AWD #209: An Uppity Cylon
An Uppity Cylon
Summary: A reunion in the mess hall between Lleu and Naomi does not go well.
Date: 03/08/2012
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Lleufer Naomi 
Mess Hall
The Crew Mess on the Orion is one of the larger rooms meant for occupation. The room is far longer than it is wide with the classic stainless steel tables that can be seen anywhere else on the ship, standard to all navy ships. Most of the chairs match, their padding on the seats worn down after several years. Towards the rear of the room is the food prep area and serving lines. During the time in between meals the Mess will serve midrats, or 'mid-shift rations', such as sandwiches and drinks. Coffee pots are left to run at all hours to keep people going as needed.
AWD #209

Today, Lleufer has the day off. So he took some of the morning to work out in the Fitness Center for a while, then went back to the Marine Berthings to prep and pack his gear for today's Search and Rescue exercises that he volunteered for. Yet it seems some news has come in that has begun to stir folk with talk of a mission tomorrow. Something about Pallus? The exercises dirtside on Piraeus have been rescheduled. Therefor, Lleufer finds himself wandering into the mess hall with his afternoon suddenly free. He's dressed in his fatigues rather than his more usual on duty MP uniform.

Pale blue eyes skim over those who are here at this hour as he picks up a tray and starts to go through the chow line. Hmm, what's the Dfac offering today?

Naomi is an island, a lone dot of red in a sea of greens and greys and blues. There's one empty table around her in all directions, the rest populated by personnel. She stits demurely at her table, eating her food and reading a book, seeming oblivious to the exile that has been imposed on her.

The Marine has noted this. It's difficult to miss, actually. You'd think people might be more curious, even if they didn't trust or like her. Or maybe not, who knows? Lleufer picks out his supper - Salsbury style steak smothered with bits of onions and gravy with a roll on the side, mixed vegetables, a yogurt, and and some kind of orange-like citrus fruit sent up from Piraeus. A nice large portion of the steak and vegies parts.

Once he has his tray in order with a tall iced tea, the jarhead comes over and sets it all down right across from Naomi and takes a seat without asking if she minds his company. Not even a subtle glance to see who's taking notice. Lleu settles himself and picks up his utensiles to start laying into his steak-thing. "Don't think they kicked me off your detail. You're stuck with me and I'm stuck with you, Doc. You have a date for going down to Piraeus to observe those wolves, or whatever they are?"

Naomi looks up at him from her writing, nose wrinkling as if she smells something funny. "Hello, Doctor. May I sit here? Certainly, Sergeant, thank you for asking. You're coming down to the planet with me? Why, how delightful. The direwolves will be pleasantly surprised, I'm sure."

Lleufer chews his mouthful, his mother at least having taught him not speak with his mouth full. He looks amused. A sip of tea to wash it down before he'll answer, "I wasn't raised fancy like you, Doc. Aerilon Hick, remember?" His fork is pointed at her, "And I see you still have a bee in your bonnet. A piece of advice, if you'll take it. Chill out. Relax. You are too touchy, lass. If you want others to relax around you, it has to start first with yourself. Not get all uppity if someone doesn't conform to your level of … whatever. Because I'm not meaning any harm by it."

"You're incorrect in the manner of the point that I wasn't raised at all." she says matter-of-factly. "I'm sorry, but being raised on Aerilon doesn't excuse you from common courtesy. Nor am I a 'lass'. I'm a doctor, and I actually earned my degree. I'm not touchy. You treated me like trash, and I'm not going to take it like a doormat because you feel defensive about the fact that you were an asshole. A free piece of advice, if you'll take it: if you want me to view you as anything but a grunt with a gun, take responsibility for your behavior and try to wrap around your brain that you have no possible grasp of my life experience and no right to judge. I'm not uppity for asking for basic, decent resect, and you trying to laugh it off and blame me for expecting it in order to divest yourself doesn't increase my respect for you any." Somewhere in there she said a bad word! Someone must be hanging out with Cooper too long.

The Marine lifts a blondish brow at her, "Who's the one being so judgemental today? You know that I know you weren't 'raised'. So maybe, just maybe, you should pause to think about why I said it." Which she probably won't figure out. Lleu goes back to cutting up his food for a moment, "I'm not being as disrespectful as you think. I've been blunt and honest. Probably a hell of a lot more than most people are to your face. Maybe a different flavour of humanity is just want you need, if you want to learn more about us, than rejecting it out right. But up to you. If you prefer I do the same as the rest and avoid you, and only speak flowery, meaningless nice things, then I'll do that, Doc. I'd think that's kind of lonesome."

"You don't know what I do or don't know about humanity, or my experience with it. You never bothered to ask; you were too busy accusing me of being duplicitous. But I do know this: people like Dr. Nadir and Lieutenant Morgan were willing to speak for me at my trial, and even when they had to treat me like a prisoner, were kind and decent and courteous. If I were a human woman, I'd be as equally disgusted and unimpressed by your behavior, but there's the catch, of course. I'm not a human woman, and if I was, you wouldn't behave this way."

Lleufer refuses to get ruffled this time. He eats more of his meal, allowing Naomi to say whatever she likes. He watches her, takes his time to clear his mouth. "You're right that I don't know what you know or don't know. Point of fact, I was trying to learn more about you, not just about what you came from. Maybe I've been an ass, though I don't think so. My point is, you don't want to move past it. Gett'n hung up on it even though I've come and sat down here with you to try and talk. I'm not going to apologize, Doc. You're also right that I didn't treat you like a human being because you aren't. I have said that I would though if you could convince me that you're more human than I'm giving you credit for. I'm willing to listen." Lleu looks around at the wide space around her and back to her, lifting a brow, "Seems most aren't so willing. So maybe you should get over your disgust a bit. As I said though, up to you. I won't try again, nor bother you anymore with questions or my company. Ball's in your court, Doc."

He's mostly finished his meal. Lleufer polishes off his tea, tucks the unpealed fruit into his cargo pants pocket and moves to stand, picking up his tray to depart.

"/Maybe/ you've been an ass." she snorts a little. "/Maybe/ I like to wear red." she mutters under her breath before adding aloud, "It's not my obligation to beg for you to treat me decently. Either do, or don't, but don't expect me to simply swallow it if you don't. The Colonial Fleet's justice system, which you personally are an arm of, decided that I was a person. You're not so special that I have to additionally prove it to you. So here you go, Sergeant: when you can talk to me like another person and not a thing, that's when you can engage me and not before. Don't assume that I'm threatened by the prospect of silence, or isolation. Have a good day." And with that, she resumes her reading and eating.

"Treating you decently doesn't mean I trust you, Doctor. I'm also not the one stooping to name calling." Lleufer smiles a little, "Have a good day, Doctor Tamsin." He turns away and faintly shakes his head. His tray he'll take back to clean off and stack with others that have been used. Taking his citris fruit out of the side pocket, Lleu starts to peel it as he walks out of the mess hall.

Lleufer leaves, heading toward the Fore Corridor [FC].

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