AWD #207: An Aerilon Thing
An Aerilon Thing
Summary: Knox and Lleufer discuss skinjobs.
Date: 01/08/2013
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Lleufer Knox 
Obs Deck
Window. Seats. You know it, you love it.
AWD #207

Its early evening and most people are in the mess getting dinner. The number six of the fleet hasn't been supremely visible lately due to a lot of meetings up on Deck Two, coupled with working air traffic control duty down on Piraeus. It keeps him out of sight a lot of the time. For now, he's in his cammies with his unit and JTAC patches on his arms, sitting off to the side, finishing off a tray of dinner while he idly glances over notes. The guy doesn't look overly busy with it, either. Probably just another report to Sergeants for their squads… of which he is the only member anymore.

Lleufer got off duty and went to mess with only a pause to pick up his electronic tablet. Now he's finished eating, still in his MP uniform, he's settled himself into a comfortable couch to do some after supper reading. Something has been on his mind a lot lately, and a short mission outting unsettled him. So now he's intently reading through a tribunal transcript. He was actually looking to pull up Naomi's but instead, he found himself re-reading Knox's and thinking hard about these things. Funny how that very man is in the same Observation room and Lleufer hasn't noticed him, yet.

Knox lets off a long breath and tosses a folder to the side. The memos never end and for a Marine in his position, he's also reading Air Wing points of interest. He sips his coffee, reaching for the next folder and nods to Lleufer. "Sergeant. Anything interesting?" he asks casually, lifting his mug of coffee to take a sip while his eyes drift back to the next folder.

At first he's loath to bring his gaze up from what he's reading. Easy to get lost in that. But it could be an officer so he glances up and over towards the voice. A subtle double take, "Hmmm… yes, actually." A look again at the image when Lleu scrolls back to check, then another look at the other man. "You're Knox, aren't you?" Probably seen him many times in passing but not really spoken. It may be just as well that Lleufer blanks his screen and turns off his tablet but after a brief pause he simply says, "I was, in fact, reading about you, Sergeant."

Coop sets the mug down beside him on the armrest and glances back up. "Yeah? That doesn't usually bode well for me." He opens the folder and takes out a pen, clicking it open as well. Its hard to miss that Coop has bled for the fleet, and recently. There's a large scar across the right side of his head above his ear. It looks like a bullet or a piece of shrapnel nearly ripped his head in half, most of his head shaved except at the top. His left hand looks similarly muddled by scar tissue. "Been on this ship going on about ten months now. Just hoping I don't have to finally dodge an actual bullet from someone instead of the legal ones." He glances over with a short smirk. The man keeps his voice down and is likely a naturally soft-spoken person.

The Aerilon keeps his own baritone equally low. "I dunno. Seems a lot of good people have spoken up for you and there's a substantual list of things you have done that bear weight." Lleufer studies Knox, "We haven't really worked together but you're a Marine. Some of my brothers and sisters vouch for you. But it wasn't you I was looking to read about tonight. I got distracted. You know Dr. Tamsin."

Coop nods slowly. "Yeah. I've been fortunate that I've had good advocates. Without them I'd probably be executed or sitting in a jail cell writing memoirs or whatever the hell it is bored people do other than going insane." He makes a few notes in the folder and looks over. "One of the MPs figured me out eventually. So did Petra. They just didn't know what I was until afterwards. It raised a lot of hell but there's only so much you can do, ya know?" He shrugs and looks towards the armored glass. The mention of Tamsin has his lips purse and he siiighs. "Yeah. I know Naomi. All too well. She treats my head like a wishing rock. I swear she thinks that the more she rubs the fuzz, the more wishes I'll grant her." He cuts a look back to Lleufer. "My model sticks up a lot for their curiosity. Defends them. Its like having a very precocious younger sister."

"She's certainly precocious." The MP admits. Lleufer manages not to roll his eyes, "Touchy, too. Sometimes I'm on her detail. So I've been trying to … get a sense of her. To know her better. But she's pricklish when I'm honest that I don't trust her. Don't know you either but I've read some about you. So my intention was to look up and read whatever I could find about her, her work. Didn't mean to interrupt your work."

"Yeah, she gets touchy about that because I think it makes her nervous." Coop swallows, setting the folder aside and dismissing it. "Normal junk. Its not life or death." He lifts the mug and sips. "I think that keeping a certain degree of mistrust is healthy. Given the nature of the threat against humanity, would it be smart to ever assign full trust?" He shrugs. "When she first came aboard, she identified herself to myself and the Colonel. We placed her in shackles and interrogated her. She was scared. And before her tribunal? She was so frightened she was nearly shaking sometimes. In public, she held her head high and was calm. Privately? It wasn't the same. I think when people say they don't trust her, it reminders her that she needs to be afraid. As Marines we deal with fear better, generally. Its part of our job and lives. Hers? Not so much."

Lleufer listens, seated and relaxed with his tablet laying in his lap. Someone passes by and says something low and the MP glances thier way to give a nod, a polite reply of acknowledgement for someone he knows. The other isn't detained and a moment later his attention returns to Knox. Lleu keeps his voice down, unconcerned to be seen speaking with this one. "No offense, but I don't know a lot about … the whole emotional thing on her part threw me. Real or fake?" It's not really intended as a question for Knox. The MP drums his fingers on his electronic tablet once, lightly. "She seems to have the being a woman thing down pat real well. Admittedly, it's a little wierd even speaking to you about it."

"With her? I don't know. If she gets emotional it could be for a lot of reasons. Some of it might be manipulative. See," Knox readjusts his seat. "-here's the thing: I've been at this awhile. I know what humanity is like. I know what it means to be a person where it counts. To love and lose. The Corps has become the family I love and will die for. Naomi is still learning what it means to have made the choice she has. She's still learning humanity and what it means to create her own place and carve out becoming her own person. There's a lot of skinjob still at the forefront, but the more she's completely immersed in humanity, the more she will shed it. I honestly believe its unavoidable for us." Smirking as he gets to the part about being a woman, he nods. "Yeah, see that's the thing. We're made to look and be just like you all. Same things comprise us. Its just natural that we'd behave more and more like humans, especially the more Naomi is exposed to normal human women. Its just the way of things. And honestly man, if you want to ask me something? Don't sweat it. I'm not the dodgey type. Some things are still pretty classified, but for the most part?" He chuckles. "I'm just another Devil Dog. The more I can talk to people, the more knowledge is out there, the better chance we all have at beating the frakkin canners. At the end of the day, that's all that matters." Payback, yep.

He's fine until the very last couple of lines that come out Knox's mouth. It's just wierd hearing that come out of the other one. Unless he's thinking Marine instead of skinjob. Lleufer blinks once, digesting it. "She's a little strange. Even for a woman." Or whatever she is. "Lots of questions I'd love to ask her, and you. But probably better I read up, ask elsewhere. Know you two been through a lot of shit over this." This Marine skims a hand through his shorn hair.

"It is what it is. There's a lot of opinions out there about me and Naomi. Especially Ceres, but Ceres is… well, she's gone." He clicks his teeth. "Do ask around, though. Get a lot of opinions then form your own. I don't ask people to love me or even like me, just give me a chance. So far? Its worked out alright. Yeah, its been tough and I'd be lying if I said it was all roses. But?" Coop shrugs again. "I'm glad I am where I am. Got it all back after the tribunal. I've got a lot of faith in what all of us are doing. But the more understanding that's out there then the more we can all benefit."

"Yeah, I'm not the most trust'n fella anyway. Maybe it's an Aerilon thing. Enjoy your coffee." Lleufer moves to stand, tablet in one hand. He absently starts to rebutton his uniform front, then remembers he's off duty, leaves it. He watches Knox for a long moment and then turns away without saying anything else. Back to Marine berthings to hit the shower and sack.

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