Lance Corporal Tabitha Knox
Angelis.jpg Knox, Tabitha
Lance Corporal Marines
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Rifleman
Age Sex
21 F
Hair Eyes
Blonde (Arpay) Starlight blue


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During the tail end of the war Tabitha was one of the first to have the Arpay eyes and ears transplants, as well as the gene therapy.
She's spent years on Piraeus as a guide for scientists and is a pro at hunting and tracking.

The rumors:

Apparently she had a torrid affair with her platoon sergeant that was kept on the down low for months before the war ended. Then married her platoon sergeant, not only that, but he's a Six! She doesn't know the meaning of being punctual, constantly late for anything. It's said that she turned down not one, but two promotions during the last war. She runs a charity for war orphans down on P and has a whole passel of her own kids to boot, and the lot of them don't go to school and run wild.

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Recent Logs


File Image Name Notes
Randy_icon.png Ensign Randy Flynn I wish … a lot of things. I'm sorry for everything. Everything will be alright and you'll always be my sister and I'll always love you.
Kapali_icon.png Sergeant Penelope Kapali Awesome person! Can be so much fun. I think she's attached to Randy's hip, since they're almost always together. But it's hard to imagine one without the other so.
Knox_icon.png Staff Sergeant Cooper Knox He's a Six. He is so bad ass. He's also really funny. *swoon* And yes, he's an awesome person, too! Maybe not strict but still....(Courtesy of Randy-player) My husband and my baby-daddy. Hands off.
Gray_icon.png Corporal Gray Anderson Really cool. He's super smart and breaks my brain. I think he's kind of a rule-follower though. Doesn't matter, I still like him.
Lleufer_icon.png Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr Excellent sparring partner, doesn't hold back.


Always down for a party… Celtic Woman - Níl Sé'n Lá "Fill The Glasses One More Time/And Never Heed The Empty Bottle/Turn The Water Into Wine/And Turn The Party Up Full Throttle"
Being a Marine… Blues Saraceno - Dogs of War "When I see the fields burnin' cause hell is coming through/I can't stop the Dogs of War"
'Cause fighting and killing and all the good things in life…. Sweet - Ballroom Blitz The whole song….


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