AWD #346: An Offer You Can Refuse
An Offer You Can Refuse
Summary: Two Marine officers talk, off duty.
Date: 02-03/06/2016
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Fairfax Amos 
Officer's Lounge - Piraeus
The lounge at the bar, an afterthought built onto the main structure, is a little more classy. This is probably a function of the fact that the members of CIDSR and some of the ranking officers wanted a place that was not as prone to barfights. Some of the research ships look to have been looted to bring down nicer couches and other seating. Proper floorlamps and even even a felt-covered card table have been set towards the back and a brave soul even donated a painting. The lighting is darker and the mood is more calm here. The room is restricted, and policed by bouncers, to all commissioned officers and CIDSR personnel only. Rowdy behavior is not permitted.
AWD #346

Fairfax has been busy since being promoted to Major, but he's found time to get down to Piraeus. Dressed in the fatigues that denote an off duty officer, he had suggested Amos join him here. Drinks, per tradition, on the newly promoted.

Amos spends enough time in the MOUT and killhouse that he generally wears his greens even when onduty, although to avoid confusion now he's got a button or two undone. Having had a few reports to finish before he could escape his desk he's a little later than Fairfax, and stops briefly in the man bar to pick up an initial drink to take through to the officer's lounge. With gold pips on his collar his access is unimpeeded and he takes a moment to let his eyes adjust before he seeks out his colleague.

Fairfax has a drink sitting before him, and one waiting on Amos. So Amos now has two drinks. There's a wave from the corner he's sitting in, trying to attract Amos' attention without actually calling out to him and disturbing the peace of this place.

Amos catches the wave quickly and heads over, offering a silent smile of thanks at the drink he sets his own down then settles into a seat. "Thank you," he says briefly, "and congratulations I hear. The next round is on me though, I fear I must insist."

Amos catches the wave quickly and heads over, offering a silent smile of thanks at the drink he sets his own down then settles into a seat. "Thank you," he says briefly, "and congratulations I hear. The next round is on me though, I fear I must insist."

"Well, thank you. On both counts." Fairfax smiles, taking a sip from his drink. "That's actually part of what I was hoping to talk to you about." He doesn't immediately go there, however, instead asking "How are you doing?"

Amos has before him a cognac, or as close to one as can be found in this place, and he sips at that for now, leaving Fairfax's offering for after. Relaxing a little into his seat, something he very rarely manages onboard, he considers the question as if it were a fine port, then offers, "busy, but not beyond my means I believe. With our quest in the brig I find myself wondering upon the fate of my home more than previously, but I think that many have had such thoughts over the past year."

"Indeed. In some ways those of us from planets like my own are fortunate to at least have a definitive answer, as unpleasant as it is." Fairfax muses. "I wonder how much longer said guest will be with us."

"I suppose that we shall have to wait upon word from our cousins in intelligence," Amos replies before taking another sip. He and Elias may have butted heads before, but he does have a professional respect for the man and his colleagues. "Have you spoken with him yourself? Or is that their perogative?"

"It's theirs, at least for now. I suspect I would be allowed to speak to him if I insisted, but I haven't pushed the matter." Fairfax answers, before adding with a grin. "Yes. I must say it's nice to be on an equal footing with cousin Elias." He shares that professional respect for Intel, but clearly there's also been plenty of frustration there.

Amos nods slowly, then, noting the frustration, he changes the subject. "We should not talk so much of work though, not for a few hours at least. Tonight we should celebrate your promotion." He raises his glass in salute then takes another drink, "may we live to see many more."

"May we live to see many more." Fairfax raises his own glass, with a grin. "And I agree. Let's not talk of work, other than the offer I have for you. That we should talk of. But otherwise, no."

"Offer?" Amos replies, having the decency to look curious, "if it's work then we should probably get it over with now, so we can enjoy the rest of the evening. We should probably do what we can to appreciate the time away from our desks while we have it."

"Good point. We definitely should." Fairfax agrees. "I've been told that, between you and I, in the next few weeks Major Rand will be moving to a position in Spree's command." He begins. "At that time, I will formally assume command. Now, I know you enjoy OPs. And you're brilliant at it." There's a pause. "I want you to know, if you're not interested, I'm not going to be upset or offended. But I wanted to know if you're interested in being the XO?"

"He should enjoy it there I think," Amos replies, "he'll be able to advise the Colonel, and help with the high level tasks at Anvil." Keeping quiet after that to let Fairfax speak he sips his drink, and considers. That consideration takes a while, before in the end he sets the glass down and folds his arms across his chest. "I'm honoured, Major, by the vote of confidence, but I suspect you already know the answer to that one. I transfered from JAG and MP duties to rifle platoons to get in the field, and not spend my career behind a desk. If there's one thing this war has taught me, both on Caprica, and with NOMAD, it's that that was probably the best decision I ever made. I honestly think I can make the most difference where I am."

Fairfax listens intently, though nothing said seems to surprise him. There's a smile then. "As you say, I already knew you were going to say that." He admits. "But you deserved the right to formally refuse. I'm glad to have you where you are. Takes a load off my mind."

Amos raises his glass again he tilts it faintly to the new Major then takes another drink, draining it. "Well then, with that out of the way, I do believe there was a promotion to celebrate. Another round and a hand or two of triad perhaps? You've got all that extra cash in your paycheck now after all."

Fairfax drains his own drink, not about to fall behind Amos. "Agreed. Those sound like excellent ideas." There's a soft laugh at the talk of extra cash in his paycheck. "I think we have a very pleasant evening ahead of us."

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