AWD #439: Angry Observations
Angry Observations
Summary: Marines are out on an observation mission on Aerilion, seeing some upsetting things
Date: 3/9/2016 (OOC Date)
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Jena Kapali Knox Randy Stone 
Aerilon (Outside of Parnam)
he terrain in the area is mostly flat with a lot of farmland. Tanks and other wreckage litter the landscape like a giant toddler was handed a lighter, a brick of fireworks, and a bunch of expensive toys and told 'Don't' before the parents left the room. Its like that. A lot of dead bodies, too. Familiar uniforms. A lot of kids in the number, too, most in uniform.
AWD #439

Once the truck stopped they had to hump it through the fields and woods the rest of the way. Luckily they aren't hauling all that gear too far. Only about 10 miles - far enough to get past the guard posts closer to Parnam. Approaching the site isn't exactly easy though. There's a lot of flat ground out there but the fields are mostly overgrown so they can get there. Slowly. The OP was designated as a small windbreak line of trees about 500m from the Saber site. There's a cluster of three trees with low branches that provide nice overhead cover and shade with branches low enough to break up silhouettes.

Coop is quiet most of the trip up, as if remembering something about the area. His eyes mostly stayed up, looking at the hulks as they passed. Yeah, memories. Ones that probably aren't his own. Once they get to the walking, he straps a Karlstov G48 to his radio pack and tucks a trio of HEAT rounds in there also. He's got his own personal padded bag for his camera, too. He offers to take point for the reasons of a recognizable face, and walks it without a worry. Once they get to the OP, though, he moves in slowly and begins unpacking the Karlstov, moving to his knees.

Moving at a crouch is never easy, especially for ten miles, but everyone was pretty well trained to just get the job done. Jena is among them, just another face in the bunch. Armed with her rifle and her sidearm, she hadn't spoken much, but she'd noticed the dead bodies, notably the ages of said bodies with a solemn expression. When they arrive at the destination, she does one more quick check over her gear, glancing over at Knox as he starts unpacking then allowing her eyes to rake over the others as well.

Randy road in the truck bed with the gear, but hasn't been all that chatty the whole way. The bodies, the kids, they don't seem to surprise her. Meloncholy eyes graze over the landscape. She has a night vision goggle attachment on her helmet and when they are dropped off and start moving, she flips them on so her eyes and reflexes can acclimate before it becomes life or death. She takes up position near the rear of the team, but switches off her night vision to conserve power along the way. When they get to the OP, she pulls a water bottle out and quietly drinks as she surveys their surroundings. Then she starts to help unpack.

As the rear most marine on this little field trip, Kapali moves at a pace that allows her to remain at a precise distance from the main body of the group itself while making sure that any sign of their passage is carefully obscured or obliterated in such a way as to make following their trail as difficult as possible. At what may appear to be irregular intervals she backtracks enough to sweep again, listen intently to the surrounding terrain, then catch up only to repeat in a set pattern that makes sense to the marine, if not to anyone else. Reliably unpredictable, there's a certain logic to it. Once they reach their OP she backtracks again, moving as silently as possible to check their trail and the immediate vicinity, no such thing as to wary.

Since Knox offers, and so Stone does allow him to take point, being a skinjob and such. Though moving easily along as well with his weapon. Letting his gaze easily jump from one place to another. Always trying to catch all small details. Seeing all the bodies, though his face stays the same neutral through it all. Once on sight he does help with securing it all before keeping a lookout while the others unpack.

With the waist-high field proving nice low cover, with the trees, it gives them a really great view of the field and what's beyond. Far in the distance they can see the outskirts of Parnam. Probably just under a mile to the mess of homes that don't have big barns attached to their property. But closer is their reason for being here.

502m exactly. There are four TEL trucks, each one with four missile tubes pointed vertically at the rear of the launcher truck. One of the launchers, however, has much fatter tubes at the head like there's something additional at the tip of each missile. The radar masts are all up and operating, putting out energy and filling the sky with signals and trying to spot anything coming inbound. With a 200+ mile range, these missile systems are ugly to face for pilots and seeing the active site is another reminder of it. There are a lot of Centurions around but also quite a few skinjobs. Several different model types, but a lot of Sevens. None of the Fives or Tens. Everyone appears to be at least minimally armed but there's no obvious uniforms being worn. Just a generic mix of camo like watching a bunch of rednecks at a singles mingle.

Knox peers through the viewfinder on his camera, steadying it on a tree. "Those are Sevens. Now we've got pictures." He snaps a photo and takes a long breath. "Last time I was on Aerilon at a SAM site it was like a week after Warday. Came down with a Staff Sergeant named Dell. I took her hostage and killed a bunch of Eights. Good times." His words are all whispered, though. Barely even able to be heard.

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Stone rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Jena rolls ALERTNESS: Great Success.

Night vision was convenient, but Jena wasn't using it at the moment. Instead, she's taking a look around and trying to check out the area for hazards. Eyes linger on the tubes, squinting a little as she attempts to gauge what's different about them with the ends. Hearing Knox, she gives him a considering look but holds her silence until she notices something. Or more particular, someone. "Check your six," she indicates the area towards Stone's back where is.. identified potentially as the Two that no one has photographed as of yet. "Sergeant," she tries to point Knox's attention in that direction also.

Randy flips her nightvision on to get a better look at the site, peeking her head up just barely above the field and just behind a tree so her dark shape has something to blend into. "Yeah, good times," she whispers back before she starts to take stock of the forces, numbering them off soundlessly.

Armed with a camera, along with everyone else, Kapali takes a handful of carefully framed shots of the target, the homes, the TEL vehicles, their visible weapon load, etcetera and so on. She also pans a methodical 360, taking fluid shots of the surrounding terrain before framing as many faces as possible for review. Once she secures the camera again she returns to studying the terrain to their backs, eyes sweeping, rifle held in a ready position as she gives a visible twitch as she fights the urge to follow the gesture that PJ Cruz makes as she points out something to the Sergeant, focusing more intently in the opposite direction - just in case.

Stone does look over as Jena gestures. Nodding as he stays low. Trying to scan the area as well as he can. Giving Jena a gesture 'good job', letting Knox handle that as Jena gestures for him. Then continuing with what he was doing earlier. Looking through the site, while every once in awhile scanning the closer vacinity.

The next hour and a half or so is spent getting settled. No real sense in bringing sleeping bags since they aren't here that long. The night descends fulls, though, and the darkness provides some comfort - like a warm blanket. People probably all have their NVD's on from their helmets and have been scanning their sectors. Knox set up a camera in the tree with a continuous feed of recording video (which is probably why he has extra batteries and a ton of memory sticks) and let the others get the detailed shots that might be needed. Everything was settling in for a boring night when at about 2245 Local, there was a massive blast of a horn from the center of the site.

The sound probably woke everything within a mile. But there's a reason for it. The deep, blaring sound holds the tone of a train horn for five seconds, then stops. Looking at the site, there is nobody visible except for a line of busses driving down the road nearby. Then? It fires. NVD's are completely white-washed by the view, nearly blinding all of them. The top of the missile tube pops off and the actual missile is ejected vertically into the air with a loud bang, like someone hitting a pipe-wrench on a car. The missile pops up about fifty feet then ignites that blinding exhaust plume. The missile tilts a little, then begins climbing nearly vertical, heading far up into the sky. The ugly brown exhaust trail blankets the whole site. …And then another fires, repeating the process. And another. And another. And a few minutes later, one more. All five missiles fire off, depleting one launcher truck and one off another. None of the 'fathead' missiles fired, though.

Knox is looking at the ground when the horn blows. By the time the missile fires? He's staring at the site. He's about to call out a warning when the missile fires. He shuts his eyes quickly, turning away as he rips the goggles off into the dirt. Good Gods!! He's trying not to shout in pain. That hurt. He can't even see anything else. Blind, he just doesn't move or make another sound.

<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Good Success.

By instinct Stone throws himself to the ground, gesturing to get low. Looking to try and see that they aren't spotted before the blinding light makes him bite his tongue and get rid of the NVD's. "Anyone got visual?" He asks in a lower voice while blinded. Fighting through the pain but unable to really help out at the moment.

Randy winces at the burst of light, but it does no good. It's already seared in. She ducks down, pulling her goggles off and chewing at her lower lip to make it hurt more than what's going on in her eyes. She's still by her tree. She reaches out to touch it and moves to the side that is farthest from the site, not letting go. "I saw busses, right before. White busses," Randy whispers back. "Before the flash though."

Giving a nearly soundless vent to the sudden need to invent swear words, Kapali jumps - literally - in place as the horn blows. The only good thing to having ten years scared off of ones life span is that it is deducted from the end, not the middle. That's the ONLY good thing. She gives a brief, instinctive, glance at the sound before pivoting immediately away, rifle up and sweeping for any immediate new threat that might decide to sneak up and kick their collective asses. She counts the sounds of the missiles launching off, even makes mental note of the relative trajectory, but flips the NVR up immediately off of her eyes to avoid being blinded. Her eyes are narrow, watering as well from the sudden shift in vision and passes the word back down the line. "Missiles away, targets not intra-atmosphere, sarge, looks like they're impacting something in orbit. what the frak is that?" she breathes this question almost to herself then slightly louder, "Something up there is leaving orbit and heading toward the surface, sarge," she adds in a hushed voice pitched to carry only so far as necessary.

A sound that big? Jena is looking towards it to see what was happening. She, among others likely, had gotten some photos of the Two. At the the unexpected blindness she makes a soft sound at the pain and immediately follows suit, ripping off the goggles and lifting a free hand automatically to her eyes. She can't see anything, but she falls silent, listening for approaching sounds, cursing herself for the involuntary sound she'd made and for looking at the light. "I can't see anything."

Knox rubs at his eyes, moving to his knees and trying to blink but its impossible for him to see much. "Godsdamnit, that's gonna frak us." Eyes open, he blinks a few more times, trying to clear the field of white from in front of his face. "What the hell do you see, Kappa?"

Stone wasn't looking straight at the light, so not quite getting the full effect. Since he was trying to make sure they weren't spotted. Listening to Kapali's words while trying to blink to regain his sense of sight. As for all others' words, he nods. "As detailed as you can, Kap." He tells her, keeping his voice low.

Randy just sort of, continues to hold onto the tree for bearings. Nice tree. She keeps her eyes completely closed, testing them out briefly only to close them again. "That didn't fry our eyes did it? My eyes still hurt." She keeping her voice as a whisper, but there's still a note of urgency from the quickening of her words.

"Those missiles were launched at something in orbit," Kapali answers in a low voice, worry making her words subtly louder than intended. A moment of silence, in which mental math is calmly accomplished, "Minimum safe distance," she murmurs then speaks sharply. "All of those missiles just kicked off and what ever the frak they hit is blown to bits, sarge," she answers. "What ever is heading this way has a contrail and may or may not be in a controlled descent but it sure as hell is heading toward us and we need to haul ass." This said she moves carefully back until she reaches Jena, "On me, anyone who can't see, link up, reach for the next marine, and so on."

Jena is trying to recover in vain, closing her eyes she presses her fingers slightly but the white is imprinted there from the flash. She listens though, holding on to her sanity by sorting the voices and locations one at a time. Tilting her head back she tries again to get a view of the sky and what could be heading towards the surface, but she just can't manage it. Disabled, she is frustrated, but relieved as she hears the voice beside her. She reaches out a hand and finds purchase, gripping a bit of uniform in her hand. "Thank you," she says in a rush of expelled breath, checking for her rifle, her sidearm and those blasted goggles she'll likely need again, if she ever gets her sight back. Groping for them, she manages to find them and grips the offending gear. "Lead the way."

Stone has at least a little vision in one of his eyes. Enough to get his things and rise to kneel. "How far off is it? Is it likely to hit, and also… IS there enough time to run? Else we might just be running into it if we can't determine where it is heading more precisely." He points out. Trying to help people gather up. "All of your lives are in danger, I think staying is safer but if anyone don't trust me in that." Leaving that hanging. "We also have a mission. I can stay behind to finish it." If he is left alive.

"I'm not moving my ass if the Staff is staying," Cooper mutters, still blinking every few seconds. It's not just about death - which doesn't mean too much for him. It's about risk of capture. If they get Knox alive, he's hosed. "I'm holding position."

"Frak," Randy breathes before gritting her teeth. Luckily she had all her gear on already, but that doesn't make it easy to find someone. She moves along on her hands and knees so she doesn't trip on anything, going towards the sound of Kapali's voice. She's sort of veering off course at first, trying to go fast, but as she hears the movement of others, she course corrects enough to make sure she hits the line of Marines and take up as a link in the chain behind Jena. "Flynn linked." She's not going to sit around talking about it. /If/ they decide to haul ass, she wants to be ready. "Sir, I'm not going if you're staying either." She lets go of Jena but stays within hand's reach.

As the only one whose vision isn't compromised, Kapali looks from face to face, starting with Staff then all the way around until she's certain everyone is set. "Sarge, if I may recommend? Everyone stay within relative proximity of each other until your vision clears, no sense stumbling over gear or making any noise that might draw attention to our location. I'll keep an eye on what ever the frak is inbound and if it looks like it might decide to make an impact crater," and since no one can see HER expression it's safe to allow a brief flash of a grin, "well, at least we won't die from boredom."

"Holding position," Jena backs the rest of them, opting for safety in numbers. Still, she keeps her gear on her body, within reach, even if it is not usable at the moment due to her blindness. Feeling Randy, she gives a reassuring squeeze, remaining near Kapali and Randy, listening to Stone and Knox. At the suggestion, she tilts her head towards where she last heard Stone's voice, waiting to see if he agrees. She's not moving away from anyone though, but she does let go of Kap's uniform for now. "See anything yet?"

Vision is slowly starting to return. Shapes can be made out in the dark. The general shape of the familiar area is held nicely. Looking around the ground, though, yeah. There are backpacks, canteens, a couple Karlstovs, rockets, everything. But putting the NVD's back on does allow people to see again, if only a little. The intake lenses filters are still recovering and the picture is a little blurred, but the vision is still better than without.

Looking towards the SAM site, the smoke is still wafting away and the skinjobs and Centurions have come back out of the launch trucks and radar vehicles. A couple of them are looking towards the sky and what is decending, a couple even gesturing. Most of them are standing around chatting. Smoking. Looking unconcerned. …Wait a sec. When did those busses stop inside the compound? There must be ten of them. In the dull green of the devices, they can see a whole line of them coming up the road, too. All of them look to be coming to the site. Twenty. Thirty. Forty… the road is lined.

Knox takes up his NVD's and hooks them back to his helmet. He rubs his eyes once more before bringing the picture back. He hasn't moved from his knees, either. All his gear is still in a circle around him. But as he stares at the site, he mouthes one word: 'Wow.'

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Jena rolls Alertness: Success.

Stone nods and let out a soft snicker. "Well, be ready to jump if it does crash at us." He offers in an attempt at a joke. Nodding again at Kapali's words. "Stay relative close, keep low. If it is heading for us it might give us away if we move." He offers, then noticing those moving towards them. "Keep your eyes open. Don't give yourself away." Able to see as Randy looks up. "Anything?" He asks, though with himself keeping a look on the enemies. "Kap, keep our backs safe." Then gesturing for silence. In case the enemy has drawn closer.

Finally Randy's vision begins to return to her. She blinks it out a little and flicks her goggles on to test that as well. Massive optical headaches aside, she can see, so she looks back to the site immediately to see if she can get a handle on where those busses were that she saw just before her vision went haywire. "Woah…"

"Looks like the skinjobs are doing what we're doing, eyeing the sky," Kapali replies in a low voice. "Though where the frak did all of those busses come from, is a good question, the road is lined with them now," she adds before she angles a nod at Stone. "Aye sarge," and again pivots away from the show in the center stage and sweeps the surrounding terrain again.

Feeling less disabled, Jena is rather impatient for her eyesight to return. Slipping on the goggles again, she's a glutton for punishment, but she looks skywards anyway. Taking stock, a soft gasp can be heard, though it doesn't carry further than the five of them. "Holy fr.." cutting herself off, she informs the group in a whispered voice. "It's not a ship or anything that I know of, but it looks like a controlled descent." She tries not to have that urgency in her voice, "And I know a lot of ships," she inputs, staring into the sky and not focusing on the busses as they arrive, though she is aware of their presence after a glace.

Randy shifts her pack to grab her camera from her kit. She takes her NVD off of her helmet and starts to line up some shots of something or other at the site. "Some kind of big transport or…cargo ship? about 20K feet off, landing in nice and long. Got a narrow, long design with rear engines," Randy reports to Stone and the others softly.

Cooper keeps his eyes on the SAM site and then does a thorough scan of the surrounding area. Nope, not gonna look up. Hells to the no. "Someone get a still camera ready. Something with zoom. Mine's filming this shit." He takes up his rifle, tucking it into his shoulder. The long arm has its suppressor tightened down and then he looks back to the site. "Somethings coming to dinnnnnerrrr," he whispers like a happy little housewife.

Stone does listen and nod to the words from the others. Letting Jena and Randy handle the descending object while he works with his camera to snap stills of the other things of notice. For the time being. Being quiet and looking to the others. After a moment letting Knox handle things while he tries to assure that the others are safe, and that nothing of theirs can be spotted. Any equipment or similar. "Try and see what's in there, if it opens." Whispering, trying to keep it short.

Kapali shakes her head subtly, dividing her attention between the conversation behind her, the speculation, and the muted noises from the darkness behind them. Flipping the goggles down from her helmet to center over her eyes, she pans the darkness in a constant, wary, sweep. Oh for some land mines, a few perimeter pins and a few monitors.

"Already on top of that," Randy informs Knox. She looks more like an armored bug than a human right now, all loaded up and scrunched into that compact form with lenses, her gear, and such. "Focusing on the ship," she communicates softly to the others so they don't all get the same stuff.

Jena does also get her camera and starts snapping a few pictures of the descent. The busses are included, the long line of the others and then focusing on the ship arriving, zooming in all over the outside of it, looking for anything familiar in it, before focusing on any hatch that may open to get a closer up. "Trying to see," she whispers in response to Stone.

The SAM site doesn't see any additional activity except for the busses. Some of the drivers get out to smoke but for the most part they are all hanging out and looking casual. Meanwhile above the ship is coming in lower. It really starts firing its landing engines at 10,000 feet and the sound is profound. As it gets lower, the sound begins to vibrate in the chest and lungs. The engines are carefully drawn back off the throttle, too, as the anti-grav systems take over. As it comes down past 1000 feet they can see it much more clearly.

That is definitely some kind of transport and its a combat ship, but not a Colonial one. The ship is about 200m long on the beam and 50m wide. Narrowing at the front, there's something that looks like a ramp built into it. Across the back are a pair of missile pack launchers, both of them aimed skyward. No threat known on the ground. The external lights come on but nothing blinding. Just navigational. It covers down to about 200 feet and begins circling tighter in towards the clearing to land right near the Saber site, giving the Marines a chance to look at what might come walking down that ramp.

Knox removes the rifle from his shoulder and very, very slowly reaches down for a G48. His gloved hand opens up the back end latch and he slides in a 68mm HEAT round and rocks back his weight a bit, bringing up one knee to rest an elbow on. "Holy frakking shit. If we get seen, we're gonna need more than a set of pea-shooters."

"If we get seen, we'll be dead." That's one way to fail the mission. Randy keeps her lens trained on the ramp, zooming in quickly to see if she can get some stills of whatever is coming out. "So yeah, let's not." There's a small grin, but it's lost to the darkness. She trusts that Knox is preparing the boom boom, especially from what she can hear.

"Dead is a rather abrupt transition, if we're lucky," Kapali voices quietly from where she's standing. "I'm not so much worried about dead as I'm worried about being detained, something tells me that prisoner rights aren't really a high priority."

"Agreed," Jena allows in a clipped tone, "But we wouldn't go down without a fight. As long as we're alive, there's a chance for surviving." She snaps off a few more photos, but leaves the bulk of that task to Randy. Her own weapon is checked over, lifted, "Gods willing, it's a moot point and no one will discover us." A questioning look is tossed towards their leader, ready to follow any orders given.

Stone let the others talk while he tries to catch what's going on. Nodding is the only response. "If we are discovred, just be ready." He says, not going into death or capture. Letting Knox set himself up, as he hear movement from him. Glancing to Jena to nod. "All calm." He suggests.

The ship has no name on the side of it. No way to identify it. It's painted in a dark grey color that reminds some of the color used on the deep space recon Raptors that special warfare used to like to show off at air shows. But the strange ship in front of them extends some very large landing struts as it begins to settle in. The ship touches down about 50 feet from the edge of the SAM complex and the struts sink into the ground. After 3 or 4 seconds the whole thing seems to come to a more casual rest and the front ramp drops with a mechanical whine. What comes pouring out? Is it stompy chrome robots?

No. How passe.

They come charging down in neat filed lines, running in full combat gear. Humans. Kids. Teenagers. They can see the faces in the viewfinders. One adult for each full strength squad. They took the desperation of Picon and turned it right back onto humanity. Those kids are fully armed and their kits look immaculate, like any landing of Marines. A tightly zoomed shot under night vision reveals the patch: Allied Planetary Marines.

Once the kids are all charge off, their adult Sergeants yelling at them to get to their assigned bus, another group of humans comes off. Men and women, dressed in ragtag camo and Marine kit, looking exactly like every other one of the Aerilonian Army and Colonial Marines fighting on the planet. Infiltrators. They all wander out and head over to the SAM site to shake hands with the skinjobs, some of the louder words about being impressed by the kids in uniform.

"We can't be captured. We can't risk it." They know where the Orion is. They know too much. But Randy says this before the ramp drops. She falls into a steely silence, waiting to see what comes out. Her heart sinks. "It's kids. It's frakking kids…but she can't keep going because she has to blink away some tears and focus the lense to take some shots while she tries to stay silent. Something inside her knows what will happen and who will have to do it. Her brain flashes back to the families on the streets of Caprica, a searing memory that's been haunting her. The kids keep coming and coming and coming. "I should have gotten the footage sooner," she murmurs softly, regretful of something.

Knox watches the ramp fall and when he see's it, his fingers tighten their grip on the G48 and he flicks the safety off. But he isn't lifting it. The line of his mouth is completely flat but he has gone completely still. He doesn't even look like he's moving. But the anger just seethes off of him like heat. A couple seconds later the firing handle on the Karlstov just snaps off and he lets it fall to the ground, then tucking a leg under and just falling in to sit on his rear.

Facing away from the scene that begins to unfold, Kapali starts to turn as she hears Randy's voice, her hands beginning to shake subtly as she hears her own breath making a rasp of sound that is entirely to loud for what they are doing. And where they are doing it. She quells the urge to turn and see for herself that which is being photographed and filmed. It takes more effort than is pretty but she remains on point, wiping firs one hand, then the other, against her cargos, then blotting at her face with the sleeve of one arm as well before taking a tiny sip from the tepid water in the canteen at her side. Stay on point.

Stone does watch with clenched jaws but without saying or doing anything other than continuing the mission. Letting his body do what his has, but looking as he has more or less shutdown. After a long moment he does let out a breath.

So many kids. So many kids brainwashed into fighting for the enemy. Jena sort of wilts a little where she is crouched, watching, waiting, breathing as quietly as possible. She doesn't speak, unable to form any words that would even come close to expressing the dismal sight before them all. Forcing herself to focus, she glances to make sure things were still recording and pictures were being taken, a concerned look towards Randy at the mention of captured. A terse nod given, an acknowledgement,

Knox moves back to sit against the tree, his eye level just about perfect with the barley tips. He still hasn't said a word, he just sits there, staring off into nothing, furious, letting the vibes roll off him. Eventually he looks down and strips off the whole helmet and puts it in his lap. "This frakking war," he sighs. "Gods. How many people in the fleet are parents with MIA kids?" A hand runs through his hair and lets it fall to the dirt. "And that was just one ship. How many have landed here before? After? …Other locations on Aerilon?" That gloved hand lifts, thumb and forefinger rubbing his eyes. Coop isn't one for tears but it might be time this evening.

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Jena rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Kapali rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Stone rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Randy wipes at her eyes and looks back through the lens to make sure she's seeing something right. The shutter on her camera speeds up in frequency as she snaps off a lot. "Some of the skinjobs aren't happy. Guys…I see a Six, a Twelve, and a Seven off to the side. There's some kind of debate going on," she keeps her voice soft and waits it out, keeping her eyes from blinking. "I think They're trying to convince the Seven." Of what, how could she know? "And…he's kind of buying it, not happy about it though." She moves her camera to capture more of the mineutia of the scene, furrowing her brow. "Okay, Sixes, Nines, Elevens, Twelves. They're..leaving, in their own autos. They look unhappy." She takes a deep breath and whispers to Knox, "Coop, do you think they're about to defect openly?"

"Are the others going to let them actually do that?" Kapali wonders in a low voice. "It's one thing to disagree, but to let them leave, with actionable intel literally in their heads, are they going to be able to just drive off?" For once Kapali risks a look over her shoulder, clearly trying to focus on the salient details and NOT on the horror unfolding. Or make that the newest horror on display.

Damn. Hearing Randy, Jena crouches, capturing a few more for the film. "What could it be? Being sent into our ranks maybe?" SHe doesn't further guess, it's just too broad a spectrum. "So many questions. I wish we could infiltrate them somehow, but there's just no way." Though a considering look is tossed towards Knox before she quickly decides against that notion.

Stone does try to see what Randy is talking about. "Maybe not. Though stopping them right now could have a negative effect. Perhaps they'll follow and deal with them. If they are truly defecting." Trying to piece together what's going on. As well as actually speaking for once. His voice does come out a bit shaky as he tries to control himself but not quite able to. Nodding to what Jena says as well. "It's hard to tell what it could be. Don't suppose anyone has something we can use to find out what they might be up to?" He asks, not expecting a positive answer though.

Coop lifts his head to look, watching. His glove back blots his eye quick before he pulls the helmet back on with the NVD's. Going to need them to get another look. He's silent while he takes in the whole situation and he sneers a tad. "If they wanted to spread intel they could just kill themselves. It's just that simple. No, them walking away is a protest." A finger extends to point, waggling at the SAMs. "They're showing their ass. They toe the line to get by, but the ones who know the truth about who and what they are? As Piraeans? They won't fight kids. No way. Honestly, I doubt even the Sixes would be willing to support this move - awake or not. Honor does not send children to die." He looks back down. "I can't see the seven but if they're arguing, this is probably proof of a lot. The Twelves are throwing in the towel, by my guess. Sevens pal with Twelves. …Frakking kids, man. Just kids. Godsdamn."

"The longer they stick around and keep showing these little protests, the more danger they'll put themselves in. It's no use to us if they're boxed or not sharing intel actively," Randy points out pragmatically. "I don't care that people are protesting." She pulls her camera down and looks sidelong at Knox in the darkness. "That's /not enough/."

"One whisper of discontent, added to that of a thousand others, becomes a roar of sound that cannot be ignored," Kapali voices, still quiet, from where she's standing. "Randy is right, walking off isn't enough. And no," she glances toward Knox, "Killing children isn't the answer, and we all know damned well that if we're in a fire fight and we're faced with children, bearing arms, that we will have to kill or be killed. And this is exactly the sort of war that none of us are prepared to fight, and the fuk head that is the commander in chief of the cylon skinjob war machine, is one brilliant mother fraker of a psychopath." She sweeps a look around again, nodding at Jena, "The guys we linked up with when we were on Libran, the resistance fighters, they said that they were having a damned of a time keeping collaborators out of their ranks. How the frak are we going to keep them out of our ranks now, let alone the Aerilon units?"

"I wish I could answer that. I agree, when it's kill or be killed, there'd be no option, but it's the hesitation when confronted with a kid with a rifle to your face.. Or Gods forbid, your /own/ kid with that vacant look of the damned canners, that'll be just enough to get one of our own dead." Jena growls out in frustration. "Changing the rules on us, mid war." She nods towards Coop, "Yeah, smart but psychotic move. How do we even prepare our own to go up against them?"

"The other lines have no idea what's going on. If they internally disagree they need to know they have people who actively sympathize with them. You do not turncoat an entire race of people overnight. It's take us almost a year and a half to get here and its picking up speed." Knox keeps his voice hushed but he's still pissed off and some of it comes through. "It takes months to brainwash a person, by our guesses. Those kids could have come off Picon before it was liberated. The only other option would be to just go Scorched Terra and kill everyone to save them from becoming slaves." Something Knox could never do. For all the violence in his heart, he never could do something like that. "I sent a Six to talk to a guest you guys had on the Orion. A Twelve had gone out there with a white flag to talk. In exchange for consideration he gave up every single infiltrator in the fleet."

"Well, that sheds a little light on things," Randy whispers softly, but it's impossible for her to express what's behind her words, as there is no room for tone in such things. "How are we doing on time?" She inquires as she pulls her camera back up to take more shots, getting bus license plates, anything that could be traced back to the troops they see before them.

Jena falls silent to consider what Knox says, even giving him a quiet look before looking back towards the site. "Anything that could turn the tides of the war in our favor, but I'm not a life taker, I'm a life saver. Until it's time not to be." Looking over at Randy after a moment, she nods towards the camera, "Get a lot of shots? It's all some good intel we've got, but when the fleet hears about these kids.. it's not going to be pretty."

"Even if we could disable those busses, it would only get us killed and barely slow them down by an hour or two, max," Kapali's voice is low, terse, angry. "And they're kids. Who believe in what they're doing, probably, because they were broken down then rebuilt from the ground up, so they'll fight with all the …. ferocity of a true believer in The Cause, what ever frakked up bullshit their drill sergeants have been hammering into their skulls. This.. is going to shatter morale," she adds in a voice gone rough from barely controlled anger.

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