AWD #325: ...And The Quest For The Holy Rhino, Part 1
AWD #325: …And The Quest For The Holy Rhino, Part 1
Summary: An Away Team heads out to retrieve some abandoned military hardware, and runs into much more than they had planned on. Part 1.
Date: 12/05/2016 (OOC Date)
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We're on Aerilon! Well, in a park in a city on Aerilon. That's abandoned. LOOK OUT FOT THAT KEW FIR…crap.
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As was probably found out through various rumors as well as troops and pilots coming and going, the Orion has settled in to providing constant support to the fight going on on the surface and in the air over Aerilon. Marines and pilots pull regular, random duty assignments, either being ferried over on a raptor for ground assist, or transferring their Vipers and Predators to one of the light cruisers for a quick smash and run fight in the air. On this PARTICULAR day, additional orders are sent out asking you to report to the Hangar Deck for a special assignment on Aerilon, expected to last overnight. A raptor has already been prepped with additional gear and a deckie toolkit, while a young redheaded Lieutenant from Spree's command is waiting along for the ride, bearing the nametag Williams. (Two of the pilots present can take the spots of pilot and copilot. Additional pilots can take jumpseats.) For the moment, the Lt appears to be waiting for the craft to take off before explaining anything, with jump coordinates handed over to the pilot and ECO, indicating space around Aerilon and a location down on the surface.

Lleufer has managed to get released from medical and goodness knows what he bribed the doctors with to release him, but he's up and walking. Moving a little carefully, he's kitted out in the Marine ground combat uniform and body armour with rifle, helmet, a small pack and so forth. The MP Sergeant hangs around waiting to board and keeping an eye out for his fellow Marines who were picked to go. When Lt. Williams says he may go ahead and board, Ynyr does and takes a seat to strap himself in.

Accepting the packet, Rourke passes it over to the ECO. The less he know of the jump coordinates the better. It's the ECOs job to get them to and fro, it's his job to make sure they arrive in one piece. Going over the Raptor for the pre-flight checks, the pilot is rattling off the list to the ECO, waiting for him to respond with checks on craft as troops are loading up. As he does so, Rourke checks off the list, before finally passing it off to one of the Deckhands and moves to climb on board, moving to the pilot's chair to settle in, continuing the pre-flight routine.

Strange, perhaps, for the CAG to receive summons for an assignment. Stranger yet to have such little detail about the particular assignment. However, there could be cause. Letting the woman get a close view of what things are like on the ground might be one of them. It's something many pilots (save those that do evacs) aren't wholly aware of. There's been losses and the woman has been working on methods to at least lessen the instances. No one can claim to ever wholly prevent the loss of life in a time of war (particularly military), but they can improve the numbers. Lower statistics. It's not as if she never sets foot within a Raptor, but it's perhaps less common to see Captain Arrington in the cabin. She's settled at the co-pilot's controls, reaquainting herself with them in short order. Just because she's usually stick for a Viper or Predator doesn't mean the bulkier of the trio of ships the Battlestar carries is entirely foreign to her. Her own gear — which consists of a pack and a rifle that's been checked out, in addition to the service sidearm worn — is stowed already. While the LT piloting finishes the checklist, she's turning to look at Williams. Perhaps to try to refresh her memory. Finally, there is a voiced query: "Is Spree involved or are you a fresh transfer?"

While the crew gets settled and starts powering up, Williams greets some of the crew and offers to the Captain that, "The Commander and your Colonel have asked me to wait to finish the briefing once we are off the deck. Something about not wanting everyone to overhear until no one can do anything about it?" Oh, that doesn't sound confidence-inspiring. In Rourke's and Epiphany's headsets, Orion's ATC gives them clearance to head out.

It's been awhile since Randy received any summons for an assignment. She's got her standard marine gear with her, body armor, her rifle, a sidearm, some 'nades, and some extra little things she would never go into the battlefield without as an EOD, even if she's not expecting to encounter any explosives. At this point, it just doesn't feel right to leave it behind, like an athlete toeing the ground before every pitch. She keeps her eyes and ears open as she gets with the others and blinks at the inclusion of someone from Spree's command.

The MP Sergeant listens to the others speaking but Lleufer hasn't said anything himself, yet. He double checks his gear, keeps the strap on his helmet loose for now, and watches as the others are getting settled. Officers. Welp, that lets him off the hook for being in charge this time. Ynyr sees Sgt Flynn come on board and he gives Randy a nod. EOD is always handy to have along.

Once he has flight and pre-flight checks completed, Rourke keys the intercomm. "All aboard that's coming aboard. Next stop, Aerilon." he comments as he starts to pull on his helmet, keying back to actual that the Raptor's ready when loaded. Once they're packed up, he starts the launch process, pushing the Raptor out into the space outside of Orion so they may make the jump.

Aerilon mission. Kelsey has been doing a lot of ferry work the last week or so. Probably someone testing her resolve to not screech about wanting to get back into more exciting things. When she's called up and ends up not even being told she's flying to her destination, she looks confused. Whatever. She packs a small ruck with snacks and a few sodas with her helmet bag stuffed in there also. She just wears her complete combat kit with g-suit and survival vest, though. After her shoot-down on Picon, Squire doesn't even get into simulators without wearing her whole kit. So once she's settled in the Raptor, she straps in and looks around in silence. All she knows is Aerilon. Then it hits her.. She's flying to Aerilon. SAMs. Flak. Tracer streams. She isn't the one at the controls. Her eyes suddenly bug out.

Once the bird is airborne, Lt. Williams waits until the first jump has completed to offer, "Commander Spree was informed by one of the teams retreating from the front lines of Aerilon, of a significant cache of Colonial equipment and airframes that were left behind, but done in such a way that the think the Cylons have not yet discovered them. While Vipers and Raptors might not be worth the risk, we've confirmed that ths bunker houses two of the heavy support craft called 'Rhino's. If the Predator is the ground attack destroyer of the Viper world, the Rhino is a godsdamned battleship. According to the clerk that escaped, the bunker commander sabotaged the main hangar doors but left the emergency hatches operational - they're just concealed. The Rhinos probably need flight checks since they've been interred for several months, and while a single indivdual could fly one, well, you'll see when you see them. They're beasts. Aerilon and Picon don't have the resources to maintain them, but Nomad does. This is a recovery operation. Secure the aircraft and anything else we can safely grab and return to Orion." She hands a copy of the orders to the ECO (and anyone else probably can take a look at that point), "The bunker itself is behind the current front lines, but from our last recon, it appears the toasters did indeed pass it by. They have a supply station about 100 miles away, but if we take the southern approach up the river valley, we can evade radar from their known locations and get back out before a random patrol might pick us up."

Well that explains why so many pilots are loading up on this shindig. Epiphany is also decked out in combat gear, along with her flightsuit, and the woman's own pack has a rifle strapped to it. When she heard 'Aerilon,' she took it seriously. Especially when it was mentioned that it'd be an overnight trip. Perhaps it's in advance of the survival scenarios the Wing might be facing. Or maybe just her own memories of long months on Picon. Whatever it may be, the Captain is at least calm. "Well," she murmurs, to herself if not anyone who bothers to listen, "that explains a few things." Like her presence. Someone along the line likely thought the CAG might want to see the new birds being added to the fleet. "Thank you, Williams." With the limited need for input until after the series of jumps is made, Arrington just leans back and waits. It's not a wholly passive demeanor she adopts, but at least she's not backseat piloting. Nope. Just backseat judging.

"Take it that this bird isn't coming back, then." Rourke says as they prepare for the second leg of jumps to make their way towards Aerilon. "Frak, Goose, gods damned Rhinos. I thought they were a myth. About time." This is the possibly the most excited he's been in a while, though it's hidden behind the demeanor of the calm pilot as he continues with guiding the bird. "Next jump will take us to Aerilon airspace. There'll be some turbulance as we head in."

Aerilon is Lleufer Ynyr's homeworld, or used to be. Now the military is his home and the Marines his family. He sees Kelsey come on board and he gives her an upnod before they take off. Surely Bennett and he would exchange glances as well. He then turns his attention to Lt Williams as she starts speaking. Lleu's interest perks at the information about the Rhinos and said bunk house. The fella with the slightly slack face on his left side still doesn't say anything, Marine patient. Lleu adjusts a strap, "Lieutenant, how close to the bunker are we planning to land? Will we need to hump any distance?" Ooih, the jumps aren't fun for his recently healed … healing gut.

Okay, no, maybe Kelsey has a few other things. Being an OVERNIGHT trip to a friggin warzone planet, not simply a transport, that sort of changes things. A couple frags in the backpack, a portable toolkit, flashlights, WD40, some food and bottles of water and extra ammunition. Plus the knife on her survival gear. Her mass of hair is up inside a black stocking cap. No, she really wishes she didn't have to be on this mission. But for all the pilot she might be now, she started her career as a cheerful little Deckie. Rhinos? WTF is a Rhino? She looks indifferent - mostly because she doesn't seem to understand what they are and maybe because she's still being flown into hostile airspace as a fare paying passenger. It could be the best pilot ever and she'd probably still be uncomfortable.

Williams offers to the questions asked, "We'd like to get the Raptor back if at all possible, but if the choice in the matter is one of the Rhinos or this Raptor, then ditch the bus and disable it so the toasters can't take anything useful from it's systems." She doublechecks her harness when the warning is given that they are heading into atmo, before answering Lleu, "The spot we have marked out is about five city blocks from the bunker entrance, and there's a military administration building about 10 blocks the other direction. We're hoping if they pick up us landing there, they'll think we're going for something important in the admin building, which they also seem to have ignored. If they figure it out, well then, I guess we're going to have to work fast, Sergeant." Must be why Toby and another Deckie are crammed into one of the jumpseats, along with that large toolkit.

Ynyr nods, "Understood, Lieutenant." Lleu's being real careful to try and make his words crisp and clear without slur. No need to draw their attention to his previous head wound. He leans back in his seat and relaxes as they start to enter atmo. Wait and see if they start getting shit shot at them. Not much a Marine can do but be at the mercy of the Raptor's crew until they either land, or get blown apart.

"The techs may not deem all of the Rhinos down there to be flight worthy, so you may be taking your Raptor home yet." Epiphany knows well enough to trust that to Toby and the other deckie on board. They'll be able to decide if all the Rhinos supposedly down there are worth hauling back or not. They may find themselves with just one or two. Or set upon by Cylons and the whole damn lot of it declared a bust. The Captain isn't fussed about it yet, no. When the Raptor makes its descent through the atmosphere, Goose sits up a measure straighter and sets to work at the controls. Primarily in powering up some of their more passive scanning equipment. Forewarned is forearmed and all that jazz, after all.

"Copy that." Rourke responds, "Do these Rhinos have FTL, or will we be waiting for a lift back to Orion once we get them airborne?" he asks. After that, he turns his attention to Randy. "Sergeant, can you prepare some demo packs in case we need to deny the Raptor from either too many Rhinos or we're overrun?" he suggests, glancing to Epiphany. "Want to make sure if it gets bad, Cylons can't access our computer."

<FS3> Rourke rolls Piloting: Good Success.
<FS3> Epiphany rolls Piloting: Good Success.

"Leave the marines to their Lieutenant, Shaft." Epiphany's voice is calm, but there's an edge of warning to it. "You're the pilot in command while we're in the air, but once our feet are on the ground, Williams has word." And she's just going to leave the whole 'prepping explosives in the air' spiel to the EOD expert.

Randy sits tight, listening to the briefing. She takes the moment to make sure everything is /where/ it needs to be, not just what she needs. Part of this ritual is checking a small photograph that she tucks back into her vest. The engineer glances around at those in the same bird, memorizing their faces and briefly sizing up who got called out. She doesn't glean much info, being one of the new marine transfers there's just not many faces she's familiar with yet. When Rourke talks about prepping some demo packs, she just stares at the pilot as if finally gleaning some info. "No…sir. I'd rather us not blow up."

Williams settles in and holds on as the Raptor starts descending through atmo, the turbulence bucking the Raptor around a little. From Bran's perspective, DRADIS shows distant contacts and a single basestar in orbit on the far side of the planet. Some heavy raiders flit around, probably supporting the ground war, but standard raiders seem to be absent, probably dealing with the latest incursion by ships and aircraft from Nomad. Its almost like Spree timed that for a diversion. Huh.

What it means is that the bird is able to get down to the deck in record time without being harrassed, whizzing across the water to head into the river delta and the valley it feeds out of. A small city spreads out to one side of the valley, most of the buildings still smouldering from the bombardment it recently suffered. Curious eyes might be able to pick up KEW fire in the distance outside of the city, but they aren't heading that direction. Thankfully.

Kelsey sits in the back seat, her ruck sitting on her lap and worn backwards. She stares forward at the canopy glass from the rear of the Raptor, noting the distant fire. Not her thing. "It's very dark back here. Is it always dark back here during Raptor rides?" Nervous chatter.

Lleufer merely looks amused at the pilot telling Randy to prep explosives within the confines of the /flying/ Raptor. Yep, she has more sense than that, thankfully. Ynyr need not say anything. He keeps looking out at any view they have of outside but being in the back, he probably can't see shit. So he waits, still relaxed and listening, but very ready to go.

Ynyr glances at Kelsey, "Yeah. You get used to it." Or well, Marines do.

Rourke shakes his head a little. Getting used to a command structure. And that everyone is presuming that he meant make explosives now. On the ground, sure. But lord and ladies, he's not that dense. As he drops the Raptor to the deck as he places the ship at above the tree line and heads towards the landing zone.

"Consider it an exercise to… better your understanding of your GIB, Squire." Epiphany seems at least mildly amused by the young pilot's words. If nothing else, it's an attempt to soothe the nerves to some extent. She casts a glance towards the city edge and the shuddering of the sky indicative of KEW. "Always liked Spree for a reason," she murmurs. While Goose has a better understanding now of why she was transferred off Crandall to the Orion, she did find a sense of purpose in her time there. As they level down over the trees and approach their predetermined LZ, she's shifting some of the scans to start a basic recon of the target. "Williams," she offers to the marine, "what's the intended plan? Get to the hangar today, spend tonight and tomorrow prepping the Rhinos?"

"Thanks, sir, but I think I'm okay with my understanding. If I could find a regular one who would fly with me. I think I'm starting to bore Milkshake." Kelsey does her best to keep from sounding nervous. Low level, delta, trees, discussion of being on the ground. Kels closes her eyes to calm herself down.

Rourke and Piffy are having a pretty straightforward time of it, though once the bus gets down to having to follow streets, there's an odd sight near the aforementioned military administration building: A civilian cutter (think Caprican Lear Jet with FTL) has plowed into the side of one building and is smashed to hell. There's one visible body in Tauron Mining Company worker's armor sprawled out across a wing, clearly dead. Its probably juuust enough for people to notice, when blazing KEW rounds slice through the air from below, somewhere beneath them. Everyone on board can hear and feel the heavy THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP of kinetic rounds smacking into the fuselage and ending in a loud CRUNCH from the right side of the aircraft.

Bran, Epiphany, and Rourke all see immediate warnings that the right engine is on fire, while the tylium converter begins to spiral out of control and the entire Raptor lurches to the right as thrust is lost.

<FS3> Rourke rolls Piloting: Good Success.
<FS3> Epiphany rolls Piloting: Good Success.

Rourke is watching the path ahead, and he comments to Epiphany. "At the four, freshly downed craft, be on your .. frak!" The thuds of the KEW slamming into the side of the Raptor cause Rourke to respond. "Pulling extinguishers on the starboard engine!" As he does so, he's already cutting thrust on the port side so they don't lose control. "This is bad.. find me a place to put her down, Goose!" he calls out as he adds to the compartment. "Brace, brace, brace!"

"Never get off the boat. Never get off the boat. Never get off the boat." Kelsey mutters it to herself quickly as the rounds hit the Raptor. When the alarms go off for the engines, she immediately recognizes the sound. eeling the yaw, she suddenly stomps her left foot down and has to resist the urge to jump up. Thank god she actually put a freaking setbelt on. After this? Kelsey is going ot develop a complex. She hugs the bag and rests her head on it, eyes closed. To some she might seem calm. To anyone who has met her, she's having a small meltdown.

Oh Frak Us! The Rapture lurches and Lleu puts out his hands to stabilize himself, suddenly much less relaxed and looking like he might nap, now very alert. Things are obviously no longer right. No point in him shouting at the pilots who are busy. But he does raise his baritone, "Anybody hit?" He looks carefully gut nobody looks hurt. So he looks to Randy and Kelsey and says calmly, "Keep your straps on." He tries to smile to Kelsey. This is fun, right?! Ynyr turns his head back towards the front to try to get a glimpse out their front to see if they are, you know, nose diving for the ground yet. Or in case Williams has orders to shout - either way, he's listening intently.

Well, this was not on the agenda for the day. Ten AM, board Raptor. Ten Twenty AM, descend into atmo. But some frakker had to go and pencil in 'unexpected KEW' at the Ten Thirty mark. Go figure. Epiphany hears and sees it just before it hits and the woman swears under her breath, at length, in Leonese. It's almost flattering when done that way, really. It sadly lacks the impact it would have in Tauron, but you work with what you've got. The CAG doesn't say anything beyond that, no. She's too busy working with the controls to bring the craft into some measure of control and balance so they can at least minimize the damage they're going to take to an extent. The plane is going down, that much is for certain. It's just how badly it goes down. "Any suppression you can, Bear," she notes. There's a sort of deadly calm to her voice, but the command comes quick. They don't have long, but it plays into the 'minimize, minimize, minimize.' There will be damage. They will crash. But she's damn well going to do her best to get everyone out of it in one piece.

Randy reaches into a pocket of her fatigue and pulls out a black headband to put on, pushing whisps of hair back that didn't make it into the tie near the base of her neck. She seems calm as ever even after shutting Rourke's suggestion down, misinterpretted or not. When the rounds hit the fuselage, she decides to start bracing already. She's been in enough hot zones that it feels like second fiddle. She can't help but grin a little at Ynyr in response. Still, even though she stays strapped in, the little marine looks as if she's itching to pounce on something, her feet tucked in a way keeping her ready to spring out. "Never been in a crash before," she says, a lift coming into her tone that wasn't present before. Could it be excitement?

<FS3> Kelsey rolls Body: Failure.
<FS3> Lleufer rolls Body: Good Success.
<FS3> Epiphany rolls Body: Success.
<FS3> Rourke rolls Body: Failure.
<FS3> Randy rolls Body: Success.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Body: Failure.

Lleufer turns his head back to Randy, "Me either. First time for us crash virgins." But he seems pretty damn chipper. Those fraking Jarheads get high on adrenlin. He double checks his straps and tightens his helmet, "Here we go."

Together, the flight team manages to pull the wounded Raptor back from the lurch that was about to bring them face first into a destroyed skyscraper. For her part, Williams grimaces and her grip on her harness tightens as she starts muttering something to Ares under her breath. The street wides up just another couple of blocks north, and there's even a large park that opens up. SOMEONE's lucky today. Behind them, the KEW fire continues to chase after them, white hot rounds sailing past the bus into the pilots' field of view. Heavier THUD THUD THUDs hit the back bulkhead, followed by another CRUNCH from the same engine. Despite Rourke hitting the fire suppressors, those sitting in the back hear a sudden, piercing whine that escalates in pitch and intensity - pilots and anyone that's spent a lot of time on a bus will recognize this a second before it happens: The Tylium converter's overloaded and about to…

Shrapnel rips through the bus from right to left, spraying the compartment with hundreds of tiny pieces of the right engine and wing. Lleufer somehow manages to go completely unscathed, while Randy and Epiphany feel bits of the cabin smack somewhere on their body, but nothing serious. Bennett, Rourke, and Kelsey feel sharp stings as annoying bits of metal slice through flight suits, body armor, and skin (the equivalent of a Light Wound in a Body Part of your RP choice, no Im not going to add +damage for this). Williams as well growls in pain and hugs her harness tighter, while the Raptor lurches forward. Flight controls are shredded. Like it or not, that last 10 feet to the ground, they're all riding a rock.

There's even that moment, the two seconds of silence, the engines completely disabled, just the sound of parts bouncing around like pinballs before the nose of the Raptor catches grass and nice, manicured park dirt and CRUNCHES. Its the equivalent of feeling slammed into a hard wall by a wrestler as the wrecked bird slams to a stop.

"Stick's dead, Goose.. we're gonna hit.." Rourke starts to say when the engine explosion shreds his seat and flight suit as he lets out a sharp cry of pain as his side is embedded with a piece of the Raptor's armor and it's only aggrevated more as the wounded bird noses into the ground and tumbles before sliding to a stop in the grass, Rourke's helmet cracking when it smacks against the console. "Get the door open." he mutters disorientedly.

You can be the best lordsdamned pilot in the frakkin' colonies, but nothing will save you when the Tylium's about to go. Epiphany knows it's coming and braces herself for it in a way that shows a lot of tests in simulators. There's a reason they're sometimes structured to fail. Because one can learn, perhaps, to fail elegently. Or at least less painfully. There's no attempt at ejection, nope. There's little to be done for it. Maybe an adjustment of the flaps on the surviving wing, but at this trajectory? It won't do much. The woman just grunts in answer to Shaft's words. Bit busy here. And that busy is tracking what remains of their equipment so she knows the direction that came from. When they hit the ground, the breath is knocked from her and it takes a moment to inhale again. Frak. Goose coughs a few times before lifting a hand. "Sitrep. Everyone breathing?" They need to account for injuries before scattering to the wind.

Kelsey knows that sound. Kelsey has heard that exact sound before. That was over Picon when the right engine exp- She bucks forward, grunting in pain as the shrapnel cuts through her suit on the right side of her back and neck. Then silence. All she can see with her eyes crushed shut is the look on Petra's face before she yanked his ejection handle. The silence except for the wind. When the ship hits the ground, she goes a little slack and loses her hold on the bag. Luckily she was actually -wearing- it backwards and the thing stays in place. As the craft settled, she wearily looks up and around, some of the blood on her neck trickling to her cheek from the lean and how they hit. "I crashed again, boss. Sorry."

Well, if they are about to die, it'll be fast at least. Still not a lot Lleufer Ynyr can do about it. It's all up to the pilots until they are down. So he does his best to wait, trying not to give in to bracing himself for an impact because he knows doing so is more likely to break his bones than if he relaxes so… Lleu draws a slow, deep breath, "Try to relax, less likely to break bones when we come in. Tuck your chins and cover your faces, Marines!" Williams may start giving them orders but as she's not at the moment, he advises Kelsey and Randy how they can prep. Before he can fully bend over and kiss his own ass, Lleu feels the drive errupt in an explosion while they are /still/ in the air! The concussion is like a massive THUNDER CLAP inside of the Raptor as all hell breaks loose even before they hit ground. And then they do!

Bennett knows what's happening, long before that sickening crunch of the raptor hitting dirt. It's like a video played in slow motion: the high-pitched whine that precedes that soft -bleep- that's so easy to miss in the chaos. She tightens her harness straps in preparation for impact, and reaches for something to hold on to in the violently shaking bus. Briefly, it's the marine next to her in the packed cargo section. And then.. and then.. her vision goes black and her ears shriek with the sound of metal buckling and her head being thrown against something or someone. When it's over, she's slouched in her seat, bleeding fairly copiously from a head wound. Hard to say how serious it is; they often look worse than they are.

Quick audit of the NPCs and not-present PCs: Toby and Unnamed Deckie and Bran are battered but otherwise unharmed. The toolkit isnt even smashed. Williams on the other hand, is slumped in her harness while a bright crimson spot begins to spread out from her chest. When moved, it will become more apparent she's been impaled through the chest from the back by a wicked piece of engine fan. Probably dead before the Raptor even hit the ground.

Outside the raptor, even the birds have silenced, leaving only the wind in the nearby trees and the soft crackling of the fire that's burning on the right side of the wrecked Raptor, threatening to ignite the ruptured fuel lines. Those that paid close attention will remember that the bunker is actually off to the east in the center of this massive park…

A fast death is a good death. "Yup!" she shouts to Lleu over the bangs and crunching and whole hullabaloo but before she can consciously prepare, the impact makes her world go dark. It isn't until she opens her eyes from getting the wind knocked out of her that she realizes she hadn't passed out and isn't dead. The surprise crash helped keep her loose and ready anyways but it's only luck that she doesn't get sliced up by anything. Still, being yanked like a ragdoll is not going to feel good the next morning. Her free hand goes to her chest as she catches her breath and takes closer stock of her health to report, "Flynn reporting. Alright!" She looks over at Kelsey through softly squinted eyes and says, "You got a little…" She points to her own neck. "A little barbecue sauce there."

Webbing is unbuckled and Epiphany moves forward carefully out of her seat. Testing herself. Making sure she's properly in one piece save for a few superficial scratches from cuts. There's a murmur of appreciation to Artemis as the Captain grabs hold of straps still swaying from the roof of the craft to start shifting towards the rear. Visual inspections are needed. "Those shots came from the administration building, so maybe they're not ignoring it like we thought. But we're only a couple blocks from the target." The Rhinos. As she starts sidling her way towards Bennett, there's a hand for Kelsey's shoulder. "Remind me to have you write some apology letters to deck when we get back." It's offered half-heartedly as a joke before she's kneeling by the Raptor pilot to get a look on that headwound. "Squire, get that bandaged. Bear, do what you can for the Lieutenant." Which mostly just means making her comfortable in the way of the passed. To Lleufer and Randy, there's gestures. "Get outside. Lay of the land. We need to move, quick." To Ynyr, there's a gesture. "We'll follow your lead, Sergeant."

Lleufer has a helmet on so this time his head didn't get busted open like a melon. He lifts said head and looks around, coughing. "We gotta get out." Bennett is right next to him and she loks hurt, so Ynyr starts focusing his attention on checking for her pulse and to see where she's bleeding, "Flynn! Help Kelsey!" Randy is probably already getting on that. He lifts up his baritone, "Lieutenant!" Did Williams come through? "Anything on this bird still able to blow? Get people OUT and then we can treat them." Ynyr's got Bennett and will get her out. He grimaces at the impaled Lieutenant and focuses on getting the rest out.

Epiphany's helping with Bennett so with some reluctance, Lleu lets her. He nods, "Yes, Sir." He glances to Randy and unslings his rifle and moves to disembark and make sure it's clear.

Kelsey looks at Pip and there's some fear there. Nope, Kelsey has about had enough of crashing behind enemy lines. It's really just not her thing. She's slow to get herself unbuckles, but does manage. Her back hurts. Her neck hurts. She smells like burned flesh where some of the metal is still cooking but she's more or less in shock at the moment. Kid could be on fire and she probably wouldn't notice. Any help offered is taken and she's moved outside without a fuss. She is not superwoman nor does she try to be. There's a pepper of about half a dozen small holes in the back of her suit, though, and two on her neck. The note about BBQ sauce has her swiping at the blood, though, trying to figure out what it is. It's clearly blood, Kelsey's just having a bad day. At least it doesn't hurt yet.

"Bear, pull the gun camera and FTL drives for salvage." Rourke orders as he unlocks his own seatbelt. It's standard fare in a crash - pull the things the Cylons can track easiest. Holding a hand to his side, he pushes himself to his feet and reaches under the seat to pull the survival pack and his own bag of supplies with a few meals, a couple of extra magazines for his pistol, a pack of stim sticks, and a few bottles of water. He opens the bag to stow the two drives as he moves to exit the craft with assistance.

From outside of the crashed Raptor, Ynyr says, "It's clear! Come out fast. There's a fire out here. I can smell fuel. Better move it!" Lleu sticks his head back in to see about helping people out, "We are liable to get company. We need to get away from the Raptor and into cover."

And much as it pains her to do it, Epiphany directs the techs to grab Williams' gear. They may very well have need of it, in the end. The Raptor's on-board medkit is grabbed, too. And as a final move before stepping off the damaged bird herself, she grabs her pack and rifle. The former on her back and the latter worn much as a marine might; sling in the front. The woman spent enough time fighting alongside resistance on Picon. She's picked up a few things, at least. "Sergeant," searching memory for name, "Ynyr, do you mind taking point for us? And-" to Randy, there's an apologetic look. She has forgotten the engineer's name. "Are you holding up alright? Can you get our tail? I'll keep in the middle with the injured. Make sure everyone can keep up." And she'll do just that; stepping up alongside the likes of Bennett to help the pilot along. "Squire, as soon as we get to the bunker, we're looking at your neck." That wound. There's no time to do it now. Just as all they can likely do for Bennett is get a bandage or headband on that headwound to at least start to staunch the bleeding. "Air, follow the Sergeants' leads. Skies belong to us, but the ground is theirs."

Bennett is pretty much one hundred fourty pounds or so of dead weight at the moment. She boarded with a helmet, but ironically gave it to a marine who had none, before the crash - and is rewarded with a gnarly chunk of circuit board as a trophy, jagged edge still lodged in her scalp. The good news is, upon Epiphany's brief examination, it appears to be quite superficial. Probably an impact with the bulkhead that knocked her unconscious. Blood-stained drool trickles from her mouth, but nothing else seems damaged.

"On it!" Indeed, Randy was itching to get out of the straps. As soon as she reports, she unclips herself and springs into action. Her eyes are drawn briefly to Williams as she shifts forward in the cramped space. "Lleu, I'll head up the rear," she calls as she helps Kelsey. She shuttles the woman out of the craft. She grabs her bag and also decides to revisit Williams, stripping down her gear and tossing it out so they can cannibalize it. Last, she takes a deep breath and amongst the blood, yanks the woman's tags from her neck. "May Hermes give you safe passage," she murmurs with eyes closed and then hops out of the craft, shoving the bloodied tags into one of her pockets.

Kelsey does not at all fight the help from Randy. She's starting to come around, though. There's some acknowledgement to Pip's orders. No argument. The young officer looks to Randy as she comes back and looks like a drunk woman trying to speak soberly. "Fire. Fire may." She painfully points at the ECO panel. "Need to blow that up. Fire might not get it all. 'Splode." Big bada boom. Boom. Yes, big boom. Moolti-pass. She then begins to step/stagger away and try to get distance, all while wondering why she feels pregnant again. Hint: Its the ruck. Regaining senses is not an immediate thing sometimes.

Ynyr helps anyone out who needs it and then he's got his back turned to them to watch the edges of the park around them. He glances back to Epiphany, "Understood, Captain." He chooses the shortest direction from the Raptor, towards the east, for cover and starts moving. He lances back often to make sure the group is moving and he's pacing himself to what they can do. Lleu's heading for cover ASAP to get them out of the park, or at least into trees, eyes and ears sharp. (though his ears may still be ringing from the explosion, half deafened) No talking from him unless it's strictly necessary.

Outside, the Park IS indeed remarkably quiet. Perhaps fortunately, the final crash put the Raptor out of line of sight of their attackers, but no sign whether or not they are being pursued or not. Sunlight streams through the trees, and if one didn't know a war was on? This might even be calming and a nice place for a picnic. Well, there is that twisted hulk of a Raptor. On fire. And still having over half a load of Tylium in it. THAT could make an awfully big bada boom here shortly.

Toby and the Unnamed Deckie are able to gather up the tools and get off the boat with them, returning to help others who might be having trouble, get themselves off as well, and away from potential firey destruction.

"Oh," Randy looks back at the bird and then back to the obviously head-injurred officer. "Go, go, I'll take care of it." She swings her pack down from her shoulder a little ways from the craft. Then she grabs a charge she know will do the job, and dashes back in to place the charge. "20 meters," she says under her breath as she rushes to grab her pack, counting the timing off on her fingers and the meters with her mouth, "10….15…" KABLOOEY! The raptor goes up into a fiery ball and Randy hits the ground. Then she scrambles to rejoin the group who were already out of the blast radius. "That should be a good distraction."

While folks work on quickly getting things out of the Raptor and Lleufer scouts out a path for them, Epiphany catches up to Kelsey. The CAG grabs the younger woman by the shoulders. Firm, but gentle enough to not exacerbate the injuries from shrapnel. "Kelsey." First name, oh shit. Her voice is firm. Maybe a little on the too-loud side from Explosion Ears (TM) (buy now! supplies low! only 99.99!). "You can freak out all you want later, but right now? St Claire needs you. Get your pack on right," aka not on the front, "make sure your sidearm is ready, and do whatever the Sergeant says, okay?" Give the jig a purpose and hope it helps her stay on target. Then it's eyes to the rest. Stavros, Bran, the deckies, and whatever is being done to retrieve the vital bits of the Raptor before it all goes. And then Randy is going to make the Raptor properly go boom. It's only really at the last second that it registers and the Viper jock looks away. Almost an 'oops' moment there. Well, damn. "Alright, move out. Two blocks. We can do this." The words are spoken half to herself, even if not for the rest. But she is disengaging the safety on her rifle. Just in case.

It's probably just as well that St. Clair is out. The sight of a raptor - an irreplaceable raptor - being blown to smithereens is not one she'd be keen on. Those buses are her babies. She's already beginning to rouse, though, as she's handed off to.. Kelsey? One set of hands is pretty much the same as the next. She coughs a couple of times, spits out blood. There's a hoarsely whispered, "..frak me.."

Kelsey seems startled when Pip grabs her by the shoulders. She knows that face. That's Mother Goose. She's making angry faces. Kelsey decides its best to nod along. Once Pip moves off, what was said starts to filter in like sand through an hourglass. Pack on right? OH! She looks down and moves the bag around, putting the straps on. Hrm. Right strap hurts. Okay, just left. Help Bennett. Kelsey looks around and see's Benners on the ground. She moves over to help her Captain up and get her moving. "Huphup, Butch. Time to put on your badass-bitch heels and knock 'em dead, sir." She's struggling a little to focus, but having a goal helps. Then it clicks. And clicks hard. She grabs her sidearm from the vest and looks around. "Where is Bran?" She says it loud, gun still aimed low.

As soon as he can get them to cover and out of immediate sight of anyone coming into the park, Lleu pauses to make sure they have everyone accounted for, and that wounded are being assisted. Ynyr waits for them to be catching up so he doesn't range too far ahead. He particularly looks at Bennett with concern but the Marine stays tight lipped. Lleu then turns and starts out again to keep scouting out point and find them the safest path eastwards that he may. He's very watchful for signs of cylon activity. Two blocks… hell they can /see/ that far, but he keeps right up against the buildings and uses what cover he can find, his rifle pointing in any direction he looks, ready if he finds targets.

The explosion rips through the air sending bits and pieces flying, and the sounds of metal bouncing off of the buildings outside of the park, as well as some of the trees, and then things quiet down again…a bird even starts chirping. Somewhere a long way off, the sound of a rapid-fire KEW rings out, answered by the low BRRRRRR of a heavy minigun. Colonials fighting Cylons, must be.

And while Williams is dead, as the team starts that direction, the bunker is more apparent. Well, what labeled 'Park Administration' is a small one story building that's had its entire front half caved in by an explosion. According to the documents Williams was waving around, the vehicle shed in the back has a panel in the floor which will open up a personnel entrance stair, just a simple four digit code. One wonders if the thing still has power…

Randy makes sure to step out of line to signal to Lleu with a nod that they are all accounted for and ready to move in terms of the rear of the pack. And what's plastered on that youthful face? A big bright smile as she holds her rifle at ready, flicking the safety off. She sniffs the air after the explosion. It's the sound of the minigun that perks her up out of her moment of silent appreciation. She keeps her eyes on their flank and six as they move along, trying to match the pace of the wounded even if every ounce of adrenaline in her wants to go faster. It's that good ole' Colonial Marine training at work.

"..the frak happened." A wave of nausea hits, but Bennett pushes through it, sucking air in to force oxygen to her brain. "..Shaft couldn't handle a little heat?" She coughs up some more blood, and is polite enough to spit it away from Kelsey. It's right around this moment that Lleufer glances back, and she gives him a slight nod of acknowledgement that she is, indeed, alive. If not at her very best. "Need a rifle," she informs Kelsey as she stumbles along, boots snapping the long grass.

Kelsey is the one eyed man leading the blind in terms of wounded. Helping Bennett doesn't seem to bother her much, but she's starting to come out of the initial JFCICRASHEDAGAIN moment. She keeps her eyes on the group, but also outward. "You can't even stand, Butch. You'd probably shoot your eye out." Kelsey looks back to the group. No. No, she isn't looking at the group. She's focused on Bran when she looks back, leaning in to whisper to Bennett

Yeah, he can see the collapsed front. Ynyr starts making his way around before they get to the rubble and have to climb over it. That won't do with their wounded. Cutting through a narrow alley, he takes them over a block, then carefully checks the view in every direction. Lleu's not stepping out until he's sure it looks clear. Then he'll motion them to keep coming as he heads towards the back of the building. Where's that vehicle shed entrance? The MP Sergeant is looking for it, trying to ignore the ache of shoulder and gut from recently healed wounds.

The vehicle shed is one of those flimsy sheet-metal sheds that isnt even locked. An open front that Park staff are supposed to park the little maintenance golf carts in…of which there are none at the moment. Just an oil-stained concrete slab, which, with a little searching, does have an electrical panel in the corner, revealing a simple 10 key pad that has seen much better days.

The CAG remains not far from Kelsey and Bennett. She's actually moved in behind them a bit. It means if one staggers, she'll be there. The deckies and Bran are trusted to keep up with the gear. They seemed intact and on their game. In fact, there's a lot of trust going from Epiphany at the moment. "Butch, I just need you to put one foot in front of the other. We've got a Rhino in there we need you to pilot out of here tomorrow." She may have paired two injured, but it means the rest of the pack can come in around them. When they reach the shed, Epiphany moves past towards the panel. Wracking her memory. She read over the paper when it went around. "Who remembers the code?" She might in a moment. Maybe.

<FS3> Epiphany rolls Mind: Success.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Mind: Failure.
<FS3> Randy rolls Mind: Failure.
<FS3> Kelsey rolls Mind: Success.

Bennett glances at Kelsey for a moment. She may be suffering from a concussion, but she's still capable of giving that look. "I said.. to get me a rifle. And.. I know." The latter is softer, presumably in response to whatever was whispered to her. Blue eyes flick to Bran briefly, and then skirt around to the building they're trying to gain entry into. The code, the code.. she knows it, she knows she knows it, but that crash must've knocked a few screws loose. "Yes, sir," she murmurs to Epiphany, a little belatedly. "Don't worry, by tomorrow I will be right as rain." She even tries on a smile.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Mind: Failure.

"I would go with four zeros at this point Captain," Randy says with a shrug as she takes up a position to keep an eye on their surroundings. "So your guess is as good as mine…" The adrenaline of the blast earlier is starting to wane and although she hasn't suffered nearly the damage others have, jarring impact on her bones and across where the webbing was is starting to rear its head. She makes a small, "Mmmf," as she adjusts a strap on her pack.

Kelsey still helps Bennett along while they get within the shed and leans her against a truck. "No. I'm not giving you a rifle, sir. You look like I feel. How about after we pull the circuit board out of your head, okay?" She tries to smile but kelsey looks a bit manic. There's a twitch of her eyes at the request for the code. "Eight. Two. Seven. Pound. Niner. Star. One."

There may not be a spare rifle at this point. It's why Epiphany opted to check one out explictly to keep on her person. Just in case. Planetside, you pretty much just assume shit's gonna go wrong. Losing a Raptor is no fun, but something about the CAG shows a resigned nature. Like she half-expected this. When Kelsey offers up a code, the Viper stick just turns to the console and starts to punch it in. Right before doing so, she gives a quick upnod to Lleufer. "Be ready to cover everyone going in. Injured first." And hopefully, after dialing it in, the door opens and they're able to make their way in and finally get properly out of the open.

Bennett mutters something under her breath that may or may not involve the word 'grounded'; she's coughing too hard to really make it out. Being injured, needing help, are not things St. Clair is accustomed to. And they are not things she likes. Not one little bit. She does have her sidearm, the Picon Five-seveN, holstered at her thigh of course - she served for a decade on Tauron. She doesn't go anywhere without it. For now though, there's little to do but wait and see if the code is correct.

"I'm on it, Captain." Ynyr's on over watch. He's one of the few who got out of the wreck without anything more than scratches at most. The MP Sergeant goes back to the door, rifle in hand. Sorry Bennett, he's not offering you his and Ynyr didn't bring a spare. He does glance to her to see how she's doing and to see if she has a sidearm. Then his attention is back to watching their butts. (not literally)

The panel doesn't seem to be reacting to each individual digit, but then when the last button is hit, the pad blinks once, and beneath them, the team can hear a click and the sound of machinery engaging. The concrete slab begins to move, slowly to the side, revealing a set of stairs that lead down into blackness. No sign of a light switch. very dimly, there appears to be a concrete floor about 20 feet down the stairs, but no sign of what things are like beyond that.

The floor begins dropping away to the side and Kelsey stares at it. "I've seen this movie." She shakes it off and slings up Bennett to put the Captain's arm around her shoulders. She winces, becoming increasingly aware of the searing pain in her back and neck. To the point that she's starting to limp and really wince as she gets Bennett down the stairs. The other hand still has her sidearm in it, pointing past Randy up front.

Once the door opens, Randy backs herself up to where she can glance down in and look over at Ynyr. "I'll take point Captain," Randy relays to Epiphany as she pivots and peels into the darkness of the stairwell. She tries to move stealthily down the steps, keeping in a crouched position, ready to bounce…somewhere. But on the stairs, there's no escape, and Randy's body knows it. She has to force her breath to behave and stay soft as she makes her way down towards the floor. Her first instinct will be to want to take cover in the darkness, but she has no idea if that would give her the upperhand against any foe that might be lurking there…or boogie monster.

Once Randy takes point and the injured start to descend, Epiphany gestures for the others. Deck, Stavros, Bran. There's a final pass over the surrounding area with rifle in hand before she starts down also. The darkness is not comforting, no, and those nearest the CAG may hear when she takes in a sudden, sharp breath. A technique to attempt to avoid the lizard brain's desire to go into a state of panic.

<FS3> Randy rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Kelsey rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Epiphany rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Bennett rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Bennett tries to keep as much of her weight off Kelsey as she can manage, but she's still pretty unsteady on her feet, and the ground occasionally seems to swell up and want to pull her down. One foot in front of the other, just like Epiphany reminded her.

Wow. Its frakking dark down here, and from the way Randy and then Kelsey's footfalls seem to echo? Its YUUUUUGE down here. The team barely has enough time to put their feet on the concrete floor before a loud CRASH happens somewhere in the darkness, the sound of a large piece of pottery hitting the floor and shattering into a thousand pieces. Its followed immediately by a soft whispered curse, and a flicker of movement, and the four that lead the charge catch movement in the dim: At least four armed figures, black against the dull almost black, behind larger dark figures. Cover. A large male voice (Stevens, for Thanos' benefit) booms out, "I see a godsdamned red light and alla you frakkers are eating a clippa bullets."

Lleufer stays by the door of the shed, but out of sight, using the sheet metal as visual concealment and only looking out past the edge with the door mostly closed. He moves as little as possible so not to draw attention to himself as he listens to the sounds of the others descending behind him. His eyes and most of his attention is for what is out /there/ in the street. Any sign of canners coming up from where they crashed? Sounds of anything out there other than distant gun fire? Lleu tries to stay sharp. He will wait until the sounds of the others are below before he'll start down to join them. HOpefully there is a way to close off the floor again once they are down.

Being on point, the black on black outlines are /real/ enough for Randy. She blinks and then the CRASH has her lifting her rifle to her cheek. She comes to a full stop without any warning for those behind her, frozen in the darkness while her heart pounds furiously in her chest like a dying bird. Eyelids flutter fast to get used to the darkness, but when the voice pierces the silence, she offers quickly, "Friendlies. We have injurred." She does not immediately identify their party, but the bearing in her voice suggests a military background.

Kelsey sure as hell can sense the way the whole place opens up around her. Even with Bennett on her and her sanity holding on by a thread. For a moment she's almost about to relax, but then there's movement. Kelsey can see armed figures. And one of them threatening them. Twitch. Twitch. Bennett might wonder why Kelsey is putting her gun back in the holster, but then she's carefully removing a frag from a close pouch. She takes her time pulling the pin carefully and then just holds the spoon down in her gloved hand. It's too familiar and there's a nervous tick to her left eye. A face-off with her charge wounded. Grenades. Her right arm slings back just a touch as if getting ready to sidearm that baseball grenade into someone's face.

When something crashes, there's the faint clatter of Epiphany's rifle as she draws it quickly up to her shoulder. The woman doesn't squeeze the trigger, but she's ready to if it comes to it. She can only barely make out the figures in the dark. Or at least their cover. Randy speaks up before she can. But the woman soon adds: "Show us your faces." Because skinjobs. Because even with 'humans,' you can never frakkin' relax anymore.

"Steady," Bennett tells her lean-to softly, noticeably tensing when the frag is withdrawn from its pouch. "Do not lose your head, Wescott." She quiets then, letting Epiphany speak for the group and fighting the urge to cough up what feels like blood again.

Ynyr /heard/ something down here. But he doesn't know what's going on, only that he's coming down behind his team very cautiously, rifle in his hands and sticking close to the wall and getting out of the light as quickly as he can, then holding very still in the darkness to listen as his eyes adjust. He doesn't say a word, trying to take in the details of where his people are and what's made them stop abruptly.

<FS3> Lleufer rolls Alertness: Success.

From the same direction, that same voice calls out, "THAT'S…not a good plan, kid. Lotsa things down here don't react well to bullets and grenades." There's a pause, then a sigh, "Hit the godsdamned lights, Bubba. And Doc, I swear to Ares…" Another moment, and suddenly the room is flooded with light…

The room the team is in apparently has a ceiling RIGHT underneath the ground of the park, a good 20 feet overhead, and might run the entire width of the park. In the immediate area of this massive underground bunker are a few aircraft: 2 very familiar Mk II Vipers in pristine condition, just a little dusty and still bearing the original white and red color scheme before the darker grey was adopted for the Mk VIIs, and then to the left…well, that has to be one of the Rhinos:

This gunship is used for heavy attack support, typically against hardened or heavy ground targets but can definitely defend itself against Raiders. Maybe three or four times the size of a Raptor, the Rhino isn't sleek or elegant or built for speed - no, the Rhino is bulky and the dark bron and drab green paintjob don't help. It has a long tail that overhangs the rear loading ramp and two sets of afterburning engines on each side of it. Each side of the ship has rear-facing extenders slightly angled down which actually contain the anti-grav field generators required for the VTOL and hover operations of the ship in atmosphere, aiding the air-breathing engines.

It is definitely a gunship, though. Immediately under the nose of the craft is a set of twin 20mm chain guns slaved to a ball turret for the pilot. There are also two manned turrets with pressurized lexan enclosures, one under the neck and the other located dorsally, that each have a pair of dradis-aided Thraxon 30mm KEWs stright off a Viper Mark II. Beneath each wing is a retractable enclosure that carries multiple missiles, controllable by the ECO. If the ramp is left open during atmospheric flight it is common enough to see .50cal HMG's mounted centrally at the exit.

Behind the Vipers and standing on the far wing of the Rhino, using its body for support, are four figures wearing blue Tauron Mining Corporation armored suits, all four of them carring CMC standard issue AP rifles, and all of them with night vision goggles perched on their heads - three males and one female. They are, of course, all aimed at the group near the stairs. (Thanos and her 'friends' are out of immediate line of sight, but she can see the four I just described.

Surrounded on all sides now by armed folks, half of which she knows enough to know that's not really a good thing, one of the shadowed figures near the now-shards-of-pottery on the floor manages to speak. It's got strong notes of Caprican all over it, with the rhythm of upper class professor a wee bit in there too. "Perhaps if I might interject—ah…but it seems quite likely that activity in this area may draw the attention of rather hostile forces, and further activity might allow them to pinpoint this location?" But then there's the main leader's voice speaking, and the Caprican stows it. Whe the lights come on the tall blonde winces a little at the sudden shift in the light, squinting, and then she dares to peek out a little bit from her hiding place, owl-eyed, at the "intruders". "Well! That didn't go terribly awfully now, did it?" Thanos says rather cheerfully to the as-yet-unseen Tauron's nearest her. Who probably don't look best pleased with her at the moment.

Let's just hope that Lleufer isn't a skinjob and doesn't know it. He'd hate to find out meeting some strangers who already knew his face, oh like downh here. Ynyr eyes the figures he can see, dressed in his Colonial Marine ground combat fatigues, body armour, rifle and pack with his Orion patch and rank stripes. The MP Sergeant picks out Epiphany, eyes the condition of his tattered group, and stays well back, easing a little to one side so he's not clumped up to close if the shit breaks loose on them. Cover near by would be nice.

Kelsey keeps her voice low, muttering to herself. Her eyes are wide as she searches the darkness. She tells herself something under her breath about Petra. "I'm okay, sir." She's doing well enough. For now. The grenade hasn't been thrown and she's still holding the pin in her other hand, but she's twitching more with the pain of the shrapnel. The Lieutenant, JG, is hangin on as best she can. Being called a 'kid' doesn't seem to have any sort of effect at cowing her, though. She's learned to ignore the term. It's the idea of things in here not reacting well to bullets and frags that has her sneer at him.

When the lights come up, Epiphany takes a moment. Each of the four visible will find themselves the subject of scrutiny for a moment. Rifle aimed, eyes narrowed, then on to the next. Whatever the pilot is looking for, she doesn't find. The weapon begins to lower… until Thanos speaks. Then it's right back up into the pocket of her shoulder. Goose moves forward to stand by Randy. Paranoid? You bet. "Anyone else in hiding, get your asses out here. Lieutenant Williams didn't make it, so I don't know who the frak I'm supposed to be talking to, but I would like our techs to get to work as soon as possible." And no, the end of that rifle does not lower until Thanos' companions come out. "Sergeant," she calls over her shoulder. Likely to Lleufer, since Randy is within speak-not-shout distance. "Did that hatch close behind you?"

Concussion be damned. Bennett spots the rhino, once her eyes adjust to the blinding glare of the lights being hit, and actually smiles a little. "Look at that CAPARMS, Squire. Ain't she beautiful?" A little of that backwoods twang sneaks into her voice. "Twin chain guns.. and thirty mil Thraxons?" Don't mind her, she's just busy geeking out while suffering from a head wound.

The light hits Randy's eyes like a flash and she blinks rapidly to force a quick adjustment, her face squinching up slightly. That expression is sure to strike fear into the heart of the armored figures. Oh if she could keep her eyes glued to them, but then there is that big hulking beast of firepower /right/ /there/ begging for her to feast her eyes on it. She gives it a little glance before flicking her eyes back, scanning the equipment the figures are toting. She doesn't waver when Epiphany steps up beside her. Her shoulders ease a little at the presence of the pilot beside her, helping provide body-cover to the injured behind them.

Ynyr doesn't particularly want everyone's attention drawn to himself but the Captain spotlights him with her question. Lleufer grimaces, "It's open. Needs closing. I don't know where there's a panel down here or the code." The brightness of the sudden lights has left him blinking, trying to adjust.

Kelsey hears Bennett and blinks, seemingly not seeing the craft before. Oh. It's massive. More twitching to her back and neck, but she trails her eyes down the length of the body. "I hope they work as well as advertised and that we get more than one for losing that el-tee." The pain is really starting to show on her face and its getting harder to focus. "My b- back. Neck. God they hurt. Am I hit or something?" It didn't register from earlier. She's finally waking up from her bout of insanity. The half dozen small holes in her flightsuit show the bloody undershirts just a bit. And the two hits on her neck have bits of visible metal sticking out of them. She looks over Thanos and then the Rhino, then the Vipers, and finally back to the theiving jerks with the fancy goggles.

The male on the left behind the Rhino snorts, "Lady…or I guess those are Captain's pins…Captain, I don't know who the frak you think you're talking to, but we're trying to get back offa this rock. Get yer men down offa the stairs and the hatch'll reclose. Preferrably before a toaster notices it open. Something about it has shielding to stop a scanner. Guess they can't detect all of this when that's closed. Pretty damned smart if you ask me." He pauses, and seems to address Thanos' point, "Doc, I swear to the Gods, I'm going to shoot you myself if you pull a stunt like that again. These coulda been summa them sympathizers." While Stevens doesn't seem to be lowering his rifle, he does seem to be relaxing a little, "Jonathan, Evan, get your asses back to work. Two aircraft crashes in 12 hours, s'gonna bring a Raider patrol and toasters."

There appear to be seven individuals in total (including Thanos), all of them wearing at least some of the blue mining armor, meant to protect a miner from any torch accidents and muffle falling rock. The two behind the Viper step back and start walking for the Rhino the other two are using for cover, while Stephens continues to address the Orion folks, "Both of these big bad boys need work. I don't really care what you're here for…have at it. Frakkers shot our ride down so we're grabbing a new one and getting outta here. With a little cultural bonus to put away for safe keeping."

"Where the frak did you get those rifles?" Randy asks without a hint of sympathy in her voice for the group's plight. The armor is familiar to her enough, given she's had her stints in the mining business and CMC issued rifles are /not/ a standard part of mining gear. "You still haven't identified yourselves," she points out coldly.

"They aren't." Thanos says, with some fire, towards Stevens, drawing herself up to her full height, and brushing back a stray wisp of blonde hair, tucking it behind one ear. She's got a pair of glasses resting atop her head, with one of the lenses seeming to be a magnifier of sorts. Old skool. "And you won't. Now we have a better chance." There's something of a tweedy confidence about her, the words not spoken with a smartass tone, but measured. "How many injured?" she asks the group of Marines. "We don't have much in the way of supplies, but there's a shielded area for rest a little further in. Just don't—try not to disturb the things in there." She shakes her head slightly. "Dr. Xanthe Thanos, formerly of the Delphi Museum." Well, the last name might ring a bell, maaaybe or maybe not. "And perhaps you really would like to get the rest of your people in and shut the door, or you might as well just shoot the frak out of each other and save the cylons the trouble. I'd like to get back to work so that we can get ready to get as many people out as possible, when we can."

Lleufer comes down off of the steps the rest of the way onto the floor. Preasure sensetive maybe, if it'll close back up over head once he's off of the steps. No way he's speaking up to inform the Miners that half of their group are pilots. He's going to leave the talking to the Captain at the moment. Meanwhile the Sergeant starts moving slowly, carefully to get a good look at the layout down here and see just how many other people there are, where they are, how they are outtfitted, who seems to be in charge.. then start placing things like possible exits, tool areas, vehicles, making a mental tactical layout. While keeping an eye and an ear open to what's being said. Hearing Thanos, he speaks up, "I'm the last." It should close now.

"Come on. Off the stairs." That's Bennett, realising they're indeed still loitering on the steps and preventing the bunker's hatch from closing. She is a support, at the moment, as much as the supported, especially since Kelsey's adrenaline is wearing off. "Yes, you are hit. You will be fine. Let's go."

Stephen mmhmms, "Not to be a five year old, missy, but we were here first. We.." and then Thanos is shooting holes in his attempt at bravado and he lowers his rifle and Looks (tm) at her over the canopy of the Rhino, "Doc, what the…" he sighs and shakes his head at the woman that's standing next to him on the Rhino wing, muttering, "Lets just get this thing moving." Then finally back to Randy while the door behind the team does start to close once the last person has stepped off of the stairs, "Stephen Grey of Grey Stone Miners. Cept now we're busy digging for something a little more usable than copper and iron. Now if you wanna put your guns and grenades down, I'm pretty sure these birds tylium tanks are completely filled. I'd rather not go up like a candle because you got twitchy with a grenade?" (and no, for those that know what faces to look for, none of the seven would appear to be a known skinjob model).

That rifle stays put until the others come out from where they're hiding. Until Epiphany has seen them and decided that, at the very least, they aren't skinjobs. Sympathizers or Jacks - still to be seen. But for now, she finally lowers the weapon, but leaves the safety off. It's just pointed at the ground rather than their faces. "Did I hear doc? 'Cause I have injured. We're here for the Rhinos-" a jerk of chin towards the ship. The woman does move in further, giving the people behind her a chance to file in and make sure they're clear of the stairs. To Randy, quietly: "Get the injured further in and take stock of the medkits, alright?" And so long as anyone in the other group has a weapon up, she doesn't lower hers fully. Newp.

Kelsey looks at the guys, listening to whats being said, then looking at her own group. Lots of people wounded. Nobody seems to be lowering guns. But Bennett confirms she's wounded. Her right hand is starting to shake and she begins to carefully put the pin back into the grenade. She needs to steady it on her survival vest, but it gets done with the teeth bent back over the spoon. She's hurting. It isn't that she's complying, jsut proteting the others. "Yeah, let's go." Kelsey follows the CAG's call to the Doctor and Kelsey moves to try walking Bennett that way with herself. Even if its a trap, they're in no shape to fight anyway.

"Thank you, sir." Thanos' tone is calm and pleasant addressing Lleufer and Bennett. "Is there anyone who needs to rest or be attended to? If someone needs to go and point their guns about in the vault first, then please feel free, but it's likely the best place for those who cannot fight, until one of our or your kind crew gets one of the 'birds' up and running. And the wrong kind of doctor, I'm afraid. Though I'm decent enough at patching up atretochoana bites and the like, rather useless in the field if one couldn't, and I'd be simply delighted to lend a hand."

Randy also allows her weapon to lower, once Stephen and the others are identified as much as they need to be. "Ah." Something clicks. She moves forward in sync with Epiphany, something about her still feeling protective over their wounded. She doesn't nod or anything to the Captain, but instead makes some 'affirmative' eye-contact, if it could be interpretted as such, perhaps picking up on the quiet nature of the Captain's delivery. "Let's go," she takes a step back like swinging open the Pip-Randy gate as a signal for the others to file through the gap she leaves after her. She leads them back to find a corner away from the other group and motions for Lleufer to help her with taking stock of what they've got in way of medical supplies.

<OOC> Retrograde says, "As previously mentioned, there are two Rhinos, 3 Mk II Vipers, 2 Canbella Main Battle Tanks, 2 Raptors, and enough cargo pods that, if you brought a cargo hauler down, you might make a pretty sizable dent in it's hauling capacity. Medical supplies, survival rations, small arms and ammo, and as Im sure Thanos will point out, a small cache of Aerilon cultural artifacts…when the War started, a Wise Person stole a veritable buttload of art and literary items from the city's museum and put them down here."

<OOC> Retrograde says, "The problem. The aircraft have all been sitting here for months. In some cases, over a year. And no one on Aerilon has fixed a Rhino in six months. The power converters on both Rhinos are shot to hell, and Stephen's team is trying to repair one of them so they can pack everyone and as much loot as they can load into a Rhino, and amscray."

<OOC> Retrograde says, "For the Taurans in the group's benefit, I share the following:
Stephen Grey - leader - Leonian
Eliza Tosko - second and pilot - Tauran
Evan Dane - electronics and tech - Tauran
Jonathan Crest - mechanical - Caprican
Bubba Drake - guns and muscle - Tauran
Maelinn Harris - guns and muscle - Aquarian"

<OOC> Retrograde says, "So for the time being, we can say we have a temporary detente while Toby and anyone else that wants to help work on one Rhino, Evan and Jonathan working on the other one, and everyone else is free to RP as they wish. You dont have enough people to work on fixing both of them at the same time, so if you have no intention of letting them leave with one, well, you can work on that next scene ;)"

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