Lieutenant (JG) Anderson "Sniper" Spade
Anderson.jpg Spade,
LTJG Air Wing
Station BS-114 Orion
Position Viper Pilot
Age Sex
26 Male
Hair Eyes
Dark Green


Anderson Spade was born the youngest of three children, in a typical military family. His father was a Marines, as were his cousins, uncles, and grandfather (the Lieutenant Colonel), and being the only boy, it was only natural that after high school Anderson was sure to end up in the Colonial Marine Corps. Things rarely go as planned.

Growing up Anderson had always been somewhat of a jock, and in high school when he wasn't playing Pyramid, he was heavily involved in the ROTC. But being a Sapper like his old man wasn't what he really wanted out of life. As a teenager he became interested in the Air Wing. Although he was a natural with the stick, it caused irreparable damage to his relationship with his father. It was these years that taught Anderson just how strong of a person he really was, and exposed him to the harsh reality of growing up.

Determined that being a pilot was his calling, Anderson finished high school and immediately took the aptitude test, applying to the Colonial Fleet Academy against his father's wishes. To his surprise Anderson really didn't fit in among the officer candidates. He was wild, impulsive, and had a rebellious streak.

His time with the 'Plebes' blew by him in a haze of push-ups, alcohol, sex and verbal reprimands. To be completely honest, he barely made it to the 'Youngster' phase of training. However he did, and by the time it was over and he'd earned the rank of Midshipman 2nd class he was turning into a model soldier.

In his last year as one of the 'Firsties' Anderson honed leadership skills, and really buckled down to focus on his goal of being a pilot: he graduated with honors. He managed to keep his careers momentum rolling though individual flight, aviation pre-flight, primary flight training.

Intermediate and advanced flight training put Anderson in the Viper Pipeline where he received advanced training in space superiority and advanced striking tactics. While Anderson aced combat maneuvering, atmospheric flying, tactical formation flying, and carrier qualification, gunnery, strafing and close air support, were more difficult. The boy could fly there was no doubt. However he couldn't shoot worth a frack. Despite this, in the end he received his advanced certification in the Viper Mk. VII. just barely.

Upon graduating from flight school as a newly-minted pilot, Anderson was assigned to Fleet squadron: Caprica. His first CO dubbed him 'Sniper' since he couldn't hit the side of a Battlestar with a Nuke until you pissed him off. As a 'Rook' with the rank of Ensign, his cocky streak returned almost immediately. Though the relationship with his family never healed, Anderson had a taste for military life.

After his first tour he reenlisted and got transferred to CMF Eos on Picon. Hard work and a determined streak earned Anderson 'sniper' Spade a promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant JG. It was overdue anyway. He didn't do badly on Picon among the Marines stationed there. Half knew his old man. That was where Jack was the day the bombs started falling.


Name Relationship Status
Adam Spade Father Presumed Dead
Kate Spade Mother Presumed Dead
Anna Spade Voss Sister, age 30 Presumed Dead
Alexandra Spade Bishop Sister, age 28 Presumed Dead

Recent Events

Service Record & Medals

Year Rank Station Notes
1996 - 2000 Cadet CFA: Caprica Special Honors
2000 Midshipman Caprica Air Base IFT
2000 ENS Fleet squadron: Caprica API and PFT
2001 ENS Fleet squadron: Caprica Advance Flight
2002 ENS Fleet squadron: Caprica Viper Pipeline
2006 LTjg CMF Eos: Picon Reaper Squadron

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