AWD #192: An Evening in the Rec Room
An Evening in the Rec Room
Summary: Members of most departmetns socialise with remarkably little friction given recent events.
Date: 17/Jul/2013
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Battlestar Orion — Deck 3 — Rec Room
With several smaller rec rooms spread throughout the ship, this one is the largest by far and is the primary recreation location aboard the ship. Longer than it is wide, with several hatches in and out, the room is divided by load-bearing beams that section it off into even thirds. There are a dozen tables, couches, and coffee tables set up — though all of the tables and chairs are the drab metal of the rest of the fleet. The couches seem to have been purchased privately and moved in here at some point in the past, heavy use and careful patching evident. Magazines are strewn around randomly, as are racks of books, plus a couple flatscreen televisions set up. Along one wall are several billiards tables, along with a bar for coffee and snacks.
AWD #192

Mahasti is sitting at one of the tables, with a booklet of photos and her camera, an old reliable number that shows signs it didn't take the hell on Picon as well as she'd of liked. She has her photos spread out as if really relishing going through them, or she forgot she had them. She did ask Toby if he would help her, but, she isn't counting on him being easily found, so a copy of the owner's manual is on the table with a small glasses-repair sized screwdriver set next to it. She hasn't gotten up the courage to try it herself.

Toby is done with work for the days it seems, as when he enters the rec room he's in his off duty gear and hunting a beer. Hardly noticing anyone or anything else for now he grabs a drink and prises off the cap, reaching then for a packet of snacks. No fasting today it seems. With the nuts pocketed he then turns to hunt for somewhere to sit, only then spotting Mahasti with her camera and heading over.

Mahasti blinks "Hi Toby, hows your head?" she asks, softly hands resting on a photo of her with her pre-naval long hair and an elderly couple at a temple to Asclepius. Given the formality of her outfit, its likely when she graduated. Looks like Photos she meant to send her parents. There's a photo of a small child opening a box with a orangey red wig in it that has wear and tear, suggesting its been in her lockers in multiple places. "Hey are you any good with really delicate things? I must have dropped my lenses while running around like a maniac, the shutter is all gummed up. I don't think its water damage?" she offers, sort of gathering the multitude of photographs, stacking them carefully. Why she even has a few photos of patients watching a pyramid final on Picon from the previous fall. Given the rivalries, you can pretty easily tell which patient is from where.

"Fine," Toby replies with a shrug, there's a bruise along his cheekbone but it looks like he's managed to escape a full on shiner, "on thing about Taurans, we have very thick skulls." Sitting himself down opposite her he waits for her to move a few photos before setting his beer down in a clear spot and holding a hand out for the offending gadget. Give me a look," he states, having listened to what she can tell him of the issue. "No promises mind, but I'll have a look."

Mahasti slides it forward "I think I knocked one of the springs loose inside. I could get it apart but I'm not quite smart enough to get it all the way back together. So I left it alone." she looks at him "If you were an officer I'd kiss your booboo." she jokes "Winston would not be reciprocated the same luxury." she chirps, she pauses watching him "For what its worth, thank you for watching out for me." she murmurs, cheeks just a bit pink. "It was very chivalrous of you." that smile is back "The camera might of also just given up and died, It was used when I got it." she offers. "Everything feels okay upstairs, right? Thick skull means the brain has lots of hard surfaces to slap into."

Toby examines the camera carefully as it's passed to him, keeping half an ear on what Mahasti is saying as he peers at it and starts to experiment with various things to tweak. "Hmmm," he offers once he's tried a couple of things, "I've a couple of ideas, but I'll need some tools." Glancing back across to Mahasi once more he asks, "you okay if I keel hold of it a day or so? Til I can get it down to the bay and have a look at it there." Keeping it in hand he leans back into his seat he uses his other hand to wave off a the Doc's words, "think nothing of it Doc. The Jarhead was being a jerk, if I hadn't said something someone else would have and yeah, everything feels fine."

Mahasti smiles "Can you be gentle with it?" she asks, looking slightly worried "It was a gift from my grandma and has a lot of sentimental value." she pauses, the strap has a cutesy charm "Do you want me to take it off for you so you don't look goofy with a cute kitty charm?" she asks. Her eyes focus on him. "I'm glad you are okay. I suggested he apologize to you for being a dick but, you both have thick skulls and he admitted he wasn't mad at you, he just went off on you." she offers. "You get kissed by a jerk pilot and all of a sudden you are meat to be browsed by the unwashed masses. Where were these people thinking I'm adorable when I was in college and had free time?" she offers with a laugh.

"I'll be careful with it Doc," Toby promises as he sets the camera down close to his beer. Taking the bottle once more he has a swig then shakes his head slightly at her offer, "don't worry about it. Likely easier to just leave it than to run the risk of losing or damaging it. I'll cope somehow." Her comments about Winston get a dismissive scoff before he's shaking his head again, "marines, like they can be trusted to remember who to fight against." A pause for another drink and he asks, "You at least manage to get through his skull about the skinjob?"

Mahasti nods a bit "He thought you were just being a prick." she offers, shifting to get a soda for herself, opening it and sipping the sweet watery nectar. "He didn't know yet, he thought it was actually just a rumour." she offers with a soft frown. "Hell of a way to find out. Can you maybe not call him a toaster lover again unless he's really being a dick or humping a toaster?" she asks "If he humps a toaster we'll tatoo it on his ass when he drunkenly passes out." she admits.

"If he humps a toaster I'd rather nail his arse to the wall for treason," Toby mutters as he drinks once more, before then, almost grudgingly, giving a shallow nod. "I'll keep my mouth shut if he does," he states simply, still apparently not entirely convinced of the sergeant's supposed words, but willing to operate under some degree of truce until he can find out for himself.

Mahasti laughs a bit "He's a marine, they do three things very well. Fuck, Fight, and Break things or people." she wiggles three fingers at Toby. "They grunt, scratch themselves and piss on things with moderate proficiency." she offers. "People treat me very oddly. I'm not sure what to make of it." she pauses "You treat me like a person, I appreciate it." she offers with a soft smile.

"Sounds about right," Toby agrees as he finishes his beer, this most recent run in apparently having done nothing to improve his opinions of the colonial marine core. Leaving the camera where it is he pushes himself to his feet again and gestures with his empty towards the refreshments. "You want anything?" he asks, moving now to get himself another for himself.

Mahasti pauses "A bag of yellow snack things." she offers. She pauses to take out a small bottle of ibuprofen to set infront of Toby's spot, hands lazily resting on the table "This last two week span might be a little too much for my brain. I'm considering making an appointment with the ship's shrink. I've never been so consistently embarrassed in my life." she pauses "So when the camera is fixed do you think you would mind letting me take your photo?"

Toby grabs a bag as requested and a beer for himself. Heading back he pauses a moment before sitting down, eyeing the ibuprofen for a moment before ignoring it entirely. Tossing the snacks across he digs into his pocket for the bag he got for himself last beer and settles down again. "You spoken with the Chaplain?" he asks, faint frown of concern on his face, "she's likely the best place to start I think, takes her pastoral care responsibilities seriously from what I've seen."

Off shift and changed out of his duty uniform, Lleufer wanders into the rec room. He could use a shave and might get groused at for it next shift if he doesn't tidy up, but for the moment he's free and clear, right? Silly Aerilons, often scruffier than some. There's a glance of blue eyes for those already in here as Lleu goes over to get himself a cup of nice, strong black coffee. He's wearing a sleeveless undershirt with loose cargo pants and boots, but not much else.

Mahasti blinks a bit "No, I'm going to go to a DOCTOR." her tone is pretty sharp. "While the chaplain is nice I'm sure, I would prefer my privacy and if necessary would like to keep as few fingers out of my files as possible, because if I needed lets say an anxiety medication, I sincerely doubt she's legally certified to give them to me." the new comber is given a looking at as she observes him for a moment "Do be careful with the coffee, you could peel paint with it." she chirps towards Lleufer.

Carrying an opened book with a Viper on the cover and the back of it, she seems to be read-walking, dressed in fatigues and looking somewhat distracted, Maia comes to the rec room, though as soon as she steps into the hatch, she looks around almost blankly at her new surroundings, then back over her shoulder towards the exit. What was she here for? Oh well, there were people, and she already looked enough a fool, she closes her book and offers an off-handed wave. "Hey folks," the greeting brief while she walks over to pour herself some coffee.

Toby holds his hands up quickly in a sign of surrender. "Just meant she was a good person to talk to," he states, now lowering his hands again, or at least as far enough to get himself a drink. Not pushing the point further he glances instead to see who's she's warning and notes the marine before Maia's entrance draws his focus away again. She gets a brief nod in acknowledgement before he turns back to the Doc sat across from him, "coffee seems popular. Think people have forgotten how awful it is or has then been fresh supply found somewhere?"

Lleufer turns his head at Mahasti's voice, "Good, I like it strong." and he apparently takes it black without sweetener or cream. Likely enough Toby and Mahasti's faces are familiar after these past months even if he doesn't remember either of their names. He gives them a nod and is cautious of the hot liquid, allowing it to cool somewhat. "Anything fun happen recently or did you run into a bulkhead?" That's for Toby. Lleu glances to the gal who walks in with the pilot's book before he turns back to see what's available for snacks in here.

Mahasti blinks "Hello Maia, how are you?" she asks, chipperly, folding her legs neatly as she watches the two new comers with sharp eyes. "I suspect its really just diesel dyed black. We got some Leonese Roast squirrelled away in the sickbay, if you ever want some Toby. I won't even harass you about a physical." she offers to Toby "Thank you for being understanding. I'd hate to have to spill tigerbalm down your uniform or something." she jokes, smiling, she would only do that to very specific people who are not present. " So you really will let me take a photo? And you won't snarl at the camera and accuse it of stealing your very soul?" she jokes, smiling brightly as she reorganizes her photos.

Returning the brief nod to Toby, Maia leans a hip against the counter, waiting her turn, giving the Marine a half smile when he glances at her. Just a friendly gesture really. Once he's done with the coffee, she makes herself a tall cup with plenty of creamer and a couple of artificial sweetener packets. Once her coffee is done, she looks over at Mahasti and grins. "Oh I'm fair. Been studying. Working." Rolling her shoulders, she walks over to a billiards table and places the cup on the side. "How about you?'

"You see one of your staff sergeants hobbling for the next day or so then you've met the other guy," Toby replies with a brief upnod to Lleufer, although he isn't going to get into particulars right now. Then blinking to Mahasti as she brings up the question again he eyes her for a moment, "stealing my soul? I reckon you'd have to do more than just take my picture to do that, anyone telling you otherwise is a nutter. But sure, if I can get the thing working again, why not." He makes no reply to the comment about coffee though, he's so used to the crap they have available in the bays that anything else is wasted on him.

The Marine takes a cautious sip of his still very hot coffee and bares his teeth at Toby's reply, "Did that well? You work on Deck, don't you? I know I've seen you around but don't remember your name. Who was it you scrapped with?" Lleufer takes himself a seat and idly skims a hand to see what magazines are laid out in case somebody coughed up something he hasn't seen before. Some fresh printed flimsy might catch his eye but none of them do. A brow is lifted at Mahasti's bit about stealing souls.

Mahasti mms a bit "Learning new tricks, trying to get the nurses to quit moving my step stool. The usual. I should be skilled enough at sonograms in another two weeks to take a quick safety cert test on it. I mean its normally a contracted job but there just isn't an expert to call in and well most patients seem to not hate me. I can read them good enough but I want to get really good since it makes the CMO happy if I do them." its likely because of full contact nature of ultrasounds and sonograms. She watches Toby "I have faith in you, you are some the best available." she offers, watching Maia "Having fun?" she asks, blinking at Toby, getting a bit red along the ears and the very tip of her nose. "Shackleton landed a big blow on Staff Sergeant Winston Titus' coin purse." she mumbles, cheeks slowly getting covered with red.

Turning around, Maia narrows her gaze on that bruise before she walks around the edge of the table, pulling balls out of the netted pockets, rolling them towards one end of the table. "Hope the other guy looks worse." Once the balls are all on the table, she grabs the triangle and begins racking them up. "Fun? I haven't had fun in.." then she smiles. Just a little. "A few days." Giving Mahasti a quick wink as she begins arranging the balls in the correct order.

Toby nods in confirmation to the marines question, "did that well." Another nod as his place of work is successfully identified and then he tilts his head towards Mahasti as she names the sergeant in question. "He looks okay, but he ain't walking straight," Toby calls over, seemingly content enough with the outcome. Taking another mouthful of beer he then watches Maia for a moment before asking, "you need someone to play against?"

Lleufer hears Mahasti and both of his brows rise with surprise, "Really?" Now he really looks amused, "He's that annoying Tauran, isn't he? And he didn't break your legs?" Damn, and he missed seeing it. The doc talk doesn't otherwise interest him much, sonograms and the like. Cold lubricants. The blush is cute though. He's then distracted by the blonde Lieutenant setting up a game of pool. Sip of coffee as he watches.

Mahasti snorts at Maia "Toby looked better than Winston before the fight began, smaller head less … dingy even climbing out of an engine." she offers matter of factly before studying Toby's features. "Better skin, sharper features, Winston has more interesting eyes though." she chuckles "So tell me, ma chouette Maia, is Toast getting along well with the other pilots? You folks are rather rowdy." she asks, voice giving away an ounce of concern.

Maia looks surprised at the offer from Toby, brows raised. They had a wary relationship at best… last she had heard. Of course she'd pulled her sidearm on the deckies around that time too, so she'd understood. "Ah, sure if you're up to a game, I'm always up for a challenge." Lifting the triangle off, she spins it before hanging it back on the hook and reaching for a cue stick, lifting it and looking down it to gauge the straightness of it. "Winston? Don't guess I know him but Toast.. he's the one who kissed you in the mess hall, yeah? Sorry. I don't join the rest of the pilots and their rowdiness lately. Been preferring to study. So close to earning my cross qualification now, I don't want to fail."

"Really," Toby replies with another, confirmatory nod. "All Taurans are annoying Sergeant," he then adds, "you not worked that out yet?" Smiling slightly he shakes his head a little before eyeing Mahasti, "it was his eyes that caused the issue in the first place Doc. Remember." Toast he knows nothing about so he contents himself with pushing himself to his feet and ambling over to the table and selecting a cue. "You'll know the moustache," he offers when she seems not to know Winston then waits for her to break.

Mahasti chuckles "I find you quite charming, in your own gruff way, Toby. Diomedes is nice too." She spots a nurse flagging her "Excuse me, I need to go." she grabs her photos stuffing them in a bag and taking off, blowing kisses at no one in particular. Apparently she is needed or wanted in the sickbay. She looks a bit perturbed for a moment "If you see Warren, tell him I'm looking for him. Nothing bad or major, I just sorta wanted to show him a photo I found that I think would be of value to him." she calls out. Oh yes she's gone.

The Lieutenant has someone to play her so Lleu doesn't offer this round. He also doesn't know the guy they are talking about, some pilot likely. He gives the departing doc a nod and picks up one of the mags to flip through. At least it's about motorports and has a brief blip on Aerilon. "They generally are," his baritone agrees with Toby, "but he also out ranks me and I have to work with him sometimes."

When Mahasti takes her leave, Maia watches her, lifting a hand in farewell. Finding the cue to her liking, she chalks it and offers a half grin to the remaining two. "Defending her honour?" One brow arches and she takes up her coffee and moves a single step from the table. "You can break, I racked." While leaving Toby to that, she looks back at the Marine. "How long have you been on Orion?"

Toby breaks. It's not great and it'd be fair to surmise that he's either out of practice that this isn't his game. Still, the deed is done and he steps back to leave the table to Maia. He returns the pilot's lifted eyebrow for a moment, then shrugs and offers instead, "he was being a jerk. Various things up to and including disrespecting the dead and loudly announcing that marines are the only worthwhile service and the rest of us are second class." To Lleufer he adds, "least he seems to have a proper feelings towards the toasters. You might have some entertainment in your berthings now he knows for certain about the skinjob hiding in there."

Lleu glances up and leaves the magazine, "Since right before the war started, not with the original crew. Been down dirtside as much as I've been able." He's one of those who's kept to himself except when his duty required otherwise, not the most social. "Knox?" Whatever he thinks of that 'Marine' he reserves to keep to himself for the moment and says neutrally, "Plenty of reason for anger there." His coffee is gone, or at least down to the nasty gritty stuff on the bottom of his cup. Lleu gets up to go rinse it out and put it into the sterilizer rack. Then he pokes around for a beer since he's off duty. "I hope you can play a better game than you break."

"Sounds like he was just looking for trouble then. Anyone dissing another branch of the same team needs a good punch." Says Maia, who spars with anyone who will give her the opportunity. Once he breaks, she studies the table before walking to the side of the table and leaning over taking aim at the cue and a striped ball. When the talk goes to the toasters and the one they have in the Marines, Maia stiffens and hits the cue harder than she should. It skitters off the table and lands on the floor, rolling towards Lleu, completely missing the striped ball. "Knox. Right." Swiftly changing the subject. "Guess with so many around, I've missed you in passing. I'm Maia Kane, pleasure meeting you."

Watching a woman lean over the table like that and knock the balls around - one of them clear off the table, is distracting. Until the loose one rolls over towards his boots. Lleufer sets his newly acquired and as yet unopened beer aside to bend over and scoop it up. He turns to walk over to hand it back to Maia, "Pleasure to meet you, ma'am. Sergeant Lleufer Ynyr," The Welsh is pronounced as it's spelled in this case more or less since you know, it's a long dead language nobody much knows anymore.
Something comes over his ear bud. Lleu cocks his head, "excuse me a moment." and steps on out of the rec room for a few minutes.

"Thats the one," Toby confirms with a nod to Lleufer, "not sure if he knows about the other one onboard or not yet, might be worth breaking him in gently or I reckon it'd be a bloodbath." Not that he sounds wholly opposed to that idea mind, but the likelihood of collateral damage is rather too high for it to be seriously considered. "My game is Pyramid," he notes, waiting for the ball to be returned then gives the marine a brief nod as he leaves. Back to Maia he leans on his cue a moment, "want to take that again? I reckon all that talk of skinjobs was distracting you."

Unaware of the gaze on her while she had made the shot, Maia looks up as it rolls and Lleu scoops it up and returns it. "Thanks," she tells him, closing her hand around it. There's a nod to Lleu at his name, but when he leaves, she doesn't reply back, instead turns back to the table and offers the ball to Toby. "Maybe we should tell him, unless he's already heard." Her smile widens at the mention of Pyramid. "I think everyone should get a game together down on Piraeus." Offering a nod towards the table, she declines with a grin. "Go ahead and shoot. It's only fair."

Toby shrugs once and takes the ball, lining up a shot on the very same ball Maia had missed. "He'll have to find out sometime," he offers as he bounces the ball off the side an inch short of the pocket. He has to agree about the pyramid comment though, "try whenever I can," he notes, "if there's anyone else up for it. Can usually get a one-on-one going if nothing else."

"Oh I'd only go to learn, I've only watched and practised a time or two. Maybe we could do that instead. I suck at billiards." Maia offers a grin and finally takes a sip of her coffee. "Actually, I've got a meeting, but I'll be around a little later, if you're up to some Pyramid."

Whatever it was, Lleufer returns after a few minutes, having run some errand or something. He's not on duty so it couldn't have been too important. He goes back to pick up his beer and looks around, "Sorry I missed the game. Who won?"

With the pilot gone, Toby guides all the balls into pockets with his hands and then re-racks his cue, solo potting practice is not for him it seems. Picking up his beer he moves back to the table he'd recently shared with Mahasti and sits back down, putting his feet up as he does so. The return of Lleufer gets another brief nod before he replies, "me I guess, but by default. Kane had to be elsewhere so it was game abandoned."

"That's a shame." The beer is finally cracked open, still cold. Lleu comes around to flop into a comfortable seat since he's been on his feet all day. "So, you get out much or are you stuck staying on deck for the flyboys 'n girls all the time? Where you from anyway?" It's pass'n the time chit chat since there isn't anything better to do at the moment. A taste is taken of his beer. Yes, better than the coffee.

Toby shrugs slightly, such things are the way of the world after all. Feet on the table in front of him he has another swig of his beer before then shaking his head, "not much, but occasionally, if they need a techie and I'm closest. " As for the question of his origins he grins a little at that before replying deadpan, "Tauron."

"Liar," the Marine drawls. There's a glint of humour in his light eyes, another sip of beer. Lleufer smiles, "And I'm the Cylon Fleet Commander." Ah, what to do tonight, what to do. A hand is dragged over his short hair, "I'm from Aerilon but you probably guessed that. I'm told I have an accent or someth'n." An eye for that bruise, "Do ye make a habit of defending the honour of ladies against Marines? Said gal wasn't up to defending herself? Not, mind you, that we should act like assholes. Not the image we're supposed to portray."

Into the Rec Room wanders Phin. In his off-duties, so minus any rank insignia, and carrying a blue ceramic coffee mug with the log of the Argentum Bay Silverstars Pyramid team on it. He takes that directly over to the coffee machine, where he fills it, though he doesn't bother with any powdered creamer or other possible additives. He's adjacent to Toby and Lleufer, though he doesn't really notice them right away.

"It's particularly bad tonight," Toby calls over to Phin, holding up his beer bottle as if to say 'it's not worth it man'. Then, since he's slacking about with his feet on the table and the pilot is by the refreshments he adds, "lob over a pack of nuts would you?"

Phin sniffs the cup. His nose wrinkles, but he just shrugs. "It's been worse. I'm on in an hour, so it's more for the boost than the taste. Here." He gets a packet of nuts and lobs them toward Toby. The throws not great, but it's catchable. He turns toward the Deckie as he's doing that. The bruise on the man's face is noted. Slight wince. "Was there an accident down on the Deck or something?"

You smell him before you see him. Rough alcohol, old tobacco, and yesterday's aftershave proceed Winston's arrival to the rec room. He pauses at the door to light the stout cigar he holds clenched in his jaw, puffing steadily as he glances around the room. His gaze comes to rest on Toby and his surly scowl darkens. He clicks his lighter shut and stuffs it in his pocket, swaying slightly where he stands. Then, he turns his steps in the deckhand's direction. His gait somewhat rolling and a bit unsteady.

Toby sets his beer down a moment so he can reach for the thrown nuts without the risk of spilling it. "Thanks," he replies as he rips it open, then nods at the reasoning behind the coffee, "fly safe then, and bring your bird back in one piece." Noting the wince he gives the faintest hint of a smile then shakes his head, "fitness centre, you know how it is." He looks like he might add more but then Winston arrives and he turns to the marine instead, watching his approach with interest.

"Just Alert Five tonight, so gods willing won't be flying at all." Not that Phin sounds like he's looking forward to it. When Toby mentioned the fitness center he shrugs, nodding. "Yeah. That's why I stick to the pool mostly. Never really got the appeal of boxing. But I spent most of my time as a kid figuring out how to duck a punch instead of walk into one." Something makes his nose twitch again. He looks up, to spot Winston. A polite "Hey" is offered, before he buries his nose in his coffee mug again.

Winston takes a long pull from his cigar, taking it in hand as he regards Toby through a gust of smoke. If he hears Phin's greeting, he gives no outward sign. "I have some things I want to say to you," he growls at length. He turns and plants a hand on the back of a chair, deliberately dragging it over and settling heavily into it. This close, one can smell the whiskey on him, even despite the stogie. He's been at the sauce hard, looks like. Or smells like, as the case may be. He studies Toby for a long space, before he leans forward, resting his elbows heavily on his knees. "When I was nine years old, my parents were killed by Cylon Centurions," he says without preamble. "I was lucky. I was at my aunt an' uncle's house, up in the hills. We missed most of the fighting. My parents weren't so lucky."

"Wait?" Toby replies to Phin, "you mean it's you keeping an eye on us while we sleep tonight? Damn, pass me a mug too would you?" He tries to keep a straightface as he says that, but he's failing by the end. His expression sobers though as Winston sits, and he himself pulls his feet back from the table and sets them down on the floor. Staying silent for now he leans in as well, almost mirroring the marine's position. "Everyone I ever knew was killed when they nuked us out of existence," he replies simply. It's not judgemental, or angry, just simple statement of facts, "I'm told you didn't know about the toaster in your ranks though. Hard to believe but I trust the source."

Phin smirks at Toby, chuckling at that first comment. The exchange with Winston is less amusing. The smell of whiskey makes him frown slight, but his first impulse is just to take a step back from the interplay between the two men. And find an arm of couch he can slouch on quietly in the background of whatever is going on there.

Winston takes another long pull from his cigar, the coal glowing hotly. "My wife was serving aboard Solaria," he says simply. "And my little girls were on Tauron when the nukes hit. So I want you to understand. The Cylons took it all from me. Everything. All I have now is vengeance. And I tell you this. I'll see 'em all rendered to scrap before I die." He looks down at his hands. "These… skinjobs… I don't know if I believe in 'em or not. It seems like something they'd do but… I don't see how they could do it. Make artificial people that we can't tell apart from ourselves. You have to be human to do that." He looks back up at Toby. "I'm sorry I gave you a hard time," he says simply. "But… don't ever imply that I love the frakkin' toasters again. Ever. You can call me every name in the book and make up all the new ones you want. Just… not that. Okay?"

Toby gives Phin a quick glance as the pilot moves off, but then returns his attention to the marine, important conversation is important and all that. "Then we have a common cause," he replies in a solemn tone, "the dead must have their rest, and that can't happen until they are avenged." That last bit is more for Phin's benefit, as he figures Winston knows that particular Tauran belief well enough. "The skinjobs are real," he then states calmly, "there are numerous models, two individuals of which have been granted colonial citizenship and live onboard. We had a third, but she's dead now. Took a whole damn raptor and crew with her though." He doesn't sound happy at all at those last details, but there's nothing he can do to change it. "Alright then," he offers finally, "but don't oggle the Doc like she's a piece of meat and don't try and make out that anyone bar the marines are just as waste of space. If you can cope with that, then I reckon we can come to an understanding."

The skinjob conversation must perk Phin's attention, but he continues to stay out of it. He has coffee to drink, which he does without too open a show of grimacing at the taste.

Winston grunts. "I didn't mean to upset her," he says. "And I've apologized to her for it. It's just… been awhile… for me. Y'know? Nike and I we… weren't doing so well when I shipped out. And… Doctor Nasreen makes a swimsuit look good. I couldn't help myself. But. I'll do better. For her. She's been kind to me." He studies the coal of his cigar, knocking the ash from it. "We have so many dead to avenge," he says. "The whole universe is full of angry ghosts. Nobody left but us to help them. We have to be enough." He looks back to Toby. "Guess we're gonna need all hands on deck. Even the firemen." One corner of his moustache quirks up in a wan half-grin. "Even if you do hit like a girl," he says. But his tone is teasing this time around. "'f ya like, I can give you some pointers. Help you brush up your technique. I know a thing or two about bustin' heads."

Toby takes another swig of his beer as the marine keeps talking, nodding occasionally, apparently in agreement. "Billions, and we just added a few thousand more," he replies, tone evidently displeased before he once more swigs his beer. "Firefighting, ejector seats, CO2 scrubbers, survival gear, all the crap that keeps people like you and the pilot over there," a nod towards Phin, "alive and breathing." As for hitting like a girl he just smiles back, "I ain't the one walking funny."

"I appreciate my fire suppression system working when things start sparking in the cockpit," Phin says, raising his cup in a little 'toast' to Toby before doing more drinking from it. "Reminds me, I need to inventory the bail-out gear in my Viper. Parachute pack and other survival stuff. Should do it this week if you've got the time, PO, though doesn't have to be right away."

Winston snorts. "You got a lucky shot in," he grouses. "And I was walkin' just fine ten minutes later. Sometimes, luck is enough. But not always." He glances around the rec room, then heaves to his feet, lumbering over to the icebox. Rummaging around, he comes up with a can of beer, which he cracks and guzzles half of in one go. He returns to his seat, looking over Toby. "You're not weak," he says. "An' you got the stones. You just need a little tempering is all. I can help you with that. If you like. I can't avenge the fallen alone. And we don't have nearly enough marines. Gonna come a time when everyone will need to fight."

«We're all fighting already,» Toby answers back in their native tongue, once again though, it's a simple comment rather than a snarky reply. The, turning to Phin he gives the pilot a nod, "sure thing, I should have the time unless anything unexpected occurs." Like raptors taking on a saber site or such. "Thanks for the promotion though, I figured I had a while to wait for that one."

Phin chuckles to Toby. "Crewman. Right. Sorry. Anyway, cool. I'll make time for it sometime this week, if I can catch you on-shift when you're not too busy." He's seated on the arm of a couch. Near-ish Winston and Toby, so he can occasionally interject into the conversation while remaining on the outskirts of it. And finishing a cup of Rec Room coffee. Without flinching, which is no small feat, as it's particularly bad today.

Mahasti is slipping back in, tugging a fresh brown tank on over the sleeveless under tank with a displeased sound. "One frakking day" and then its trailed off into Leonese. Whatever she was up to was enough to require that she change shirts apparently. As to what she was doing there isn't an easy to figure out way to figure it out. Her fingers try to tame and fix her shortish red hair but it is taking longer than she'd like.

Soon enough Luc is making his way in, seemingly after a snack or similar as he has something he is eating, which has been rather seldom as of late. That he is starting again must mean he is back to full health. Giving a wave of his hand to those gather, "Heyo. What are you all up to?"

Winston drains his beer, crumpling the can in his fist and rising. "I suppose we are. However we can." Remarkably, he and Toby are not actually at each other's throats. Something like respect is heard in the big Marine's tone as he addresses the deckie. But it's about this time that his watch chirps at him, and he scowls at the timepiece. "Frak. Is it time already?" he grumbles. "I have to go. I have patrol." He takes a last pull from his cigar and stubs it out in the ashtray. "Take care, fireman. See you round." He nods to Mahasti as he heads for the door. "Doctor Sir," he says as he makes his way out of the rec room.

"I'll keep my eye out for you," Toby states to Phin with a nod, "and if any of the others need to do he same then tell 'em to let me know and I'll get them sorted." Lifting his beer to finish it he then pushes himself to his feet, tossing the empty at the appropriate bin. Giving the marine a nod as the man exits he then notes Mahasti's arrival and offers a quick, "I'll let you know how it goes with your camera, and I promise I won't let Dio steal it and take pictures of inappropriate things." Phin then gets a nod in departing too, and Luc a slightly roll of his eyes, but hey, he's off too it seems, so he does;t have to put up with the aptly named 'Bigmouth'. All that done, he heads out as well, turning to head towards the berthings.

"Bigmouth. Hey." Phin offers a polite greeting and inclination of his head to his fellow Viper pilot. "How goes, man? Hey, Doc." The latter to Mahasti. Another of those nods is offered, in parting, to Winston. Though apart from that he lets the Marine go without comment. The look Toby gives Luc maybe gets a quizzical look, but all he says to the deckie is, "Later."

Mahasti eyes Winston and Toby both with suspicion "If they were fighting I'm going to sign them both up for invasive precautionaries." she jokes. Winston is given a wave when he leaves, Toby however is given a sheepish grin "If he takes a photo of his cock, I'll post it for the whole ship to see." she warns, fairly openly "There is no camera owner to mischief maker rule in place." she smiles "Thank you for trying, I'm sure you'll do a good job, try to keep the tasty chemicals out of it." she pauses, handing Toby the guide book that goes with it - which is in rough shape really. Luc is given a gentle poke in the side with one finger "Werp." she offers "Have a good one, Toby."

Luc nods to Phin, "Hey there, just fine actually. A bit of snack and a bit of work." He says and shrugs. Nodding to the two leaving as well. Running a hand through his hair, "Other than scaring everyone off that is." Grinning a bit at that. "How about you both?" He asks the two remaining. Chuckling at the poke from Mahasti.

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