AWD #268: And It All Falls Apart
And It All Falls Apart
Summary: Tensions hit an all-time high and then it all winds up crumbling around them.
Date: 01/10/2013
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Operations Offices - Crandall
Home to the 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing and 379th Air Expeditionary Wing, the operations facility is sprawling on the base, the connected builds slammed up against the rear of the hangars and apron. With a plain interior, white walls are scuffed here and there from worn passage with running pilots or errant clerks with carts. The carpet threadbare and in desperate need of replacing. The hallways are utilitarian with doors going up and down both sides and simple plastic placards pointing the way to room numbers or specific areas or units. Old squadron plaques line the walls, each etched with names and years. The facility is minimalistic and not meant for comfort save for the fake potted plants to try to soften the interior and expense is definitely cut where it is not needed. There is a main room to the buildings, serving as something as a CIC and called 'Operations Control', with all the central scheduling, flights incoming and staff that were once here still etched on the dry erase, filing cabinets lining one wall.

Squadron ready rooms double as locker rooms for the aircrews and their gear, metal-faced wooden lockers on each wall with large gear tables down the center dominate the rooms. Down the hall slightly is the Alert Facility which doubles as the break room. It has a vending machine that is years old, a busted refrigerator that is not working and a sink with a microwave. There are a few couches and chairs around an old television with a stack of movies. Communal beds at the rear of the room are provided for those on alert duty, but no privacy is afforded here.

AWD #268

His injuries not too serious, Lleufer got out of sickbay slightly ahead of Brina. That or he simply left. From some grumbling from doctors the latter is entirely possible and it may be that they considered sending someone to fetch him back. If it was true, they must have decided to let it pass as every one able to stay on their feet is needed on duty. Lleu was able to get to his feet, snitched a crutch, and out he went without saying a word to anyone.

Down below the Sergeant has kept himself busy. Not talking much, thoughts elsewhere. Ynyr's been trying to set up a recon of the Marlin City border and get intel from Captain Saint Clair concerning any flyovers. Just now he's found a chair to rest his leg and something that passes for pretty weak coffee while he studies notes and a map. His face is grim, his mouth a thin line, fatigue starting to show though not as bad as some. They've got a long way to go yet. Lleu taps a dirty finger against the map and then makes a comment to his list of notes. No electronic tablet is in evidence.

O'Connell's been coming and going, heading out on patrol when needed and helping with security otherwise, filling a role that might best be described as 'general purpose'. Another round of watch completed, Brina slides in from wherever it was they had her posted, her helmet held in hand by a strap, her steps shuffling.

"Gods, I'd kill for something to get this done and over with," she whimpers tiredly before sitting down, putting herself on the side opposite of Lleufer's injured leg. "How much longer do you think we'll be?" Not that she doesn't want to help. She just feels like she's in need of a good night's sleep and a good meal, both things that they have not really had since coming here. A finger slips under the bandage on her right hand and moves, that being her way of trying to keep it from rubbing the fresh wound she got.

Lleufer briefly turns his head to note who's plopped down, then looks back to what he'd been working on. He rests his head in the palm of his left hand while he writes down a bit more with his right, "It'll go on for however long it takes. Weeks or more likely months." He rubs his face and leans back to pick up his cup and take a sip of it. There isn't nearly enough coffee to go around so coffee substitutes abound, various roots, teas, Gods only know what. Stimulants is all that matters to help keep them going.

Brina gives a quick look around before moving her hand, seeking to touch him on the arm for a second as she looks at him. With how worn he looks she can't help but to feel concern for the Sergeant and it'll show in her expression if he looks at her. "I'm in it for the long haul," she comments, trying to reassure Lleufer that she's got her mind on her job. "No matter how many times they might shoot me… I'm not going anywhere." Groaning, she gets onto her feet to see just what she can find that she'll want to drink.

The touch pauses him to look at her. A tired look. Lleu blinks and tries to focus on her to actually /look/ at Brina. She's hurt? "You all right?" Like he was just reminded that he still has responsibilities for others. Things have turned a bit upside down, his OCS classes left behind, interrupted by the Picon invasion and left uncompleted. "Yeah, like to keep you kick'n." No rank appended as it takes too much effort to bother with formal details just now.

A mug that is mostly clean is found after a search that was spent in silence, comfortable silence on her part, and then she moves, looking for the coffee maker. "Yeah, am fine. Just a flesh wound. Didn't even require any medical attention between getting it cleaned and wrapped up." There's a pause and then she turns to look at him, the back of his head stared at. "I'd like to keep kicking myself," gets commented from where she stands behind him, "but hey. If it doesn't happen and one of those frakers offs me, at least it will be doing something I'm proud to do."

Ynyr seems to be doing that staring off into space thing from one moment to the next. Brina's voice draws him back, "Yeah," Too much sitting. Lleufer pushes his cup of whatever the hell it is away and he moves to stand cautiously. His leg aches but it's supported with a wrap under his ripped up fatigue pants, still dressed in his combat blacks with armour in case they are attacked. Lleu limps a few steps and stretches to pop his back, a careful look out over the base at an angle through a window so not to back light himself. "Heard someth'n went down in the sewers out Marlin City way? Know anything about it?"

Brina nods slowly. "We were tasked with finding a downed crew. Found the Raptor but there was no sight of those in it, initially." The quest for coffee is given upon and the mug is set back down. "We wound up finding the ECO and a Specialist. But we had to take out some canners before we could get them out." Her eyes close and her injured hand lifts, that done at the same time she smirks. "That's how I hurt my hand. Got shot."

She gains a slow nod, "Yeah. Lot of'm are only kids out there." Not so much here at the base where the forces were full on military personal from before the war started, but the resistance 'marines' Lleufer's already been starting to see trickle through seeking medical attention. "Half starved to death. Scared." His own tone lacks inflection, flat. Vaguely detached.

Amos has arrived.

There's a sigh and then Brina leans in, carefully bumping her shoulder against his arm. "Can't let it get to you, Lleufer. Don't let it make you go cold, please?" There's a twinge to her voice that might make it sound like she might cry but she manages to keep herself in check. Barely. "Oh. Hey. Think we might be allowed some leave once we can return back to the Orion?"

Poor Brina doesn't really get a response other than for him to turn his head and look at her. Mouth set, face otherwise unreadable. There is a long silence that he doesn't answer her question but only stands there where he'd been looking out over the runways and fields out there. Lleu finally opens his mouth to say something but doesn't. He dry swallows and shoves his hands into his combat black fatigue pockets to look back out there and ends up not saying anything at all.

Amos is one of the lucky ones it seems, for it looks distinctly like he's just slept. Not a full, uninterrupted 8 hours, but enough that he doesn't look quite as beat as most of those on base at the moment. The scratches on his face seem to be healing well enough, and he's no longer moving like the only thing keeping his chest together is bandages and armour. He's even freshly shaved, the luxury. Heading back towards the ops room he knows he's slated to work escort for some of the 379th shortly, but he's going a bit of time free first to catch up on developments since he put his head down. Spotting the pair of MPs as he passes he gives them a brief nod in acknowledgment.

Okay. So one out of the duo of military police doesn't want to talk. Or can't. But that's alright as Brina continues to give voice to the idea she had. "So. Was thinking we could hit Piraeus once things calm down, you know? Go hunting or whatever. Maybe fishing?" All the things Lleufer enjoys and that she wants him to teach her. "Think the fresh air will do us good…" Amos gets her to stop in mid-sentence and she smiles. "Hey, Cap. How are you doing, sir? Looks like you got some rest, huh?"

Something happened right before the Picon invasion. Lleufer's not talking about it, been keeping aloof and focusing as much as possible on staying busy. Detached. Ynyr doesn't turn his head when Amos comes in and passes by them and instead keeps looking out at the distance without paying much attention to details out there. He certainly doesn't look like he's had much sleep or run into a razor or bathed the past couple of days. There's the map and his notes spread out on the table with a cup of some tea or other coffee substitute. Whatever stimulants can be dug up since coffee's become extremely scarce.

A flick of his gaze then to Brina, "No. Not Piraeus." Complete no interest to go there. Her address of Amos makes him aware then and Lleu turns, "Sir." He takes the few steps back to resume his seat and pick up his cup to finish off whatever it is.

Amos diverts slightly to approach the pair, given he has a few minutes spare. Checking his watch he nods to Brina and replies as his arm drops down again, "couple of hours by the look of it." Eying Lleufer a moment he then adds, "which I think is more than the Sergeant here." Noting that the man is out of it somewhat he continues to address Brina, "make sure he puts his head down, and make sure he eats. We all need to be ready to go at a moment's notice. I need Marines, not Space Cadets."

Brina's jaw tenses for a moment and she winces, Lleufer's behavior actually managing to hurt her feelings some. "Fine. Just thought you'd like to show me…" A shoulder lifts in feigned indifference but that is as much effort she can put into that and she has to turn around to keep any other reaction that might play over her face. "Guess we can figure something else out, then." Shrugging again, she nods once to Amos, her eyes held to the officer's. "I'll make sure Sergeant Ynyr gets some sleep, sir. don't worry."

Lleufer hears Amos. He lifts his eyes to meet his Captain's and watches the older man, "I'll rest. I am and will be ready, sir." No expression on his face. Ynyr looks back to the map and has a few places noted that has his interest to check out. He rubs a hand over his gritty brows and eyes before he asks low, "Any … news of our Eleven?" Lleu doesn't use her name. After a moment he does glance briefly back to Brina, then back to his Captain.

Amos gives Brina a short, sharp nod to acknowledge her reply, he figures she'll do her best, and that’s about all he can ask. Lleufer gets another, longer look though as he silently weighs things in his head. There's a shake of his head at the question though, followed by a, "none that I've heard Sergeant, but I won't claim to have seen every bit of intel that’s come in. Check in with Captain Gray if you're worried, he's a better bet most likely."

Lleufer is seated at a table to rest his healing leg while he finishes off a cup of some coffee substitute. He has a stained map laid out with a sheet of notes he's been taking by hand concerning Marlin City. Brina is left standing over by a slim window that overlooks the runways and fields while Amos had just entered a few moments before, speaking with them both. Ynyr watches the Captain reply to his question and gives a faint nod, "Understood, sir." Gray's name incidentally had only then slipped Amos's lips as suggested followup. Lleu's brows slightly furrow and his mouth thins into a hard line, "I'm watching for him." You bet your ass.

Will wonders never cease? Something has dragged the Orion's Intel Officer off the ship. Elias must have come down on the Raptor that just landed. And he has dressed for the occasion, wearing a ground combat uniform, complete with armored vest and a sidearm holstered at his right hip. Entering the Ops building with a purposeful stride, Elias is looking around, clearly trying to locate someone.

Brina, at this point, is trying to tune them out, her feelings rubbed a bit raw by the exchange she had with Lleufer just a moment ago. Once she can calm down she'll be fine but right now she is not really able to be any kind of good company. The sound of yet another arrival pulls her attention from the window to Elias. "Hey." He's given as much of a smile as she can muster but between being exhausted and being upset, there's not much she can do to make it look friendly.

Amos gives Lleufer a nod that is to all intents and purposes exactly the same as the one he just gave Brina. "Carry on then Sergeant," then a glance to Brina "Lance Corporal," and with that he's moving towards the door and back on his own way, passing Elias going the other way and giving the man a nod in greeting.

Amos has left.

Amos gets a vague nod in return as Lleufer's attention is trying to refocus on the map. Up until he sees the other Captain walking in. Ynyr's body tenses and he stares at Elias. The Marine Sergeant quietly pushes himself up from the table and without saying a word, Lleu starts around the table, limp or no limp. Maybe he's heading over to refill his cup? Oops, without picking it up to take with him? When he gets close enough to intercept and have a word with Captain Gray, Ynyr rolls his shoulder back and lifts his fist to SLAM it hard into Elias's face, right smack dab in the nose with every intent to break it. Nothing held back. Grim faced, the Aerilion starts to lay into the Intel Officer without saying anything as if Lleu wanted to kill him. Surprise, surprise!

Elias pauses as he sees Amos heading past him, on the verge of addressing the Marine Captain when the man just nods and marches by. Elias' expression tightens as one of the people he wanted to talk to suddenly leaves, and he turns to scan the room again, looking for the next best option. He sees Lleufer just as he's starting to rise, but while Elias clearly recognizes the Sergeant, he doesn't seem in any hurry to speak with him. Hmmm … There's got to be a duty officer somewhere … He keeps look until Brina's smile catches his eye, and the Captain gives a quick nod to the Marine. "Hello Corporal, do you know…" He trails off, catching sight of someone coming out of the corner of his eye. But he doesn't turn quick enough to react to Lleufer's first punch, only to flinch and take it right in the eye. *WHACK!* Elias reels back from the force of the blow, barely managing to keep his feet.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Brina=melee Vs Lleufer=melee

< Brina: Good Success Lleufer: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

At first Brina can only watch, that first blow happening too fast and the fact that Lleufer is actually hitting an officer stuns her into being unable to move. When she finally does she is doing so quickly, seeking to subdue the Sergeant, her arms reaching for the one he's throwing the blows with so she can hopefully keep Elias from being hit further. "Stand down, Sergeant!" He's stronger and taller than she is, making it difficult to get a good grasp on him but she just might be able to spare Captain Gray from being anymore beat upon.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lleufer=melee Vs Brina=melee

< Lleufer: Good Success Brina: Good Success

< Net Result: Brina wins - Marginal Victory

The Marine Sergeant seems to have every possible intent to keep pounding on the Captain as Lleufer tries to lay into Elias! His teeth are gritted, pale eyes sharp and slitted as Ynyr goes after the officer without a single word of explanation, no cussing, nothing yet. The smack of his knuckles with the bones of Gray's face is immensely satisfying and is at once followed up with another attempt to knock the Captain senseless! Brina is fast though, getting her arms to snag Lleu's and dragging mostly on his left that throws off his balance onto his injured leg. His second punch goes wild, almost hitting her but she manages to evade it. He is taller and stronger, and pissed, but Ynyr's leg buckles as his full weight twists upon it. He stumbles and hits the floor backside first, "That son of a bitch!"

It seems to have broken his desire to pound the Captain for a breath. Lleufer sucks for air with the Lance Corporal entangled on top of him, trying to see Gray, "I put a bullet into her head because of /you/!"

Elias recovers from the shock of Lleufer's first punch, his hands balling into tight fists, bracing himself to meet the next one before he even realizes what just happened. For an instant Elias' expression is pain and total, instinctive fury. But Brina's intervention buys the Captain enough time for rational thought, and though he does not let his guard down, he also does not try to attack Lleufer. While the other Marines in the Ops room gawk, Elias' expression slowly goes cold and stoney. And once it's clear the Sergeant is not going to jump right back up and keep going, the Intel Officer slowly eases out of his combat stance. "Are you through, Sergeant?" he demands in a low, angry tone. Did he order Lleufer to shoot some woman? If he did, it doesn't seem like Elias is at all inclined to acknowledge it.

The ducking she has to do to get out of the way of the Sarge's fist, just to be safe, puts Brina off balance and she gets her feet tangled with Lleufer's sprawled limbs but manages to keep herself on them despite that. Her face is a hot red, her anger barely restrained, the bandage that covers her right hand now stained red thanks to how her attempt at getting him to cease his actions opening the wound she had patched up last night. The mention of the shooting has her darting a look at Elias, her brow creased. "Sir, who…?" Pause. "I mean.. uhm, do you need medical attention, sir? And will you be pressing charges?" In anticipation of an affirmative response to the latter, Brina's already reaching for her cuffs.

Ynyr makes no attempt to get up at once, breathing rough. "Yeah," Lleufer answers Elias, shifting his jaw to force the words out, "Where /is/ she?" Unless Brina's going to force him face down, the Sergeant starts to try and get back to his feet if he can get her off of him.

Elias is clearly still angry, and the surge of adrenalin from being punched is still enough to make his voice shake even though he has otherwise regained his composure. "I'm fine," he snaps at Brina, then rounds on Lleufer. "We will /not/ be discussing this here, Sergeant." And with a deep breath, trying to summon calm, he turns back to Brina. "Thank you, Corporal." And here comes the order. "You're going to place the Sergeant under arrest." There's a pause while he waits for that to be acknowledged, then he continues. "You're going place him under arrest for ten seconds. Do you understand?"

Nodding once, Brina kneels behind Lleufer before he can get on his feet, the handcuffs clasped around one wrist and then the other, her displeasure in how everything's gone so far perhaps resulting in a little 'police brutality' when she wrenches the first arm and then the other behind his back with a little more force than is needed. "You're under arrest, Sergeant…" And his rights are given to him. Once done, she adds to Gray, "I'm going to be brigging him regardles, sir. You can decide whether to put him on formal charges or not." Captain Ommanney did tell her to make sure Lleufer got some sleep, plus it'll give him time to get his head cooled off. "One… two…" The ten seconds are counted off, then, under her breath.

There is a hard stare for the intel officer from the Sergeant. The Marine tenses at any resistance Brina begins to impose upon him, Lleufer not caring to be bound, hell no. He's managed to sit up and then Brina's wrenching his arm around behind him, making him tense his sore leg to keep sitting up. Lleu grimaces and though for an instant he starts to resist by instinct, no, he stops that at once and keeps his mouth shut to let her do what she's doing. Steady his gaze over there at the floor and not at either one of them. It's an awkward position but likely she'll be helping him to his feet in a moment. A few breathes and Ynyr says low, "Yes, sir." To acknowledge the Captain's order not to discuss the subject here. He's still angry, also tired.

Elias's hand comes up to touch the side of his face, where the skin around his eye is already starting to swell up and bruise. Yes, that's definitely going to leave a mark. The young Captain's mouth twists unpleasantly at the injury, but he finally seems to have himself fully under control again. And now he's staring at Lleufer with a new, perhaps unsettlingly intense interest. Has he come to some sudden revelation about Lleufer? It's an odd look if he's considering revenge, that's for sure. "No," he says to Brina regarding the brig time. "We need every Marine in the field." Elias turns back to Lleu and silently studies the man for a few more seconds. "I think you've made your position clear, Sergeant. Try not to get yourself killed." That last bit sounds more like an order than well-wishes. With a final nod to Brina, Elias wheels and walks off, looking for that duty officer again.

Elias has left.

Now this puts Brina in a bit of a… situation. Elias and Amos both are Captains but while Amos is in her CoC Elias isn't. It is eventually concluded that she'll be listening to Amos although she's not sure where she'll take Lleufer. "You fraking put me in a fraking bind," she hisses. The chain that connects the cuffs is grabbed for and she lifts, trying to hoist him up by it. "Come on. Sleep time." Lleufer probably has seen Brina various levels of this but never, ever has he seen her this irate.

It's pretty awkward to get up from the floor when you can't use your hands and somebody is hauling you up from behind but if he can lean forward and get a knee up, Lleu can rock his weight up and get to his feet without too much trouble using his right leg as much as possible. Takes a second for Brina to steady him before he turns his head to try and see her, breath still a little up. "Yeah, I know." Ynyr glances around, "Probably can lock me in one of these offices. Dunno where the brig would be around here." He's an MP, so he knows it's only temporary. Hopefully won't be a tiny interrogation cell or storage closet, please Gods. Lleu's mouth thins and he keeps his mouth shut. He'll go where ever she directs him to walk, "Better take my sidearm, Lance Corporal." Lleufer's rife is there hanging off his chair.

The weapons are secured and brought with her, those being things she will not leave anywhere. His rifle's slung over her shoulder and his sidearm held in her left, leaving her dominant hand free to grab a hold of the back of the Sergeant's uniform blouse. "Let's go. We will find somewhere close by." The grip on the back of his shirt is tight, more than enough to cause searing, jagged stabs of pain to shoot up her hand and into her arm.

While her grip may be strong and hard on her arm and hand, it's only the back of his shirt or the edge of his armour or something. Lleufer's kitted out for spot attacks with body armour, knife, helmet at the table. He gives a nod and starts to walk where she likes. A muscle in his jaw twitches and he refrains from saying anything as long as Brina secures his gear and does it by the book so she won't get chewed out later by anybody else for being sloppy.

<TP Room used as brig>

Lleufer gives Brina no trouble, no talk. Somewhere suitable is found, perhaps even a cell block that used to be the brig. It's hard to say as things are ripped out or been repurposed since then. It's secure enough, no windows and can be locked up with a cot in place. Ynyr took a seat and only sat there for a few, then laid himself down though not at once able to rest. Having your hands cuffed behind your back is hard on the shoulders, especially with the more bulk in muscle the body has to get in the way. Tired, he eventually dozes to a dreamless sleep for a couple of hours. Exhaustion can be handy to keep dreams at bay. They have plenty more to push through before any of them will know what real exhaustion is, yet.

Brina can't sleep. Not while she's guarding him. But is it because of procedure that she does or merely to make sure he can rest that she does so? Not possible to tell and she won't say either way if she is ever asked about it. Once he's asleep she lets her shields drop some and a few tears fall. Sad tears. Tears borne of anger. They do nothing to ease her confusion over what happened, though. 'Suck it up', she thinks while drying her tears with the back of a hand, even angrier over almost crying.

Lleu is given several hours before she rises to wake him up, her hand placed on his face first and then his shoulder. There's no shaking, no calling his name. He's allowed to wake up on his own after her hand settles on his body.

He hasn't shaved or bathed since leaving the Orion so there's a fair bit of pale reddish blond beard stubble well started. Dirt that shows hints of creases around his eyes that make him look somewhat older. The touches do not at once arouse him. Lleu's out of it. Breathing is soft, relaxed, never mind all the discomforts of a hard bunk and full body kit. Brina may need a firmer hand to wake him.

He's just watched for awhile, how he sleeps, the sound of his breathing when he does, the rise and fall of his chest. Even how he looks is taken in before, with a frown, she shakes him lightly by the shoulder. "Hey, Lleufer. Wake up." Brina steps back a little, trying to keep herself out of striking range in case he lashes out.

It's a wise precaution on her part but he was resting and not suffering ill dreams, nor went down fighting. The shake finally rouses him and he opens his eyes, momentarily disoriented. Lleu starts at the unfamiliar cell, eyes darting to look around as he tenses to try and sit up. There's Brina, not a Centurion or some skinjob. Things click into place from memory. Not captured, detained. Deep breath, get his shoulder wedged against the wall to fully sit up, one boot to hit the floor. Ynyr makes a nasty face, "Think … something foul died in my mouth."

"That's probably all the bile you were spitting at the Captain that you're tasting, Sarge." Brina rolls her eyes and moves back even further; there is a desire to look Lleufer in the eye but it's hard and soon she takes a rather keen interest in the deck between their feet. "I don't think Captain Gray is going to press charges." Maybe. Elias didn't really comment one way or another so it really does remain to be seen, no?

Ynyr shifts his jaw and hawks up whatever is in his mouth and throat to spat it out onto the floor - away from Brina's boots. That's a little better. Dust, too. "Yeah, well if it's been three hours and he hasn't, then I'm due to be released. He's had his window of opportunity." Lleu looks at Brina, "You going to cut me loose or we have time to wait, yet?"

The keys are unclipped from the belt but she hesitates. "Got awhile more but I can uncuff you if you want." Lleu hasn't done anything to fight her so she can at least assume he won't try to hurt her or somehow attempt to overwhelm her if she lets him go. Brina eyes Lleu again and asks quietly, "Did I do something to make you mad," the question asked in regards to how he was acting before everything went tits up and fell to shit.

Lleufer gives her a nod and shifts around to present his back and bound hands to her side, "Yeah, please. Give you my word I'm not going to cause any more trouble. Even if Captain Gray shows up." Then he's quiet a long minute before he shakes his head, "No, not you, Brina." Lleu hangs his head a breath, aware he shouldn't have let go. Then he lifts it and waits for the release of tension in his shoulders, the armour pinching. If he might like to say more, he doesn't. Captain made it plain he's not to talk about it, whatever it was.

Brina nods and undoes the cuffs and returns them to their rightful place on her belt, the Sarge once again allowed to be comfortable. "There. You should move your arms around, get circulation back in them." Yes, Brina's able to give that advice based on personal experience. "Hope your leg is alright," she adds, knowing that Lleufer's been trying very hard to rest it recently.

He had enough braincells to lay down on his right side. Lleu moves carefully to stand and he winces when he starts to move his arms, pain shooting through his shoulders and especially his left arm. He does as she suggests though and gets some blood circulating before he paces a few steps and turns back to look at her, rubbing his wrists. "I'll be fine. Got a lot of work to do assuming I'll be allowed to return to it." The pain eases with continued movement so he walks a little to ease stiffness in his leg as well. "Any word on our scouting Marlin today or holding off until morning?"

At least he's able to get up and move. Means Brina won't have to call for a medic which would do absolutely nothing but make her already bad mood all the more so if she were to have to do so. "I haven't heard," she answers with a shake of her head. "I have to confess. I'm not sure what to do with you now, Sarge…" The watch she wears beeps once and then a second time, indicating that time's up finally but she doesn't move to open the door or otherwise let Lleufer out.

Lleufer watches her and lowers his hands, "You let me out and we go back to work. Guess it'll go on my record without charges filed. If you find out Captain Gray has filed charges, you come find me and we do this all over again until they send me up to the ship to await proceedings."

First things first. Brina steps up to the other Marine and whispers into his ear, "I'd like to speak with you again… in private, please. Whenever you're ready." The fact that there was mention made of his having to shoot someone has her scared, not knowing what happened between him and the other man and whomever 'her' is… was… and she needs answers. The door is opened and he's allowed out first before she goes out after him, his weapons returned to him.

Lleufer watches her closely and accepts his gear back. His sidearm that was used to do the deed he pauses to look at for a long moment before he holsters it, then shoulders the rifle strap. He gives her a faint nod, more than he probably should agree to, and then walks out without saying anything else for now.

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