostas and Knox are listened to and then, with a sigh, she gives them both a wistful smile. "You guys heading back down to Crandall? Man, stay safe if you are… frak, stay safe, no matter what." With conscious effort being spent on not being too much of a mother hen, Brina has nothing to occupy her hands with and she is left to fidget. Lleufer's look is caught and he's given a smile, brief but warm.

"Not t'day, O'Connell. Headin' to Spree's main base, th' one that's been there awhile. Got a personal thing t' take care of. Doc's only letting me out for 12-24, then I gotta come back here for final discharge. Hope t' see more progress when I get back." Kostas smiles up at Knox, briefly. "Well, let's see how far I get on my own. You gonna have to shorten them long strides of yours, though. I promised th'nurses I wouldn't be *too* much of a pain in the ass." She takes a deep breath, lets it out audibly. "Let's get th' show on th' road, shall we?"

Coop resists the urge to screw with Lleufer. Its difficult, but self control is important! He grins at the guy before nodding to Brina. "Take care. Don't let any Marines push you around." He gives her a thumbs up before he turns to more face the door and extending an arm towards it for Kostas. "Lead the way, sir. I'll keep myself here in support."

Ynyr doesn't say anything. He's hardly said a full word since he took the head wound. He only watches them, silent, as the other two prepare to depart.

Brina grins. "Do I look like the kind of person who lets others push me around, Sarge?" If there's one thing to be said about the tiny blonde it's that she's got a lot of attitude and is not easily shoved about despite how easy it might look. "You guys stay safe, please. Tell Commander Spree hi, for me." Those leaving are allowed to go, now while Brina finally fail, her willpower crumbling and she finally succumbs to the urge to tuck Lleufer in.

Knox leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

At least he's more cognisant of what's going on around him. Lleufer looks at Brina and puts out his hand to cover hers when she fusses with his bed clothes. He studies her face, still trying to place her in his memory, make connections. Then he looks her over to see if she brought anything. Shaving kit or books, anything. Then his hand moves from hers to push the button asking for someone from medical to come assist with something. It takes a moment but an orderly arrives, the same fella from before, "Yes, what do you need?" Ynyr points to something on the table and the guy comes over to start sorting through and lifting things. Lleu wants none of them until the bedpan is selected. The orderly smiles, "I think he needs to take a leak, Lance Corporal. You might want to step out for a second. I can do this."

Oh boy. That's something Brina actually blushes over and she nods, her face going steadiler warmer and brighter. "I'll let him do that." Chewing her lower lip, Brie gives Lleufer a bashful grin before stepping just outside of the curtain which she then pulls closed behind her.

Thankfully it'll only take a moment and when finished, the orderly quietly leaves with what needs measuring and decontamination before it'll be returned for future use. The man stops and looks at Brina, "I'll ask Dr. Nadir about procuring him a walker so he might start moving around with assistance. Be good for him, but she'll want to do some tests first." A touch of her arm and he departs.

The touch and the news both leave Brina teary and she gives him a sad, tired smile before she turns back to return to Lleufer's side. "There. Seems like that worked out in the end, huh? And good news. You'll be allowed to walk soon. Perhaps we can find a quiet place to spend some time and talk and stuff once you're on your feet." Not that Lleu is really able to talk at the moment but hey. Brina's very good at talking and is more than willing to do the chatting for the both of them.

Yeah, he likes that news. Lleu gives her a nod, following her words more clearly. He's got his cup of water refilled and set into a holder on the arm of the bed. Now he's had a chance to rest a little, and his most immediate needs met, he reaches his hand to take up Brina's if she's close enough, or beckon her closer if she's not. When he can take her hand, Lleu lifts it to touch his face, specifically his beard, watching her.

Brina's hand has always been kept near Lleufer for moments like this when he might want to hold it or, in this case, use it to signify the thick fuzz upon his face, how he does so getting her to giggle. "Yes, I do think we need to get you shaved. I brought your kit. we can do that in a little bit." As handsome as he is no matter what, Brina's come to realize that she does prefer him clean-shaven.

The beard really doesn't suit his face, no. Doesn't seem inclined to want to grow evenly enough anyway. Perhaps when he's older, or if it was neatly trimmed, but not as it is now. Besides, it's against regs. Lleu squeazes her fingers at her understanding his request right off without his having to struggle to try and speak. He points to his electronic tablet if she'll indulge him in one more request. Lleu's going to have some trouble operating it, or reading as yet, but he will try. And practice will help him be slowly regain the ability to do such basic tasks which are necessary if he is not to be permenantly discharged from service on medical.

The tablet is pulled from the table and powered on, the device then handed to to him. "What would you like to do?" While some requests are easy to grasp, such as the one he just made about shaving, this is one that would require some level of telepathy to get the gist of, beyond the basics. Brina watches for clues that'll let her know just what it is Lleufer's needing or wanting, now.

Lleufer only shakes his head faintly, not even sure himself. He settles on trying to patiently explore his own tablet and see if he can remember how it works, what's on it. Can he still read anything? It takes some effort but yes, he seems able to read but it's very slow going and he gets hung up frequently, lifting a finger to point to a word and look at Brina to tell him what it is and means because … eh, well, he's got gaps.

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